England & Wales 2017

The format of the list is as follows:

Name (with Hyperlink); Occupation; Age; Relevant Factors; Location; Antidepressant(s) Involved; Cause of Death.

Where I have established the brand name of antidepressants involved, I have named it. Otherwise, I have used the abbreviation ADs, or MfD where the report refers to “medication for depression” or similar.

I hope that I have not intruded on anybody’s private grief by collating this information. However, if you are related to one of the victims, and do not wish your relative’s name to be included, please send an email to with the details, and their name and link will be removed.


Adam Ellis-Jones, ex-director, 47 (Oxfordshire). ADs. Hanged

Adrian Lee, 61 (Gloucestershire). MfD. Alcohol poisoning

Akram Lumumba, student, 21 (Buckinghamshire), MfD. Struck by train

* Alan Milburn, retired auditor, 69 (Norfolk). MfD. Overdose of paracetamol

Alan Phillips, nurse, 45 (Brighton). MfD. Set fire to his flat

Alexander McCallion, 71 (Lancashire). MfD. Overdose of meds

Alexis Lunn, care assistant, 33 (Suffolk). MfD. Overdose of painkillers

Alfie Hurcombe, 24 (Reading). ADs stopped. Struck by train

Alison Sharp, business manager, 54 (Cheshire). Fluoxetine increased. Hanged

* Allan Worrall, sheet metal worker, 25 (North Wales). MfD. Hanged

Amanda Henry, physiotherapist, 44 (Bristol). MfD. Fell into gorge

Amin Abdullah, nurse, 41 (West London). MfD. Set himself on fire

Andrea Roche, 66 (Berkshire). MfD stopped. Struck by lorry

Andrew Baxter, 42 (Southampton). MfD. Hanged

Andrew McCormack, 25 (Herefordshire), ADs. Asphyxiated

Andrew Summerscales, ex-police officer, 48 (Greater Manchester). ADs. Hanged

Andromeda Brown, 21 (Buckinghamshire). MfD. Combination of prescribed meds

Anna Davies, 44 (Isle of Wight). MfD. Hanged

Anna Hoynes, 40 (North Yorkshire). MfD. Struck by train

Anna Phillips, student, 20 (Cornwall). MfD. Overdose of diet pills

Anne Marie Bray, 34 (North London). ADs. Struck by train

Anthony Hoo, unemployed, 54 (South Devon). Overdose of ADs & painkillers

Arya Mahdavi, 24 (East London). ADs. Killed himself

Ashton Launcherley, 27 (Somerset). MfD stopped. Set himself on fire

Ava Broom, 18 (Somerset). MfD. Hanged

Barry Stewart, 68 (Berkshire). Amitriptyline. Found in river

* Ben Roffey, 39 (Kent). MfD. Found in park

Calvin Rodgers, teacher, 38 (Southampton). ADs stopped. Hanged

Carla Murtagh, 34 (Birmingham). Fluoxetine. Hanged

Carol Bulled, 44 (North Devon). ADs. Overdose of painkillers

Carolyn Brock, retired hospital clerk, 67 (Bristol). MfD. Fell into hospital atrium

Cathie Wright, cleaner, 45 (South Devon). MfD. Hanged

Ceriann Richards, (South Wales). Overdose of Venlafaxine

Christopher Mason, carer, 34 (Lancashire). ADs. Overdose of cocaine

Christopher Turner, 56 (Hampshire). MfD. Jumped from shop roof

Clare Horsey, 37 (Somerset). ADs. Overdose of heroin

Courtney Davis, 18 (Gloucestershire). MfD. Hanged

Craig Snoswell, 28 (Newcastle). ADs increased. Hanged

Craig Wilson, 47 (Teesside). MfD. Hanged

Daniel Clay, 31 (North Yorkshire). ADs. Overdose of cocaine

Daniel Shilson, 35 (South Devon). Overdose of ADs

* Darren Porter, 37 (Stoke-on-Trent). ADs. Hanged

Darren Turk, 54 (East Sussex). ADs. Hanged

Daryl Hargrave, 22 (Winchester Prison). ADs. Hanged

David Carson, 51 (Southampton). MfD. Overdose of painkillers

David Davies, 88 (Cheshire). Mirtazapine. Struck by train

Dean Saunders, 25 (Chelmsford Prison). MfD stopped. Electrocuted

Debbie Atkinson, 57 (North London). Sertraline. Combination of drugs

Derek Modral, ex-army officer, 68 (Oxfordshire). ADs. Struck by train

Dominic West, 50 (Surrey). MfD. Drowned in river

Donna Lindsay, 36 (East London). MfD. Hanged

Ela Ozbayraktar, schoolgirl, 16 (Oxfordshire). Fluoxetine. Hanged

Emily Voukelatou, 23 (Beachy Head). MfD. Jumped from cliff

Emma Girdham, 32 (Lincolnshire). Amitriptyline. Combination of meds

Emma Tonks, 35 (Staffordshire). Amitriptyline, Mirtazapine. Combination of meds & drugs

Euan McGregor, 41 (Newcastle). ADs stopped. Hanged

Fraser Anderson, student, 24 (Oxford). MfD. Overdose of painkillers

Gail Sunderland, psychiatric nurse, 56 (Lancashire). Trazodone. Overdose of paracetamol

Gareth Llewellyn, student, 33 (Cheshire). ADs. Fell from bridge

Gary Billington, 37 (Lancashire). MfD. Fell from window

Gary Pierpoint, 54 (Stoke-on-Trent). ADs. Shot himself

George Humphreys, 52 (Wiltshire). MfD. Shot himself

Guy Bennett, teacher, 58 (Bedfordshire). MfD. Hanged

Helen Meeson, property manager, 47 (Somerset). MfD. Hanged

Henry Buckland, 44 (Hampshire). ADs. Hanged

Huan Yu Wei, 27 (South Devon). MfD. Drowned in sea

Ian Chambers, 48 (Bedfordshire). Amitriptyline. Combination of prescribed meds & heroin

Ian Ringer, 52 (Plymouth), Sertraline. Hanged

Iwan Lewis, 36 (North Wales). MfD. Fell from bridge

Jacqueline O’Neill, 54 (Hampshire). MfD. Fell from block of flats

James Darrant, 41 (Staffordshire). Overdose of Amitriptyline

Jamie Nicholls, food production worker, 34 (Hertfordshire). ADs. Inhaled helium

Jamie Swallow, 36 (Hull). MfD. Took his life

Jason Ayling, 28 (Hampshire), Venlafaxine. Combination of drugs and alcohol

Jayden Staniland, 23 (East London). MfD. Overdose of morphine

Jayne Pearce, warehouse worker, 23 (Oldham). Combination of Fluoxetine, cocaine & alcohol

Jeffrey Taylor, factory worker, 55 (Cumbria). Sertraline. Hanged

Jennifer Massi, 24 (South Wales). MfD. Drowned in sea

Jennifer O’Neill, 29 (Teesside). MfD. Combination of drugs

Jenny Taylor, 71 (Cumbria). MfD. Hanged

Joe Pickhaver, schoolboy, 16 (Kent). MfD. Struck by train

John Bailey, 37 (Hampshire). ADs. Combination of drugs

John Galvin, 27 (Wiltshire). Amitriptyline. Hanged

John Hall, 38 (Stoke-on-Trent). MfD. Struck by bus

John Williams, prisoner, 54 (Pentonville Prison). ADs. Hanged

Jonathan Dugdale, company director, 37 (Lancashire). MfD. Hanged

Josef Thompson, art student, 22 (Liverpool). ADs. Hanged

Josephine Barkell, 24 (Luton). Overdose of Amitriptyline

Josh Carley, kitchen porter, 20 (Liverpool). MfD. Hanged

Josie James, schoolgirl, 15 (North Wales). MfD stopped. Jumped from bridge

Karen Morris, prisoner, 33 (Foston Hall Prison). ADs. Overdose of Tramadol

Kate Willcocks, occupational therapist, 36 (South London). MfD. Hanged

Keith Knowles, ex-bar manager, 45 (North Yorkshire). MfD stopped. Hanged

Keith Steadman, 51 (Lincolnshire). MfD stopped. Hanged

Kerry Rowe, 36 (Gloucestershire). Combination of Citalopram, Diazepam & alcohol

Kerry Worms, personal assistant, 42 (Brighton). Overdose of ADs

Kim Lowe, 25 (South Devon). Overdose of MfD

Linda Francis, 60 (South Devon). ADs. Cut her wrists

Linda Hyett, 53 (South Wales). MfD. Hanged

Lucy Humphrey, 26 (Cornwall). MfD. Hanged

Lucy Kennedy, businesswoman, 56 (Oxfordshire). MfD. Hanged

Luke Cole, 27 (Suffolk). MfD. Hanged

* Marcin Dlugolecki, 33 (Nottingham Prison). MfD. Hanged

Mariana Pinto, 32 (East London). MfD. Jumped from balcony

Marion Croall, 66 (Hampshire). MfD. Combination of prescribed meds

Mark McCarron, 45 (Wiltshire). Sertraline. Found by lake

Martin Ashworth, 48 (West Yorkshire). MfD. Stabbed his wife, then died in house fire that he started

Melanie Wilson, 22 (Nottinghamshire). Overdose of ADs & sleeping pills

Matthew Roberts, student, 22 (West Sussex). Overdose of MfD & insulin

Michael Bird, lorry driver, 43 (East Sussex). ADs. Hanged

Michael Mazzetti, prisoner, 45 (Northumberland Prison). ADs increased. Hanged

Natalie Orton,  fitness instructor, 26 (Nottinghamshire). ADs. Overdose of painkillers

Nathan Milford, 41 (South Devon). MfD. Overdose of prescribed meds

Niall Rose, 20 (West Yorkshire). MfD. Struck by train

Nicola Smith, 48 (North Devon). ADs. Fell from cliff

Nigel Wilson, 47 (Lancashire). MfD. Hanged

Pat Pattinson, 81  (Hampshire). MfD. Suffocated

Paul Poole, ex-soldier, 41 (Stoke-on-Trent). MfD. Hanged

Paul Villa, aircraft worker, 49 (West Sussex). MfD. Hanged

Perrie Card, 28 (Somerset). MfD. Asphyxiated

Peter Collins, pilot, 62 (Cheshire). MfD. Hanged

Pippa Whiteward, 36 (Essex). MfD. Struck by train

Rachel Morgan, 28 (Greater Manchester). ADs. Hanged

Rachel Puddy, teacher, 39 (Somerset). ADs. Struck by train

Ravi Ghowry, 30 (Reading). Sertraline. Hanged

Rebecca Hoare, company director, 38 (Bradford). MfD. Hanged

Rex Hornby, businessman, 40 (Lancashire). ADs. Stabbed himself

Richard Hobart, kitchen fitter, 27 (Essex). ADs. Struck by train

Richard Hudson, 32 (South Devon). MfD. Combination of drugs & alcohol

Richard Loftus, 61 (Essex). Combination of Venlafaxine & alcohol

Richard Morgan, 50 (Somerset). MfD. Combination of prescribed meds

Robert McQuoid, 59 (Portsmouth). MfD. Struck by train

Robert Thomas, 26 (Staffordshire). ADs. Combination of prescribed meds

Rodney Givens, 44 (North Devon). MfD. Overdose of prescribed meds

Rosemarie Smith, ex-cleaner, 70 (South Devon). MfD. Drowned in river

Rosemary Pedley, schoolgirl, 15 (Staffordshire). ADs. Hanged

Sam Crook, support worker, 23 (Cumbria). MfD. Carbon monoxide poisoning

Samantha Jessop, 35 (Teesside). MfD. Overdose of prescribed meds

Samuel Saunders, 27 (Kent). MfD. Hanged

Sandra Young, 42 (Kent). Overdose of Fluoxetine

Shaun Lapthorn, plasterer, 26 (Stoke-on-Trent). ADs. Combination of drugs & alcohol

Shaun Rees, 37 (South Wales). MfD. Overdose of morphine

Simon Thomas, businessman, 51 (South Wales). MfD. Hanged

Sola Bluejay, 55 (South Devon). MfD. Hanged

Sophie Clark, schoolgirl, 13 (Dorset). ADs. Hanged

Sophie Webster, student, 22 (Lincolnshire). ADs stopped. Fell from bridge

Theresa Town, domestic assistant, 57 (West Sussex). MfD decreased. Drowned in sea

Thomas Albanese, 32 (Gloucestershire). MfD. Struck by train

Tina Skinner, 43 (South Wales). MfD. Overdose of meds

Victoria Arnold, 39 (Plymouth). Amitriptyline. Combination of drugs

Wendy Telfer, 44 (South Devon). ADs. Overdose of paracetamol

[Name & link removed], 27 (Essex). ADs. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 46 (Isle of Wight). MfD. Drove car into another vehicle

[Name & link removed], 48 (North Wales). MfD. Found in car

[Name & link removed], 55 (Nottingham). Citalopram. Hanged


Total so far:  155

* inquest pending, adjourned or in progress


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