England & Wales 2019

The format of the list is as follows:

Name (with Hyperlink); Occupation; Age; Relevant Factors; Location; Antidepressant(s) Involved; Cause of Death.

Where I have established the brand name of antidepressants involved, I have named it. Otherwise, I have used the abbreviation ADs, or MfD where the report refers to “medication for depression” or similar.

I hope that I have not intruded on anybody’s private grief by collating this information. However, if you are related to one of the victims, and do not wish your relative’s name to be included, please send an email to with the details, and their name and link will be removed.


Adam Ludlow, 37 (Reading). MfD. Hanged

Agnes McDonald, 41 (South London). MfD stopped. Struck by train

Alastair Watt, doctor, 45 (North Devon). Overdose of ADs

Alex Rungay, 49 (Essex). ADs. Hanged

Alison Sutton, 53 (Derbyshire). MfD. Overdose of prescribed meds

Amy Kesteven, 27 Brighton). MfD. Drowned in bath

Anna McLeod, teacher, 32 (Lancashire). Citalopram. Hanged

Annie Stokes, 38 (Lancashire). Mirtazapine. Combination of prescribed meds

Anthony Davies, 37 (Liverpool). MfD. Combination of drugs

Archie Day, student, 20 (Greater Manchester). MfD. Hanged

Aryan Akhgar, student, 17 (Sheffield). MfD. Hanged

Benny Thomas, 53 (Bristol). MfD. Struck by train

* Bethany Tenquist, 26 (Brighton). MfD. Hanged

Bethany Terry, student, 27 (Brighton). MfD. Overdose of heroin

Catherine Scothorne, 54 (West Yorkshire). MfD. Overdose of prescribed meds

Christopher Moss, prisoner, 51 (Featherstone Prison). Overdose of Amitriptyline & Dihydrocodeine

Claire Mayambala, teaching assistant, 22 (South London). ADs stopped. Overdose of Propranolol

Claire Prince, nursery worker, 32 (Wirral). MfD. Fell from motorway bridge

Damien Lawler, 34 (Hull). ADs. Took his life

Daniel Bowen, student, 22 (Brighton). MfD. Hanged

Daniel Fairman, 53 (Essex). MfD. Hanged

David Robinson, (West Sussex). Combination of ADs

Dawn Pope, 34 (Norwich). ADs. Overdose of prescribed medication

Deborah Williams, 42 (Wirral). ADs. Hanged

Deborah Tully, 42 (Essex). MfD. Struck by train

Deborah Ward, 35 (Lincolnshire). Fluoxetine. Combination of drugs

Debra Gofton, 51 (Cornwall). Sertraline. Hanged

Donald Chester, 36 (Buckinghamshire). ADs. Jumped from multi-storey car park

Ed Davis, teacher, 51 (South Devon). MfD stopped. Fell from viaduct

Ellie Long, schoolgirl, 15 (Norfolk). Fluoxetine increased. Hanged

Ellie Major, 24 (East Yorkshire). Fluoxetine. Combination of meds

Emma Elsey, 39 (West Sussex). MfD. Hanged

Gabriel Mead, student, 24 (Kent). ADs. Overdose of morphine

Gary Boyd, 36 (North Wales). MfD. Alcohol poisoning

Gary Dodge, 52 (Kent). MfD. Hanged

Gary Norris, 29 (Bolton). MfD. Hanged

Gavin Prior, 34 (Brighton). MfD. Hanged

Govinda Kay, 20 (South Devon). ADs. Unascertained

Graham Tailby, 58 (Manchester). Overdose of Sertraline & Fentanyl

Hannah Northedge, singer, 43 (East Sussex). ADs. Fell from cliff

Holly Batchelor, 27 (Hull). ADs. Took her life

Jade Clements, student, 24 (Staffordshire). MfD. Hanged

Jakub Guja, student, 24 (Staffordshire). ADs. Hanged

James Bailey, 33 (Gloucestershire). MfD. Took his life

James Brown, prisoner, 29 (Humber Prison). Mirtazapine. Hanged

James Kayley, company director, 51 (Lancashire). MfD. Hanged

James Powner, welder, 23 (Staffordshire). ADs. Combination of drugs & alcohol

James Williams, 49 (Berkshire). ADs. Hanged

Jamie Smith, prisoner, 46 (Exeter Prison). Sertraline reduced. Hanged

* Jason Ruscoe, 43 (Stoke-on-Trent). MfD. Hanged

Jeffrey Williams, 72 (North Wales). MfD. Hanged

Jennifer Fisher, health worker, 43 (Hampshire). MfD. Overdose of prescription meds

Jess Fairweather, student, 20 (Norfolk). ADs stopped. Hanged

Jill Davies, retired midwife, 69 (South Wales). Overdose of MfD

Joanna McAleese, 49 (South Wales). ADs. Combination of drugs

Joe Walker, pottery worker, 31 (Stoke-on-Trent). MfD. Took his life

Jonathan Lupton, company director, 54 (Lincolnshire). MfD. Drove car into tree

Jonathan Walker, student, 22 (Norwich). Citalopram stopped. Hanged

Jordan Cook, 30 (Lancashire). ADs. Overdose of drugs

Jordan Taylor, 18 (Stoke-on-Trent). MfD. Hypothermia

Josh Pitt, 24 (Luton). MfD. Shot by police

Jozsef Palkovics, 51 (Berkshire). Mirtazapine increased. Hanged

Kale Thomas, 20 (North Wales). MfD. Hanged

Karen Coles, 49 (Essex). MfD. Fell from multi-storey car park

Karen Waller, 42 (Cheshire). Sertraline. Struck by vehicle

Keith Abbott, prisoner, 32 (Haverigg Prison). Sertraline. Hanged

Keith Heatley, retired police officer, 63 (South Wales). ADs. Drowned in sea

Kerry Cooper, nurse, 34 (North Devon). MfD. Carbon monoxide poisoning

Kongolo Kongola, 35 (Essex). ADs. Overdose of drugs

Lee Rainey, 45 (Lancashire). Mirtazapine. Jumped from bridge

Lesley Ridley, 49 (West Sussex). MfD. Overdose of painkillers

Lewis Homer, student, 20 (Kent). MfD. Hanged

Lewis Smith, carpenter, 23 (Plymouth). ADs. Hanged

Liam Bateman, factory worker, 27 (North Wales). MfD. Struck by train

Lorraine Shepherd, 64 (Cumbria) ADs. Combination of prescribed meds & alcohol

Luke Norris, butcher, 21 (Derbyshire). ADs. Hanged

Lynda Crosby, 54 (Cheshire). ADs. Drowned in brook

Malcolm Woollard, paramedic, 57 (South Wales). ADs. Combination of prescription meds

Michael Alexander, 32 (Swaleside Prison). MfD. Hanged

Michael Judge, prisoner, 31 (Swaleside Prison). Mirtazapine. Hanged

Monika Nos, beautician, 29 (Greater Manchester). MfD. Hanged

Mustafa Khan, 40 (West Sussex). MfD stopped. Hanged

Nat Gould, bar manager, 25 (Oxfordshire). ADs stopped. Struck by train

Natalie Hughes, hairdresser, 34 (Greater Manchester). Citalopram. Hanged

Natalie Payton, 45 (Norfolk). MfD. Fell from building

Nicholas Clements, 62 (Cornwall). MfD. Hanged

Oleg Gritcan, 40 (Gloucestershire). Citalopram. Jumped from motorway bridge

Patrick Healey, 50 (Hampshire). MfD. Hanged

Paul Harris, ex-police officer, 52 (Derbyshire). MfD. Struck by train

Paul Newman, 42 (North Wales). ADs. Killed his wife & two children before jumping from cliff

Paul Sly, 34 (Buckinghamshire). Sertraline. Overdose of Clozapine

Peter Smith, consultant, 51 (Herefordshire). MfD. Drove car into tree

Peter Virgin, 75 (Essex). MfD. Asphyxiated.

Petra Svihlikova, 33 (Hull). ADs. Jumped from block of flats

Piotr Jarosz, 47 (Leicester Prison). Sertraline. Hanged

Rachel Denbow, schoolgirl,16 (South Devon). MfD. Hanged

Rachel Wilson, 41 (Staffordshire). ADs. Combination of meds

Richard Green, 56 (Lincolnshire). Citalopram. Hanged

Ricky Robinson, 49 (Essex). MfD stopped. Fell from multi-storey car park

Robert Rowan, 59 (Herefordshire).ADs. Hanged

Roberta Taylor, 66 (West Sussex). MfD. Alcohol toxicity

Robin Brooks, student, 18 (Cheshire). MfD. Hanged

Ryan Pring, 29 (Cardiff). ADs. Hanged

Samuel Hayes, 22 (Hampshire). MfD. Overdose of medication

Sara T’Rula, 34 (Liverpool). Citalopram. Asphyxiated

Sarah Harwood, 39 (Southampton). ADs. Alcohol poisoning

Sarah Yassin, 43 (East Sussex). ADs increased. Fell from cliff

Scott Goodwin, 27 (Stoke-on-Trent). MfD stopped. Overdose of heroin & cocaine

Sean Hough, 54 (Lancashire). MfD stopped. Fell from multi-storey car park

Sean McCann, prisoner, 32 (Peterborough Prison). Mirtazapine. Hanged

Shannon Longstaff, 18 County Durham). ADs. Overdose of drugs

Shaun Allison, 46 (East Yorkshire). MfD. Overdose of drugs

Shelley Conway, 37 (Lancashire). Mirtazapine. Overdose of methadone

Simon Colley, graphic designer, 38 (Surrey). MfD. Fell from multi-storey car park

Sonya Colton, 29 (Suffolk). MfD. Drove car into a ditch

Sophie Bennett, 19 (West London). MfD. Hanged

Stacey Ellicott, prisoner, 35 (Eastwood Park Prison). Fluoxetine. Hanged

* Stephen Appleton, businessman, 51 (Berkshire). ADs. Hanged

Stephen Kennedy, 46 (Birmingham). MfD. Hanged

Steven Ball, 35 (Derbyshire). Overdose of Amitriptyline

Steven Mason, 49 (East Yorkshire). ADs. Struck by vehicle

Steven Roe, 52 (South Devon). Overdose of ADs

Stuart Ridley, farmer, 39 (Cumbria). Sertraline stopped. Took his life

Tamsin Grundy, 23 (Norfolk). MfD. Hanged

Timothy McComb, 38 (Leeds). MfD. Hanged

Tony Garnier, ex-teacher, 44 (West Yorkshire). ADs. Died in shed fire that he started

Tyrone Givans, prisoner, 32 (Pentonville Prison). Sertraline. Hanged

William Hoare, 82 (Berkshire). MfD. Combination of medication & alcohol

[Name & link removed], 18 (Norfolk). ADs. Hanged


Other deaths linked to antidepressants:

Challum Baldwin, 23 (Sheffield). ADs. Unascertained

John Faulconbridge, 51 (Mid Wales). ADs. Fell down stairs

Lee Annis, 40 (Durham Prison). Mirtazapine. Unascertained


Total so far: 134

* inquest pending, adjourned or in progress


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