“Suffering from Depression” – 2013



In the course of my research, I came across many inquest reports in which there appeared to be all the hallmarks of an antidepressant-related death, but where there was no mention of medication However, in several reports, treatment by a GP or psychiatric services was implied, through phrases such as “suffering from depression” or “history of depression”.

Many local newspapers now give a minimal amount of information. I have included some of these reports, where the impulsive, reckless or violent behaviour involved is typical of antidepressant-induced deaths.

The format of the list is as follows: Name (with Hyperlink); Occupation; Age; Location; Evidence; Cause of Death.

I hope that I have not intruded on anybody’s private grief by collating this information. However, if you are related to one of the victims, and do not wish your relative’s name to be included, please send an email to brian@antidepaware.co.uk with the details, and their name and link will be removed.

On the other hand, I should also be grateful to hear from anybody who can either confirm whether or not antidepressants were being taken by the victim at the time of the tragedy, or had been withdrawn during the previous year

The reports below all relate to inquests carried out in 2013:

Aaron Johnson, 25 (Grimsby). “Suffering … depression.” Not reported

Abdullahi Abokar, 22 (North London). Patient on MH ward. Hanged

Abigail Pollard, 17 (Newcastle). “Attempted suicide twice after the death of her brother.” Hanged

Adam Gee, shop owner, 50 (Birmingham). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

Adam Shulver, accounts clerk, 25 (Kent). “Struggling to deal with psychological problems.” Hanged

Adriano Bussandri, finance director, 51 (London). “History of depression.” Died in fire

Agnes Stone, retired GP, 86 (Staffordshire). “Had a history of depression and mental health problems.” Overdose of morphine

Aiden Diver, 21 (South Yorkshire). “Was said to have become depressed”. Hanged

Alan Bell, ex-fireman, 84 (Winchester). “Depressed” after death of wife. Hanged

Alan Potter, cable layer, 45 (Portsmouth). “Reviewed by a mental health team days before his death.” Struck by lorry

Alan Thorne, pensioner (Lincolnshire). “Suffered depression”. Set himself on fire

Alec Stringer, 85 (Suffolk). “Failed to cope with news that he had dementia.” Shot himself

Alison French, 39 (London). “Said to be depressed”. Fell from block of flats

Alison Marland, ex-teacher, 47 (Cheshire). “In and out of psychiatric care.” Hanged

Amanda Bagshaw, care worker, 49 (Bradford). “History of depression.” “Died from multiple knife wounds”

Amanda Beaumont, 25, transgender (London). “Suffered from anxiety and depression”. Hanged

Amanda Foreman, nurse, 45 (Hampshire). “Struggling with stress”. Overdose of prescription meds

Amanda Regan, 45, agoraphobic (Lancashire). “Sought help from the community mental health team.” Hanged

Amar Kohash, 52 (Southampton). Reported missing by mental health worker. Overdose of Tramadol

Amelia Springhall, 20 (Kent). “Referred to an access medical team”. Hanged

Amit Mishra, doctor, 27 (Oxford). “Suffered from depression”. Hanged

Andre Gleeson, 32 (Reading). “Battled with depression.” Hanged

Andrew Denton, 49 (Hull). “Battling depression”. Cyanide poisoning

Andrew Guion, retired GP, 63 (Nottingham). “Suffered with depression”. Set himself on fire

Andrew Hawkins, 38, on remand (Cardiff Prison). “Had mental health problems”. Hanged

Andrew Lloyd, company director (Deeside). “Pressure of debts.” Hanged

Andrew Moss, care worker, 29 (Stoke-on-Trent). “He would get low sometimes.” Hanged

Andrew Nesbeth, company director, 39 (Birmingham). “Had sought help for mental health problems.” Poisoned by gas from cylinders

Andrew Simpson, window cleaner, 48 (Norfolk). “Suffering from severe depression.” Hanged

Andrew Stillwell-Cox, ex-navy officer, 55 (Cornwall). “Had seen a doctor, suffering from symptoms of anxiety and depression.” Crashed plane into cliff

Andrew Townsend, redundant shop worker, 35 (Buckinghamshire). “Shown signs of depression.” Struck by train

Andrew Warren, nurse, 50 (Shrewsbury). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

Angela Slater, 48 (Isle of Wight). “Recurrent Depressive Disorder”. Drove car over cliff

Ann Brookman, teacher, 59 (Devon). “Medication for back pain”. Fell from cliff into quarry

Anna Sargent, public relations executive, 36 (London). “History of depression.” Drowned in river

Annabelle Morris, 19 (York). “On a doctor’s waiting list to see a counsellor.” Hanged

Anthony Marlow, 63 (Northampton). “Suffering from depression”. Drowned in canal

Anthony Smalley, prison service worker, 52 (Stafford). “Had suffered anxiety and depression”. Hanged

Anthony Wolstenholme, 51 (Blackpool). “Battled with mental illness.” Hanged

Arthur Bispham, prisoner, 50 (Nottingham Prison). “Despondent and depressed.” Hanged

Arwel Jenkins, health and safety officer, 41 (Pembrokeshire). “Depressed and anxious … signed off work by a doctor”. Hanged

Ashley Banks, schoolboy, 14 (South Yorkshire). Meds for ADHD: dosage changed. Hanged

Barbara MacFarlane, 56 (Greater Manchester). “Attended a review about her depression and drinking.” Overdose of prescribed meds & alcohol

Barbara Smith, 80 (East Sussex). “Suffering from depression”. Drowned in sea

Barry Gough, redundant HGV driver, 54 (Oxford). “Depressed and contemplating suicide”. Overdose of paracetamol

Barry Kinsmen, retired priest, 72 (Cornwall). “Anxious and depressed.” Jumped into sea

Barry Scott, 67 (Essex). “Psychotic symptoms of paranoia.” Set fire to his home when inside it

Benjamin Hughes, builder, 21 (Gloucestershire). “Threatened to kill himself.” Hanged

Bernard Walker, ex-engineering manager, 63 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Anxiety and depression.” Hanged

Beryl Snowden, 74 (York). “… chronic depression”. Overdose of dihydrocodeine

Billy Daniels, taxi driver, 57 (Kent). “Suffered from depression.” Stabbed himself

Billy Pemberton, ex-soldier, 25, PTSD (Sunderland). “Had been working with his GP and mental health services.” Hanged

Brian Goddard, ex-landlord, 57, on remand (Gloucester Prison). “History of mental health problems.” Hanged

Brooke Symes, 21 (West Sussex). “Suffered with depression”. Hanged

Bryan Williams, security guard, ex-carpenter, 63 (Swansea). “Suffered from depression”. Hanged

Caroline Crisp, 49 (Worcestershire). “Suffered from depression”. Burned to death in shed

Charles Barden, retired groundsman, 74 (Kent). “Had not got over his wife’s death.” Hanged

Cheryl Viggers, 31 (North Devon). “History of depression.” Hanged

Chimwemwe Moto, 38 (Norfolk). “Suffered with depression.” Hanged

Chris Wood, 25 (Cardiff). “Borderline personality disorder.” Hanged

Christie Ward, 38 (South Devon). ”Suffered from chronic anxiety.” Struck by train

Christine Critchfield, 55 (Hertfordshire). “Long history of depression.” Hanged

Christopher Allan, teacher, 39 (County Durham). “Suffering from depression.” Struck by train

Christopher Behan, 53 (Gloucestershire). “Suffered understandable depression.” Hanged

Christopher Evans, musician, 30 (Bolton). “Could get very stressed … suffered a breakdown”. Hanged

Christopher Lloyd, student, 21 (Northumberland). “Dealing with suicidal thoughts and depression.” Poisoned by fumes from barbecue

Christopher Morgan, 39 (Cambridgeshire). Voluntary MH patient. Struck by train

Christopher Owen, data centre engineer, 27 (Gloucestershire). “Diagnosed with depression”. Fell from bridge

Christopher Sherwood, taxi driver, 64 (Kent). “Battled depression”. Hanged

Christopher Trowers, redundant factory worker, 58 (Wiltshire). “Periods of depression”. Carbon monoxide poisoning in car.

Christopher Walters, scaffolder, 54 (Hampshire). “Difficulties with day to day life.” Drowned in river

Christopher Wells, 37 (Grimsby). “Long-running battle with depression”. Hanged

Christopher Wood, shop worker, 40 (Lancashire). “Suffering from depression … referred for counselling”. Hanged

Clarence Gillum, 61 (Northampton). “Mental health issues”. Drowned in reservoir

Clive Lister, 59, in care home (Berkshire). “Suffered from depression and anxiety”. Jumped from balcony

Clive Rowe, businessman, 59 (Suffolk). “History of depression”. Hanged

Colin Morton, prisoner, 69 (Lewes Prison). “Depressed and anxious.” Hanged

Colin Rayner, 87, Parkinson’s (London). “None of his friends had realised the extent of his depression”. Drank bleach

Colin Smelts, police officer, 43 (London). “Emotionally fragile.” Shot himself

Craig Greer, refuse collector, 33 (Hampshire). “Went to see his GP”. Poisoned by gas fumes in tent

Damion Martin, (Liverpool Prison). “Suicidal risk factor.” Hanged

Damion Pearson, roofer, 27 (Devon). “Suffered from depression”. Hanged

Dan Smith, prisoner, 25 (Erlestoke Prison). “Underlying anxiety and depression”. Hanged

Daniel Baillie, prisoner, 21 (Lincoln Prison). “Received treatment”. Hanged

Daniel Button, machine operative, 35 (Banbury). “History of depression”. Hanged

Daniel Hammond, 25 (Chichester). “Mental health issues”. Struck by train

Daniel Horner, student, 21 (Cheshire). “History of social anxiety.” Drowned in canal

Daniel Johnson, prisoner, 23 (Durham Prison). “history of mental health problems.” Hanged

Daniel Johnson, 30 (North Devon). “Had a history of self-harm”. Inhaled gas

Daniel Murphy, 28 (Shropshire). “Suffering from psychotic episodes.” Fell from bridge

Darren Fricker, businessman, 38 (North Devon). “Symptoms of low mood and anxiety”. Fell from cliff

Darren Owen, operations manager, (West Midlands). “Worried about work in the months leading up to his death.” Hanged

Daryl Pinnington, managing director, 52 (North Yorkshire). “Some history of anxiety and depression”. Struck by train

David Baddiley, 60 (Congleton). Talked of “ending it all” on several occasions. Struck by train

David Britton, retired police officer, 52 (Southampton). “diagnosed with mixed anxiety and depressive disorder”. Hanged

David Campbell, production maintenance manager, 51 (Burnley). “Finding work stressful”. Hanged

David Latham, lawyer, 58 (London). “Suffering from stress-like symptoms.” Struck by tube train

David Money, paramedic, 56 (Norfolk). “Suffered for some time from depression, stress and alcohol misuse”. Acute alcohol intoxication

David Slatter, 54 (Oxfordshire). “History of depression”. Hanged

David Webb, student, 19, autistic (Plymouth). “Tendency to get very depressed.” Hanged

Dean Orphanou, panel beater, 43 (Hertfordshire). “Became quite agitated and upset.” Shot himself

Deborah Bailey, hairdresser, 49 (Staffordshire). “Suffered from depression”. Overdose of prescribed meds and alcohol

Dennis McQueen, ex-soldier, 53 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Troubled.” Hanged

Dennis Robertson, school caretaker, 62 (Gwent). “After becoming depressed”. Hanged

Derek Larkin, stud farm manager, 32 (Wiltshire). “Became increasingly stressed.” Hanged

Dione Brennan, 25, recently given birth (Leicester). “Voluntary patient”. Fell from multi-storey car park

Donald Andrews, 80  (Suffolk). “Suffered anxiety.” Set fire to his home when inside it.

Dougald MacDougall, retired veterinary pathologist, 70 (West Yorkshire). “Suffered with depression.” Hanged

Edith Fuller, 45 (Surrey). “Suffered with depression”. Died in flat which she had set on fire

Edward Jacques, 47 (Nottingham). “History of … depression.” Overdose of drugs

Egidijus Urbonas, 38 (Suffolk). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Elliot Macadam, retired merchant banker, 70 (Norfolk). “Suffered from depression”. Shot himself

Elzbieta Zygiel, 65 (Coventry). “Symptoms of severe anxiety.” Hanged

Eric Butcher, 83 (Leeds). Grieving. Struck by a train

Fariba Samadi, 43 (Durham). “Suffering depression following the death of her child.” Hanged

Francis Ball, retired printer, 68 (East Sussex). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Frank Postle, 47 (Doncaster). “Became quickly and severely depressed”. Hanged

Fred Gettings, 75 (North Yorkshire). ”Voluntary patient … at a private health clinic”. Hanged

Gareth Gricks, ex-police officer, 53, facing charges (Norfolk). “Feeling low and depressed.” Hanged

Gary Tanner, 49, alcoholic (Croydon). “Struggled with depression”. Hanged

Gary Venables, 39 (Dartford Crossing). “Recently been to see his GP with increased anxiety”. Jumped from bridge

Gary Whelband, farm manager, 45 (Oxfordshire). “Come to the surgery’s attention”. Hanged

Gemma Bishop, 29 (West Sussex). “Had made suicide attempts in the past.” Died in house fire which she had started

George Fitzpatrick, retired butcher, 66 (Suffolk). “Had recently been worried.” Hanged

Gerald Dunn, 77 (Suffolk). “After becoming depressed”. Shot himself

Gerard Donovan, teacher, 57 (Warrington). “History of depression”. Struck by train

Gina Kakouri, travel agent, 24 (Staffordshire). “ … moods from time to time.” Hanged

Glynn Davies, opera production manager, 45 (Cheshire). “Commitment to work … led to anxiety and depression”. Struck by train

Gordon Crisp, 100 (Somerset). “Bereavement issues”. Hanged

Gordon Marks, 71 (Essex). “Very worried about being ill.” Shot himself

Gordon Park, ex-teacher, prisoner (Garth Prison). Prison was “a dark place for him.” Hanged

Graeme Gilmour, artist, 48 (Brighton). “Sunk into depression”. Poisoned by carbon monoxide in car.

Graham Anderson, ex-lorry driver, 36 (Wiltshire). “Sleeping problems due to stress.” Hanged after killing his 2 sons

Graham Bowden, 30 (Southampton). “Suffered from long-standing anxiety and depression.” Overdose of drugs

Graham Darby, 56 (North London). “Mental & behavioural disorder.” Hanged

Graham Lowe, car dealer, 57 (Hampshire). “Suffering a bout of depression”. Set fire to himself in car

Graham Wright, 37 (Liverpool). “Borderline personality disorder.” Set fire to himself

Grant Wall, computer consultant, 35 (Wiltshire). “Suffering from depression”. Hanged

Haydyn Vintiner, 39 (Kent). “Suffered depression.” Stabbed himself with knife

Hayley McDermott, 27 (West Yorkshire). “Post-natally depressed”. Overdose of Amlodopine

Hayley Twigg, 19 (Doncaster). “Suffering from bouts of depression.” Hanged

Howard Sankey, 29 (Greater Manchester). “Erratic mood swings. Hanged

Ian Holyland, police officer, 49 (Suffolk). “Suffered with bi-polar disorder”. Hanged

Ian Niven, 58 (Northamptonshire). “Suffering from depression”. Shot himself

Ian White, 38 (Essex). “History of depression”. Carbon monoxide poisoning in vehicle

Jack Joslin, 89, diagnosed with lymphona (Oxfordshire). “Suffered from depression”. Shot himself

Jacqueline Bartlett, 30 (Southampton). Attended A&E, “complained of hearing voices”. Jumped from bridge

Jacqueline Hardy, 88 (London). “Upset that she could no longer do a lot of the things she used to,” Hanged

Jade Stringer, schoolgirl, 14 (Lancashire). “Seen by her GP.” Hanged

Jake Pirie, student, 17 (North Yorkshire). “Struggling with concerns.” Struck by train

James Allen, 57 (South Devon). “Suffered with mental health problems.” Carbon monoxide poisoning in vehicle

James Guilfoyle, ex-lorry driver, 39 (Gloucestershire).”Depression has overtaken him.” Hanged

James Murray, 60 (North Wales). “Visited his GP … talked about a ‘low mood’.” Fell from hotel window

James Spooner, self-employed carpenter, 59 (Staffordshire). “… spoken about wanting to end his life.” Hanged

James Strang, soldier, 28 (West Sussex). “Talked to the community mental health team about his anxiety.” Carbon monoxide poisoning in car

Jane Austin, (Staffordshire). “Suffered from reactive depression.” Hanged

Jason Bowers, 39 (Watford). Saw GP, “Complaining of being depressed.” Hanged

Jason Rumney, 37 (Newcastle). “Referred to the … Crisis and Resolution Team.” Hanged

Jayne Rigney, 31, 8 mths pregnant (Northamptonshire). “Referred to … care centre … showing signs of depression and anxiety.” Struck by lorry

Jean Gerlack, retired clerk, 67 (London). “Had recently been suffering from depression.” Fell from multi-storey car park

Jeffrey Kenny, 49 (Crewe). “Low mood and depression”. Hanged

Jenna Latham, drama student, 21, released from police custody (Newcastle-upon-Tyne). “Concerns over … mental health.” Fell from block of flats

Jeremy Purton, bookkeeper, 52 (Surrey). “Spoken to his GP about depression”. Struck by train

Jill Miller, 52 (Essex). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Jim Allen, retired company director, 57 (South Devon). “Suffered with mental health problems.” Carbon monoxide poisoning in car

Joaquim Santos, company director, 50 (Wolverhampton). “Physically he was fine but he was depressed”. Hanged

Joe Hawkins, unemployed, 24 (Gloucestershire). “… long-held suicidal idealisation”. Hanged

John Baldwin, 76 (Hertfordshire). “Became depressed after his wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer”. Hanged

John Davies, doctor, 71 (West London). “Adverse psychological effects.” Stabbed himself

John Hammond, 84 (North Wales). “Struggled.” Shot himself

John Knowles, forklift truck driver, 59 (Royal Blackburn Hospital). “Previous physical and mental conditions.” Hanged

John Mladenovich, 46 (Oxford). “Could not live without his wife.” Overdose of non-prescribed drugs

Jonathan Cavanagh, on remand, 40 (Cardiff Prison). “Officer … completed a self-harm and suicide alert form.” Hanged

Jonathan Culverwell-Landsberg, 33 (London).”Failed by mental health services.” Fell from bridge

Jonathan Day, writer, 37 (Norwich). “Seen by a mental health specialist”. Hanged

Jonathan Marsh, 26 (Middlesbrough). “History of depression.” Hanged

Jordan Green, schoolboy, 12 (North Yorkshire). Excluded from school. Hanged

Joseph Corcoran, prisoner, 23 (Chelmsford Prison). “Mental health problems.” Hanged

Joseph Lewins, 24, released from police custody (County Durham). “Self-harmer.” Hanged

Joseph Osborne, student (North Wales). “Suffered from depression.” Drove his car into a lorry

Joshua Small, student, 16 (Stockport). “Depressed with mood swings … saw his GP.” Hanged

Julian Bray, piano teacher, 41 (London). “Struggled with depression”. Drowned in river

Karen Bailey, 48 (Dorset). “Suffered some mental health problems.” Unascertained

Kerry-Louise Oxley, hairdresser (Stoke-on-Trent). “History of depression.” Inhaled butane & propane

Kevin Goodinson, college vice-principal, 35 (Whitby). “Suffering with depression”. Jumped from cliff

Kevin Hall, 27 (Newcastle-upon-Tyne). “Battled depression”. Hanged

Kevin Harris, 50 (Milton Keynes). “Voluntary patient at a mental health unit”. Hanged

Kevin Sutton, 57 (Somerset). “Continuing depression.” Hanged

Kim Fitzgerald, ex-nurse, 54 (Watford). “Battling with manic depression”. Overdose of chloral hydrate

Kim Matthews, 62 (London). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged after strangling his partner

Kirk Duboise, prisoner, 22 (Durham Prison). “History of self-harm.” Hanged

Kirsty Brook, sales consultant, 38 (South Yorkshire). “Job worries … referred to … psychiatric nurse”. Jumped from bridge

Kristina Hope, unemployed cleaner, 56 (South Devon). “History of depression.” Hanged

Kush Bhatti, 33 (Reading). “Suffered from bi-polar disorder”. Suffocated

Lee Dobson, ex-civil engineer, 45 (Winchester). “History of depression”. Hanged

Lee Johns, landscape gardener, 41 (Bolton). Grieving for son. Hanged

Lee Mullins, unemployed, 37, awaiting sentencing (Stoke-on-Trent). “Became depressed”. Hanged

Lee Stockley, house-husband, 46 (Kent). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Leonard Parfitt, 81, bereaved (Reading). “Had been low”. Hanged

Leslie Brook, 56 (West Yorkshire). “In a low mood.” Hanged

Leslie Moore, retired maintenance officer, 66 (Kent). “Suffered depression.” Hanged

Lewis Thelwall, student, 19 (South Wales). “Vulnerable after the death of his father.” Hanged

Linden Hancock, ex-soldier, ex-lorry drover, 35 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Suffering from severe depression.” Overdose of drugs

Lisa Clayton, 44 (Greater Manchester). “Severe form of clinical depression.” Jumped from multi-storey car park

Lucy Reynolds, unemployed speech therapist, 26 (Essex). “Difficult to get a job … causing some depression”. Struck by train

Luke Harris, unemployed, 22 (Somerset). “Had visited his GP”. Fell from window

Mahesh Kanani, council employee, 51 (Surrey). “Driven to his death by … depression”. Drowned in river

Marcin Pustula, hotel worker, 30 (Buckinghamshire). “Concerns at his mental state.” Hanged

Marcus Rawlings, 19 (Oxfordshire). “Saw his GP … 3 days before his death.” Struck by train

Marek Wojciechowski, taxi driver, 26 (Torquay). “Wasn’t coping well.” Drove car into oncoming traffic, killing 2 others

Margaret Adams, 63 (Southampton). “Symptoms of anxiety.” Hanged

Margaret Freeman, retired teacher, 70 (Kent). “Suffering depression”. Fell from bridge

Marie Piner, 36 (Essex). “Long history of depression.” Overdose of Tramadol

Marjorie Ridley, farmer, 68 (Cumbria). “Mental health problems”. Set herself on fire

Mark Duerden, businessman, 50 (Lancashire). “Internal demons.” Hanged

Mark Fear, 55 (Isle of Wight). “… concerns on a number of levels.” Hanged

Mark Katnoria, ex-soldier, shop worker, 34 (Kent). “Voluntary patient at … hospital … which provides mental health services.” Drowned in lake

Mark March, 30 (Cumbria). “Couldn’t cope.” Hanged

Mark Tennyson-Smith, factory worker, 37 (Kent). “Cloud hanging over him.” Set fire to himself

Mark Williams, 42 (Nottinghamshire). “History of depression.” Carbon monoxide poisoning

Matthew Allott, solar panel fitter, 36 (South Yorkshire). “Struggling.” Hanged

Matthew Campbell, student, 21 (Stoke-on-Trent). Previous suicide attempt. Struck by train

Matthew Hemming, builder, 49 (Cornwall). “Had begun to suffer with depression.” Shot himself

Matthew Kiernan, labourer, 20 (South Yorkshire). “A few days previously he had been diagnosed with mild depression after visiting his doctor.” Jumped from bridge

Matthew Oke, 36 (Cornwall). “Suffered from depression”. Shot himself

Maureen McKeeking, 49 (Gwent). “Suffered with depression following the death of her child”. Found in river

Michael Bailey, 36 (Cumbria). “Under severe emotional stress.” Drowned in lake

Michael Fisher, safety advisor, 45 (Cumbria). “Had been to see a GP complaining of sleeplessness three days before his death.” “Found dead in woods”

Michael Jackson, prisoner (Holme House Prison). “History of … depression.” Cut his throat

Michael Meyler, prisoner, 28 (Manchester Prison). “Low in mood.” Hanged

Michael Thomas, ex-soldier, 27, PTSD (Torbay). “Referred to … NHS Trust”. Hanged

Michael Walker, window fitter, 25 (North Yorkshire). “3 days after leaving a psychiatric unit”. Hanged

Mick Quinlan, ex-racehorse trainer, 61 (Suffolk). “History of … depression”. Hanged

Mickey Wildman, scaffolder, 23 (Essex). “History of depressive episodes.” Hanged

Morgan Grant, student, 20 (Brighton). “He had been low”. Hanged

Neil Bryson, health services manager (West Yorkshire). “Struggled to cope with the stresses of his … job”. Drowned in reservoir

Nicholas Barker, farm labourer, 51 (North Yorkshire). “Raised concerns with his doctor”. Shot himself

Nicholas Davies, lorry driver, 48 (Dorset). “Grieving … weeks after his wife passed away”. Overdose of opiates

Nicholas Hoof, 47 (North Devon). “Suffered mental problems.” Drank anti-freeze

Nicholas Smith, 46 (Oxfordshire). “Suffered from depression and insomnia”. Overdose of drugs & alcohol

Nick Cook, businessman, 56 (Reading). “Suffering from depression, anxiety and obsessive thoughts.” Hanged

Nick Davies, 43 (Hampshire). “Under too much pressure”. Set fire to himself in his van

Nico Lambrechts, banker, 46 (London). “Under an enormous amount of pressure.” Jumped from rooftop restaurant

Nigel Wilson, solicitor, 45 (North Yorkshire). “In the last three months he had changed and seemed preoccupied.” Hanged

Norman Kendall, 76 (Southampton). “Long episode of depression”. Found dead at home

Oliver Callaghan, student, 23 (Kent). “Talked of feeling depressed and had contemplated suicide”. Jumped from bridge

Omid Arif, barber, 32 (West Yorkshire). “History of self-harming”. Set fire to himself

Owen Roberts, office worker, 38 (County Durham) “suffered from anxiety and depression”. Jumped from viaduct

Pascal Contos, 42 (Croydon). “Battling depression”. Gassed himself

Paul Bhattacharjee, actor, 53 (East Sussex). “Extremely depressed.” Fell from cliff

Paul Burke, 33 (Glamorgan). “Diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder”. Fell from motorway bridge

Paul Caisley, 33 (Portsmouth). “He was depressed.” Hanged

Paul Connolly, retired residential home owner, 74 (Torquay). “Suffered from anxiety and depression.” Hanged

Paul Fittes, 50 (Luton). “Suffering with depression.” Stabbed himself in the neck

Paul Humphries, telecommunications worker (Wiltshire). “Low mood.” Not reported

Paul Martin, 46 (Greater Manchester). ”Plagued by mental illness”. Struck by train

Paul Routh, 46 (Lancashire). “Had mental health problems.” Cut his wrists

Paul Sillick, redundant environment agency worker, 34 (Swansea). “…depression and post traumatic stress syndrome.” Hanged

Paul Taylor, market stallholder, 47 (Hertfordshire). “Struggling with depression … unhappy and unstable.” Hanged

Peter Hodgson, 49, disabled (Cumbria). “Depressed … under control”. Hanged

Peter Valentine, roofer, ex-soldier, 60 (Lancashire). “It all became too much for him.” Hanged

Peter Williams, inventor, 63 (Bedfordshire). “concerns about his mental health issues”. Struck by train

Philip Briscoe, gardener, 27 (Greater Manchester). “Increasingly anxious”. Hanged

Philip Squire, retired GP, 59 (Somerset). ”Suffered from anxiety and low moods.” Hanged

Phillip Elliott, scientist, call centre worker, 31 (Reading). “Suffering from a degree of depression”. Fell from scaffolding

Rajinder Sahota, car salesman, 42 (Dartford Crossing). “Paranoid.” Jumped from bridge

Ray Anderson, ex-lorry driver, 42 (Hertfordshire). “Had contemplated suicide a number of times.” Hanged

Raymond Wells, decorator, 69 (East Sussex). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Reggie Johns, prisoner, 58 (Hewell Prison). “Constant watch.” Hanged

Richard Need, 47 (Worcestershire). “Felt grievous hurt and upset.” Fell from bridge

Robb Hoseason, warehouse worker, 47 (Cornwall). “Suffered from depression.” Carbon monoxide poisoning in car

Robert Armitt, retired TV repairer, 61 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Struggled to cope with depression”. Hanged

Robert Bates, 73 (Bournemouth). “Became depressed”. Drowned in river

Robert Carroll, lecturer, 40 (Lincolnshire). “Had sought professional help”. Unascertained

Robert Curtis, businessman, 47 (London). “Suffered from depression”. Struck by tube train

Robert Fish, 45 (Cardiff). GP “ Had … feelings of depression … anxiety and low mood.” Suffocated himself

Robert Gilchrist, tree surgeon, 43 (Carlisle). “History of depression”. Cut his throat

Robert Scott, prisoner, 55 (Noerthumberland Prison). “Mental health issues and suffering stress.” Cut his throat

Robert Taylor, 66 (Dorset). “Had shown some signs of depression.” Drove his car into a tree.

Robert Wilkinson, 65 (County Durham). Gun licence had been revoked. Shot himself

Robin Greenacre, retired carpenter, 71 (Suffolk). “Depressed since the death of his wife.” Hanged

Rory Morris, in custody after killing his wife (Winchester Prison). “Mental health issues.” Deliberately choked on food

Ross Lipsett, warehouse worker, 53 (Southampton). “In a state of distress”. Drove his car into stationary trailer

Rousbeh Oatley, 32 (Leicestershire). “Escaped a mental health unit.” Struck by train

Roy Mackenzie, 35 (North Yorkshire). “Taking medication to stop him drinking alcohol.” Struck by lorry

Roy Smith, retired postman, 67 (West Midlands). “Struggling to cope.” Hanged

Ruvimbo Muchemwa, pastor, 34 (Birmingham). “On medication for back pain … became depressed”. Overdose of painkillers.

Ryan Melia, factory worker, 35 (Lancashire). “Diagnosed with … depression.” Struck by train.

Ryse Perry, unemployed, 25 (Bolton). “Had worries.” Hanged

Sam Belcher, schoolboy, 15 (Hampshire). “Referred to mental health professionals”. Struck by car

Samih Muthanna, unemployed, 36 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Suffered from depression and anxiety.” Hanged

Sarahlee Shaw, administrator, 24 (Oxfordshire). “Suffered with low moods, which could have been PND.” Hanged

Scott Warriner, student, 21 (Basingstoke). “Suffering some kind of reactive depression.” Hanged

Sean O’Connor, construction director, 48 (Bolton). “Suffering from anxiety and depression.” Alcohol-related death

Shaun Jenner, ex-nurse, 58 (Portsmouth). “Had developed depression.” Suffocated himself

Shaun West, student, 17 (Oxfordshire). “History of self-harm.” Hanged

Shelley Meigh, ex-van driver, 47 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Struggling.” Hanged

Simon Ebblewhite, musician, 38 (Newcastle). “Suffered from anxiety and depression.” Struck by a train

Simon Garbutt, 36 (County Durham). ”Depressed in the days before his death”. Hanged

Simon Pritchard, hairdressing salon owner, 35 (West Midlands). “Under stress.” Hanged

Stephen Booth, security worker, 49 (Lincolnshire). “Threatened to take his own life about a month before.” Hanged

Stephen Bradshaw, retired library assistant, OCD (Oxford). “Suffered depression”. Overdose of drugs

Stephen Hood, ex-soldier, 52 (North Wales). “Struggling emotionally.” Carbon monoxide poisoning in car

Stephen Mason, college lecturer, 51 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Suffering from work-related stress.” Struck by train

Stephen Rees, retired phone engineer, 59 (Pembrokeshire). “Fell into deep depression”. Hanged

Stephen Stainton, 38 (Lytham). “Suffering depression and anxiety”. Hanged

Steven Eatwell, 28 (Berkshire). Withdrawing from cannabis. Hanged

Steven Lamb, 32 (York). “Visited his GP” 2 days before his death. Struck by train

Steven Salter, car mechanic, 51 (Kent). “Depressed over his deteriorating eyesight.” Hanged

Steven Tizard, 49 (Southampton). “Suffered from depression.” Carbon monoxide poisoning in car

Stuart Washer, unemployed, 26 (Oxfordshire). “Mild episodes of depression or stress”. Hanged

Terence Conley, soldier, 38 (Nottinghamshire). “Suffering from depression”. Shot himself

Terrance Giles, 36 (Birmingham). “Talked about killing himself.” Hanged

Thames Witkin, 69 (South Devon). “Suffering from ill health and depression”. Struck by lorry on motorway

Theresa Smith, nursing assistant (Berkshire). “Diagnosed with depression.” Not reported

Thomas Jones, 61 (Cornwall). “Suffering from depression.” Carbon monoxide poisoning in car

Thomas Laing, 23 (Darlington). “A bit depressed”. Hanged

Tim Salter, unemployed, 53 (Staffordshire). “Depressed and down.” Hanged

Timothy Pattison, 42 (North Yorkshire). “Suffered with depression”. Hanged

Tin-Sang Li, 83 (London). “A pensioner with mental health issues”. Hanged

Tina Lewis, 51 (Carmarthenshire). “Long history of depression”. Hanged

Trevor Mason, retired bus driver, 69 (Stoke-on-Trent). “…. Life spiralled into depression.” Struck by train

Trevor Smith, 36 (Wiltshire). “Known to have mental health … issues”. Hanged

Victor Baker, 41 (Oxfordshire). “History of depression”. Hanged

Victor Cuff, unemployed, 59 (Kent). “Problems with depression.” Hanged

Vincent Gallagher, IT technician (Oxford). “Suffered from depressive symptoms.” Hanged

Wayne Beecroft, 38 (Taunton). “Mental health problems.” Struck by bus

William Payne, 48 (Northampton). “Feeling very low and depressed”. Jumped from multi-storey car park

Zachary Goswami-Myerscough, student, 15 (Berkshire). “Seeing a child psychiatrist.” Hanged


Total: 332


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