“Suffering from Depression” – 2014




In the course of my research, I came across many inquest reports in which there appeared to be all the hallmarks of an antidepressant-related death, but where there was no mention of medication However, in several reports, treatment by a GP or psychiatric services was implied, through phrases such as “suffering from depression” or “history of depression”.

Many local newspapers now give a minimal amount of information. I have included some of these reports, where the impulsive, reckless or violent behaviour involved is typical of antidepressant-induced deaths.

The format of the list is as follows: Name (with Hyperlink); Occupation; Age; Location; Evidence; Cause of Death.

I hope that I have not intruded on anybody’s private grief by collating this information. However, if you are related to one of the victims, and do not wish your relative’s name to be included, please send an email to brian@antidepaware.co.uk with the details, and their name and link will be removed.

On the other hand, I should also be grateful to hear from anybody who can either confirm whether or not antidepressants were being taken by the victim at the time of the tragedy, or had been withdrawn during the previous year.

The summaries below all relate to inquests carried out in England or Wales in 2014:


Aaron Armstrong, 30 (Kent). “Experiencing … problems.” Struck by train

Aaron Fiveash, 36 (Hampshire). “Increasingly agitated.” Drowned in sea

Aaron Hawcock, student, 19 (Aberystwyth). “Anger and depression issues.” Hanged

Aaron Hughes, 37 (Wrexham). “History of mental health problems.” Struck by train

Aaron Vranas, 25 (Bedfordshire). “Suffering from a mental illness.” Fell from block of flats

Adam Knight, hotel worker, 32 (Cumbria). “Endured episodes of depression.” Hanged

Adrian Hill, school caretaker, 55 (Bristol). “After becoming increasingly depressed.” Hanged

Adrian Knight, financial adviser, 44 (Cardiff). “Withdrawn and anxious.” Found dead in his car

Adrian Kowalik, (Swindon). Assessed by MH team. Struck by train

Adrian Wilson, 60 (Blackpool). “Suffered from mood swings.” Stabbed himself

Alan Hobbs, businessman, 37 (Hertfordshire). Taken to hospital after overdose. Struck by train

Alan Ladlow, retired rigger, 77 (Grimsby). “Low moods.”  Hanged

Alex Gordon, student, 27 (Torquay). “History of depression.” Jumped from multi-storey car park

Alex Philbey, 16 (Cornwall). “Sessions with the adolescent MH service.” Hanged

Alexandera Budishchev, sea captain, 53 (Gloucestershire). “Worried … concerned”. Hanged

Alison Holman, health worker, 34 (Manchester). “Referral for depression.” Hanged

Alison Pye, 42 (North Devon). “Anxiety and depression.” “Found dead at her property”

Alison Wills, school worker, 46 (Cumbria). “Days before her death … visited a doctor who diagnosed her with mild depression.” “Multiple stab wounds”

Alistair McDonald, 46 (Reading). “Suffered from depression.” Drowned in river

Allan Ellis, butcher, 50 (Lancashire). “Mounting debt and stress.” Shot himself

Allen Hinchliffe, 52 (West Yorkshire). “Bouts of depression.” Shot himself

Alun Gwynne Jones, musician, 47 (Gillingham). “Suffered from depression.” Inhalation of fire fumes

Amanda Hawkins, 44 (Staffordshire). “Serious mental ill health issues.” Unascertained

Amanda Vickers, 47 (Cumbria). “Suffered from mental health problems.” Hanged

Amardeep Malhi, 22 (West Midlands). “Depressed.” Struck by lorry

Amy Latham, student, 18 (Dorset). “Depressed.” Hanged

Amy Smart, 25 (Essex). “Anxiety … depressed.” Hanged

Anastasia Phillips, 22 (Suffolk). “She did suffer from depression.” Overdose of painkillers

Andrew Barley, 41 (Kent). “Taken a mixture of drugs.” Carbon monoxide poisoning in car

Andrew Filkin, 36 (North Yorkshire). “Had been depressed.” Hanged

Andrew Jenkin, computer scientist, 31 (Cambridge). “History of depression.” Poisoned by cyanide

Andrew Mayall, baker, 47 (Cumbria). “Anxious.” Struck by train

Andrew Renshall, accountant, 35 (East Yorkshire). “Doctors were beginning to explore psychological avenues.” Jumped from cliff

Andrew Scriven, 47 (West Sussex). “In a very dark place.” Drowned in sea

Andrew Tansley, 56 (Buckinghamshire). “Suffered with depression.” Jumped from multi-storey car park

Andrzej Dziadosz, 46 (Northampton). “He had had enough.” Drowned in river

Andrzej Wilczynski, 59 (Gloucestershire). “Dark thoughts.” Hanged

Angela Coughlin, 48 (Beachy Head). “History of anxiety and depression.” Jumped from cliff

Anita Trivedi, trainee doctor, 23 (East London). “Bouts of depression.” Struck by train

Ann Holding, 48 (South Devon). “Increasingly overwhelmed.” Hanged

Ann-Marie Sarjantson, 29 (Llandudno). “Suffering from increased anxiety.” Drowned in sea

Annette Ramsdale, interior designer, 54 (East Yorkshire). “Risk of harm.” Struck by train

Anthony Baldwin, 77 (Dorset). “Suffered from depression.” Jumped from multi-storey car park

Anthony Cook, builder, 54 (Cornwall). “Worried.” Hanged

Anthony Edwards, retired accountant, 70 (Suffolk). “Suffering from anxiety.” Overdose of paracetamol

Anthony Fearnyhough, police officer, ex-soldier, 49 (Wigan). “Depressed.” Hanged

Anthony Gennard, 45 (Staffordshire). “Suffered from depression.” Drowned in canal

Anthony Letch, 34 (Milton Keynes). In MH unit. Hanged

Anthony Taylor, 22 (Worcestershire). “History of depression.” Drowned in river

Anthony Water, shopkeeper, 48 (West Yorkshire). “Difficulties.” Hanged

Anthony Whitworth, self-employed joiner, 44 (Rochdale). “Suffering from a depressive illness.” Carbon monoxide poisoning

Anthony Wyllie, refuse collector, ex-soldier (Wiltshire). “Suffered from depression.” Fell from multi-storey car park

Anthony Youell, care assistant, 51 (Suffolk). “His work had “taken a toll on him.” Hanged

Antony Wainwright, ecologist, 42 (Greater Manchester). “Suffered from depression.” Fell into quarry

Aran Waite, bar manager, 23 (Blackpool). “Worries … stresses.” Hanged

Archie McKelvie, 64 (Nottingham). Grieving for partner. Shot dead his daughter, then himself

Argyrios Siokos, 69 (North London). “Deterioration in mental health.” Stabbed his wife, set fire to house and hanged himself

Asha Khan, fraud investigator, 44 (Birmingham). “History of depressive episodes.” Drowned in reservoir

Ashley Birch, 25 (Buckinghamshire). “Plans to self-harm.” Hanged

Ashley McKinnon, 17 (Swindon). “Discussed self-harm.” Fell from multi-storey car park

Ashley Wells, 26 (Cardiff). “Mood swings.” Drowned in river

Barrie Pearce, 33 (Suffolk). “Battled depression.” Inhaled helium

Barry Morrow, on remand, 52 (Strangeways Prison). Suspected of strangling ex-partner and her mother. Hanged

Ben Hinchcliff, ex-barrister, 46 (South Yorkshire). Treated in the Priory. Shot himself

Beryl Crisp, 91 (Cornwall). “Visited her doctor.” Overdose of codeine

Billy Dunham, 86 (Norfolk). Grieving for wife. Hanged

Boa Van Nguyen, businessman, 40 (Nottinghamshire). “Suffering from stress.” Hanged

Bob Phoenix, 50 (Norfolk). “History of mental health problems.” Stabbed himself

Brendon Flynn, schoolboy, 13 (Liverpool). “Had depression.” Hanged

Brian Handley, 34, on remand (Birmingham Prison). “Battled depression.” Hanged

Brian Howell, retired electrical engineer, 67 (Swansea). In psychiatric hospital. Hanged

Brian Lane, clinical engineer, 53 (Watford). “Couldn’t cope anymore.” Asphyxiated in his car

Brian May, 53 (Gloucestershire). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

Brian Stimpson, 47 (Kent). “Suffered from depression.” Set fire to himself

* Brien Chambers, 39 (Essex). “Suffering depression.” Hanged

Brittany Missen, store supervisor, 19 (Hampshire). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

Carl Lamont, 36 (Northamptonshire). “Became withdrawn and depressed.” Hanged

Carla Dunphy-Clarkson, DJ, 22 (Liverpool). Abused by boyfriend. Hanged

Carol Nixon, 40 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Sought help for her mental health problems.” Burned in house fire that she started

Carol Rider, 55 (West Yorkshire). “Suffered from work-related stress.” Struck by train

Carolyn Tarbox, healthcare assistant, 54 (Cornwall). “Anxious.” Hanged

Cathy Mhlaba, church leader, 45 (Essex). “Depressed.” Killed herself & her son in car fire

Cezary Stasnak, physiotherapist, 49 (Dorset). Grieving for son. Hanged

Charleigh Disbrey, schoolgirl, 15 (Hertfordshire). “Suffering from anxiety and depression.” Struck by train

Charlie Dunne, 19 (Greater Manchester). “Suffered from mood swings. Overdose of insulin

Charlotte Caton, 38 (Bolton). “Severe anxiety.” Hanged

Charlotte Coursier, student, 25 (Oxford). “History of depression.” Hanged

Chimwemwe Moto, support worker, 38 (Norfolk). “Spoken … about ending his life.” Hanged

Chris Ashby, musician, 22 (Staffordshire). “Mental health difficulties.” Took his life in hotel room

Christian Lordan, builder, 37 (Kent). “Battled depression.” Unascertained

Christine Dudley, healthcare assistant, 39 (Staffordshire). “Visited her doctor several times.” Hanged

Christine Halls, 52 (West Midlands). “Had been feeling depressed.” Jumped from bridge

Christoph Gabor, scientist, 41 (Oxford). “Had been frustrated.” Hanged

Christophe Perdeau, IT worker, 45 (Staffordshire). Wife “concerned about his state of mind.” Hanged

Christopher Adams, 32 (Kent). “Severe bouts of depression.” Carbon monoxide poisoning in car

Christopher Barrow, gardener, delivery driver, 55 (North Devon). “Facing redundancy.” Shot himself

Christopher Chai, student, 18 (Surrey). “Attended … counselling.” Hanged

Christopher Davies, 21 (Shropshire). “Extremely down and upset.” Hanged

Christopher Gander, ex-lorry driver, 58 (Hampshire). “Suffered from a sleeping disorder.” “Found in car park”

Christopher Keen, 26 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Depression deteriorated.” Hanged

Christopher Pattinson, gardener, 24 (Northumberland). Struck by train

Christopher Shapley, greengrocer, 43, on remand (Cardiff Prison). “He became down.” Hanged

Christopher Sleafer, 52 (Bedfordshire). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

Christopher Slowikowski, 60 (Cornwall). “Suffering from an acute stress reaction.” Hanged

Christopher Spencer, 21 (Reading). “Suffered from anxiety.” Fell from multi-storey car park

Christopher Spikesman, warehouse worker, 27 (Southampton). “Suicide determination.” Drowned in river

Christopher Todd, 29 (County Durham). “Suicidal thoughts.” Hanged

Christopher Walling, 35 (Cumbria). “Had been worried.” Carbon monoxide poisoning

Claire Dyson, 45 (Kent). “Taken a mixture of drugs.” Carbon monoxide poisoning in car

Claire Richardson, photographer, 44 (East Sussex). “Suffered depression.” Carbon monoxide poisoning in car

Colin Buss, 62 (Suffolk). “Discharged … after being sectioned.” Struck by train

Colin Hinds, warehouse worker, 36 (Hertfordshire). Problems were “too much.” Hanged

Colin Monty, 47 (Cumbria). “Mental health problems.” Struck by train

Colleen Raath, 41 (Gloucestershire). “Spoken to the doctor about depression.” Hanged

Connor Smith, prisoner, 20 (Altcourse Prison). “Previous self-harm.” Hanged

Craig McKeating, unemployed, 37 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Struggled to cope.” Hanged

Dai Dykins, 75 (North Wales). “Various issues.” Hanged

Daisy Holmes, 16 (Hull). “History of self-harming.” Hanged

Damian Bramhall, 39 (Cumbria). “Personal problems in his life.” Carbon monoxide poisoning in car

Daniel Collins, rope-maker, 22 (Dorset). “Diagnosed with depression.” Overdose of Propranolol

Daniel Frisby, 22 (Lincolnshire). “Visiting his doctor because of mood swings.” Struck by vehicle

Daniel Hall, nurse, 32 (Lancashire). “Battle with depression.” Hanged

Daniel Jennings, tyre fitter, 34 (Carlisle). “Worries.” Hanged

Daniel Templeton, 38 (Essex). “ Researched places and ways of hanging.” Hanged

Daniel Till, 22 (Kent). “Difficulties which had caused him distress.” Hanged

Daniel Williams, 24 (South Yorkshire). “Engaged with the psychiatric services.” Hanged

Danielle Smith, 23 (East Sussex). “Referred to psychiatric services.” Jumped from block of flats

Danuta Corbett, (Brighton). “Deeply distressed.” Jumped from block of flats

Darren Brough, logistics company worker, 45 (Staffordshire). “Had a few problems.” Overdose of codeine

Darren Cates, civil engineer, 47 (South Devon). “Upset and depressed.” Hanged

Darren Hobgin, 41 (Buckinghamshire). “Had previously self-harmed.” Hanged

Darren Lansdown, wine broker, 45 (Surrey). “Difficulties.” Struck by train

Darren Lovell, 24 (Wiltshire). “Sank into depression.” Combination of benzodiazepines, methadone & alcohol

Darryl Gent, 52 (County Durham). “Suffering stress.” Hanged

David Brooks, accountant, 58 (Oxford). “Under 24-hr watch.” Jumped from stairwell

David Chatburn, 29 (Manchester). “History of depression.” Hanged

David Connaughton, carer, 60 (Derbyshire). “Had anxiety.” Stabbed himself after bludgeoning his wife to death

David Cooper, 53 (Hampshire). Both parents had died recently. Struck by a train

David Facey, 55 (South Devon). “Depressed.” Drowned in sea

David Fletcher, farmer, 59 (West Midlands). “Suffering from depression.” Shot himself

David Goldsmith, 54 (London). “Suffered from … depression.” Jumped from block of flats

David Green, businessman, 52 (Isle of Wight). “Distraught.” Hanged

David Jones, 58 (County Durham). “Suffering from health problems.” Hanged

David Long, 62 (Shrewsbury). MH patient. Drowned in river

David Ollerenshaw, retired fireman, 55 (Derbyshire). “Anxious and depressed.” Hanged

David Pickering, 73 (South Devon). “Upset.” Drowned in river

David Potts, 39 (Greater Manchester). “Unstable personality disorder.” Set fire in house, killing self, ex-partner & her son

David Robinson, 64 (Buckinghamshire). “History of depression.” Overdose of meds

David Smith, 29 (Coventry). “Getting increasingly anxious.” Hanged

David Young, 34 (Tyneside). “History of psychiatric issues.” Cut his throat

Davinder Singh Aujla, software analyst, 41 (Cheshire). “Signs of depression.” Hanged

Dean Genas, plumber, 20 (South London). “Personal problems.” Drowned in bath

Dean Robson, 22 (County Durham). “Never come to terms with his father’s death.” Hanged

Dean Stephens, 29 (Somerset). “Visited his GP with anxiety and depression.” Alcohol poisoning

Declan Scott, 37 (West London). “Seeing a psychiatrist for his depression.” Hanged

Deividas Sereika, 40 (Cumbria). Mental health problems. Fell from hospital window

Denise Shepherd, unemployed, 19 (East Sussex). Took “cocktail of pills.” Overdose of pills & heroin

Dennis Moody, 82 (Hampshire). “Had become withdrawn.” Hanged

Derek Brundrett, schoolboy, 14 (West Wales). “History of self-harming.” Hanged

Diane Sykes, 56 (Stoke-on-Trent). “History of depression and anxiety.” Struck by lorry

Dominic Bell, ex-monk, 47 (West Sussex). “Spiralled into depression.” Hanged

Dominic Goddard, salesman, ex-soldier, 23 (West Yorkshire). “Emotional and agitated.” Struck by motor vehicle

Donna Carrigan, 47 (Norfolk). “Mental health problems.” Jumped from multi-storey car park

Donna Derwent, 25 (North Wales). “History of depression.” Hanged

Donna Larkin, 40 (Rochdale). “Pain caused her to be depressed.” Overdose of morphine

Douglas Morton, fashion retailer, 61 (South London). Strangled his partner, then stabbed himself

Dylan Gibson, soldier, 21 (Wiltshire). “Had previously self-harmed.” Hanged

Eddie Gregg, retired mechanic, 76 (Hertfordshire). “Severe anxiety disorder.” Hanged

Edmund Jeske, 65 (Hampshire). “Had been feeling depressed.” Hanged

Edward Greenaway, businessman, 71 (Cornwall). Grieving for wife. Hanged

Edward Townsend, retired accountant, 75 (Sunderland). “Being treated for mental health problems.” Overdose of prescribed meds

Elaine Harrison, 58 (Nottingham). “History of depression.” Drowned in river

Elizabeth Esler, 81 (Suffolk). “Worried” about onset of dementia. Drowned in river

Elodie Dufloux, trainee teacher, 28 (Gloucestershire). “Worried about something.” Hanged

Emily Cross, 29 (Reading). “Suffered from mental health problems.” Fell from pub roof

Eugene St Leger, 30 (Manchester). “Suffering psychotic delusions.” Fell from hospital window

Faizel Vohra, public relations officer, 29 (Lancashire). “Clear sense of upset.” Struck by lorry

Farres Ikken, 34 (North London). “Released by MH centre.” Hanged

Fiona Anderson, 23 (Suffolk). “Mental health issues.” Drowned her 3 children, then jumped from multi-storey car park

Francis Cosgrove, gas engineer, 53 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Signed off work with anxiety.” Gassed himself in car

Francis Duffy, nurse, 41 (Staffordshire). “Psychological problems.” Alcohol poisoning

Frederick Andres, retired chef, 71 (Suffolk). “Issues with depression.” Cut his throat

Frederick Phillips, 83 (Berkshire). Said that he ”did not want to go on living.” Struck by train

Gabriel Magee, banker, 39 (London). “Suffered from some kind of depression.” Jumped from building

Gareth Evans, solicitor, 64 (North Wales). “Deemed a higher risk.” Drowned in sea

Garry Parnell, ex-salesman, 51 (Doncaster). “Suffered depression for many years.” Jumped from bridge

Gary Connor, 40 (Hertfordshire). “Overwhelmed.” Hanged

Gary Richards, 39 (South London). “Admitted to hospital with suicidal ideation.” Struck by train

Gary Richardson, 40 (Teesside). “Attempts of self-harm.” Hanged

Gary Tincello, 51 (North Devon). “History of depression.” Hanged

Gemma Jones, office worker, 26 (Anglesey). “Going through a depressive episode.” Overdose of EPH

Geoffrey Feilla, chauffeur (Surrey). Received “formal psychiatric help.” Hanged

* George Kenrick, 85 (Cumbria). “Unhappy” in care home. Hanged

George Nicholson, 84 (Lincolnshire). “Ongoing treatment.” Shot himself

George Savva, artist, 42 (Cambridge). “Psychiatric professionals visited him.” Jumped from building

Geraldine Kilborn, prisoner, 37 (Low Newton Prison). “High risk of self-harm.” Hanged

Gerard Naughton, civil servant, 58 (London). “Suffered from periods of ill mental health.” Struck by train

Gillian Clarke, 47 (Bradford). “History of depression.” Overdose of sedatives

Glynn Holland, distribution centre worker, 50 (Derbyshire). “Worried.” Hanged

Gordon Morrison, 58 (Essex). “Suffered from depression.” Struck by train

Gordon Richards, 60 (Wolverhampton). “Struggled with bouts of depression.” Carbon monoxide poisoning in car

Graham Mills, plasterer, 25 (Staffordshire). “Had become upset.” Hanged

Graham Simmons, pharmacist, 60 (West Yorkshire). Death “coming for a while.” Carbon monoxide poisoning

Greg Moss, 29 (Cardiff). “Having difficulties.” Hanged

Greta Wiltshire, 76 (Wiltshire). “Suffered from mental illness.” Drowned in river

Griselda Folkard, 69 (Mid Wales). “It all got too much.” Smothered her mother, then drowned in bath

Hannelore Budworth, 66 (Hampshire). “Regular visits from mental health workers.” Overdose of drugs

Hassan Rafie, architect, 49 (Bolton). “Pressure.” Stabbed his wife, then killed his mother-in-law and himself in gas explosion

Hazel Polkinghorn, 33(Lincolnshire). “Mental health difficulties.” Overdose of pentobarbital

Heena Solanki, lab technician, 34 (West London). “Unhappy”. Poisoned her 2 daughters and herself with acid

Helen Allright, 45 (Cornwall). “History of self-harming.” Overdose of insulin

Helen Brown, 71 (Hampshire). “Long-term depressive illness.” Carbon monoxide poisoning

Helena Farrell, schoolgirl, 15 (Cumbria). “Suffering from dark thoughts.” Hanged

(Mr) Holmes, retired plumber, 72 (Stafford). “Worried about his health.” Hanged

Hugh Henry, retired teacher, 82 (Buckinghamshire). Had “treatment” after overdose. Struck by train

Iain Donald, unemployed, 52 (Swansea). “Depressed.” Jumped from motorway bridge

Ian Barker, window cleaner, 47 (Greater Manchester). Wife “concerned about his state of mind.” Struck by lorry

Ian Clark, 39 (South Wales). “Had been self-harming.” Overdose of prescribed meds

Ian Duncan, police officer, 50 (Buckinghamshire). “Depressed.” Hanged

Ian Foakes, 46 (Essex). Both parents had died within last 18 mths. Hanged

Ian Goodall, 30 (West Midlands). “Prone to low mood.” Fell from motorway bridge

Ian Jones, self-employed plasterer (Cheshire). “Struggling.” Hanged

Ian Jordan, unemployed, 60 (Southampton). “Poor health.” Overdose of painkillers

Ian McAuslan, ex-teacher, 68 (Southampton). “Struggled.” Hanged

Ian Sixsmith, 44 (Greater Manchester). “Traces of drugs and medication.” Struck by train

Isma Zaman, therapist, 27 (Birmingham). “Anxious and depressed.” Hanged

Jack Blowes, 86 (Essex). “Suffering from … depression.” Drowned in lake

Jack Ellis, 20 (Somerset). “In the care of the local mental health team.” Overdose of insulin

Jack Oxlee, student, 18 (Cambridgeshire). “Referred to the doctor.” Drowned in river

Jaclyn Olejniczak, receptionist, 25 (Sheffield). “Diagnosed with depression.” Burned inside car

Jacob Renbourn, craftsman, 30 (South Devon). “Anxious.” Hanged

Jacqueline Leach, ex-care worker, 58 (Bolton). “Suffered depression.” Hanged

Jacqueline Ratcliff, 57 (Kent). “History of nervous depression.” Overdose of prescribed meds

Jade Hewitt, pharmacy assistant, 19 (Kent). “Feeling down.” Hanged

Jake Hardy, detainee, 17 (Hindley YOI). “History of self-harm.” Hanged

James Bailey, retired carpenter, 77 (West Sussex). “Had become depressed.” Hanged

James Boylan, 49 (Cumbria). “Suffering from mental illness.” Hanged

James Clark, student, 19 (Lincolnshire). “History of self-harm.” Shot himself

James Holland, electrician, 60 (Hampshire). “Suffering from severe depression.” Overdose of Tramadol & methadone

James Parfitt, ex-builder, 64 (Hampshire). “Suffered from depression.” Stabbed himself

James Pollard, 36 (Bristol). “Mental health patient.” Hanged

James Watts, 29 (Cambridgeshire). “Had become very depressed.” Hanged

James West, tree surgeon (Cornwall). “Struggling … with depression.” Hanged

Jamie Barlow, 29 (Suffolk). “History of mental health problems.” Hanged

Jamie Lovelock, 36 (Chester). “Had been visiting a psychologist.” Overdose of heroin & alcohol

Jamie Nightingale, 22 (Chesterfield). “In the last three weeks he was a different person.” Hanged

Jamie Smith, 43, on remand (Durham Prison). “Of low mood.” Hanged

Jan Sobolewski, 64 (Hampshire). Treated by “psychiatric services.” Hanged

Jane Christie, 64 (Leicestershire). “Long history of depression.” Hanged

Jane Henderson, personal assistant, 59 (Cornwall). Taking “therapeutic drugs” for back pain. Overdose of morphine

Janma Joshi, 40 (Liverpool). “Distressed.” Set fire to bedroom, killing her 4-yr-old son and herself

Jason Farrell, factory worker, 42 (Blackburn). “A very dark place.” Hanged

Jason Gower, driving instructor, 39 (Cornwall). Prescribed medication for hip pain. Hanged

Jason Kelly, 43 (Southampton). “History of self-harm.” Fell from block of flats

Jayne Smith, 46 (West Yorkshire). “In a low mood.” Overdose of sleeping tablets

Jean Higginson, 65 (North Wales). “History of self-harm.” Hanged

Jean Hoar, retired secretary, 79 (Buckinghamshire). “Upset at her husband’s death.” Overdose of prescribed meds

Jean Jennings, 72 (Nottingham). “Bout of anxiety and depression.” Drowned in river

Jeanette Jepson, 56 (County Durham). “Had often spoken … about taking her own life.” Overdose of painkillers

Jeyvani Vageswaran, 33 (North London). “Social services in contact.” Smothered her 2 sons then hanged herself

Jillian Constant, hotel worker, 41 (Cornwall). “Suffering with mood swings.” Drowned in sea

Jim Swain, retired headteacher, 71 (Somerset). “Had recently become increasingly anxious.” Drowned in pond

Joan Russell, 78 (Exeter). “Overcome with anxiety.” Drowned in river

Joanne Howcroft, nurse, 59 (Cardiff). “Self-confidence plummeted.” Hanged

Joelli Budd, ex-bar worker, 35 (Kent). “Suffering from depression.” Struck by train

John Brass, 81 (North Yorkshire). “Was depressed.” Shot himself

John Fawcett, 72 (Somerset). “ Considerably depressed.” “Found dead at home”

John Hunt, 59 (Hampshire). “Suffering from a long-term mental illness.” Hanged

John Lafferty, veterinary surgeon, 61 (Hampshire). “A number of different medications in his system.” “Found dead”

John Lewis, ex-soldier, chef, 36 (North Wales). “Struggled with mental health issues.” Hanged

John Ramsdale, design engineer, 52 (East Yorkshire). “Anxiety and depression returned.” Struck by train

John Ratcliff, (Kent). Grieving for wife. Hanged

John Rice, 58 (Kent). “Suffered from anxiety and sleep deprivation.” Hanged

John Rogers, 71 (Shropshire). “Loner and a worrier.” Drowned in pool

John Setchell, 55 (Southampton). “History of psychotic depression.” Overdose of painkillers

John Skidmore, 68 (Derbyshire). “Became depressed.” Hanged

John Stabbler, prisoner, 55 (Lincoln Prison). “History of mental health problems.” Hanged

John Travers, 40 (Southampton). “Diagnosed with … PTSD.” Jumped from bridge

Jonathan Burrage, 27 (London). “Suffering from mental health problems.” Hanged

Jonathan Lees-Ford, 36 (Kent). “History of mental health treatment.” Cut his throat

Jonathan Wojtasz, 28 (Suffolk). “Had been going through a difficult time.” Drove car at tree

Jordan Coughlan, student, 16 (Middlesbrough). “Had undergone anger management.” Hanged

Joseph Galuidi, unemployed, 24 (Teesside). “Very upset.” Inhaled helium

Josephine Scanlon, unemployed, 54 (Essex). “Had developed depression.” Struck by train

Josh Gratton, teacher, 25 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Stress.” Hanged

Joshua Maddox, schoolboy, 15, autistic (West Midlands). Medication for ADHD changed. Hanged

Joshua Spowage, hairdresser, 24 (Lincolnshire). “Recurrent psychotic symptoms.” Hanged

Julia Cross, doctor, 36 (West Sussex). “Struggled with depression.” Set herself on fire

Julie Francis, 42 (Greater Manchester). “Mental health patient.” Hanged

Julie Richardson, 54 (Hampshire). “Severe bout of depression.” Struck by train

Julie Wilkinson, 45 (Warwickshire). “History of depression.” Drowned in cattle trough

June Allim, doctor, 42 (Warwickshire). “Traumatised.” Drowned in bath

June Chilcott, 75 (Wiltshire). “Behaviour had changed.” Set fire to herself

Justin Tapp, 44 (Buckinghamshire). “Diagnosed with PTSD.” Poisoned himself

Kamaljit Sidhu, bar worker, 29 (West Midlands). “Troubled.” Fell from motorway bridge

Kane Sparham-Price, 19 (Manchester). “Problems … connected with his mental health.” Hanged

Karen Sivyer, 47 (Hampshire). “Battling with depression.” “Killed herself”

Kate Downey, 30 (Newcastle). Grieving. Suffocated herself

Katherine Hooper, 24 (Devon). “In the darkest hole imaginable.” Jumped from rocks with 5-yr-old boy

Kathryn Mather, 41 (Oxfordshire). “Suffered from anxiety and depression.” Overdose of alcohol

Keith Barrett, 69 (North Devon). “Worried.” Hanged

Keith Laidler, 59 (Southampton). “History of drug dependency.” Jumped from bridge

Kelly Jamieson, 25 (Cumbria). “Battling to come to terms with the end of her relationship.” Overdose of prescribed meds

Kelvin Harling, unemployed plumber, 60 (South Devon). “Had depression.” Overdose of Amlodipine

Kenneth McRae, laboratory technician, 52 (West Midlands). “… growing madness”. Bludgeoned his wife to death, then cut his throat and wrists.

Kenneth Taylor, retired engineer, 72 (Kent). “Suffering from anxiety.” Hanged

Kenneth Wheatley, ex-care worker, 62 (South Yorkshire). Questioned by Police. Struck by train

Kerry Milward, 37 (South Yorkshire). Death of her mother “affected her depression.” Carbon monoxide poisoning in vehicle

Kevin Galsworthy, tyre fitter, 40 (Berkshire). “Depressed.” Carbon monoxide poisoning in van

Kevin Langthorne, 46 (Hampshire). “Upset.” Hanged

Kevin Scarlett, 31, on remand (Woodhill Prison). “History of mental illness.” Hanged

Kevin Wolfe, bricklayer, 47 (South Wales). “Had been under stress.” Drove car into building

Kieran Dickenson, 25 (West Midlands). “He had times when he was down.” Hanged

Kieron Dowdall, prisoner 24 (Stafford Prison). Previous “intention to take his own life.” Hanged

Kwai Ying, 69 (Southampton). “Struggled with financial worries.” Jumped into water at harbour

Kyle Smith, 26 (Bolton). “Agitated and upset.” Jumped from road bridge

Lance Dickenson, 30 (Cheshire). “Had depression, anxiety and insomnia.” Jumped from bridge

Laura Delean, 33 (Hampshire). “Suffering from PND.” Hanged

Laura Page, 34 (Leicestershire). “History of mental illness.” Overdose of anti-anxiety pills

Laura Smith, 21 (Essex). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Laura Swann, care worker, 44 (Norfolk). “History of depression & anxiety.” Overdose of methadone

Laurence McWade, ex-health worker, 41 (North Wales). “Troubled.” Struck by train

Leanda Painter, 46 (Gloucestershire). “Suffered from agitated depression.” Hanged

Lee Churcher, 49 (Beachy Head). “Expressed thoughts of suicide and depression.“ Fell from cliff

Lee Cutter, boxer, 29 (Southampton). “Having trouble sleeping.” Stabbed himself before jumping from bridge

Lee Peel, 36 (Lancashire). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

Lee Silcock, unemployed, 30 (South Yorkshire). “Life blighted by acne.” Jumped from bridge

Lee Smee, 24 (North Yorkshire). “History of depression.” Hanged

Leigha Edwards, care assistant, 17 (Luton). “Encouraged to visit the doctors where she complained of feeling anxious and depressed.” Hanged

Lenny Beardmore, 42 (Cheshire). “Worried.” Hanged

Leon Blanchard, student, 21 (London). “Became very anxious.” Struck by a train

Leonardo DiGiovanni, student, 17 (Cambridgeshire). GP thanked. Hanged

Lesley Kernick, teacher, 54 (South Wales). “Emotional harassment.” Hanged

Lewis Walkey, garage worker, 26 (West Sussex). “Being treated for a mental health condition.” Struck by train

Liam Hardy, schoolboy, 14 (Surrey). “Would regularly self-harm.” Hanged

Lisa Inkin, 21, anorexic (London). “Was being treated.” Struck by tube train

Lisa Pollini, 47 (Norfolk). Discharged from NH hospital. Drowned in lake

Lisa Wilks, schoolgirl, 17 (Blackpool). “Upset.” Hanged

Lizzie Lowe, schoolgirl, 14 (Manchester). “Struggled with depression.” Hanged

Lorna Plowright, 73 (Norfolk). “Suffering from depression.” Asphyxiated

Lorraine Andrews, 44 (Bristol). “Wrestled with depression.” Hanged

Louis Bennett, electrician, 43 (Watford). “Grieving.” Hanged

Louis Moore, 28 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Deeply upset.” Hanged

Louis Shaw, prisoner, 23 (Ranby Prison). “Highly emotional state.” Hanged

Louise Fothergill, 33 (Grimsby). Mental health deteriorated due to domestic abuse. Hanged

Louise Gibson, police officer, 43 (Buckinghamshire). “Mental stress.” Hanged

Louise Summerland, 39 (Oxfordshire). “Twice before tried to kill herself.” Hanged

Louise White, office manager, 46 (Derbyshire). Suffered from PND. Hanged

Lucinda Norris, 22 (Hampshire). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

Lucy Bywater, 29 (Berkshire). “Suffering from depression.” “Found dead.”

Luke Scriven, 46 (Nottingham). “Showed symptoms of care and anxiety.” Hanged

Luke Stephens, 20 (Gloucestershire). “History of anxiety & depression.” Hanged

Macaulay Freeman, apprentice, 17 (Merseyside). Hanged

* Macauley Moran, 16 (Manchester). Diagnosed with ADHD. Treated by CAMHS. Hanged

Malcolm Collett, baker, 54 (Kent). “History of depression.” Carbon monoxide poisoning in car

Malcolm Thomas, 56 (Middlesbrough). “Suffering from a recurrent depressive disorder.” Hanged

Marc Hutton, accountant, 28 (West London). “Suicidal thoughts.” Drowned in river

Marcin Stoga, on remand (Bullingdon Prison). Previous drug overdose. Hanged

Margaret Ganley, 71 (Wolverhampton). “Bouts of depression.” Drowned in canal

Margaret Morton, ex-secretary, 69 (Lincolnshire). “Depressed.” Suffocated herself with clingfilm

Marilyn Goodhand, shop worker, 60 (East Yorkshire). “Bouts of depression.” Overdose of prescribed meds

Marion Gormley, 59 (Cheshire). “Received psychiatric help for coping with her depression.” Struck by train

Maris Morrin, doctor’s assistant, 67 (East London). “Battled depression.” Suffocated with plastic bag

Marius Kurzyp, (County Durham). “Had felt low.” Hanged

Mark Bartholomew, 41 (Manchester). “Deluded & suicidal.” Hanged

Mark Bushnell, teacher, 50 (County Durham). “Disappointed.” Drowned

Mark Churchill, 45 (Gloucester). “Very depressed.” Hanged

Mark Evans, 48 (Sheffield). “Hell-bent on taking his own life.” Carbon monoxide poisoning in tent

Mark James, lorry driver, 54 (Buckinghamshire). “Out of character.” Carbon monoxide poisoning in car

Mark Jones, hair salon owner, 51 (North Wales). “Had become distant.” Hanged

Mark Long, 41 (Northamptonshire). “Struggled with psychological issues.” Drove his car into lorry

Mark Walford, ex-director, 86 (Hampshire). Recovering from surgery. Shot himself

Martha Heiland-Allen, yoga teacher, 28 (London). “In the grips of depression.” Struck by tube train

Martin Cock, 54 (Bristol). “Period of depression.” Struck by train

Martin Cooper, ex-nurse (Portsmouth). “Ongoing mental health problems.” Overdose of drugs

Martin Hadfield, unemployed gardener, 20 (Greater Manchester). “No self worth.“ Hanged

Martin Knock, 49 (Suffolk). “Pills were found.” Carbon monoxide poisoning

Martin Powell-Bevan, 47 (Shropshire). “History of anxiety and depression.” Drowned in river

Martin Symms, 49 (Derbyshire). “Mental health issues.” Struck by train

Mary Breakwell, 66 (Hampshire). “Suffering from depression.” “Found lying near a tree”

Mary Wanya, 40 (Leeds). “Stress-induced … anxiety.” Jumped from hospital window

Matt Berry, unemployed, 34 (Portsmouth). “Problems.” Hanged

Matthew Black, 49 (Hertfordshire).”Recovering from a drinking problem.” Struck by train

Matthew Harrington, 31 (Cumbria). “History of mental health problems.” Drowned in sea

Matthew Lewis, contractor, 32 (Lincolnshire). “There was evidence he was unhappy.” “Found dead”

* Matthew Mason, 21 (Bournemouth). “Mental heath problems.” Hanged

Matthew Satterthwaite, student, 23 (Manchester). “Struggling with depression … saw a psychiatrist.” Suffocated with helium

Matthew Thomas, welder, 30 (South Wales). “Long-term illness.” Fell from bridge

Maurice Tretton, 20 (West Yorkshire). “History of threatening to take his own life.” Fell from flat window

Maureen Wade, 67 (Stoke-on-Trent). Husband terminally ill. Overdose of pain-killers

Matthew Wycherley, supermarket worker, 26 (Milton Keynes). “Moderately to severely depressed.” Struck by train

Maurice Fletcher, 57 (Rochdale). “Became depressed and lonely.” Carbon monoxide poisoning in car

Max White, psychiatric carer, 23 (Kent). “Very depressed.” Hanged

Maxine Ovenden, 39 (Kent). “Diagnosed with clinical depression.” Overdose of painkillers

Megan Edmunds, schoolgirl, 14 (West Midlands). “Had changed a lot.” Hanged

Melanie Beergooparsad, counsellor, 35 (Kent).”Mental health problems.” Overdose of drugs

Melisa Castle, 28 (Swindon). “Diagnosed with personality disorder.” Fell from multi-storey car park

Michael Coles, businessman, 39 (Cardiff). “Suffering from an abnormal grief reaction.” Asphyxiated with helium

Michael Dallimore, ex-soldier, 42 (Wigan). “Troubled.” Hanged

Michael Durrant, 73 (Mid Wales). “Debilitating disease.” Shot himself

Michael Harris, 26 (Bristol). “Detained indefinitely under the Mental Health Act.” Fell from bridge

Michael McNicholas, unemployed, 34 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Struggling.” Hanged

Michael Sheldon, security guard, 33 (Wirral). “History of depression.” Hanged

Michael Tarn, 32 (County Durham). “Had been depressed.” Carbon monoxide poisoning in car

Michael Wain, 53 (Hertfordshire). “Under a lot of stress.” Asphyxiated

Michael Willis, caretaker, 42 (Staffordshire). “History of depression and self-harm.” Hanged

Michal Kasperek, abattoir worker, 22 (Lancashire). “Very distressed.” Hanged

Michelle Broad, 34 (Kent). “Delusional disorder with moderate depression.” Fell from block of flats

Michelle McCann, 42 (Grimsby). “Level of mental health care.” Fell from multi-storey car park

Mike Batkin, farmer, 73 (Shropshire). “Long history of depression.” Struck by train

Mitch Lewis, student, 21 (Swansea). “Number of personal problems.” Overdose of dinitrophenol

Mike Featherstone, take-away owner, 49 (Middlesbrough). “Worried.” Shot himself

Mohammed Razzak, schoolboy, 16 (Oldham). “Assessed by psychiatrists.” Jumped from motorway bridge

Nancy Isaac, unemployed market researcher, 29 (Buckinghamshire). “Suffered with depression.” Hanged

Naomi Coley-Rogan, 22 (York). “Suffering from mental health problems.” Struck by train – in 2006

Naomi Shilton, 28 (North Wales). Reported missing from Northamptonshire. Hanged

Naomi Wilkinson, theatre designer, 50 (London). Grieving for husband. Carbon monoxide poisoning

Natasha Brunton, student, 21 (Kent) “Battling an eating disorder.” Overdose of cocaine

Neha Khanna, sales advisor, 25 (Birmingham). Previous suicide attempts. Hanged

Neil Eaketts, 42 (Gloucestershire). “Had significant mental health issues.” Drowned in canal

Neil Saunders, train driver, 44 (Suffolk). “Concerns and anxieties.” Struck by train

Nesawor Miah, unemployed chef, 40 (Oxford). “Mental health problems.” Overdose of morphine

Neville Worshold, electrician, 55 (Kent). “Felt ashamed.” Cut his throat & arm

Nichola Pawlowski, 32 (Stoke-on-Trent). “History of mental illness.” Hanged

Nicholas Austin, ex-bank manager, 49 (Kent). “Troubles with depression.” Drank anti-freeze

Nicholas Baker, stonemason, 45 (Kent). “Visited a doctor.” Hanged

Nicholas Beerman, warehouse worker, 22 (Oxfordshire). “Unhappy.” Struck by train

Nicholas Hawkings-Byass, businessman, 59 (London). “Hint of depression.” Gassed himself

Nicholas Wilkes, 28 (Oxford). “Treatment for bi-polar disorder.” Hanged

Nicholas Woodward, unemployed builder, 45 (Shropshire). “Struggled.” Overdose of heroin

Nick Dean, 41 (Huddersfield). “Mental health problems.” Overdose of drugs

Nigel Dennis, 42 (North Devon). “Depressed for a long time.” Found near woods

Nigel Jones, 43 (Shropshire). “Had previously attempted to take his life.” Hanged

Noreen Orange, 85 (South Devon). “Intention to commit suicide.” Drank potassium cyanide

Oliver Trace, 19 (Bristol). “Struggled with depression. “ Hanged

Owen Brennan, racehorse trainer, 77 (Derby). “Frustrated.” Drowned in river

Pamela Bailey, 68 (Derbyshire). Informal MH patient. Hypothermia

Pamela Honeysett, 57 (Hull). “Battled depression.” Drowned in river

Pamela Winterburn, stable girl, 44 (Cambridgeshire). “Nervous breakdown.” Hanged

Pasha Clark, student, 16 (Cambridgeshire). “Battled with mental health issues.” Overdose of Propranolol

Pat Burns, 67 (Luton). “Suffering from depression.” Fell from multi-storey car park

Patricia Bryan, 58 (Nottinghamshire). “Mentally ill.” Set herself on fire

Patrick Casey, 26 (North Yorkshire). “Suffered from depression.” Struck by lorry

Patrick Mahon, artist, 42 (Shropshire). “Mental health problems.” Drowned in brook

Paul Anderson, taxi driver, 47 (North Devon). “Having dark thoughts.” Hanged

Paul Bethel, gardener, 57 (Oxfordshire). “Feeling a bit depressed.” Hanged

Paul Bruten, 45 (Glamorgan). “Admitted to a mental hospital.” Hanged

Paul Byrne, 66 (Suffolk). “Suffering from anxiety and depression.” Struck by train

Paul Day, redundant lorry driver, 53 (Hampshire). “History of depression.” Overdose of prescribed meds

Paul Drakes, fork lift truck driver, 50 (Mid Devon). “Suffering from depression.” Shot himself

Paul Farrand, 18 (Lancashire). “Mood swings … heard voices.” Overdose of prescription meds

Paul Gannon, 49 (Gateshead). “Being treated at a … psychiatric unit.” Overdose of Subutex

Paul Gigg, prisoner, 30 (Norwich Prison). “Concerned and anxious.” Hanged

Paul Kenyon, bar owner, 37 (Bournemouth). “Experienced problems with depression.” Carbon monoxide poisoning

Paul Neve, 49 (Hampshire). Relationship problems. “Found at home”

Paul Robertson, prisoner (Bullingdon Prison). “Concerns about his mental health.” Hanged

Paul Savage, ex-railway worker, 58 (Kent). “Medical retirement.” Struck by train

Paul Share, 29 (North Devon). “Years of depression.” Asphyxiated with helium

Paul Smalley, 40 (Nottinghamshire). “His mood was low.” Overdose of Tramadol

Paul Smith, unemployed electrician, 39 (Surrey). “Low and depressed.” Overdose of Tramadol

Paula Lunn, 32 (East Yorkshire). “History of depression.” Overdose of dugs

Paulo Dias, student, 34 (Essex). “Mentally unstable.” Hanged

Pavel Klima, distribution centre worker, 38 (Staffordshire). “Depressed and lonely.” Carbon monoxide poisoning in car

Peter Ashbrook, 53 (North Wales). “Mental health problems.” Hanged

Peter Bradley, window cleaner, 45 (Dorset). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

Peter Cook, 69 (Warrington). “Anxiety and depression.” Struck by train

Peter Foster, prisoner, 36 (Lewes Prison). “Bouts of depression.” Hanged

Peter Fry, publican, 46 (Somerset). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Peter Kraus, 57 (North Wales). “In a depressive phase.” Hanged

Peter Medhurst, 81 (Kent). “Reached the end of his tether.” Fell from window

Peter Seager, retired gas fitter, 69 (Dagenham). “Mood swings.” Shot himself after shooting his wife

Peter Stanley, 17 (Sheffield). “Troubled.” Hanged

Peter Whiles, unemployed, 35 (North Wales). “Depression deepened.” Hanged

Petra Goto, 40 (South London). “Depression & schizophrenia.” Struck by train

Phil James, labourer, 19 (Staffordshire). “Troubled by relationship problems.” Struck by train

Philip Atkins, council worker, 45 (Staffordshire). “Affected by low moods.” Hanged

Philip Dean, 65 (London). “Suffered with chronic depressive illness.” Drowned in river

Philip McNulty, 39 (Staffordshire). “Depressed alcoholic.” Hanged

Philip Powell, police officer, 49 (Swindon). “Suffering from depression.” Helium asphyxiation with bag – alongside wife

Philip Prynn, landlord, 38 (Plymouth). “Without doubt depressed.” Set himself on fire

Phyllis Coombs, 94 (Dorset). “Mental health issues.” Fell from window

Piotr Pawlowski, builder, 38 (West Yorkshire). “Under pressure.” Hanged

Rachel Hawkins, 34 (South Devon). “Long-term battle with alcohol abuse.” Fell from cliff

Rachel Leicester, teaching assistant, 48 (Chester). “Suffering anxiety and depression.” Hanged

Rachel Young, travel agent, 34 (Lancashire). Relationship problems. Hanged

Rebecca Currie, 24 (Southampton). “History of mental health issues.” Drowned in river

Rebecca Overy, 18 (Nottingham). “Sectioned patient.” Hanged

Richard Asbury, software architect, 31 (Oxfordshire). “History of anxiety and depression.” Combination of drugs

Richard Barnett, retired GP, 70 (Oxfordshire). “Sectioned.” Drowned in river

Richard Billing, teacher, 55 (London). “Something that was troubling him.”  Hanged

* Richard Cox, 49 (Essex). “History of depression.” Hanged

Richard Horton, ex-barman, 52 (Cardiff). Unable to find work. Hanged

Richard Humphreys, 47 (West Sussex). “Had sought help for depression.” Overdose of painkillers

Richard Porter, upholsterer, 51 (Preston). “Assessed by a mental health nurse.” Drowned in dock

Richard Redfern, fork lift operator, 42 (Derbyshire) “Because of the place he was in mentally.” Cut this wrists

Rikki Themistocleous, maintenance worker, 32 (Kent). Previous “impulsive” suicide attempt. Hanged

Robert Alston, unemployed, 53 (Kent). “Suffered from depression. Overdose of drugs

Robert Brown, research librarian, 27 (North Yorkshire). “Issues.” Fell from cliff

Robert Chard, cleaner, 37 (Cornwall). “Had tried to take his own life on previous occasions.” Set himself on fire

Robert Curson, 62 (Norwich). “Long history of depression.” Set fire to his flat

Robert Gorton, 52 (Somerset). “Became obsessed.” Hanged

Robert Heaven, 61 (Essex). “Ill-fated grudge.” Shot and wounded stepson, then shot himself

Robert Lenkiewicz, artist, 62 (Plymouth). “Depressive.” Overdose of prescribed meds

Robert Lodge, ex-nursery nurse, 26 (East Yorkshire). “Very troubled.”  Inhaled helium

Robert Pilcher, sheet metal worker, 23 (Lancashire). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

Robert Salter, 51 (South Devon). “Mental state had deteriorated significantly.” Drowned in sea

Robert Shellard, 19 (Northumberland). “Began displaying a darker side.” Hanged

Robert Stidworthy, 47 (Hampshire). “Had become very depressed.” Struck by a train

Robert Stokesley, librarian, 27 (Teesside). “Having issues.” Jumped from cliff

Robert Watts, ex-airline pilot, 66 (Norfolk). Grieving for wife. Death caused by anorexia

Robert Williams, chemical company worker, 51 (Lancashire). “He was upset.” Carbon monoxide poisoning in car

Roberto Schillachi, 24 (Hertfordshire). Grieving. Hanged

Robin Day, decorator, 52 (South Devon). “Had been experiencing difficulties.” Hanged

Rochane Smith, university worker, 38, PND (Hampshire). Suffering from depression.” Hanged

Roger Baker, vet, 66 (Kent). “Overwhelmed.” Overdose of pentobarbitone

Roger Duggan, 61 (Exeter). “Agitated.” Drowned in river

Ronald Bamlett, 74 (North Yorkshire). Grieving for grandson. Sat in car and set fire to it

Ronan Dunne, headteacher, 43 (Lancashire). Under investigation. Cut his wrists

Roseanne Cooke, 57 (Manchester). “Deterioration in her mental health.” Hanged

Rosemary Carr, retired weaver, 80 (Lancashire). GP: “She thought she was becoming a burden.” Jumped from bridge

Rosemary Martin, 64 (Shropshire). “Mental health issues.” Set herself on fire

Rosy Hinchliffe, 28, new mother (North Yorkshire). “Suffering from psychosis.” Fell from cliff

Roy Chuter, 51 (West Sussex). “Suffering problems.” Struck by train

Ryan Chapman, 29 (West Sussex). “Admitted to … hospital … complaining of high anxiety.” Struck by lorry

Ryan Heaphy, optical technician, 32 (North London). Awaiting sentencing. Carbon monoxide poisoning

Ryan Wood, unemployed, 25 (Leicester). “Complained of headaches and insomnia.” Fell from multi-storey car park

Ryce Hodson, 19 (Wiltshire). Assessed by psychiatric nurse. Struck by a train

Sally Rossiter-Larkins, 66 (Hampshire). “Became very depressed.” Overdose of painkillers

Sam Kiff, 25 (Oxfordshire). “Told his GP he had felt depressed.” Hanged

Samantha Raven, café owner, 47 (Norwich). “History of mental health issues.” Drowned

Samarjit Singh, 33 (Wirral).”Suffered from post natal depression.” Hanged

San Wai Wong, (Hampshire). “After becoming depressed.” Jumped from block of flats

Sarah Baker, ex-nurse, 41 (Bristol). “Let down by the mental health treatment she received.” Set herself on fire

Sarah Jones, writer, 30 (North Wales). “Suffered with mental health issues.” Jumped from bridge

Sarah Molyneux, 50 (Hampshire). “Struggled with alcoholism.” Combination of prescribed meds & alcohol

Sarah Pickles, 40 (West Yorkshire). “Long history of mental illness.” Hanged

Sarah Westwood, 23 (Exeter). “Personality changed when she started taking anti psychotic pills.” Hanged

Sarunas Grigas, abattoir worker, 24 (Lancashire). “Had been acting strangely.” Hanged

Sasha Steadman, schoolgirl, 16 (London). “Bi-polar … fits of depression.” Overdose of drugs

Satheeskumar Mahathevan, prisoner, 31 (Pentonville Prison). “Mental health problems.” Hanged

Satnam Singh, meat factory worker, 25, on remand (Birmingham Prison). “Became extremely agitated.” Hanged

Scott Hawkins, ex-driving instructor, 41 (North Devon). Court case pending. Hanged

Scott Johnson, handyman, 30 (Shrewsbury). “Hurt his back.” Hanged

Scott Sale, 24 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Battled with dark feelings.” Hanged

Sean Barrow, doctor, 37 (Norfolk). “Receiving help from the mental health team.” Overdose of drugs

Sean Brock, prisoner, 21 (Woodhill Prison). “Anxious and scared.” Hanged

Shane Sturgess, 42 (South Wales). “Suffered with depression.” Fell from footbridge

Sharon Addidle, 53 (Chester). “Suffered with anxiety and depression.” Overdose of amphetamines

Sharon Burnham, ex-piano teacher, 47 (Kent). “Developed depression.” Struck by train

Sharon Gee, 31 (Wiltshire). “Suffering from an autistic spectrum disorder.” Carbon monoxide poisoning

Siavash Amir-Hosseny, 26, refugee (Norfolk). “Diagnosed as bi-polar.” Hanged

Simon Binks, musician, 26 (Hull). “Suffered with depression.” Hanged

Simon Edwards, 28 (Hertfordshire). “Struggled.” Hanged

Simon Haines, 43 (Norfolk). “Struggling.” Overdose of Diphenhydramine

Simon Hall, prisoner, 36 (Wayland Prison). “Not able to live with himself.” Hanged

Simon McAndrew, 38 (Surrey). Voluntary MH patient. Hanged

Simon Willson, floor layer, 34 (Kent). “Known to mental health services.” Hanged

Spencer Brown, 34 (Bradgate Unit, Leicester). “Became very depressed.” Hanged

Stefan Smith, 36 (Hull). “Depressive episodes.” Hanged

Stephanie Moreno, schoolgirl, 15 (Somerset). “Mental health issues.” Hanged

Stephen Bardsley, ex-soldier, 57 (Manchester). Grieving for wife. Hanged

Stephen Beanland, 56 (Hertfordshire). “Attended therapy sessions. Shot himself

Stephen Boyd, psychiatrist, 61 (North Wales).”Battled with depression.” Hanged

Stephen Church, 53 (Reading). Taken off railway by Police. Fell from multi-storey car park

Stephen Davidson, 59 (Manchester). “Suffered with mental health difficulties.” Drowned in river

Stephen Haigh, businessman, 51 (Lancashire). “A raft of … worries.” Hanged

Stephen Hatch, gardener, 61 (Oxford). “Suffered anxiety and panic attacks.” Overdose of heroin & alcohol

Stephen Hipkins, 28 (Portsmouth). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Stephen Hope, 45 (Humber Bridge). Treated in MH unit. Fell from bridge

Stephen Knock, decorator, 47 (Kent). “Not been sleeping.” Shot himself, after injuring wife by stabbing

Stephen Ridgeway, doctor, 43 (South Wales). “Suffered from Seasonal Affective Disorder.” Injected anaesthetic

Stephen Riella, 50 (Glamorgan). “Battling … depression.” Found in the sea

Stephen Ward, 41 (North London). “History of depression.” Hanged

Steven Hill, tyre fitter, 55 (Staffordshire). “Prescribed medication.” Stabbed himself

Steven Davison, prisoner, 21 (Glen Parva YOI). “Mental health problems.” Hanged

Steven Lech, 28 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Depressed.” Hanged

Stewart Lindsay, 50 (Plymouth). “Large amount of medication.” Overdose of painkillers

Stewart Page, 60 (Norfolk). “High suicide risk.” Shot himself

Stuart Bellows, nurse, 43 (West Midlands). “Talked to his GP.” Hanged

Stuart Holley, jobseeker, 23 (Gloucestershire). “Very anxious.” Hanged

Stuart Hollis, refuse collector, 41 (West Midlands). “In a low place.” Hanged

Stuart Long, 38 (Cornwall). “Mental health issues.” Struck by vehicle

Stuart Mathers, doorman, 42 (Hull). “Severe emotional stress.” Died in garage fire that he started

Sue King, headteacher, 58 (Hertfordshire). “Battling with depression.” Overdose of pentobarbital

Susan Brailey, 46 (Somerset).”Mind was disturbed.” Overdose of prescription drugs

Susan Ward, retired cleaner, 66 (Sheffield). “Consumed by a dark cloud of depression.” Jumped from walkway

Sydney Presgrave, 81 (North Yorkshire). “Said that he would be better off dead.” Drowned in river

Tamara Maskevica, 67 (West Sussex). “Struggling to cope.” Hanged

Terence Lee, musician, 61 (Cumbria). “Mental troubles.” Overdose of morphine

Terence Miller, retired engineer, 60 (Shropshire). Separated from wife. Overdose of Tramadol

Terence Mullin, doctor, 53 (Blackburn). “Assessed by a mental health liaison nurse.” Hanged

Terence Smith, 70 (Derbyshire). “History of mental illness.” Stabbed himself

Thomas Drury, 34 (Hampshire). “Had self-harmed.” Hanged

Thomas Heber-Percy, 46 (Southampton). “Fighting depression.” Died of suicide

Thomas Hill, 53 (Cornwall). “Suffered with mental health issues.” Overdose of drugs

Tim Barker, naval officer, 40 (Cornwall). “Stressed.” Inhaled helium

Tim Birchenough, 55 (Derbyshire). Deteriorating ill-health.” Hanged

Tim Castro, 22 (East Sussex). “In a distressed state.” Drowned in sea

Timothy Brand, 49 (Norfolk). “History of self-harming.” Overdose of morphine

Timothy De-Vos, ex-builder, 40 (Cumbria). “At high risk of suicide.” Overdose of prescribed meds & alcohol

Tina Thursby, school lunch supervisor (Suffolk). “Struggled to accept her bipolar depression.” Hanged

Tom Acton, schoolboy, 16 (Cheshire). “His mood was low.” Hanged

Tom Blaney, ex-soldier (Cornwall). “Referred to a specialist mental health team.” Shot himself

Tom Mayberry, police officer, 53 (Somerset). “Suffered from paranoid psychosis.” Hanged

Tom Rootham, 33 (Southampton). “Bipolar and anxiety disorders.” Overdose of prescribed meds & heroin

Toni Skillington, 43 (North London). “Had some of her medication.” Overdose of methadone

Tony Elliott, 45 (West Sussex). “Fought depression and anxiety.” Overdose of Tramadol

Tracey Murray, 44 (North Wales). “Soul in torment.” Drowned in stream

Tracy Edghill, 53 (Northamptonshire). “Low and depressed.” Hanged

Tracy Shelvey, fitness instructor, 41 (Greater Manchester). “Distressed.” Jumped from shopping centre roof

Trevor Drakard, 50, epileptic (Sunderland). “Heavy medication.” Hanged

Trevor Stiles, retired engineer, 69 (Wiltshire). “Low mood and depressed.” Hanged

Tyler Davis, unemployed, 18 (Gloucestershire). “Mental health history.” Hanged

Tyler Wilkins, unemployed, 20 (West Yorkshire). “Suffering from depressive thoughts.” Hanged

Vanessa Powell, 49 (Swindon). “Suffering from depression.” Helium asphyxiation with bag – alongside husband

Victor Brunt, retired builder, 71 (Cheshire). “Worried.” Struck by train

Victoria McQuaid, 20 (Cornwall). “Became depressed.” Overdose of painkillers

Victoria Meppen-Walter, ex-teacher, 44 (Greater Manchester). “Spiralling into depression.” Overdose of Chloroquine

Vimalkumar Patel, shopkeeper, 42 (Essex). “Difficulties.” Sat in his car and set it on fire

Vincent Fulham, 39 (London). “Seen by mental health teams.” Jumped out of window

Vivienne Maxwell, (North London). “Receiving treatment for bi-polar disorder.” Overdose of cocaine

Vladimir Vega, cleaner, ex-actor, 60 (London). “Suffered from depression.” Jumped from hospital balcony

Walter Church, ex-decorator, 50 (Manchester). “Really worried.” Hanged

Wayne Holmes, 44 (Watford). “Troubles in his life.” Hanged

Wendy Brown, 54 (Wiltshire). “Suffered with depression.” Hanged

Wesley Searle, (Cardiff). “Drug use.” Hanged

Whitney Berridge, schoolgirl, 15 (Hampshire). “Found it difficult to overcome the death of her mother.” Overdose of prescribed meds

William Broeksmit, retired banker, 58 (London). “Very anxious.” Hanged

William Case, student, 20 (Kent). “Had been seen by psychiatric doctors on previous occasions.” Drove car into another car, killing himself and other driver

William Evans, 92 (Somerset). “Bouts of depression.” Drowned in river

William Parlby Neale, schoolboy, 15 (Lincolnshire). “History of self-harming.” Hanged

Wynn Davies, 81 (North Wales). “Struggling” after cancer diagnosis. Fell from bridge

Zachery Smith, 20 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Went to the doctors.” Overdose of methadone

Zack Roberts, photographer, 28 (Cornwall). “Had been seeing a psychiatrist.” Fell from cliff

Zak Wormald, electrician, 21 (Hartlepool). “Had previously self-harmed.” Hanged

Zane Phillips, business analyst, 40 (South London). “Had his ups and downs.” Struck by train

Zorancho Dimov, car wash worker, 47 (Brighton). “Depressed about debt.” Drank acid


* from reports of incident; inquest pending / adjourned


Total: 640


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