“Suffering from Depression” – 2015



In the course of my research, I came across many inquest reports in which there appeared to be all the hallmarks of an antidepressant-related death, but where there was no mention of medication However, in several reports, treatment by a GP or psychiatric services was implied, through phrases such as “suffering from depression” or “history of depression”.

Many local newspapers now give a minimal amount of information. I have included some of these reports, where the impulsive, reckless or violent behaviour involved is typical of antidepressant-induced deaths.

The format of the list is as follows: Name (with Hyperlink); Occupation; Age; Location; Evidence; Cause of Death.

I hope that I have not intruded on anybody’s private grief by collating this information. However, if you are related to one of the victims, and do not wish your relative’s name to be included, please send an email to brian@antidepaware.co.uk with the details, and their name and link will be removed.

On the other hand, I should also be grateful to hear from anybody who can either confirm whether or not antidepressants were being taken by the victim at the time of the tragedy, or had been withdrawn during the previous year.

The summaries below all relate to inquests carried out in England or Wales in 2015:


Aaron Mayes, trainee architect, 23 (Cambridgeshire). “Suffering from anxiety and depression.” Struck by train

Abdelaziz Djefaflia, ex-taxi driver, 50 (Bournemouth). “Suffered from mental illness.” Shot himself

Abraham Atesveha, plasterer, 32 (Lancashire). “Had been depressed.” Drowned in canal

Adam Connelly, agency worker, 22 (Greater Manchester). Previous suicide attempt. Struck by train

Adam Lockley, 24 (Stockport). “Upset and distressed.” Hanged

Adrian Barker, managing director, 52 (Staffordshire). “Overwhelmed with grief.” Hanged

Adrian Gilbert, 47 (South London). Suffering from depression & PTSD. “Found dead on common”

Adrian Parsons, 43 (Birmingham). “Expressed suicidal thoughts.” Fell from multi-storey car park

Adrian Skrivanos, 45, on remand (Exeter Prison). Hanged

Alan Balm, sales manager (Essex). Under investigation. Asphyxiated

Alan Coles, 42 (Staffordshire). “Depressed.” Shot himself

Alan Gleaves, ex-soldier, 51 (Cornwall). “History of depression.” Overdose of morphine

Alan Ismail, 40 (Middlesbrough). “Mental health issues.” Overdose of heroin & alcohol

Alan Kennedy, prisoner, 28 (Winchester Prison). “Anxiety disorder.” Hanged

Alan Morley, retired caretaker, 69 (West Wales). “Lengthy history of depressive illness.” Hanged

Alan Nice, plumber, 57 (Lincolnshire). Struck by train

Alan Nichols, diver, 47 (Kent). “Anxious.” Hanged

Alan Ogden, ex-lorry driver, 61 (Greater Manchester). “Problems with his mental health.” Overdose of Amisulpride

Alan Rees, 19 (Hampshire). Hanged

Alan Wass, musician, 33 (West London). “Had depression and experienced hallucinations.” Overdose of heroin

Alessandro Ferro, student, 17 (Lancashire). “Assessed by mental health professionals.” Hanged

Alex Paylor, schoolboy, 13 (North Yorkshire). “Concerns about his mental health.” Hanged

Alex Reveron, 27 (Hampshire). “Suffered with depression.” Overdose of heroin

Alex Rogers, student, 20 (Hull). “Killed himself”

Alex Wagner, 21 (Essex). “Concerned for his welfare.” Found in car

Alexander Garrod, 40 (Kent). “Opiate addiction.” Hanged

Alexandra Davies, painter, 42 (North London). “Chronic depression.” Hanged

Alexis Fallon, 50 (West London). “Diagnosed with depression.” Overdose of drugs

Alfred Heron-Grayson, 59 (Gloucestershire). “Under stress.” Carbon monoxide poisoning in car

Ali Choudhary, student, 27 (West London). “Moody, stressed and depressed.” Set himself on fire

Alice Bourke, 36 (Suffolk). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

Alison Draper, 45 (Somerset). “Psychiatric patient.” Hanged

Alison McCall, 42 (Plymouth). “Severe depression.” Died in fire

Alistair Bowen, 36 (Luton). Due to stand trial. Hanged

Amanda Wood, shop assistant, 48 (Grimsby). Grieving. Hanged

Amy Cartwright, 31 (Staffordshire). “History of depression.” Overdose of pentobarbitone

Amy Ford, 17 (Lancashire). “Depressed.” Struck by train

Andrew Bartosik, decorator, 50  (Worcestershire). “Mental disorder.” Cut his throat

Andrew Davies, postman, 45 (Greater Manchester). “Concerns.” Fatally stabbed his wife then hanged himself

Andrew Edwards, 42 (Cornwall). “Unhappy.” Shot himself

Andrew Evans, 30 (South Wales). “In a low mood.” Struck by cars

Andrew Farrow, 48 (Wiltshire).”Suicidal ideation.” Overdose of codeine

Andrew Frost, 34 (North London). Treated by GP. Struck by tube train

Andrew Gaskin, unemployed, 34 (South Wales). “Long-standing depressive illness.” Overdose of Lorazepam

Andrew Hill, prison officer, 46 (Kent). “Cause to be concerned.” Hanged

Andrew Holden, farmer, 31 (Lancashire). “In a bad place.” Injected himself with poison

Andrew Holtham, 47 (North Yorkshire). “Very anxious and depressed.” Drove van into a tree

Andrew Hughes, 35 (Shropshire). “Struggling.” Drove his van into a lorry

Andrew Londesborough, 47 (East Yorkshire). “Treated for delirium.” Overdose of drugs

Andrew Papworth, warehouse worker, 25 (Derbyshire). “Very quiet and down.” Hanged

Andrew Reynolds, process worker, 27 (Cumbria). Relationship breakdown. Hanged

Andrew Roberts, fitness instructor, ex-soldier, 32 (North Wales). “Seeing a psychiatrist.” Hanged

Andrew Rynkiewicz, engineer, 51 (Hampshire). “History of severe depression. Asphyxiated

Andrew Steeden, 66 (Kent). “He had become depressed.” Shot himself

Andrew Winser, unemployed builder, 47 (South Devon). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Andy Lee, 64 (Cambridgeshire). “History of depression.” Drowned in river

Angel Hudson, 26 (Lancashire). “Paranoid.” Killed her son and herself by carbon monoxide poisoning in car

Anita Kubicka, warehouse worker, 22 (Luton). “Relationship issues.” Hanged

Anna Fenemore, 22 (Dorset). “Problems with depression.” Drowned in bath

Anne Wilson, 59 (South London). Discharged from the Priory. Hanged

Anthony Cain, 52 (North Wales). Hanged

Anthony Chapman, 45 (Watford). “Very low.” Hanged

Anthony Cooney, research manager, 51 (Wirral). “Balance of his mind was disturbed.” Asphyxiated

Anthony Eilbeck, doorman, 39 (Carlisle). “Was depressed at the time of his death.” Hanged

Anthony Furzer, carpenter, 45 (South Devon). “Facing difficulties.” Hanged

Anthony Hill, landscape gardener, 33 (Kent). “Stressed.” Hanged

Anthony Morbach-Jenkins, teacher, 36 (Worcestershire). “History of depression for which he had been seeing his GP.” Carbon monoxide poisoning

Antony Davis, ex-soldier, 37 (Southampton). “Struggling.” Hanged

Arlindo Furtado, 41 (Cardiff). “Mental distress.” Stabbed himself

Arnis Zalkans, builder, 41 (West London). “Depressed.” Hanged

Ashdon Muirhead, schoolgirl, 14 (South London). “Ran into difficulty.” Hanged

Ashley Westwood, 49 (West Midlands). “Became depressed and self-harmed.” Hanged

Aykut Sokmen, 41 (Essex). “Mental health ward patient.” Struck by train

Barbara Penny, 62 (Hull). “Diagnosed with depression.” Drowned in dock

Barrie Lewis, (South Wales). Treated by MH services. Hanged

Barrie Thompson, cleaner, 51 (Southampton). “Allegations.” Drowned in river

Barry Kadleck, IT manager, 61 (Northumberland). “Facing jail.” Asphyxiated

Barry Mussell, scaffolder, 39 (Lincolnshire). “Found dead at home”

Barry Shepherd, 63 (Lancashire). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Becky Jones, musician, 23 (Hertfordshire). “Diagnosed with bipolar disorder.” Fell from hospital roof

Ben Blakey, fashion retail worker, 27 (Leicester). “Emotional state.” Drove car into tree

Ben Finch, financial adviser, 42 (West Sussex). “Periods of low mood.” Drove car into tree

Ben Richards, ex-soldier, 29 (Southampton). “Sporadic insomnia and depression.” Combination of heroin & alcohol

* Benjamin Smart, 27 (Wiltshire). Mental health patient. Cut his throat

Beryl Vickery, 79 (Somerset). “History of depression.” Drowned in river

Beth Wilkinson, care home worker, 17 (Humber Bridge). “Associated with CAMHS.” Jumped from bridge

Betty Smith, 78 (Lincolnshire). “Could not cope.” Struck by train, alongside husband

Beverley Parkinson, 44 (West Yorkshire). “Long history of … depression.” Drowned in bath

Billy Grisman, 30 (Herefordshire). “Prone to low moods.” Hanged

Blaise Farry, prisoner (Wormwood Scrubs Prison). Hanged

Bradley Paul, ex-soldier, engineer, 23 (Greater Manchester). “Stress and depression.” Stabbed himself

Brenda Jacob, 77 (Berkshire). “Suffering.” Overdose of drugs

Brian Bradshaw, 79 (Lancashire). Saw a psychiatrist. Electrocuted himself

Brian Brewster, 77 (South Wales). “Suffered from depression.” Drowned in river

Brian Byrne, 58 (Hertfordshire). “Visited nursing practitioner.” Hanged

Brian Haines, driver, 47 (Kent). “Bereaved.” Cut his wrist

Brian Mason, 78 (North London). “Distressed.” Hanged

Brian Prescott, retired textile worker, 52 (Lancashire). Had taken overdose of tablets. Drowned in canal

Bronwen Ramsay, 50 (Gloucestershire). “Upset.” Drove her car into a tree

Bryan Isherwood, gardener, 45 (Lancashire). “Demoralised.” Hanged

Bryan May, 41 (Lancashire). “In a complete frenzy.” Set fire to his house

Cameron Hawkins, 19 (Somerset). “Treated for acute paranoia.” Struck by a train

Cara Taylor, 43 (Hertfordshire). “Quite low and depressed.” Hanged

Carl Ellam, builder, 53 (West Yorkshire). “A little depressed.” Shot himself

Carl Foot, prisoner, 33 (Pentonville Prison). “History of self-harming.” Hanged

Carl Hungerford, 46 (South Wales). “Nervous.” Hanged

Carl Lesniewicz, ex-teaching assistant, (Kent). “Very down.” Drowned in river

Carl Samuel, 22 (Suffolk). “Isolated and depressed.” Struck by lorry

Carly Potts, student, 26 (Blackpool). “Struggled to cope.” Hanged

Carol Barnett, 51 (Kent). “Struggled with depression.” Drowned in river

Caroline Ambrose, (North London). “Complex psychological problems.” Struck by train

Caroline Puddu, accountant, 36 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Told doctors, social workers and psychiatrists of attempts to kill herself.” Overdose of insulin

Carsten Armstrong, 26 (York). “History of mental illness.” Hanged

Caspar Capel, 43 (Cumbria). “Received mental health treatment.” “Killed himself”

Cassie Turton, 26 (Norfolk). “Low in mood and depressed.” Overdose of Propanolol

Catherine Burrows, 43 (Lancashire). “Suffered with depression.” Overdose of Gabapentin

Celia Chadwick, retired sales assistant, 73 (South Devon). “Underlying depression.” Drowned in river

Celise McLean, 36 (West London). “Agitated”. Struck by train, alongside her daughter

Ceri Linden, 20 (Chester). “Provided with … medical attention.” Overdose of Propranolol

Charles Barnhoorn, 20 (South Devon). Searched suicide sites. Asphyxiated

Charles Richardson, vicar, 60 (Kent). “Received counselling.” Jumped from cliff

Charles Taylor, government financial officer, 55 (Berkshire). “Diagnosed with hypertension and depression.” Combination of meds & alcohol

Chi Yeung Fung, student, 20 (Southampton). “Isolated.” Jumped from hall of residence

Christa Goredema, student, 19 (Lancashire). “Mental health deteriorated.” Hanged

* Christian Raynor-Barley, hospital worker, 32 (Hull). “Sunk into depression.” Overdose of heroin

Christine Flavell, 56 (Southampton). ”Suffered from anxiety and depression.” Hanged

Christopher Anderson, prisoner, 24 (Forest Bank Prison). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

Christopher Bowen, 48 (Herefordshire). “History of mental illness.” Drowned in bath

Christopher Davis, IT consultant, 32 (Somerset). “Out of character.” Struck by train

Christopher Humphrey, 28 (Kent). Received “support for mental health.” Combination of drugs & alcohol

Christopher Johnson, 32 (Hertfordshire). “History of anxiety and depression.” Struck by train

Christopher Jones, 55 (Cumbria). “Mental health problems.” Carbon monoxide poisoning

Christopher Kneil, unemployed, 38 (South Devon). “Notes were located.” Asphyxia

Christopher Letts, 29 (South London). 3 days after release from clinic. Struck by tube train

Christopher McNally, bar worker, 30 (Manchester). “In a mess mentally.” Jumped from block of flats

* Christopher Ryder, 65 (Grimsby). “Suffered from depression.” Electrocuted

Christopher Walden, unemployed, 40 (Oxfordshire). Struck by train

Christopher Watson, 53 (Norfolk). “Vulnerable.” Cut his arm

Christopher Yeadon, 33 (Lancashire). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Claire Havinga, 27 (Southampton). “History of depression.” Drank poisonous liquid

Clifford Carrotte, retired bricklayer, 67 (Lincolnshire). Struck by train  (Sleaford Station, Lincs)

Clifford Savill, 72 (Hertfordshire). “Range of chronic diseases.” Ingested chemicals

Clive Knox, 48 (South Wales). “Did not want to be a burden.” Overdose of painkillers

Colette Hughes, 50 (South London). “Suffering from an undiagnosed psychiatric condition.” Jumped from multi-storey car park

Colin Dolan, caretaker, ex-soldier, 52 (North Wales). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Colin Spencer, 51 (Somerset). Previous suicide attempt. Hanged

Colin Tyson, 51 (South Yorkshire). Treated by GP. Struck by train

Colleen Starr, 53 (Norfolk). Treated by MH trust. “Found dead”

Coren Welch, ex-estate agent, 31 (Lancashire). “Battled with mental health issues.” Hanged

Cori Withell, yoga teacher, 39 (Hampshire). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

Craig Atkins, 33 (North Wales). Hanged

Craig Brown, ex-DJ, 38 (Kent). Relationship breakdown. Hanged

Craig Durham, hairdresser, 41 (Bolton). “Diagnosed with psychosis.” Hanged

Craig Gavin, forklift truck driver, 31 (Bolton). “Tormented.” Hanged

Craig Johnson, chef, 30 (Lancashire). Grieving. Shot himself

Craig Lethaby, 32 (North Devon). “Complex psychiatric history.” Jumped from bridge

* Craig Pledger, police officer, 28 (Cornwall). “Suffered from depression.” “Found dead”

Craig Rodgers, 31 (Cardiff). “Money worries … stressing.” Hanged

Craig Westby, storeman, 26 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Had become depressed.” Hanged

Craig Woolcock, ex-council worker, 43 (South Wales). “Depressed.” Asphyxiated with helium

Curtis Lambert, 20 (Hertfordshire). “Depressed.” Hanged

Dafydd Jamieson, student, 19 (Cardiff). “Struggling to deal with personal issues.” Hanged

Damian James, unemployed, 31 (South Wales). “Relationship issues.” Struck by train

Damien McMahon, 47 (Cumbria). “Low ebb.” Hanged

Daniel Byrne, prisoner, 28 (Woodhill Prison). Hanged

Daniel Elliott, 35 (Hertfordshire). “Sought help.” Hanged

Daniel Gillingham, carpenter, 39 (Norfolk). “Problems with depression.” Combination of heroin & alcohol

* Daniel Gregory, 18 (South Yorkshire). “Battling mental illness.” Hanged

Daniel Hill, 33 (Essex). “Agitated.” Shot himself

Danielle Formosa, schoolgirl, 14 (Sunderland). “Fragile mental state.” Hanged

Danielle Ismay, 24 (Birmingham). “Traumatised.” “Killed herself”

Daren Ellis, 39 (Warwickshire). Strangled his partner, and was later struck by a train

Dario Olivo, student, 20 (West London). “History of mental health problems.” Fell from multi-storey car park

Dariusz Miotk, 30 (Wigan). “Took drugs.” Hanged

Darren Lyon, machine driver, 44 (Merseyside). “History of depression.” Hanged

Darren Preston, ex-soldier, locksmith, 40 (Derby). “Suffered anxiety and agitation.” “Unpublished”

Darren Wright, prisoner, 35 (Norwich Prison). “Previous contact with MH services.” Hanged

Darren Young, facilities manager, 42 (East Yorkshire). “Began to suffer low moods” and went to GP. Jumped from bridge, struck by lorry

Daryl Clarke, 29 (Sheffield). “Mental health issues.” Struck by train

David Alderson, unemployed, 48 (Staffordshire). “Therapeutic level of drugs.” Alcohol poisoning

David Briggs, 22 (Derbyshire). “Hugely distressed.” “Found on waste ground”

David Farmer, labourer, 31 (South Devon). Hanged

David Howes, illustrator, 57 (East Sussex). “Some kind of psychotic state.” Drowned in stream

David Hunter, solicitor, 62 (Gloucestershire). “Depressed.” Struck by train

David Hustler, ex-professor, 70 (Staffordshire). “Referred to psychiatric services.” Poisoned by carbon monoxide

David Jones, retired doctor, 78 (Berkshire). “His mood was low.” Cut himself

David Laing, ex-soldier, 48 (South Yorkshire). “Flashbacks.” Hanged

David Laycock, 45 (Lancashire). “Depressed.” Hanged

David Martin, retired soldier, 57 (Gloucestershire). “Incessantly worried.” Shot himself

David Maxfield, 61 (Essex). “Depressed.” Carbon monoxide poisoning in car

David Miller, crane driver, 48 (Hampshire). “Marriage breakdown.” Combination of prescription meds

David Morgan, 34 (Suffolk). “Concerns.” Inhaled chloroform

David Norman, 89 (Suffolk). “Balance of his mind was disturbed.” Overdose of meds

David Norton-Frost, airline worker, 48 (Surrey). “Had previously attempted to self-harm.” Struck by train

David O’Sullivan, ex-marine, 25 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Suffering from mental health problems.” Overdose of

David Palin, hairdresser, 45 (Staffordshire). “Suffered from psychotic episodes.” Drowned in stream

David Poole, machine operator, 48 (Herefordshire). “Worries.” Crushed by machine

David Pooley, 66 (Essex). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

David Price, unemployed, 50 (County Durham). “Struggling.” Found dead

David Prysor-Jones, retired journalist, 66 (Somerset). Went to GP “with anxiety and depression.” Shot himself

David Scott, ex-builder, 39 (Hull). “Medication made him ill.” Combination of drugs

David Tuohy, retired headteacher, 83 (Oxford). “Released from hospital.” Drowned in river

David Turay, student, 19 (East London). “Mental illness.” Stabbed himself

David Vickers, healthcare assistant, 42 (West Yorkshire). Had “dark days.” Cut his wrists

David Walwyn, 58 (Staffordshire). “History with mental health services.” Starved himself

David Wilson, 54 (Derbyshire). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Dawit Kahsay, 19, on remand (Holme House Prison). Accused of murder. Hanged

Dean Bickerton, labourer, 32 (Staffordshire). “Uncharacteristic behaviour.” Hanged

Dean Martin, 42 (Suffolk). “Mental health problems.” Overdose of morphine

Debbie Cooper, 37 (West London). “History of mental health problems.” Fell from tower block

Debbie Watts, 48 (South London). Overdose of prescription meds

Deborah Corrigill, pharmacy assistant, 50 (East Sussex). “Suffering with depression, anxiety and stress.” Jumped from cliff

Deborah Milliken, 54 (Hampshire). “Suffered from depression.” Drowned in river

Dennis Howard, (East London). Saw GP 4 times in final month. Hanged

Derek Holland, police officer, 50 (Shropshire). “Low moods and anxiety.” Hanged

Desmond Potts, retired hotelier, 80 (Cumbria). “Suffered problems.” Shot himself

Diane Lockyer, 49 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Struggled with depression.” Combination of heroin & alcohol

Dominic Candey, artist, 42 (Berkshire). “Intense hallucinations.” Hanged

Dominic Lancaster, 17 (Hampshire). “Became unhappy.” Struck by train

Donald Mackintosh, ex-police officer, 71 (Greater Manchester). “Due to appear in court.” Hanged

Donna Doonan, machinist, 48 (Northamptonshire). “History of self-harm and depression.” Overdose of painkillers

Dorothy Toseland, 64 (Northamptonshire). Drowned in river

Dorothy Woodley, 68 (North Yorkshire). In MH unit. Died in sea

Douglas Biggadike, 79 (Lincolnshire). “In pain.” Shot himself

Duncan Graystock, bank worker, 44 (Manchester). “Referred to see a mental health liaison nurse.” Drowned in river

* Dwayne Harper, prisoner, 32 (Woodhill Prison). “History of mental health problems.” Hanged

Edna Morris, retired hairdresser, 61 (Cheshire). “Plagued by illness and depression.” Drowned in canal

Edward Burnett, architect, 43 (South Devon). Hanged

Edward Meredith, 67 (Worcestershire). Electrocuted himself

Edward Sumner, retired postman, 79 (Buckinghamshire). “Out of character.” Jumped from bridge

Elif Orman, 29 (North London). Fell from bridge

Elizabeth Gresty, schoolgirl, 15 (Greater Manchester). “Struggling with stress.” Hanged

Elsa Richardson, 86 (Hampshire). Overdose of non-prescribed meds

Elsie Hendy, 71 (Cornwall). “Mental health issues.” Fell from cliff

Elspeth McKendrick, schoolgirl, 16 (Greater Manchester). “Went to CAMHS.” Hanged

Emilia Bashaevea, 38 (Staffordshire). “GP referred her case to mental health services.” Struck by train

Emily Gregg, police officer, 34 (West Sussex). Treated by GP. Hanged

Emma Connell, 46 (Southampton). Treated by MH services. Jumped from bridge

Emma Crossman, 21 (Lincolnshire). “History of depression.” Inhaled helium

Emrys Jones, lorry driver, 46 (Lincolnshire). “Great amount of stress.” “Killed himself”

Eric O’Shaughnessy, unemployed, ex-soldier, 37 (Wigan). Carbon monoxide poisoning

Erik Slater, 31 (Gloucestershire). “Battled depression.” Inhaled helium

Evie Puttick, 20 (Middlesbrough). “Sought medical help.” Overdose of morphine & alcohol

Fabian Garcia-Miller, student, 19 (North London).”Suffered with depression.” Combination of drugs

Finnulla Martin, 35 (North London). “Distraught.” Jumped from block of flats

Francesca Candita-Simpkins, schoolgirl, 13 (South London). “Treatment for anxiety.” Hanged

Francis McNally, retired council worker, 66 (Cheshire). “Isolated and depressed.” Hanged

Franita Swart-Smith, 30 (Hampshire). “Long history of depression.” Hanged

Frankie Cushion, schoolgirl, 13 (Liverpool). “Referred to CAMHS.” “Found in her bedroom.”

Gareth Reeve, lorry driver, 47 (Hampshire). Suffered from PTSD. Hanged

Garret Cosgrove, warehouse worker, 40 (Lancashire). “Debt issues.” Hanged

Gary Aldous, electrician, 53 (Suffolk). “Several depressive episodes.” Hanged

Gary Douglass, 20 (Altcourse Prison). “Suffered from Asperger’s syndrome.” Stabbed himself

Gary Fell, 51 (Carlisle). In MH unit. Struck by lorry

Gary Moore, 30 (North Wales). “Sought medical treatment.” Hanged

Gary Owen, 44 (South Wales). Hanged

Gary Provins, 60 (Berkshire). “Personal and social stresses.” Struck by train

Gary Sawyer, professional golfer, 48 (Wiltshire). Struck by train

Gary Smith, unemployed, 28 (Cumbria). “Support from mental health services.” Combination of drugs

Gary Titman, 55 (East Yorkshire). “Diagnosed with anxiety and depression.” Drowned in sea

Gary White, (West Sussex). “History of depression.” “Found dead in his home.”

Gavin Churchill, unemployed, 36 (Devon). “Battled with depression.” Overdose of morphine

Gavin Newton, 33 (Milton Keynes). “Health issues.” Struck by train

Gemma Whitehead, 27 (East London). In MH unit. Hanged

Genadijs Sinicins, unemployed, 58 (Hull). “Fell into a depression.” Hanged

* Geoffrey Farrow, 61 (Norfolk). Shot himself

Georg Zanker, student, 20 (West London). Fell from hall of residence

George Atkinson, police officer, 46 (Cumbria). “Visited his doctor, suffering extreme stress.” Hanged

George Taylor, 80 (Cornwall). “Mental health problems.” “Found dead at his home”

Georgina Drinkwater, 30, pregnant (West London). Fell from block of flats

Geraint Richards, 26 (North Wales). “Experienced suicidal thoughts.” Hanged

Gerard Mulholland, company director, 70 (Cheshire). Treated “for anxiety” at the Priory. Struck by train

Gillian Hollows, 58 (Lancashire). “Depression.” Overdose of codeine

Gillian McDonald, 68 (Somerset). “Her mental state declined.” Asphyxiated

Giselda Montanari, 31 (Swansea). “Mixture of drugs.” Struck by train

Giuseppe Balasco, 38 (Bristol). “Suffered anxiety.” Inhaled helium

Glenda Day, 50 (Nottinghamshire). “History of mental health problems.” Overdose of prescribed meds

Glenn Harris, 55 (Lincolnshire). “Recently depressed.” Cut his throat

Glenn Weedon, 53 (Berkshire). “Suffering from anxiety and depression.” Hanged

Glenn Wilson, paramedic, 55 (Carlisle). “Mental health” issues. Hanged

Gordon McDougall, 57 (Essex). “Redundant.” Struck by train

Gordon Squire, 82 (Cheshire). “Struggled.” Stabbed himself

Graham Angell, 25 (Hertfordshire). Hanged

Graham Mitchell, psychiatric nurse, 48 (Cheshire). “Went to his GP.” Hanged

Greg Butler, businessman, 56 (London). “History of depression.” Struck by tube train

Greg Turner, 48 (Staffordshire). “Mental health symptoms.” Drove his car into a tree

Halima Begum, student, 17 (East London). “Troubled.” Struck by tube train

Hannah Carpenter, student, 18 (Cornwall). “Referred to a specialist team.” Hanged

Harmit Singh Kang, IT worker, 29 (Grimsby). Victim of Internet scam. Hanged

Harold Wignall, supermarket worker, 64 (Lincolnshire). “Signed off work.” Hanged

Harriet Walsh, student, 17 (Bolton). Treated by CAMHS. Hanged

Harry Buswell, 56 (Leicestershire). “History of mental illness.” Hanged

Harry Purton-Lally, 25 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

Heidi Flavell, 24 (Cheshire). “Struggled with depression.” Overdose of pain-killers

Helen Ford, 54 (South Wales). “Struggle with manic depression.” Struck by train

Hollie Holmes, 24 (Suffolk). “Suffered from anxiety and depression.” Overdose of methadone

Holly Anderson, hairdresser, 19 (Oldham). Relationship breakdown. Hanged

Howard Dalton, retired bank worker, 72 (Dorset). “Struggling.” Drowned in sea

Howard Thornthwaite, ex-teacher, 63 (Merseyside). “Deliberate act.” Drove car into bridge

Hui Ling Teh, law firm worker, 26 (Kent). “Investigated.” Jumped from cliff

Huseyin Erdogan, 26 (North London). Treated by MH services. Hanged

Hywel Evans, 36 (Cardiff). “Convinced he had an illness that doctors could not diagnose.” Carbon monoxide poisoning

Ian Barnett, teacher, 48 (Derbyshire). “Worries.” Hanged

Ian Brockwell, 60 (Hull). Referred to MH team. Hanged

Ian Evans, forklift driver, 42 (North Wales). “Suffered with depression.” Hanged

Ian Lam, 42 (Shropshire) “Had seen a doctor for some reassurance.” Fell from multi-stoey car park

Ian Markham, cleaner, 50 (York). “Increased anxiety.” Fell from city wall

Ian Reed, 48 (Lincolnshire). “Depressed and paranoid.” Drove car into lorry

Ian Sandywell, car salesman, 45 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Upset.” Hanged

Ian Thompson, 35 (Greater Manchester). “Suffered form depression.” Overdose of heroin

Imran Douglas, prisoner, 18 (Belmarsh Prison). “Warning on his self risk form.” Hanged

* Innocent Rusenza, 20 (Bedfordshire). Released from MH ward. Struck by train

* Ioannis Douridas, doctor, 38 (Southampton). Hanged

Ireneusz Pramka, 41 (Hull). “Suffered from paranoia and depression.” Hanged

Isabel Richardson, schoolgirl, 12 (Norwich). Self harmed. Hanged

Ivan Elford, ex-civil engineer, 40 (Oxfordshire). “Relapsing into mental illness.” Struck by lorry

Ivan Kulyk, student, 20 (Buckinghamshire). Hanged

Jack Middleton, 82 (West Wales). “Could not cope.” Drowned in river

Jack Watts, cashier, 18 (Gloucestershire). “His mother took him to the GP.” Struck by train

Jack Wilson, army cadet, 17 (Birmingham). “Worried.” Jumped from tower block

Jacqueline Charles, 48 (Isle of Wight). “In contact with support services.” Driven off cliffs in car

Jacqueline Hughes, 61 (Worcestershire). Hanged

Jade Hodgkiss, 24 (Staffordshire). “Suffering anxiety and depression.” Poisoned with leaves

Jake Denbow, labourer, 24 (South Devon). Relationship breakdown. Hanged

Jake Dunstan, 15 (Bolton). “Welfare concerns.” Hanged

Jake English, unemployed, 20 (Somerset). “Released from prison.” Struck by train

* Jake Hirst, 23 (Dorset). “Suicide note.” Struck by train

James Attwood, 30 (Surrey). “Fought mental illness.” Struck by lorry

James Birch, 19 (Leicestershire). Hanged

James Brazier, 25 (Essex). “Diagnosed mental illness.” Struck by train

James Brinsley, unemployed, 33 (South Devon). “Suffered from depression.” Set fire to himself

James Burke, 67 (East Yorkshire). Drowned in sea

James Clifford, 45 (Gloucestershire). “Long term problems.” Combination of prescribed meds & alcohol

James Foxley-Sander, unemployed, 21 (West Sussex). “Having problems.” Hanged

James Halcrow, doctor, 34 (Manchester). “Worried.” Hanged

James Hamilton, factory worker, 34 (Staffordshire). “A number of stresses.” Hanged

James Jones, boatman, 58 (North Wales). “Anxious and depressed.” Fell into quarry

James McGhee, student, 21 (Suffolk). “Suffered with severe mood swings and depression.” Hanged

James Shaw, betting shop assistant, 28 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Struggling.” Hanged

James Sheldon, businessman, 42 (West Yorkshire). “Mounting pressure.” Jumped from tower

James Wiltshire, 26 (Kent). “History of depression.” Hanged

James Younghusband, biochemist, 30 (Hampshire). “Mental illness.” Hanged

Jamie Masters, 22 (Hull). “Psychotic history.” Jumped from scaffolding

Jamie Stone, 25 (Derbyshire). “History of mental health issues.” Overdose of heroin

Jamie-Lee Hunter, 42 (Norfolk). Combination of prescribed meds

Jan Tshabalala, 30 (West Sussex). Strangled his wife then hanged himself

Jan Wiwer, dockyard worker, 57 (Southampton). Work problems. Hanged

Jane Clark, 24, (Northampton). In MH hospital. Hanged

Jane Disbury, headteacher, 59 (Humber Bridge). “High levels of anxiety.” Jumped from bridge

Janet Ramsey, retired cashier, 63 (South London). “Bouts of depression.” Set herself on fire

Jasmine Mitchell, student, 22 (Shropshire). Hanged

Jason Crawford, 31 (Hull). “Referred to mental health services.” Combination of drugs

Jason Daniels, 44 (Gloucestershire). “Deep depression.” Hanged

Jason Pettey, shop worker, 19 (Kent). “In contact with a mental health team.” Hanged

Jaswant Singh Gill, 44 (West Midlands). “In a low mood.” Struck by train

Jayne Smith, 41 (Essex). “Recurrent depression.” Hanged

Jean Cox, retired teacher, 63 (Dorset). “Anxiety and depression.” Jumped from cliff

Jeffrey Cox, ex-sailor, 70 (Kent). “Feeling unwell.” Fell from cliff

Jeffrey Watson, ex-soldier, 36 (North Wales). “Under the care of the community mental health team.” Alcohol poisoning

Jess Farrow, schoolgirl, 15 (Wiltshire). “Several mental health problems.” Hanged

Jessica Raw, teaching assistant, 27 (Portsmouth). “Very depressed.” Struck by train

Jimmy Burton, maintenance manager, 39 (South Wales). “Suffered bouts of depression.” Hanged

* Jimmy Roberts, retired farmer, 51 (South Devon). Overdose of drugs

Jimmy Storey, artist, 41 (West Yorkshire). “Seen by his GP.” Asphyxiated by helium

Jiri Sokol, 28 (Reading). “Anxious and agitated.” Stabbed himself

Joan Fleming, 75 (Kent). “Her mood was low.” Fell from window

Joanne Craigen, 42 (Cumbria). “Sought help” from psychotherapist. Hanged

Joanne Latham, prisoner, 38 (Woodhill Prison). Transgender woman in male prison. Hanged

Joanne Martin, 34 (Portsmouth). “Long history of self-harm.” Overdose of heroin

Joanne Merry, 44 (Gloucestershire). “Suffered mental health problems and depression.” Overdose of morphine

Joanne Parrish, 48 (South Wales). “Battled with mental health issues.” Jumped from cliff

Jodi Gregory, 38 (Reading). “Suffered from depression and anxiety.” Overdose of paracetamol

Joe Dickenson, 38 (Luton). “History of depression and self-harm.” Hanged

Joe Howarth, 24 (Essex). “Had counselling.” Hanged

Joe Keighley, firefighter, 42 (Essex). “Suffering with depression.” “Took his own life”

Joel Herbert, 21 (Birmingham). Fell from hotel roof

Johanna Gillespie, 47 (West Sussex). Fell from balcony

John Boddy, builder, 53 (Buckinghamshire). “Very impulsive.” Hanged

John Brodrick, 49 (Hertfordshire). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

John Burns, 35 (Cumbria). “Received intervention” from MH services. Hanged

John Burns, 36 (Liverpool). “History of gambling problems.” Drowned in canal

John Clegg, businessman, 73 (Greater Manchester). “Stress and anxiety.” Shot himself

John Dawson, 49 (Cambridgeshire). “History of depression.” Struck by car

John Dyson, author, 77 (Beachy Head). “Health had declined.” Jumped from cliff

John Edwards, ex-journalist, 79 (Herefordshire). Suffered from cancer. Overdose of Oxycodone

* John Fisher, 35 (Norfolk). “Vulnerable.” Hanged

John Gallagher, factory worker, 25 (Wirral). “Found at his flat”

John Howe, 58 (Middlesbrough). “Mentally ill patient.” Drowned in sea

John Knott, ex-company director, 71 (Herefordshire). Shot and killed his wife, then himself

John Lawrence, 83 (Somerset). “Stress.” Electrocuted himself

John Liptrot, unemployed, 41 (Wigan). Grieving for mother. Carbon monoxide poisoning

John Lord, 86 (Nottingham). “Recently bereaved.” Drowned in river

John Mailey, school caretaker (Humber Bridge). “Disorientated.” Jumped from bridge

John Milliner, 66 (Shrewsbury). “History of depression.” Drowned in river

* John O’Boyle, 55 (West London). Hanged

John Rae, 66 (Teesside). Bereaved. Fell from cliff

John Roome, 81 (Derbyshire). “Feeling lonely.” Overdose of meds

John Weldin, 83 (Somerset). In care home. Hanged

Jonathan Brown, ex-lorry driver, 49 (Staffordshire). “Experienced depression.” Hanged

Jonathan Burns, businessman, 33 (Greater Manchester). Wrote letters. Hanged

Jonathan Davies, 39 (Blackburn). “Mental health issues.” Hanged

Jonathan Platt, businessman, 54 (West Yorkshire). “Suffering from depression.” Carbon monoxide poisoning

Jonathan Rust, 40 (Cambridgeshire). “Suffering from clinical depression.” Hanged

Jose Rodrigues, 54 (Surrey). “History of … depression.” Combination of kitchen descaler & alcohol

Joseph Wright, 48 (Norfolk). Hanged

Josh Hedley, 20 (Sunderland). Hanged

Josh Mednick, 25 (Hertfordshire). “Self-harm history.” Hanged

Josh Stevenson, 18 (Hull). “Received psychiatric help.” Overdose of heroin

Joshua Bennett, 24 (West Sussex). “Mild depression”. Found on beach

Joshua Dugdale, 19 (Lancashire). “Out of character.” Struck by train

Josie Herniman, schoolgirl, 15 (Somerset). Previous suicide attempt. Hanged

Judith Woodfield, 78 (South Wales). Fell from bridge

Judy Cheetham, 69 (Staffordshire). “Treated in the community.” Overdose of paracetamol

Julian Ciepluch, civil servant, 53 (South London). “Struggled.” Struck by train

Julie Connolly, nurse, 45 (Dorset). “Increasingly concerned.” Overdose of Tramadol

Julie Peters, production worker, 55 (Gloucestershire). “Suffering from anxiety.” Drowned in canal

Junaid Hamidi, 28, on remand (Hull Prison). “Suffered with tension and depression.” Hanged

June Adams, 74 (Devon). “Signs of anxiety.” “Found dead”

Juri Trofimovas, unemployed, 32 (Southampton). “Seeing a psychiatrist.” Jumped from block of flats

Justin Wicks, stockbroker, 41 (East Yorkshire). “Mental breakdown.” Stabbed himself

Kaliam Fearon, 19 (Hampshire). “Distressed.” Struck by vehicle

Karl Baynton, 26 (South Wales). Hanged

Karl Blackmore, hospital porter, 36 (Somerset). “Suffering from anxiety and depression.” Hanged

Katarzyna Sadowska-Felsztigier, marketing manager, 28 (Slough). “Suffering from stress.” Struck by train

Katherine Bonaventura, musician, 28 (Surrey). Medication changed. Stabbed herself

Kazimierz Radloff, 64 (West Midlands). “Vulnerable.” Hanged

Keith Gallimore, 30 (North London). Went to GP “to seek help for anxiety & depression.” Combination of heroin & cocaine

Keith Simpkin, computer engineer, 56 (Bristol). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

Kelly Brickley, 31 (Norwich). “History of anxiety and stress.” Hanged

Kelvin Irons, 49 (Leicester). “Suffering from severe mental illness.” Hanged

Kenneth Brown, 75 (Hampshire). “Severely depressed.” Carbon monoxide poisoning

Kenneth Paine, 68 (West Sussex). “Suffering from depression.” Drowned in river

Kerry Hubbold, labourer, 42 (Cumbria). “Battling depression.” Hanged

Kevin Batley, 49 (Reading). “State of anxiety.” Overdose of painkillers

Kevin Dempsey, 28 (West Sussex). “Told his GP he was feeling low.” Hanged

Kevin Holehan, 48 (East London). “Suffered with depression.” Drowned in river

Kevin McKellar, headteacher, 48 (North London). “Signed off work after a manic depressive episode.” Hanged

Kevin Simpson, electrician, 51 (Hertfordshire).Paid for funeral previous day. Asphyxiated

Kevin Smith, unemployed electrician, 56 (Hampshire). “Struggling.” Hanged

Kieran Fisher, lorry driver, 37 (Derby). “Concerns for his safety.” Hanged

Kieron Callaghan, 25 (Essex). “Somewhat depressed.” Hanged

Kieron Feathers, 51 (Lancashire). “Started to distance himself.” Hanged

Kieron Myers, scaffolder, 21 (Teesside). “Financial difficulties.” Hanged

Kim Wilson, roofer, 50 (Kent). “Problem with alcohol.” Hanged

Kirk Green, 18 (Northampton).”Took his own life”

Krzysztof Skolimowski, farm worker, 31 (South Wales). “Missed his family.” Hanged

Laura Lewis, 34 (York). “Mentally ill.” Hanged

Laura Summers, 49 (Cornwall). “Anti-anxiety medication.” Drowned

Laura Wilkin, lawyer, 57 (Cheshire). “Suffered from work-related anxiety.” Hanged

Leah Levine, 49 (Manchester). Treated by MH services. Fell from window

Lee Brown, 24 (Teesside). “Mental health problems.” Drowned in river

Lee Collinge, 44 (Lancashire). “Paranoid.” Hanged

Lee Davies, 36 (Swansea). “Upset.” Hanged

Lee Harris, handyman, 23 (South Devon). Facing charges. Hanged

Lee Hilton, nurse, 51 (Lincolnshire). “Distressing events.” Inhaled propane

Lee Linton, car salesman, 41 (Hampshire). “Worried.” Hanged

Lee Rawlinson, 29 (North London). “Sought psychiatric help.” Overdose of drugs

* Lee Westbury, 29 (Lancashire). “Suffering from depression.” Fell from bridge

Lee Whaley, student, 18 (County Durham). “Went to see a psychologist.” Hanged

Leia McLean, 17 (West London). “Agitated.” Struck by train, alongside her mother

Leo Versaci, ex-teaching assistant, 46 (Gloucestershire). “Suffering from depression.” Overdose of cocaine

Leonie Roberts, 28 (Cornwall). “Struggled with depression.” Carbon dioxide poisoning

Leslie Bell, 63 (York). “History of mental health issues.” Drowned in river

Leslie Gargano, 64 (Hertfordshire). Mental health issues. Hanged

Liane Ashberry, 51 (Leicester). “Receiving treatment for severe mental illness.” Hanged

Linda Clarke, 54 (Greater Manchester). “Struggled with depression.” Fell from bridge

Linda Dunham, retired clerk, 67 (South Devon). “Suffered with depression.” Struck by train

Lindsay Caldicott, 59 (Leicester). “History of depression.” Cut her throat

Lisa Barwell, 41 (Leicester). “Diagnosed with depression.” Hanged

Lisa Duffy, unemployed, 43 (South Devon). “Mental health issues.” Overdose of heroin

Lisa Moller, 35 (South Wales). Following argument. Hanged

Louie Wallis, 77 (Lancashire). Grieving. Overdose of paracetamol

Louis Perrina, unemployed, 46 (West Sussex). “Depressed.” Jumped from bridge

Louise Fletcher, 47 (West London). “Mental health issues.” Struck by train

Louise Sims, unemployed, 45 (Buckinghamshire). “Struggling with depression.” Set fire to herself in car

Luke Myers, prisoner, 24 (Walton Prison). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

Luther Nicholas, 27 (Gloucestershire). “Suffering from depression and anxiety.” Hanged

Lydia Stafford, student, 19 (Norfolk). “Suffered from mental health problems.” Fell from cliff

Lynn Whittaker, 42 (Cheshire). “Emotionally unstable.” Hanged

Lynne Hingston, 54 (Suffolk). “Struggled with anxiety and depression.” Hanged

* Magdalena Luczak, prisoner, 29 (Foston Hall Prison). Hanged

Malcolm Burge, retired gardener, 66 (Somerset). “Depressed, stressed and suicidal.”  Set fire to himself in car

Malcolm Chandler, 56 (Essex). “Diagnosed with depression and anxiety.” Hanged

Malcolm McKinlay, air steward, 61 (West London). “In complete depression.” Asphyxiated

Malcolm Tucker, 89 (Somerset). “Lonely and depressed.” Overdose of Temazepam

Marc Parkin, 50 (Suffolk). “Feeling low.” Drove car into lorry

Marcel Geraghty, 61 (Kent). “Regular visits from menta health social worker.” Struck by train

Marcin Simski, 28 (Southampton). “Could not cope.” Hanged

Marcus Harden, 30 (Gloucestershire). “Suicidal thoughts and depression.” Hanged

Mark Anstice, 38 (Norfolk). “Previous self-harm.” Hanged

Mark Daniels, 56 (North London). “Wanted to be in a contained environment.” Hanged

Mark Evans, 49 (Somerset). “Battled depression.” Hanged

Mark Graham, electrician, 44 (Cumbria). “Work-related depression.” Hanged

Mark Holdcroft, 28 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Small amount of prescription drugs.” Overdose of co-codamol

Mark Holdsworth, abattoir worker, 34 (Lincolnshire). “History of depression.” Struck by train

Mark Jacka, 26 (South Wales). “Under stress.” Hanged

Mark Stanbridge, 35 (Suffolk). “Suffered mental health issues.” Hanged

Mark Such, (Reading). “Suffering from depression.” Poisoned with chemicals

Mark West, 31 (Cornwall). “Suffering from paranoia.” Hanged

Martin Biglin, firefighter, 47 (Humberside). “Suffered from bipolar disorder.” Drowned in sea

Martin Chapman, 51 (Hampshire). “Suffered from depression.” Combination of drugs

Martin Davies, 56 (Cardiff). Awaiting sentencing. Struck by train

Martin Garratt, ex-professional footballer, 34 (Middlesbrough). “History of mental health problems.” Overdose of prescribed meds & alcohol

Martin Woolley, 37 (Hampshire). “History of … depression.” Overdose of drugs

Martyn Mashford, financial consultant, 52 (Wiltshire). “Taken compassionate leave.” Hanged

Martyn Pedder, 73 (Surrey). “Suffered from extreme depression.” Hanged

Martyn Wall, businessman, 55 (Gloucestershire). “Suffering from stress.” Hanged

Maryam Cook, 63 (South Wales). “History of mental health problems.” Drowned in sea

Mateusz Kocylowski, 22 (Reading). Released from prison. Hanged

Matt Groom, solicitor, 36 (North London). “Mental state deteriorated.” Struck by lorry

Matthew Eyre, unemployed, 41 (Kent). “Feeling depressed, lonely and suicidal.” Set fire to himself

Matthew Ferguson, unemployed, 45 (Bristol). “Suffered with depression.” Fell into gorge

Matthew Gaines, printer, 42 (Berkshire). “Had been to the doctor.” Struck by train

Matthew Higginson, 23 (Somerset). On leave from MH unit. Fell from multi-storey building

Matthew Kerr, 38 (Derbyshire). “Struggled with sleeping problems and depression.” Overdose of Fentanyl

Matthew Russell, 36 (Teesside). “History of depression.” Hanged

Matthew Thompson, estate agent, 39 (Cumbria). “In a dreadful state.” Hanged

Maxine Mepham, 57 (East Sussex). “Battled depression.” Overdose of Quetiapine

Megan Hoskins, care home worker, 20 (Wigan). “Became depressed.” Struck by motor vehicles

Michael Bevan, 46 (Gloucestershire). “Vulnerable.” Hanged

Michael Bovell, 22 (North London). Struck by train

Michael Chadwick, ex-soldier, unemployed, 45 (Oldham). “Traumatised.” Overdose of heroin

Michael Davis, ex-police officer, 69 (Hampshire), “Great personal stress.” Drowned in sea

Michael Hart, 58 (Hertfordshire). “Visited the doctor.” Hanged

Michael Helliwell, 40 (Staffordshire). “Having difficulties.” Hanged

Michael Howle, 45 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Been to see his GP about depression.” Hanged

Michael Holt, 57 (Lancashire). “Suffering from depression and anxiety.” Hanged

Michael Jarvis, 47 (Grimsby) “Suffering with depression.” Overdose of heroin

Michael Langton, apprentice, 18 (Cheshire). “Admitted suffering from depression.” Struck by train

Lindsay Stanyard, 57 (Derby). “Had suffered from psychotic episodes, anxiety and depression.” “Took her own life while in hospital”

Michael McMahon, publican, 38 (Derbyshire). “Spiralled into depression.” Hanged

Michael Parry, 81 (Cumbria). “Coped with depression.” Asphyxiated his wife then drowned in river

Michael Platt, student, 18 (West Sussex). “Turmoil.” Struck by train

Michael Plumstead, 50 (Suffolk). “Suffering depression.” Hanged

Michael Redfern, ex-soldier, farm worker, 36 (Stoke-on-Trent). Overdose of drugs

Michael Sanders, unemployed decorator, 65 (Northumberland). “In a poor state.” Hanged

Michael Seger, 52 (Norwich). “We don’t know what medication…he had taken.” Found in garage

Michael Stafford, 33 (Shropshire). “Battled with his mental health.” Struck by a train

Michael Thompson, 24 (Derbyshire). “Stress problems.” Struck by lorry

Michael Vital, record vendor, 47 (North London). “Psychotic episode.” Jumped through window

Michal Panasewicz, factory worker (Birmingham). Fell from multi-storey car park

Michela Falchi, 38 (West Sussex). Overdose of dihydrocodeine

Michele de Angelis, 56 (Derbyshire). “Diagnosed with cancer.” Jumped from multi-storey car park

Mikki Nicholson, 36 (Cumbria). “Receiving psychiatric treatment.” Struck by train

Miroslaw Arendt, factory worker (Devon). Had cut his wrists previously. Fell from bridge

Mitchell Hewett, roofer, 32 (South London). “Suffered from depression.” Jumped from block of flats

Mohammed Mansoor Elahi, 31 (Greater Manchester). “Mental health problems.” Drowned in lake

Morgan James-Falconer, schoolboy, 15 (Hertfordshire). “Pressure.” Hanged

Morgan Owen, soldier, 24 (North Wales). “Worried about his mental health.” Overdose of cocaine

Mybe Jallow, security guard, 56 (Norfolk). “Unhappy.” Fatally stabbed his wife, then set himself on fire

Mykela Kemp, 26 (Teesside). “Suffered feelings of despair and low self-worth.” Killed herself at home

Nathan Barlow, apprentice, 20 (Bedfordshire). “Depressed.” Overdose of morphine

Nathan Bedells, 40 (Southampton). “May have developed reactive depression.” Hanged

Neal Price, 26, (Forest Bank Prison). History of mental health issues. Asphyxiated

Neil Clark, gardener, 31 (Derbyshire). “Going through some problems.” “Found in woods”

Neil Clark, maintenance worker, 54 (Berkshire). Suffered low moods. Asphyxiated

Neil Rankin, 67 (Worcestershire). Inhaled helium

Neil Smith, 41 (Milton Keynes). Hanged

Nerijus Kalinauskas, 25 (Norwich). “Depressed.” Drove his car into bridge

Neville Ransom, 75 (Norfolk). “Diagnosed with bipolar disorder.” Hanged

Niall Yorke, 22 (Cheshire). “Had been sectioned.” Struck by train

Nicholas Godfrey-Cass, 34 (Buckinghamshire). “Receiving treatment.” Jumped from multi-storey car park

Nicholas Wild, 24 (Greater Manchester). “Depressive illness.” Asphyxiated with plastic bag

Nicolas Matthews, shop owner, 52 (Surrey). “Financial problems.” Hanged

Nicola Butler, 51 (Bristol). Hanged

Nicole Dixon, 29 (Birmingham). “Discharged back to her GP.” Fell from tower block

Nicole Putney, vet, 32 (Manchester). “Her mood was very low.” Hanged

Niel Solomon, gas engineer, 41 (Norfolk). History of self-harming, anxiety and depression.” Inhaled nitrogen

Nigel Henderson, 52 (South Wales). “Depressive.” Fatally stabbed his wife and himself

Nigel McGuire, 34 (Plymouth). Anxiety & depression. Overdose of methadone

Nijole Draugelyte, 59 (South London). “Often crying and having mood swings.” Struck by train

Oliver Cavey, schoolboy, 13 (Kent). “Had tried to take his life once before.” Hanged

Oliver Franklin, student, 19 (Lincolnshire). “Struggled to make the adjustment to university life.” Struck by a car

Oscar Phillips, student, 16 (Cheshire). “Contemplated jumping.” Struck by train

Paige Bell, 20 (Sunderland). “Personality disorder.” Hanged

Patricia Molines, 68 (South Devon). Overdose of prescribed meds

Patrick Diffley, 29 (Kent). “Had taken prescription medication.” Overdose of heroin

Patrick McNeilly, 55 (Merseyside). Distressed after altercation. Hanged

Patrick Stenson, labourer, 25 (North London). “Feeling down.” Hanged

Paul Abbott, stonemason, 46 (Cheshire). Complained of being depressed.” Hanged

Paul Allen, tree surgeon, 39 (Southampton). “His mood was low.” Overdose of drugs & alcohol

Paul Campion, 50 (West Sussex). “Suffered mental health issues.” Hanged

Paul Carrett, 37 (Somerset). Relationship problems. Hanged

Paul Champion, 53 (Reading). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Paul Charles, 53 (Isle of Wight). “Depressed.” Drove off cliffs in car

Paul Guest, 49 (South Devon). “Struggling to deal with depression.” Drowned in sea

Paul Heeley, 49 (Staffordshire). “Feeling depressed.” Hanged

Paul Lowry, health & safety officer, 45 (Derbyshire). “History of depression.”  Jumped from college roof

Paul McKay, 40 (Merseyside). “Struggled with mental health issues.” Hanged

Paul Millgate, student, 20 (Bournemouth). Relationship breakdown. Fell from hall of residence

Paul Shannon, ex-soldier, 39 (South Wales). “Quite down in himself.” Hanged

Paul Smith, 43 (Staffordshire). “Depressed.” Hanged

* Paul Smith, haulage company worker (Cumbria). Struck by train

Paul Townsley, 48 (Brighton). “Delusional.” Fell from block of flats

Paula Ennis, 34 (Cumbria). “Alone and distressed.” Hanged

Pauraic Sweeney, company director, 51 (Staffordshire). Drowned in canal

Penny Ford, police employee, 52 (Dorset). “Had been seeing a psychiatrist.” Fell from cliff

Peter Dornan, 46 (Southampton). “Moderate to severe depression.” Hanged

Peter Hart, 71 (Kent). “Suffering a psychotic reaction.” Shot himself

Peter Reed, 32 (Teesside). Relationship breakdown. Hanged

* Peter Sherwood, 67 (Suffolk). “Mental health concerns.” Set himself on fire

Peter Smith, 80 (Lincolnshire). “Could not cope.” Struck by train, alongside wife

Peter Thompson, 84 (West Sussex). “Failing health.” Smothered his wife then hanged himself

Peter Wright, 49 (Staffordshire). “Suffering severe depression.” Cut his throat

Peter Wright, 62 (Suffolk). “History of anxiety and depression.” Overdose of methadone

Philip Blackburn, ex-computer engineer, 40 (West Yorkshire). “Hearing voices.” Struck by train

Philip Edgar-Moore, bar worker, 34 (South Devon). “Considered a suicide risk.” Combination of prescribed meds & alcohol

Philip Whiteman, prisoner, 46 (Frankland Prison). “Personality disorder.” Overdose of insulin

Phillip Harries, plasterer, 58 (South Wales). “Suffered with depression.” “Found on fire”

Phillip Marshall, 53 (Kent). “Troubled.” Jumped from viaduct

Phillip Roach, businessman, 45 (South Wales). “Troubled.” Hanged

Piotr Kucharz, 37 (Blackpool). In MH unit. Hanged

Pranas Damanskis, 47 (Hull). “Not happy.” Hanged

Priya Shingala, 19 (Leicester). “Treated for bipolar disorder.” Hanged

Pullarkattil Rethish Kumar, 37 (East London). Strangled his wife and twin daughters, then hanged himself

Rachel Gow, hospital administrator, 29 (Lancashire). “Went to see a psychologist.” Inhaled helium

Rachelle Owen, student, 17 (Wirral). Grieving. Struck by train

Radoslaw Poplawski, mechanic, 28 (West Midlands). “Depression.” Jumped from tree

Ralph Towhill, 83 (Cardiff). “Upset and sad.” Jumped from multi-storey car park

Raphaella Baker, student, 28 (Kent). “Depressed.” Drowned in bath

Ray Dales, 65 (Hull). Grieving for wife. Carbon monoxide poisoning

Ray Gent, 66 (Merseyside). “Treated for depression.” Drowned in dam

Ray Mills, antiques dealer, 68 (Kent). “Anxious and depressed.” Shot himself

Raymond Hutchison, police officer, 34 (Hampshire). Hanged

Rebe Berry, schoolgirl, 15 (Dorset). “Described by a counsellor as ‘isolated, lonely and depressed’.” Set herself on fire

Rebecca Ashcroft, 23 (Cheshire). “Down and depressed.” Hanged

Rebecca Darnell, social worker, 30 (Surrey). “Worried.” Hanged

Rebecca Leaper, 54 (Oxford). “Long history of anxiety and depression.” Asphyxiated with plastic bag

Rebecca Marvin, 25 (Cumbria). “Problems.” Overdose of Valproate

Reuben Bryan, unemployed, 42 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Taking pills.” Hanged

Richard Copithorne, 41 (West Sussex). “Vulnerable.” Fell from multi-storey car park

Richard Cutler, unemployed, 32 (West London). “Symptoms consistent with depression.” Hanged

Richard Foster, 41 (Burnley). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Richard Green, prisoner, 23 (Haverigg Prison). “History of self-harm.” Hanged

Richard Jones, soldier, 23 (Wiltshire). “Visited their GP.” Overdose of Tramadol

Richard Lovell, builder, 43 (Bristol). “Upset.” Hanged

Ricky Smith, 32 (West London). “Struggled with mental health problems.” Struck by train

Ricky Williams, carer, 23 (Essex). “Struggled with mental health problems.” Struck by train

Rob Hewill, store worker, 25 (Humber Bridge). “Period of counselling.” Jumped from bridge

Rob Sedden, 19 (Wiltshire). “Had suffered depression and anxiety.” Fell from bridge

* Robert Bell, 33 (Derbyshire). Struck by train

Robert Griffin, window cleaner, 54 (Berkshire). “Gripped with anxiety.” Struck by train

Robert Jack, 69 (Gloucestershire). “He was under stress.” Shot himself

Robert Makgill, interior designer, 45 (Somerset). “Ongoing depression.” Hanged

Robert Robertson, council worker, 49 (Warwickshire). Stabbed himself

* Robert Smellie, 60 (Dorset). Struck by train

Robert Turner, ex-soldier, landscape gardener, 36 (Derbyshire). “Long-standing mental health problems.” Hanged

Robert Walton, 66 (South Yorkshire). Grieving. Shot himself

Robert Williams, retired engineer, 72 (South Wales). “Decline in health.” Hanged

Robert Wilson, 33 (East Yorkshire). Grieving. Hanged

Robert Yarnell, 50 (Greater Manchester). “Suffering from depression.” Jumped from bridge

Robin Hockings, 62 (South Devon). “Mood was quite low.” Hanged

Robin Studd, ex-baker, 58 (Suffolk). Recent medical tests. Struck by train

Roger Hobbs, 64 (South Devon). “Struggled.” Hanged

Rohan Burke, 36 (Reading). “Suffering from depression.” Suffocation

Roisin Ngembu, 18 (Norwich). “Relationship problems.” Hanged

Ronald Gittens, 31 (North London). Psychiatric patient. Hanged

Rory Magill, electrician, 44 (West London). “Suffering mental health problems.” Hanged

Rory Minns, gardener, 25 (West Sussex). Struck by train

Rose Fearon, 53 (South Yorkshire). “Battling depression.” Struck by train

Roy Ball, 81 (Somerset). Facing charges. Carbon monoxide poisoning

Roy Boult, 55 (Buckinghamshire). “Depressed.” Hanged

* Roy Foster, musician, 46 (Nottingham). Struck by train

Roy Meyrick, 67 (South Wales). “Balance of his mind was disturbed.” Shot himself

Rubel Ahmed, detainee, 26 (Morton Hall). “Vulnerable.” Hanged

Ruth Smith, student, 22 (Cornwall). “Health issues including…depression.” Overdose of paracetamol

Ryan Coode, 28 (Essex). Previous suicide attempt. Carbon monoxide poisoning

Sadiane Roach, chef, 22 (Essex). “Known to mental health workers.” Hanged

Sadie Brinkley, 18 (Hertfordshire). “Suffered from post-natal depression.” Hanged

Sally Mays, 22 (Hull). MH patient. Asphyxiated

Sally Roser, 52 (East Sussex). “Could not cope.” Overdose of morphine

Sam Reason, ex-airman, 28 (North London). “Traumatised.” Struck by tube train

Sam Sidwell, student, 17 (Cornwall). “Little support.” Hanged

Samuel Lloyd, youth worker, 25 (Cambridgeshire). “Suffering with a depressive illness.” Hanged

Sandy Glynn, 62 (Dorset). “Developed post-polio syndrome.” Drowned in sea

Sarah Clerkson, schoolgirl, 14 (County Durham). “Troubled.” Hanged

Scott Cattell, prisoner, 39 (Hewell Prison). Hanged

Sean Bailey, 17 (Hull). Told psychologist he was depressed a month before his death. “Died from an overdose”

Sean Mills, 45 (Suffolk). History of depression and anxiety.” Stabbed himself

Sean Williams, 23 (South Wales). “Personal difficulties.” Hanged

Senthooran Kanagasingham, prisoner, 37 (Belmarsh Prison). Suffocated

Seren Bernard, schoolgirl, 14 (South Wales). Treated by CAMHS. Hanged

Shane Leonard, (Cambridgeshire). “Depressed”. Combination of methadone & pain-killers

Shane Moore, 25 (Blackpool). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Shane Tilling, 24 (Lincolnshire). Attended MH facility. Hanged

Shanice-Paris Goff, 18, (South London). “Behavioural problems.” Fell from tower block

Shannon Gee, schoolgirl, 16 (Cornwall). Treated by CAMHS. Overdose of alverine citrate

Sharon Burgin, unemployed, 54 (Derbyshire). “Expressed suicidal thoughts on numerous occasions.” Drowned in river

Sharon Russell, 56 (Leicestershire). “Mental health problems.” Started fire in garage

Shaun Ackerley, 40 (Cumbria). Known to MH Services. Hanged

Shaun Hannigan, ex-soldier, 30 (Cumbria). “Went to the GP with low moods.” Asphyxiated

Shaun Howcroft, apprentice, 17 (Hampshire). “Slight problems.” Shot himself

Sheila Rusholme, (York). In mental health hospital.” Hanged

Sheridan Keating, 46 (South Wales). “Suffered depression.” Set herself on fire in car

Simon Costin, 39 (Leicester). Mental health assessment. Cut his throat

* Simon Heyes, (Somerset). Struck by train

Simon Hurd, garage worker, 25 (Nottinghamshire). Grieving. Hanged

Simon Llewellyn, unemployed, 51 (South Wales). Grieving. Hanged

Simon Lloyd, 46 (Worcestershire). Hanged

Simon McLeavy, ex-nursing assistant, 58 (West Sussex). “Out of character.” Struck by train

Simon Noble, retired police officer, 56 (Lancashire). “After an argument.” Hanged

Simon Reynolds, 47 (Wiltshire). In MH unit. Choked on paper

Simon Thomas, 42 (Herefordshire). “Took prescribed medication.” Overdose of painkillers

Simon Walker, hairdresser, 32 (West Yorkshire). “Suffering depression.” Struck by train

Simran Singh Sher, 18 (Derbyshire). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Sophie Johnson, hospice worker, 26 (Grimsby). “Periods of not coping.” Hanged

Stacey Hansell, youth worker, 33 (Essex). “Distressed.” Hanged

Stacey James, 22 (Gloucestershire). History of self-harm and low mood.” Overdose of drugs

Stefan Grimm, professor, 51 (West London). “Under pressure.” Asphyxiated

Stephen Chilton, teacher, 38 (North Wales). Jumped from cliff

Stephen Connell, 54 (West Yorkshire). “Gambler.” Hanged

Stephen Croft, 20 (South Devon). Grieving. Hanged

Stephen Greatrix, 45 (Staffordshire). “Depressed following separation.” Overdose of Nembutal

* Stephen Mellor, 55 (West Midlands). Hanged

Stephen Merryweather, retired police officer, 64 (County Durham). Fell from bridge

Stephen O’Neill, electrician, 49 (Cumbria). Anxiety and agoraphobia.” Hanged

Stephen Powell, 41 (Worcestershire). Overdose of prescribed meds

Stephen Smith, unemployed, 50 (Suffolk). “History of anxiety.” “Took his own life.”

Steven Curl, 41 (East Yorkshire). “Released on bail.” Hanged

Steven Fitton, warehouse worker, 28 (Oldham). Hanged

Steven Gibling, 32 (Lincolnshire). “Visited his GP.” Drove his car into a wall

Steven Hambly, 47 (Plymouth). Overdose of prescribed & non-prescribed drugs

Stevie Wiles, joiner, 33 (Lancashire). “Experienced some upset.” Hanged

Stuart Banks, 30 (County Durham). “Experiencing personal problems.” Struck by train

Stuart Baumber, 42, on remand (Peterborough Prison). Detained under Mental Health Act. Hanged

Sujith Devabhaktuni, student, 22 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Deliberate act.” Struck by train

Susan Allen, 67 (Huddersfield). “Suffered from severe depression.” Overdose of paracetamol

Susan Connell, 54 (West Yorkshire). “Struggling to cope.” Overdose of meds

Susan Hill, 65 (Norwich). On leave from MH unit. Drowned in river

Susan James, finance manager, 44 (Buckinghamshire). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Susan Miles, 48 (York). “Troubled history of mental health issues.” Asphyxiated by plastic bag

Suzanne Hughes, 67 (Norfolk). “Anxious and low mood.” Drowned in sea

Suzie Wright, teacher, 36 (North London). “History of being depressed.” Hanged

Synestra de Courcy, 23, transgender (East London). “Treated for anxiety.” Overdose of drugs

Taylor Smith, schoolboy, 9 (Teesside). “Medication regime” increased. Hanged

Tanya Page, 41 (North London). “Suffered from psychotic depression.” Hanged

Terence Bithell, 56 (Stoke-onTrent). “Long history of mental health problems.” Overdose of methadone

Terence Clare, 40 (Cheshire). “Struggled with mental health.” Overdose of drugs

Terry Ann Setterington, ex-nurse, 51 (Staffordshire). “Depressed.” Combination of meds & alcohol

Terry Brazier, 79 (Norfolk). Drowned in river

Terry Everitt, 62 (Lincolnshire). Family problems. Hanged

Terry Hall, schoolboy,13 (Merseyside.) Hanged

Terry Sue-Patt, actor, 51 (North London). “Gripped by a depression he never recovered from.” Unascertained

Thomas Irwin, forklift truck driver, 27 (Burnley). “Doctor wrote him a two-week sick note for depression.” Hanged

Tim Shanahan, 30 (Norwich). “Diagnosed with bipolar. Overdose of drugs

Timothy Adams, unemployed, 26 (South Devon). “Very down.” Hanged

Tom Caulfield, musician, 32 (Dorset). “Concerned.” Hanged

Tom Caunt, 22 (Derbyshire). “Overwhelmed.” Fell from cliff

Tom Henson, plumber, 25 (Lincolnshire). “Ongoing ill-health.” Carbon monoxide poisoning

Tom Savage, schoolboy, 15 (Cornwall). “Frustrated.” Hanged

Toni Connell, schoolgirl, 15 (Essex). “Having counselling.” Hanged

Tracey Bamford, 46 (West Yorkshire). “Out of character.” Found near bridge

Tracy Shelvey, 41 (Greater Manchester). “Vulnerable.” Fell from multi-storey car park

Trevor Smith, actor, 42 (Derbyshire). “Assessed by psychiatrists.” Drowned in quarry

Tristan Powell, 17 (York). “Working with MH services.” Hanged

Troy Simpson-Joseph, bus driver, 28 (South London). “In crisis.” Hanged

* Trudi Wardman, unemployed teacher, 35 (South Devon). “Bi-polar.” Hanged

Trystan Potter, 26 (Norfolk). “Spiralling downwards.” “Pronounced dead”

Valerie Williams, 72 (Hampshire). “3 days after being diagnosed with depression.” Hanged

Victor Kozdoj, 58 (North London). “History of suicide attempts.” Hanged

Victor Ogundunmade, 27 (East London). “Diagnosed with bipolar disorder.” Fatally stabbed female friend, then swallowed cyanide

* Vikki Thompson, prisoner, 21 (Armley Prison). “At risk of self-harm.”. Hanged

Vince Collier, construction worker, 36 (Oxfordshire). “History of anxiety and depression.” Hanged

Vladeks Sinavskis, farm worker, 41 (Lincolnshire). “Became depressed.” Drowned in canal

Vuyani Tsele, redundant IT consultant, 59 (North London). “Difficulties.” Suffocated

Wanda Stachurska, 51 (West Sussex). “Released from hospital.” Hanged

Wayne Ellis, prisoner, 38 (Long Lartin Prison). Overdose of Tramadol

Wendy Lucas, 38 (Hampshire). “Mental health issues.” Asphyxiated

Wilkes McDermid, writer, 39 (London). “History of depression.” Jumped from rooftop restaurant

William Abel, 27 (Leics). “Severe mental illness.” Struck by train

William Bowley, 18 (Suffolk). “Sensitive.” Hanged

William Brutnell, soldier, 18 (Hampshire). “Suffering from depression.” Struck by train

Yanik Zolnerciks, 27 (Gloucestershire). “Suffered anxiety and depression.” Struck by train


* inquest pending, adjourned or in progress


Total: 770


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