“Suffering from Depression” – 2016


In the course of my research, I have come across many inquest reports in which there appeared to be all the hallmarks of an antidepressant-related death, but where there was no mention of medication.

However, in several reports, treatment by a GP or psychiatric services was implied, through phrases such as “suffering from depression” or “history of depression”.

Many local newspapers now give a minimal amount of information. I have included some of these reports, where the impulsive, reckless or violent behaviour involved is typical of antidepressant-induced deaths.

The format of the list is as follows: Name (with Hyperlink); Occupation; Age; Location; Evidence; Cause of Death.

I hope that I have not intruded on anybody’s private grief by collating this information. However, if you are related to one of the victims, and do not wish your relative’s name to be included, please send an email to brian@antidepaware.co.uk with the details, and their name and details will be removed.

I should also be grateful to hear from anybody who can either confirm whether or not antidepressants were being taken by the victim at the time of the tragedy, or had been withdrawn during the previous year.

The summaries below all relate to inquests carried out in England or Wales in 2016.

* Aaron Leafe, schoolboy, 15 (Derbyshire). “Troubled.” Hanged

* Aaron Tomline, chef, 23 (South Devon). Hanged

Adam Coombes, 23 (Forest Bank Prison). “Suffered from ADHD.” Hanged

Adam Elliott, student, 18 (York). “Depressed.” Hanged

* Adam Standing, financial trader, 38 (Oxfordshire). Hanged

Adrian Calton, ex-police officer, 53 (Suffolk). Struck by train

Adrian Richards, IT consultant, 41 (Surrey). “Seen by the MH team.” Hanged

* Alan Hodgkinson, 49 (Merseyside). Struck by train

Alan Horan, ex-postman, 47 (Humber Bridge). Jumped from bridge

Alex Jones, soldier, 21 (Cheshire). Previously self-harmed. Jumped from motorway bridge

Alexander Kaiser, 35 (Hampshire). “Suffering stress.” Struck by car

Alexander Sutherland, 60 (Lincolnshire). Struck by van

* Alice Figueiredo, 22 (Essex). “History of mental illness.” Took her life

Alice Gundrey, nurse, 40 (Northumberland). “Large quantity of prescribed drugs.” Overdose of meds

Allah Ditta, 44 (Nottingham). “History of depression.” Died in fire

Amber Fosker, 30 (Ipswich). “Suffered with depression.” Hanged

Amber Jackson, schoolgirl, 15 (Southampton). “Sought a counsellor for depression.” Struck by train

Amy Burdett, nurse, 51 (Staffordshire). “Referred to MH team.” Drowned in pond

Amy Cadman, 30 (Somerset). “Upset.” Drowned in marina

Andrew Croft, musician, 46 (Norwich). Affected by grief. Hanged

Andrew Faulkner, 47 (Cumbria). “In contact with doctors.” Hanged

Andrew Hodgson, health & safety advisor, 39 (North Yorkshire). “Seeing his GP for stress-related matters.” Hanged

Andrew Lloyd-Davies, labourer, 47 (North Wales). Grieving for son. Hanged

Andrew Machin, prison officer, 45 (Warwickshire). Hanged

Andrew Peebles, prisoner, 39 (Wymott Prison). “Failed by mental health staff.” Hanged

Andrew Stoney, student, 19 (Manchester). “Struggled with shyness.” Hanged

Andrew Sutherland, unemployed, 48 (Hampshire). Treated by MH team. Asphyxiated with plastic bag

Andrew Ubogu, 44 (Cornwall). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

Andy Duxbury, lawyer, 56 (Lancashire). Struck by train

Andy Hone, postman, 43 (Kent). “Went to see his GP.” Hanged

Andy Roberts, 23 (Humber Bridge). “Mood spiralled downwards. “Jumped from bridge

Angela Hill, 28 (Bradford). “Mental health problems.” Hanged

Angela Smith, 52 (Southampton). “Severe mental health problems.” Overdose of drugs

Angus Meyer, 86 (Cardiff). Killed his wife, then struck by train

Anielka Jennings, 17 (Gloucestershire). “Struggled with depression.” Hanged (PFD Report)

Ann Harvey, college lecturer, 52 (Kent). “Suffering from depression.” Jumped from bridge

Anne-Marie Ramsden, 38 (Southampton). “History of drug abuse.” Jumped from multi-storey car park*

Anthony Coughtrey, prisoner, 42 Bedford Prison). “Symptomatic of his depression.” Hanged

Anthony McManus, 48 (Milton Keynes). Treated at the Priory. Hanged

Anthony Ransom, 22 (West Sussex). “Emotional behaviour disorder.” Struck by train

Anthony Roberts, teaching assistant, 37 (Leeds). Cut his ex-partner’s throat, then cut an artery on his leg

Anthony Sheppy, 56 (Herefordshire). “History of depression.” Carbon monoxide poisoning

Anthony Thompson, schoolboy, 16 (Greater Manchester). “Referred to CAMHS by his GP.” Hanged

* Anthony Webb, unemployed lorry driver, 54 (South Wales). Struck by train

Antony Radcliffe, 36 (Merseyside). Fell from bridge

* April Bradley, 30 (North Wales). Hanged

Archie Hall, student, 20 (Ipswich). “Received some help for mental health problems.” Fell from bridge

* Arkadiusz Dawid, unemployed, 24 (North Wales). Struck by train

Arthur Dymond, 88 (South Devon). Hanged

Ashleigh Brolly, pub worker, 18 (County Durham). “Out of the blue.” Hanged

Ashley Gibson, 26 (Hull). “Mental health history.” Fell from block of flats

Ashley Wright, 35 (Nottingham). “Acting irrationally”. Jumped from window

Ashraf Amrani, 30 (West London). “Sought psychiatric care.” Fatally stanbbed his parents, then jumped from block of flats

Audrey Swallow, 70 (Lincolnshire). “Suffered depression.” Set fire to house, killing son and  herself

Avtar Singh Dheensa, ex-market trader, 49 (West Midlands). “Visited medical practice.” Set fire to himself

Barbara Dock, secretary, 62 (Hampshire). “Suffered from anxiety and depression.” Hanged

Barry Robinson, doctor, 58 (Norfolk). “Stressed.” Overdose of meds

* Belinda Pope, paramedic, 39 (Leicestershire). Hanged

Ben Edgell, 29 (Teesside). “History of depression.” Hanged

Benjamin Allen, airline steward, 24 (Hertfordshire). “Depression.” Overdose of morphine

Benjamin Gardner, 34, prisoner (Exeter Prison). “Psychotic symptoms.” Hanged

* Benjamin Hughes, unemployed, 24 (North Wales). Fell from aqueduct

Benjamin Orrill, 35 (Leicester). “Low mood.” Fell from multi-storey car park

Benjamin Pitt, 18 (West Sussex). “History of mental health problems.” Hanged

Bert Coleman, 95 (East Sussex). “Lonely and depressed.” Drowned in pond

Bertram Woodberry, 93 (Suffolk). “Visited his GP.” Drowned in river

* Beth Kelin, 22 (Surrey). Hanged

Beverley Devanney, 39 (West Yorkshire). “History of mental ill health.”Jumped from bridge

Beverley Robson, 49 (Kent). “Received treatment for bipolar disorder.” Overdose of Olanzapine

Brandon Edgerley, 23 (Bolton). “History of depression.” Hanged

Brett Mason, 56 (Essex). Shot himself

Brian McCuaig, 73 (Cambridgeshire). “Visited his GP.” Struck by train

Bridget Brittain, 84 (North Devon). “Medication.” Inhaled helium (with husband)

Cae Trayhern, engineer, 37 (South Wales). “Referred to MH services.” Asphyxiated

Caley Cheng, 20 (Staffordshire). “Distressed.” Struck by lorry

Callum McEwan, 18 (Suffolk). “Suffering with depression and social anxiety.” Found dead at home

Cally-Ann McAndrew, carer, 23 (Norfolk). Relationship problems. Overdose of medication

Calum McGurk, engineer, 27 (Gloucestershire). “Worries.” Hanged

Carl Allanson, student, 25 (North Yorkshire). “Suicidal thoughts and panic attacks.” Overdose of heroin

Carl McQueen, doctor, 34 (Birmingham). “Bullied.” Hanged

Carol Jackson, 60 (Shropshire). “Seen by psychiatrists.” Found dead at home

Carys Murdock, DJ, 22 (Hampshire). “Low frame of mind.” Hanged

Catherine Maxwell, 59 (Cumbria). “Taking a lot of prescribed medication.” Overdose of morphine

Catherine McColl-Sutherland, 46 (Surrey). “Lived with depression.” Hanged

Catrin Elvy, student, 19 (Buckinghamshire). Hanged

Chantelle Goddard, 44 (East Yorkshire). “Showing signs of depression.” Hanged

* Charles Broom, 66 (Exeter Prison). Hanged

Charles Cole, businessman, 50 (South Devon). “Struggling.” Shot himself

Charlie Pitcher, student, 18 (Plymouth). Fell from bridge

Charmaine Stevens, 22 (Herefordshire). “Diagnosed with depression,” Overdose of morphine

Cherif Merabet, physiotherapist, 56 (South London). “Suffered from depression.” Struck by train

Christon Sookoo, 30 (Kent). Previous attempt. Hanged

Christopher Allen, 54 (Worcestershire). Hanged

Christopher Brennan, 15 (South London). In psychiatric hospital. Asphyxiated

Christopher Cousins, 34 (Bradford). Left MH unit. Overdose of heroin

Christopher Kirby, 65 (Essex). Struck by lorry

Christopher Leatherbarrow, rugby league referee, 27 (Merseyside). “Depression.” Hanged

Christopher Maguder, ex-soldier, 32 (Middlesbrough). “More and more withdrawn.” Hanged

Christopher Srebniak, 53 (Worcestershire). “Taken to his GP.” Cut his throat

Christopher Sweet, 40 (Worcestershire). Hanged

Christopher Walmsley, shop worker, 31 (Norfolk). “Released from custody.” Struck by train

Christopher Whyton, tax advisor, 32 (Southampton). “Suffered from anxiety issues.” Drove his car into a bridge

Claire Cruttenden, 30 (Brighton). “Personality disorder.” Overdose of insulin

Clayton Raines, 26 (Greater Manchester). “Suffering from depression.” Asphyxiated

Clive Ferguson, 48 (West Yorkshire). “Suffering from depression and anxiety.” Struck by train

Clive Kemys, veterinary business owner, 55 (South Wales). Saw GP “about stress and anxiety.” Shot himself

* Colin Addington, engineer, 55 (Northamptonshire). “Battled with depression.” Found at reservoir

Colin Davies, businessman, 75 (Birmingham). “Quite depressed for some time.” Overdose of meds

Colin Farmer, ambulance call taker, 30 (Somerset). “In a state.” Hanged

Colin Knowles, 40 (Cheshire). “Mental health issues.” Overdose of prescribed meds

Colin Phipps, retired builder, 69 (South Wales). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

Colin Taylor, director, 62 (Oxford). “Diagnosed with deep depression.” Hanged

* Connor Green, 19 (Cheshire). Treated by MH services. Found dead in woodland

Connor Hine, 22 (Portsmouth). Hanged

Constantin Macsin, shop worker, 25 (Staffordshire). “Emotional ups and downs.” Hanged

Craig Rendle, delivery driver, 25 (North Devon). Broken relationship. Fell from viaduct

Craig Renshaw, bus driver, 44 (North Wales). “Struggled to cope with the death of his mother.” Overdose of paracetamol

Craig Squire, 59 (Hampshire). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

* Cyrus Karumba, soldier, 36 (Oxfordshire). Hanged

Dainis Becs, factory worker, 39 (Hull). Stabbed himself

Dale Easton, 28 (Norfolk). In MH unit. Overdose of morphine

Damon Clark, 47 (West London). Referred by GP to MH services. Struck by train

Daniel Chapman, 30 (Suffolk). “Took medication.” Overdose of drugs

Daniel Clarke, schoolboy, 14 (Surrey). Died at home

Daniel Curwen, student, 30 (Lancashire). Hanged

* Daniel Green, student, 18 (Bristol). Took his life

Daniel Greenhill, 35 (Staffordshire). History of depression.” Struck by train

Daniel King, 25 (Staffordshire). “Distressed.” Struck by car

Daniel Paylor, paramedic, 39 (Wiltshire). “Suffered with depression.” Overdose of Oramorph

Daniel Pinfold, student. 23 (York). “Receiving treatment for ADHD & Aspergers.” Found in room

Daniel Stewart, warehouse worker, 31 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Depressed.” Hanged

Danielle Saul, 31 (Manchester). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

* Daron Williams, 41 (North Wales). Fell from bridge

Darren Humphries, 38 (Worcestershire). Struck by train

Darren Leslie, soldier, 29 (Oxfordshire). “Upset.” Shot himself

Darren MacFarlane, 39 (North Wales). “Struggled with mental issues.” Drowned in river

Darren Mindham, veterinary assistant (South London). “Suffering from depression.” Overdose of pentobarbital

Dave Clayton, 45 (Cheshire). “Overcome by grief.” Overdose of Tramadol

* Dave Nicholson, 20 (Cumbria). “Recurring depressive illness.” Overdose of painkillers

* David Anderton, printer, 56 (North Wales). Struck by train

David Ashley, 54 (Kent). “Distressed and in a low mood.” Stabbed himself

David Bacon, shopkeeper, 68 (Somerset). Hanged

David Beal, technician, 40 (Sheffield), Treated by GP. Found dead in stream

David Brittain, retired naval officer, 86 (North Devon). “Medication.” Inhaled helium (with wife)

David Brown, 18 (North Yorkshire). “Immense pressure.” Took his life

David Catchpole, 29 (Gloucester). “Depression and self-harming.” Combination of morphine & alcohol

David Clough, 52 (West Yorkshire). “Long history of anxiety and depression.” Combination of drugs & alcohol

David Godber, 44 (Derbyshire). “Worrying.” Hanged

David Gunn, supermarket worker, 65 (Herefordshire). “Starting to show signs of age.” Cut his neck

David Horsford, retired electrician, 67 (Dorset). “Suffered from anxiety and sleeplessness.” Hanged

David Hunt, 55 (Suffolk). “Suffered from mental health problems.” Struck by car

* David Kelly, 63 (Somerset). “Struggled with depression.” Drowned in river

David Lewis, retired school worker, 67 (Wiltshire). “Had been going to see his GP frequently.” Hanged

David Leyland, retired solicitor, 70 (Derbyshire). “History of depression.” Struck by train

David Marsh, ex-taxi driver, 55 (Hampshire). “Long periods of depression.” Hanged

David Morris, 55 (Dorset). “History of mental illness.” Fell from roof of building

David Palmer, 59 (Lincolnshire). Shot himself

David Phillips, 71 (South Wales). “History of mental illness.” Drowned in sea

David Rennard, 74 (Oxfordshire). Struck by lorry

David Robinson, 98 (Suffolk). Hanged

David Stokes, 39 (West Midlands). Killed girlfriend then jumped from motorway bridge

David Townsend, businessman, 35 (Devon). Set himself on fire in car

David Wallis, ex-aircraft technician, 53 (Lincolnshire). “Worries.” Hanged

David Welsh, 61 (Teesside). “Down and depressed.” Drowned in river

David Williams, printer, 62 (North Wales). “Had enough.” Jumped from dam

David Wilson, chauffeur, 53 (Merseyside). “Suffering from depression.” Struck by train

Dean Bettison, 20 (South Yorkshire). Struck by train

Dean Boland, prisoner, 30 (Birmingham Prison). Combination of drugs

Dean Park, 43 (East Yorkshire). “Depressed.” Drowned in sea

* Dean Saunders, 25 (Chelmsford Prison). “Mentally ill.” Electrocuted himself

Dean Stoddart, 26 (Newcastle). “History of depression.” Combination of Diazepam, morphine & alcohol

Deborah Ellis, 34 (Bolton). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Debra Ditchburn, 31 (Teesside). “Personal issues.” Hanged

Declan Noonan, 27 (Manchester). “Very depressed.” Hanged

Denis Guppy, ex-gardener, 62 (South Devon). “History of depression.” Hanged

Derek Hampton, 49 (Southampton). “Problems.” Overdose of prescription meds

* Derek Hargreaves, 61 (Lancashire). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

Diane Waplington, 41 (Peterborough Prison). Suffocated with plastic bag

Dionne Corbett, 25 (Bolton). “History of depression.” Hanged

Dominic Gregory, hairdresser, 40 (Greater Manchester). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

Dominic McGrath, 40 (Kent). Struck by train

Donna Green, 62 (County Durham). “Mental health problems.” Hanged

Donna Lambert, 36 (York). “Receiving treatment.” Fell from block of flats

Doris Cramner, 69 (Hampshire). “Suffered from bipolar disorder.” Drowned in river

Dorothy Clough, 88 (West Yorkshire). “Increasingly anxious.” Overdose of paracetamol

Douglas Hurr, 84 (Leicester). “Suffered from depression.” Choked

Eden Finney, dental nurse,18 (Cumbria). Hanged

Edmund Cole, 68 (Worcestershire). Struck by train

Edward Rossiter, scrap merchant, 85 (Somerset). “Worried.” Shot himself

Edyta Kosinska, student, 21 (South Devon). “Stressed and down.” Jumped from cliff

Elizabeth Bayford, 44 (North London). “Medical appointment.” Fell from block of flats

Elaine Blackburn, 34 (South Wales). “Suffered from depression.” Overdose of methadone

Elfed Hughes, farmer, 56 (North Wales). “Severe problems.” Hanged

* Elisabeth Moors, 71 (South Devon). “History of depression.” Drowned in sea

Elliott Johnson, 21 (Bedfordshire). “Suffering from depression and anxiety.” Struck by train

* Elton Harland, schoolboy, 13 (Lancashire). Found in house

Em Davis, 28 (Kent). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Emil Holewik, 64 (Southampton). “History of depression.” Combination of drugs

Emily Holloway, 39 (Lincolnshire). “Suffered from anxiety and depression.” Drowned in river

Emily Stickells, schoolgirl, 16 (Cardiff). “Trying to cope.” Hanged

* Emma Alsopp, call centre worker, 22 (South Devon). “Under enormous stress.” Hanged

Emma Robinson, 27 (Middlesbrough). “History of low moods.” Found dead at home

Emma Stevens, 26 (Somerset). “History of mental health illness.” Hanged

Eric Gillet, 74 (Wiltshire). “Mental health deteriorated.” Drowned in canal

Ernest Sands, priest, 67 (South Wales). Awaiting trial. Hanged

Evi Kneebone, 24 (South Devon). MH patient. Struck by train

* Ewa Jakimiuk, 24 (Surrey). Struck by train

Faisa Ahmed, 31 (North London). “History of depression.” “Killed herself”

Fay Walsh, cleaner, 53 (Wiltshire). “Few outward signs of depression.” Hanged

Fionn Cullen, student, 17 (Bolton).”Referred to CAMHS” Hanged

Flaming Mguni, student, 24 (Essex). “Assessed for MH problems.” Struck by train

Freddie Boyle, coffee shop owner, 44 (Gloucestershire). “History of anxiety and depression.” Hanged

* Gabriel Tinto, student, 51 (Wiltshire). Hanged

Gary Horseman, publican, 58 (North Wales). Hanged

Gary Powell, 27 (Somerset). “Episodes of psychosis.” Drove car into another vehicle

Gavin Taylor, 30 (Lincoln). “Suffered mental health problems.” Overdose of drugs & alcohol

Geoffrey Settle, 63 (Cornwall). “Offered psychiatric help.” Overdose of morphine

George Bray, student, 16 (Lincolnshire). “Receiving counselling.” Hanged

George Dicker, (North London). Electrocuted on tube tracks

George Heath, student, 20 (Cheshire). “Seen a GP for anxiety and low mood.” Struck by lorry

George Price, 84 (Shropshire). “Suffering from MND.” Drove his car into a lorry

Glenn Kell, 50 (Kent). “History of mental health problems.” Drowned in sea

Gordon Dagger, 54 (South Devon). “Mental health problems.” Combination of drugs

Graeme Milligan, RAF technician, 27 (Oxfordshire). Found in his room

Graham McCartney, retired soldier, 63 (South Devon). “Depressed.” Stabbed his wife then killed them both by carbon monoxide poisoning

Graham McLennan, nurse, 37 (Grimsby). “Signed off work due to stress.” Hanged

Graham Postlethwaite, 77 (Surrey). “Couldn’t cope.” Shot dead his wife, then himself

Gregg Capon, project engineer, 33 (County Durham). Jumped from bridge

Gregory Duffus, 28 (Hampshire). “Suffered from schizophrenia.” Hanged

* Gus Meyer, 86 (Cardiff). “Devoted husband.” Killed his wife, then struck by train

Guy Homan, tree surgeon, ex-soldier, 53 (Herefordshire). “In a difficult place.” Crushed beneath trailer.

Guy Tanner, paramedic, 43 (South London). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Haden Johnson, 30 (West Sussex). “Relationship difficulty.” Overdose of Oxycodone & Pregabalin

Hafiza Ghulam Begum, 58 (Blackburn). “Worried, agitated and paranoid.” Set herself on fire

Hannah Blowers, 16 (Essex). Overdose of Cyclizine

Harpreet Hallaith, student, 18 (Shropshire). “Low moods.” Fell from cliff

Harry Gray, schoolboy, 15 (Teesside). “Upset.” Hanged

Harry Stallworthy, student, 19 (Dorset). Hanged

Haydn Burton, 42 (Winchester Prison). “Put on a treatment plan.” Hanged

Hazel Cassell, 38 (Oxford). Grieving. Hanged

Heather Terry, 35 (Teesside). PND. Hanged

Helen Millard, 30 (Hull). In MH unit. Hanged

Helen Rowe, 69 (Berkshire). “History of depression.” Struck by lorry

Helen Stokes, businesswoman, 44 (North London). “Treated at the Priory.” Hanged

Helena Markey, student, 17 (Staffordshire). “Under stress.” Fell from bridge

Iain Thornton, schoolboy, 15 (Lancashire). “Self-harming.” Struck by car

Ian Bradley, 44 (Berkshire). “History of depression.” Combination of drugs

Ian Evans, 52 (West Wales). “Life was not pleasant.” Drowned in reservoir

Ian Moore, 47 (South Yorkshire). “Battling demons of depression.” Strangled himself

Ian Smith, 48 (County Durham). Struck by train

Ian Thurlby, ex-nurse, 35 (Hull). “Suffered from anxiety and stress.” Hanged

Ian Tudge, 70 (Worcestershire). Stabbed himself

Ian Woolley, 54 (Staffordshire). “Personal care plan was under constant review.” Drowned in lake*

Imtiaz Bhatti, (Bedfordshire). Hanged

Ioannis Douridas, doctor, 38 (Southampton). “Agitated.” Hanged

Ivson Nunes, student, 26 (Lincolnshire). “Low moods.” Took his life

* Iwan Lewis, 36 (North Wales). Walked out of MH unit. Found in water

Jacek Jarczok, 27 (Kent). Hanged

Jack Barton, 21 (Kent). Discharged from MH unit. Hanged

Jack Lyons, 53 (North Yorkshire). “Raised concerns.” Shot himself

Jack Susianta, student, 17 (East London). Treated in psychiatric unit. Drowned in canal

Jacob Abraham, 24 (Cardiff). Hanged

Jacob Hernandez, 19 (Oxford). “Referred to a community health team.” Jumped from stairwell

Jacqueline Hughes, 61 (Worcestershire). Hanged

Jakovas Fofonovas, 31 (South London). Struck by train

* Jamal Hussein, 32 (Strangeways Prison). Hanged

James Atherton, 24 (Merseyside). “Suffered from mild depression.” Hanged

James Daddy, 28 (Hull). “Suffered from depression.” Drowned in river

* James Doherty, schoolboy, 16 (Lancashire). Hanged

James Downes, teacher, 36 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Anxiety and depression.” Hanged

James Hamling, 43 (South Devon). “History of depression.” Cut his wrists

James King, prisoner (Southmead Prison). “Struggled with anxiety and depression.” Hanged

* James Massey, 35 (Shropshire). Shot himself

James Wykes, 84 (Somerset). “Long time sufferer of depression.” Asphyxiated

Jamie Kavanagh, bar worker, 24 (Liverpool). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

Jamie Lovell, 38 (Southampton). Hanged

* Jamie McCann, lorry driver, 42 (Norfolk). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

Jamie Thomson, 36 (South London). “Chronically depressed.” Cyanide poisoning

Jan Scoon, 60 (Cambridgeshire). Known to community psychiatric nurse. Struck by train

Jane Ellis, 46 (Berkshire), Died in fire. Treated by MH services. Died in fire

Janice Tucker, 30 (Cumbria). “Treated for depression a few years ago.” Hanged

Janine-Marie Linder, 44 (West London). “Suffering from severe depressive disorder.” Overdose of drugs

Jarad Corkovic, gas engineer, 23 (Greater Manchester). “Feeling stressed and low.” Stabbed himself

Jarek Rogala, (West London). Became suicidal when intoxicated. Hanged

Jaroslaw Kalinowski, 35 (Lancashire). Overdose of Zopiclone & Zolpidem

Jason Darling, (Wiltshire). Mood swings. Overdose of dihydrocodeine

Jason Parrin, carpet fitter, 44 (Plymouth). “Large amount of prescription drugs.” Overdose of Cyclizine

Jason Toomey, 38 (Kent). “Suffering from mental health issues.” Hanged

Jazmine Howarth, 25 (Greater Manchester). “Grieving.” Hanged

Jean Benton, 76 (South Devon). “Not in good health.” Carbon monoxide poisoning

Jennifer McMahon, 47 (South Devon). “Medical history of depression.” Drowned in sea

Jessica Birkhead, 30 (South Devon). “Suffered from a depressive illness.” Overdose of Pregabalin & paracetamol

Jessica Wakeham, carer, 26 (South Devon). “Deterioration in mental health.” Hanged

Jim Hawes, builder, 63 (Buckinghamshire). “Struggling with depression.” Hanged

Jo Hipkiss, student, 17 (Staffordshire). “Referred to psychiatric services.” Overdose of Propranolol

Joan Darnell, 78 (Norfolk). MH patient. Drowned in bath

Joanne Smith, 46 (Middlesbrough). “Depressed.” Hanged

Joe Haines, 25 (Somerset). “Suffered stress and anxiety.” Hanged

Joe Phillips, labourer, 20 (Somerset). “Mental health issues.” Hanged

Joe Stevens, 24 (Essex). “Depression.” Hanged

John Bradburn, 39 (Lincolnshire). “Drugs in his system.” Struck by train

John Chandler, 51 (West London). “History of mental health problems.” Drowned in park fountain

John Ediss, maintenance worker, 57 (Cumbria). “Referred to crisis team.” Struck by train

John Evans, IT consultant, 57 (Oxfordshire). “Receiving treatment.” Overdose of painkillers

* John Irwin, 77 (Isle of Wight). Strangled wife, then hanged himself

John Mellor, ex-textile worker, 37 (West Yorkshire). “History of mental health problems.” Jumped from viaduct

John Nash, engineer, 57 (North Yorkshire). Hanged

John Nelson, 40 (Bolton). “Sought help from his GP.” Hanged

John Sanford, doctor, 70 (North Wales). Stabbed himself

John Smith, ex-steelworker, 69 (Lincolnshire). Stabbed himself

John Whitehead, retired firefighter, 78 (South London). “Battling with chronic pain and depression.” Struck by train

John Woods, ex-scaffolder, 40 (Lincolnshire). “Suffered from anxiety and depression.” Hanged

Jon Brown, businessman, 50 (Kent). “Overwhelmed.” Shot himself

* Jonathan Dugdale, 37 (Lancashire). Hanged

Jonathan Jerram, teacher, 36 (North London). “Battling mental illness.” Jumped from block of flats

Jonathan Peacock, 23 (West Yorkshire). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Johnathan McHale, supermarket worker, 19 (Buckinghamshire). Relationship breakdown. Jumped from motorway bridge

Jonathan Jones, student, 17 (North Wales). Asphyxiated

Jordan Feek, 22 (Derbyshire). “Struggled with issues.” Struck by train

Jordan Page, sales administrator, 25 (Birmingham). Had “psychiatric help.” Overdose of meds & alcohol

Jordan Woonton, 15 (Cardiff). “Let down by the system.” Hanged

Jordana Carr, teacher, 35 (Kent). “Mental health issues.” Hanged

Joseph Geddes, student, 19 (North Wales). “Said he could not hope.” Hanged

Joseph Gilbert, 33 (Bedfordshire). “History of mental health issues.” Struck by train

Joseph Hunt, unemployed, 22 (West Yorkshire). “History of depression.” Swallowed anaesthetic

Joseph Stone, 76 (Worcestershire). Drowned in river

Josh Hopcroft, student, 18 (North Wales). Hanged

Joshua Green, 20 (Lancashire). “Referred to MH team.” Asphyxiated

Joshua Jones, accountant, 23 (East London). “Treated for betting.” Jumped from building

Joshua McGuire, 20 (West Sussex). “Distressed.” Fell from shopping mall roof

Julian Bray, 41 (North London). “Struggled with depression.” Drowned in river

Julie Davis, 48 (West Sussex). “Received support from community mental health teams.” Jumped from motorway bridge

Julie Lloyd, 49 (Herefordshire). “Suffered from both anxiety and depression.” Drowned in river

Julie Rollingston, 36 (Derbyshire). “Long history of mental problems.” Hanged

Julie Scott, 79 (Northumberland). “Suffered from depression and anxiety.” Drowned in river

Julie Taylor, 28 (South Yorkshire). “History of mental health problems.” “Water intoxication”

June Walker, retired nurse, 63 (Humber Bridge). “History of depression.” Jumped from bridge

* Justin Turner, 47 (County Durham). Hanged

Kai Harris, 18 (Gloucestershire). Saw his GP. Hanged

* Kamil Paszko, 19 (Reading). Fell from motorway bridge

Karen Lee, 51 (Suffolk). “Mental health assessment.” Overdose of Oramorph

Karen Terrell, nurse, 43 (Somerset). “Depressed.” Took anaesthetic drugs

Karl Bowler, 27 (Cumbria). “Suffered with depression.” Overdose of prescribed meds

Karl Williams, 49 (Kent). “After discharging himself from hospital.” Struck by lorry

Karon Boyce, school administrator, 57 (Norfolk). “Under stress.” Cut herself

Katie Humpage, teacher, 32 (West Midlands). “Struggling to cope.” Hanged

Keiron Johnson, 34 (Suffolk). “Suffered from depression.” Combination of heroin & alcohol

Keith Farrant, 34 (Suffolk). “Extremely depressed.” Carbon monoxide poisoning

Keith Hearn, town planner, 58 (South London). At the Priory. Hanged

Keith Sawyer, 67 (Hampshire). “Suffered from psychotic depression.” Drowned in river

Keith Stanley, builder, 54 (North Devon). “Suffering from depression.” Shot himself with nail gun

Keith Timpson, 62 (Essex). “Depressed.” Hanged

Kelly Middleton, 34 (Middlesbrough). “Suffering from depression.” Overdose of heroin

Kerri Ann Dickson, 38 (Slough). Combination of drugs

Kevin Ellis, police officer, 33 (West Yorkshire). Hanged

* Kevin Langridge, 52 (Essex). Possible combination of MfD & alcohol

Kevin Simpson, 60 (Lincolnshire). “Struggling.” Hanged

Kevin Smith, prisoner, 32 (Risley Prison). Treated by MH nurses. Hanged

Kevin Young, 49 (Wigan). “Problems with depression.” Overdose of heroin

* Kieran Ash, schoolboy, 15 (County Durham). Struck by train

Kieran Harper, 19 (West Midlands). “Severely depressed.” Hanged

Kieran Smith, 24 (Hampshire). Climbed pylon “to clear his mind.” Electrocuted

Kim Dutton, 50 (Wigan). “Taken all her tablets.” Overdose of insulin

Kimberley James, police officer, 35 (Cornwall). Consulted her GP. Hanged

Kingsley Tolley, firefighter, 37 (Shropshire). “Distressed.” Hanged

Kris Warner, 29 (Blackpool). “History of self-harming.” Hanged

Krishna Chummun, 19 (East London). “Had been feeling depressed.” Drowned in river

Krzysztof Gerot, 24 (Norfolk). In a frenzied mood.” Stabbed himself

Kurt Scott, 33 (North Wales). Hanged

Kurt Smith, publican, 58 (Lancashire). Struck by train

Kyle Cantle, 28 (Portsmouth). “Suffering from long-standing depression.” Hanged

Kyle Medcalf, 18 (West Sussex). “Suffered depression.” Hanged

Lance Hart, 57 (Lincolnshire). Shot his wife and daughter, then himself

Laura Gibson, 24 (Luton). “Moderate depression.” Struck by train

Laura White, 28 (West Yorkshire). “Had anxiety and depression.” Drove her car into another car

Lawrence Batten, 19 (Worcestershire). Hanged

Lawrence Klein, 74 (Berkshire). Health deteriorated. Hanged

Leah Palushi, care worker, 35 (Lincolnshire). “History of depression.” Hypothermia

Lee Bentley, ex-soldier, 39 (Wiltshire). “Suffered from PTSD”. Hanged

Lee Clegg, welder, 33 (Lancashire). Referred to MH team. Hanged

Lee Crossley, prisoner, 39 (Wormwood Scrubs Prison). “Previously attempted suicide.” Hanged

Lee Francis, forklift driver, 37 (Suffolk). “Suffered from anxiety.” Hanged

Lee Mathews, 33 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Suffered from anxiety and depression.” Combination of heroin & Diazepam

Lee Pennycuick, ground worker, 31 (Essex). Hanged

Lee Rushton, 24 (Walton Prison). Referred to MH team. Hanged

Leigh Sharples, fabricator, 33 (Cornwall). “Battled with depression.” Hanged

Leo Barnes, prisoner, 33 (Hewell Prison). Hanged

Leo Street, schoolboy, 14 (East Yorkshire). Referred to CAMHS. Hanged

* Leon Hardman, student, 19 (Bolton). Asphyxiated

Leopold Leisser, 45 (Birmingham). “Stressed.” Hanged

Levi Raymond, 39 (Nottinghamshire). “Agitated and distressed.” Overdose of cocaine

Lewis Barton, student, 16 (Cumbria). Saw his GP. Hanged

Lewis Smith, unemployed, 27 (Cheshire). “Difficulties.”  Struck by train

Liam Dickinson, 22 (South Yorkshire). “In a zombie like state.” Hanged

* Liam Parker, 22 (Derbyshire). Grieving. Struck by train

Liam Peers, hairdresser, 27 (Wirral). Hanged

Liam Pullen, factory worker, 21 (Lincolnshire). Previous overdose. Died in sea

Liam Sullivan, 32 (Southampton). “Bi-polar”. Hanged

Liam Thompson, student, 20 (Lancashire). Struck by train

Lisa Jones, 45 (Hertfordshire). “Mental health problems.” Hanged

Lloyd Skelton, 21 (Leicester Prison). “Diagnosed with depression.” Hanged

* Lorraine Bartlett, 38 (South Devon). Hanged

Louise Locke, 44 (Hampshire). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Lovkesk Kumar, 42 (Wandsworth Prison). Hanged

Lucy Murrell, 20 (Gloucestershire).”Anxiety and depression.” Hanged

Luke Ayres, 24 (Birmingham). In MH unit. Hanged

Luke Barzewicz-Dower, schoolboy, 15 (South Wales). “Under the care of CAMHS.” Hanged

Luke Emmerson, 33 (Norfolk). Discharged from MH unit.  Struck by train

Luke Hughes, 21 (Swinfen Hall YOI). “Vulnerable.” Hanged

Luke McDonnell, prisoner, 29 (Lincoln Prison). Hanged

Luke Murphy, 20 (Wirral). Drowned in sea

Luke Ward, 27 (Slough). “Sought medical help.” Hanged

Lyn Cousins, 67 (Gloucestershire). “Started to suffer anxiety.” Drowned in river

Lyndon Yates, 51 (Dorset). “Dealing with his depression.” Alcohol poisoning

Magdalena Charciarek, 27 (South Yorkshire). “Difficulties.” Drank poison

Malika Sawyer, schoolgirl, 15 (South London). Treated by CAMHS. Hanged

* Malvyn Fairclough, 23 (North London). “Recently worked on clinical trials.” Struck by train

Marek Lewansowki, ex-chef, 29 (Kent). “Depressed.” Hanged

Marco Briccocola, 45 (West London). Jumped from balcony

Marion Harris, ex-nurse, 57 (Kent). “Suffered from depression.” Overdose of morphine

Marion Munns, 75 (Southampton). “Depths of crisis.” Fell from bridge

Marius Meliukstis, factory worker, 28 (Devon). Struck by train

Mark Ashforth, 50 (Staffordshire). “Depressed.” Hanged

Mark Gedge, radio presenter, 44 (South Wales). “Deep depression.” Carbon monoxide poisoning

Mark Leeman, 27 (North Yorkshire). Drove his car into a wall

Mark Lewis, 33 (South Wales). “Spoken with a GP.” Hanged

Mark Price, ambulanceman, ex-soldier, 54 (North Wales). “Withdrawn and very down.” Carbon monoxide poisoning

Mark Shute, road worker, 37 (South Devon). “Stressed.” Hanged

Mark Talbot, artist, 49 (Portsmouth). “Suffering psychosis.” Fell from multi-storey car park

Martin Cadman, rigger, 33 (West Midlands). “Struggling with work.” Hanged

Martin Cartwright, 76 (Southampton). Carbon monoxide poisoning

Martin Debois, 46 (South Devon). “High anxiety and depression.” Set himself on fire

Martin Hargreaves, 47 (York). “Agitated and troubled.” Asphyxiated with helium

Martin Osborne, businessman, (Derbyshire). “Relationship broke down.” Struck by train

Martine Brandon, 48 (Southampton). “Mentally unstable.” Suicide in police cell

* Mateurz Furmanek, 24 (Plymouth). Hanged

Matt Irwin, photographer, 36 (East London). “Very down and depressed.” Overdose of drugs

Matthew Brittan, schoolboy, 14 (Somerset). Struck by train

Matthew Norman, firefighter, 45 (Dorset). “Spiralled into depression.” Hanged

Matthew Puncher, scientist, 46 (Oxfordshire). “Very depressed.” Stabbed himself

Matthew Sargent, prisoner, 31 (Long Lartin Prison). PFD report. Hanged

Matthew Telfer, 28 (Cumbria). “Mental health problems.” Hanged

Matthew Wells, 32 (Greater Manchester). “Behaviour became inceasingly erratic.” Shot himself

Matthew Wooby, schoolboy, 12 (Suffolk). Autistic. Hanged

Matty Turner, barrister, 25 (London). “Depressed.” Killed himself

Maureen Sigsworth, 58 (Middlesbrough). “On MH ward.” Cut her arm in bath

Maxim Ansell, student, 19 (Somerset). “Suffered anxiety.” Hanged

Maxine Thompson, 52 (Isle of Wight). Mental health problems. Hanged

Mervyn Thorpe, 54 (Hampshire). Hanged

Michael Byles, 39 (Essex). “Became agitated.” Struck by bus

Michael Byrne, 52 (Norwich). “Coping with personal troubles.” Drowned in river

Michael Daniel, unemployed, 30 (South Devon). “Suffered from mental health problems.” Set himself on fire

Michael Delafield, ex-soldier, 59 (North Wales). “Suffering PTSD & depression.” Carbon monoxide poisoning

* Michael Devoy, prisoner, 22 (Guys Marsh Prison). Hanged

Michael Freeman, 34 (Wiltshire). “History of depression.” Overdose of heroin

Michael Hutchins, 43 (Gloucestershire). “He had been to see his GP and complained of depression.” Hanged

Michael Jones, 25 (South Wales). “History of depressive illness.” Struck by train

Michael Jones, 49 (Teesside). “Struggling with depression.” Fell from cliff

Michael Kirkbright, 66 (Lancashire). Carbon monoxide poisoning

Michael Parker, 50 (Worcestershire). Hanged

Michael South, 40 (North Yorkshire). MH patient. Stole ambulance and drove it into a bus

Michael Valentine, 46 (Plymouth). Mental health concerns. Ingested helium

Michael Williams, 43 (Leicester Prison). “Anxious.” Hanged

Michael Yates, 65 (Essex). Struck by train

Mihangel ap Dafydd, 54 (South Wales). In MH unit. Hanged

Mike Halligan, sales rep, 29 (London), “Cracked.” Jumped from building

Molly Green, florist, 19 (Surrey). Took her life

Morgan Dodds, schoolgirl, 15 (Tyneside). “Upset.” Found in quarry

Morgan Savage, doctor, 40 (Isle of Wight). Cut his throat

* Nangyalai Dawoodzai, asylum seeker, 29 (West Midlands). “Depressed and very down.” Killed himself

Natalia Cieslak, 29 (Wiltshire). “Felt down.” Hanged

* Natalie Orton, 26 (Nottingham). “Concerns for wellbeing.” Found in woodland

* Natasha Chin, prisoner, 41 (Bronzefield Prison). Overdose of prescribed meds

Natasha Frodsham, student, 17 (Bolton). “Battling low moods.” Hanged

Natasha Kasanda, student, 19 (Hull). “Had been seeing mental health psychiatrists.” Took poison

* Nathan Saunders, 20 (Cheshire). Struck by train

Nayyar Janis, 45 (Watford). “Psychological problems.” Overdose of pentobarbitol

Nazia Hussain, 36 (Blackburn). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Ndricim Sadushi, prisoner, 43 (Belmarsh Prison). “History of depression.” Cut his throat

Neil Corne, 48 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Depressed.” Jumped from crane

Neil Holdcroft, 48 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Suffered from anxiety and depression.” Hanged

Neil Kennerley, tree surgeon, 44 (Lancashire). “Under a lot of stress.”  Hanged

Neil Sharman, prisoner, 43 (Exeter Prison). “Mental health needs.” Hanged

Nicholas Newman, actor, 55 (Suffolk). “Low mood.” Combination of Zolpidem & alcohol

Nicolle Tomlinson, 22 (Lincolnshire). Combination of meds

Nigel Clarke, teacher, 59 (Hampshire). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

* Nigel Green, estate agent, 61 (South Devon). Hanged

Nigel Hill, fisherman, 56 (Cornwall). “Worried about things.” Drowned in sea

Nigel Hoskins, tattoo artist, 47 (Herefordshire). “Suffered with depression.” Hanged

Nigel Jacques, rail worker, (Staffordshire). “Suffering with anxiety.” Struck by train

Nigel McGrath, builder, 45 (South Wales). Strangled his partner and hanged himself

* Nikolaus Stephens, carer, 41 (Norwich). Just left hospital. Struck by lorry

Nina Paunova, fashion student, 20 (North Yorkshire). Hanged

Noriko Seida, student, 30 (Lancashire). Treated in hospital. Stabbed herself

Norman Baker, 78 (Plymouth). “Suffering stress.” Suffocated himself

Nozrul Islam, market researcher, 22 (Hertfordshire). Drowned in pond

Oliver Safioulin, 50 (Norwich Prison). “Suffered from severe psychiatric illness.” Hanged

Oliver Watson, 25 (Hampshire). “Depressed mental state.” Drove his car into a barrier

Omair Abbas, 18 (Cardiff). “Feeling depressed.” Drowned in river

Owen Hasell, 35 (East Yorkshire). “Deterioration in his mood.” Hanged

Paloma Salas, au pair, 25 (Herefordshire). “Anxious.” Hanged

Patricia Medland, (South Devon). “Severe mental illness.” Died in fire

Patrick Humphries, chef, 58 (Buckinghamshire). Hanged

Patrick Woosey, student, 17 (Liverpool). Hanged

* Paul Abbott, prisoner, 57 (Long Lartin Prison). Had killed his wife. Found dead

Paul Bishop, 68 (Worcestershire). Asphyxiated

Paul Ellis, 28 Hertfordshire). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Paul Griffiths, salesman, 36 (South Devon). “Troubled.” Overdose of meds

Paul Lavender, 42 (Wolverhampton). “Suffered from mental health issues.” Fell from multi-storey car park

Paul Loveridge, 52 (Kent). “Suffered from depression.” Gassed himself

Paul McCarthy, unemployed, 48 (Bolton). “Suffered from mental health issues.” Hanged

Paul McCumesky, 40 (Greater Manchester). “Low moods.” Hanged

Paul Mitchell, 25 (Sheffield). “Became frustrated and depressed.” Struck by train

Paul Robinson, 53 (Worcestershire). Jumped from bridge

Paul Wardell, 30 (East Yorkshire). “Suffering from “exhaustion, fatigue and depression.” Drove car into lorry

Paul White, 40 (South Wales). Hanged

Paula McAllister, 46 (South Devon). “Suffered with depression.” Hanged

Pawel Oleksinki, unemployed, 52 (Bolton). “Had become depressed.” Hanged

Penelope Wheeler, retired reflexologist, 74 (Hampshire). “Struggled with grief.” Drowned in lake

Peter Birkett, 88 (Grimsby). Inhaled helium

Peter Bousfield, 41 (North Yorkshire). “Severe mental health problems.” Drowned in stream

Peter Brown, retired firefighter, 58 (Kent). “Suffered severe depression.” Asphyxiated with helium

Peter Charnley, 49 (Cumbria). “Worried.” Hanged

Peter Lawrence, (Peterborough Prison). Stabbed himself

Peter Loughlin, businessman, 59 (Cardiff). “Struggling.” Drowned in river

Peter Morgan, photographer, 52 (Essex). “Troubled.” Hanged

Peter Stevens, 48 (Herefordshire). “Struggling with low moods.” Hanged

* Peter Wood, 70 (Milton Keynes) .”Depressed.” Jumped from block of flats

Philip Davies, gas fitter, 35 (North Wales). “Struggled.” Struck by train

Philip Impey, publican, 53 (Somerset). “History of problems.” Hanged

Philip Lee, 65 (Gloucestershire). “Suffered mild depression.” Shot himself

Pierre Gurdal, banker, 42 (London). “Acting in a depressed way.” Jumped from office balcony

Rachel Gow, 27 (Ipswich). “Sought help for mental health issues.” Overdose of morphine

Rachel Rico, 31 (Essex). Bipolar. Overdose of prescription meds

* Radoslaw Jemielita, 28 (North Wales). “Severe depression.” Hanged

* Ranique Edwards, 24 (Wormwood Scrubs Prison). Hanged

Ratidzai Sangare, 38 (South London). “Psychotic disorder.” Hanged

Rasmus Barlow, 16 (Somerset). “Upset.” Fell into gorge.

Raymond York, prisoner, 54 (Hewell Prison). Hanged

Rea Dixon, nurse, 32 (South Devon). “Upset.” Hanged

Reynold Briggs, 95 (Lancashire). Jumped from block of flats

Richard Benson, retired GP, 60 (South Devon). “History of depression.” Hanged

Richard Dale, 25 (Teesside). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

Richard Dinsdale, electrician, 40 (East Yorkshire). “Became depressed.” Asphyxiated

Richard Fielden, teacher, 31 (Cumbria). Referred to MH service. Hanged

Richard Hennefer, 47 (West Midlands). “Suffering from bi-polar.” Fell from block of flats

Richard Ralph, ex-soldier, 62 (Staffordshire). Facing allegations. Hanged

Richard Roberts, plasterer, 30 (Wiltshire). “Issues with depression.” Hanged

Richard Saunders, tattooist, 35 (Leicestershire). “Sought medical help.” Hanged

Rob Lane, teacher, 50 (Derbyshire). Combination of drugs

Rob Williams, doorman, 31 (Cumbria). “History of depressive behaviour.” Hanged

Robert Archibald, Canadian police officer, 28 (Manchester). “Struggling with depression.” Hanged

Robert Brooks, retired lecturer, 65 (South Devon). “Diagnosed with clinical depression.” Struck by lorry

Robert Dodd, 91 (Tyneside). “Suffered from depression.” Fell from cliff

Robert Horvath, builder (Gloucestershire). “Presented a low mood to his GP.” Carbon monoxide poisoning

Robert Majchrzak, prisoner, 30 (Wealstun Prison). “Increasingly paranoid.” Set fire to his cell

Robert Marris, accountant, 62 (Lincolnshire). “Suffering a mental disorder.” Drowned in sea

Robert Mundin, 50 (Bedfordshire). Discharged from MH unit. Struck by train

Robert Sheridan, 78 (Worcestershire). Jumped from bridge

Robert Smith, 46 (Berkhire). “Becoming paranoid and stressed.” Hanged

Robert Whitehouse, 45 (Worcestershire). Hanged

Rolf Allen, 50 (Berkshire). “Paranoid.” Struck by train

Rose Polge, doctor, 25 (South Devon). “Expressed concerns to her GP.” Drowned in sea

Rosemary Corden, council employee, 53 (Staffordshire). “Attended her GP.” Hanged

Ross Bullock, 38 (Worcestershire). hanged

Roy Bennett, stonemason, 58 (Humber Bridge). “Depressed.” Jumped from bridge

Ruslan Gutu, student, 18 (Berkshire). “Changes of mood.” Hanged

Russell Baker, machine operator (West Midlands). “Feeling depressed.” Asphyxiated

Russell Beck, 51 (North Wales). “Personal problems.” Fell from height

Russell Hancock, electrician, 57 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

Russell Morgan, 56 (Hampshire). Previous suicide attempts. Carbon monoxide poisoning

Russell Walker, 42 (Oxfordshire). “Out of character.” Carbon monoxide poisoning

Ruth Underwood, 57 (North London).”Suffered fron depression and anxiety.” “Found dead in bathroom.”

Ryan Hart, student, 16 (Kent). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

Ryan Myers, carpenter, 27 (Liverpool). In debt. Hanged

* Ryan Wilkinson, trainee teacher, 22 (Derbyshire). Struck by train

Saffie Johnson, 19 (Manchester). “Sought the help of MH service.” Hanged

Saima Kaduji, schoolgirl, 14 (Bolton) Hanged

Sally Allen, 59 (Newcastle). “Anxiety issues.” Drowned in river

Sally Hickling, 20 (Blackpool). In MH unit. Strangled herself

Samantha Barton, 39 (Nottinghamshire). Mental health patient. Jumped from moving minibus

Samantha McDonald, student, 20 (Greater Manchester). “Hiding her depression.” Fell from hall of residence

Samantha White, 43 (Essex). Overdose of prescription meds

* Sammi Kearsey, model, 29 (Gloucestershire), “Severe anxiety and depression.” Hanged

Samuel Carroll, 20 (North Yorkshire). “Suffering from low mood.” Hanged

Sandie Vickers, 36 (Staffordshire). “Used a number of prescription painkillers.” Combination of drugs

Sandra Andrijauskaite, 22 (Lincolnshire). “Relationship difficulties.” Hanged

Sandra Gingell, 67 (South London). “Battle with anxiety and depression.” Overdose of Promethazine

Sandra Perren, accounts manager, (Hampshire). “Suffering anxiety and depression.” Stabbed herself

Sara Gilks, 32 (West Yorkshire). “History of depressive episodes.” Overdose of Propranolol

Sarah Hankins, school worker, 47 (Wiltshire). “Plunged into depression.” Hanged

Scott McCaffrey, 31 (Somerset). “Battling depression.” Drowned in river

Sebastien Biernacki, 32 (Herefordshire). Found dead at home

Shareen Liaqat, 20 (West Midlands). “Upset.” Drowned in canal

Shaun Halliday, 54 (York). “Episodes of depression.” Hanged

Shaun Howson, 32 (Leeds). “Struggle with depression and anxiety.” Hanged

Shaun Kelly, college lecturer, 48 (Cheshire). “Suffered from a history of anxiety and depression.” Hanged

Shaun McLoughlin, 31 (Worcestershire). Hanged

Sheila Davis, office manager, 54 (East Sussex). “Suffering from serious depression.” Drowned in sea

Shuvo Mukherjee, doctor, 32 (Southampton). “Suffered from insomnia.” Combination of drugs

* Silva Parden-Bell, 35 (West Yorkshire). Hanged

Simon Baldwin, 30 (Teesside). “Very depressed.” Hanged

Simon Banks, graphic designer, 43 (Kent). Treated by MH team. Took lethal drug

Simon Holt, 44 (West Yorkshire). “Suffering health problems.” Hanged

Simon Lewis, 47 (West London). Cut his wrists

Simon McBride, prisoner (Liverpool Prison). Hanged

Simon Turvey, 27 (Woodhill Prison). Hanged

Sinead Lowry, 23 (Preston). “Took prescription drugs.” Combination of drugs & alcohol

Smita Pandya, recruitment consultant, 46 (Bristol). “Recent battles with depression.” Hanged

Sophie Armstrong, 21 (Liverpool). “Mental health problems.“ Took her life

* Sophie Moura, 30 (Manchester). “Anxiety and depression.” Fell from bridge

Stacey Sollis, 27 (Worcestershire). “On prescribed support medication.” Combination of drugs

Stan Charity, 40 (Herefordshire). “Mental health problems.” Took his life

Stanley Evans, 48 (Wolverhampton). Referred to MH nurse. Hanged

Stefan Osgood, student,21 (West Wales). “Suffering from a depressive illness.” Self-inflicted wounds

Stephan Jennerway, 50 (Cheshire). “Very long history of depression.” Hanged

Stephanie Evans, 23 (Coventry). “History of mental health problems.” Overdose of heroin

Stephen Ahern, 77 (West London). “Allegations.” Drowned in river

* Stephen Arnold, 55 (Lincolnshire). “In touch with MH services.” Stabbed his wife, then himself

* Stephen Bantoft, businessman, 49 (West London). At the Priory. Hanged

Stephen Cahill, 55 (Bedfordshire). Struck by train

Stephen Carter, prison officer, ex-soldier, 52 (Hertfordshire). “Dealing with struggles.” Hanged

Stephen Coops, 40 (Cornwall). “Really depressed.” Stabbed himself

Stephen Coukham, 23 (Cornwall). “Under great pressure.” Found dead in field

* Stephen Hallam, music teacher, 62 (Cheshire). Hanged

Stephen Jenkins, (Dorset). Hanged

Stephen Lunn, pharmacist, 42 (Suffolk). “Suffering from depression.” Overdose of Temazepam & morphine

Stephen Phillips, ex-police officer, 56 (Herefordshire). “Depersonalisation disorder.” Hanged

Steve Adamson, 44 (North Yorkshire). “Very distressed.” Hanged

Steve Porter, police officer, 45 (Cheshire). Hanged

Steven Archer, 49 (Cumbria). Attending therapy sessions. Fell from multi-storey car park

Steven Murphy, 41 (Hampshire). “Concerns about his mental state.” Struck by train

Steven Scheermann, accountant, 67 (London). “Suffering severe depression.” Struck by train

Steven Smith, 36 (Bolton). “Wanted to kill himself.” Drove his car into a wall

Steven Westlake, 41 (Plymouth). “Struggled.” Combination of drugs

Stewart Akins, 51 (Worcestershire). Released from custody. Struck by train

Stewart Butt, 45 (Southampton). “Depressed.”Overdose of Oramorph

Stuart Downes, 31 (Shropshire). Hanged

Stuart Hamilton, salesman, 59 (Hampshire). “Suffering from depression.” Cut his throat

Stuart Hedley, 34 (Suffolk). “Visited his GP for depression.” Struck by train

Stuart Luis, actor, 44 (South London). “Troubled.” Struck by train

Suman Valavala, software engineer, 33 (West London). Referred to MH team by GP. Struck by train

Susan Hamlett, 66 (Bedfordshire). Struck by train

Susan McIvor, 72 (Hampshire). “Severe mental illness.” Struck by lorry

Taous Adem, 37 (East London). “Impulsive.” Jumped from block of flats

Tara Moore, 44 (Cornwall). Previously in MH unit. Overdose of meds

Terence Adams, prisoner, 43 (Pentonville Prison). “High risk of self harm.” Hanged

* Terence Pimm, insurance worker, 30 (Essex). History of mental health difficulties.” Fell from multi-storey car park

Terence Spiers, 32 (Worcestershire). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Terrence Ford, 81 (North Devon). Grieving. Combination of drugs

Terry Hurford, 44 (Essex). “History of self-harming.” Hanged

Thomas Anderson, 50 (Kent). “Taking medication.” Drowned in sea

Thomas Carter, 59 (Somerset). “Suffered from mental problems.” Drowned in bath

Thomas Harris, 22 (Kent). PFD report. Asphyxiated by helium

Thomas Kelly, gardener, 59 (North Lonson). “Suffered from social anxiety and depression.” Hanged

Tia Cannings, student, 18 (Birmingham). Hanged

* Tim Neal, 53 (South Devon) Hanged

Timothy Horton, businessman, 43 (North Wales). Carbon monoxide poisoning

Tina Harding, 55 (Plymouth). “Had a depressive illness.” Drowned in sea

Tina Rayson, 41 (Blackburn). “Had been depressed.” Jumped from bridge

Tom Allin, professional cricketer, 28 (North Devon). “Became very low.” Jumped from bridge

Tom Bradshaw, 25 (Derbyshire). “History of depression.” Hanged

Tomasz Bogus, 41 (South Yorkshire). Marital problems. Hanged

* Tony Bickers, retired firefighter, 53 (Suffolk). Struck by train

Tony Legge, prisoner, 30 (Chelmsford Prison). “Suffered from PTSD, depression and anxiety.” Hanged

Tony Merritt, 55 (Essex). “History of mental illness.” Set himself on fire

Toryino Williams, 22 (Exeter Prison). Fatally stabbed partner, then hanged himself

Tracey Lynch, 39 (Lancashire). “Emotionally unstable personality disorder.” Hanged

Tracey Moore, 37 (Somerset). “Serious mental health issues.” Struck by train

Tracy Caldwell, 50 (Berkshire). “Suffering from psychosis.” Found at home

Trae van Merlin, security guard, 42 (Oxford). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Tyrone Lock, 18 (Shropshire). “Concerns about his behaviour.” Hypothermia

Vanessa Dadswell, (Surrey). Referred to Mental Health services.  Struck by train

Vanessa Lucas-Heathorn, 44 (Nottinghamshire). “Mental health issues.” Set herself on fire

Victor Farley, builder, 63 (West Wales). Hanged

Victor Goodridge-Suarez, factory manager, 54 (Lincolnshire). “Suffering from various stresses.” Drowned in river

Victoria Elsbury-Legg, journalist, 44 (Dorset). “Suffered from ME.” Drowned in sea

Victoria MacDonald, 33 (Wiltshire). “Severe mental health issues.” Died in fire

Victoria Rolls, 20 (Plymouth). “Mental health problems.” Fell from hotel window

* Vilhemas Borketas, prisoner, 23 (Pentonville Prison). Hanged

* Vincent Nagle, 44 (Derbyshire). Strangled estranged partner then jumped from motorway bridge

Vojin Mandic, 51 (Berkshire). “Under a lot of stress.” Hanged

Warren Sampson, 29 (Chelmsford Prison). “Mental health problems.” Hanged

Wayne Cornlouer, prisoner, 21 (Portland Prison). Hanged

Wayne Murphy, 42 (North Wales). “Depressed.” Hanged

William Jones, ex-butcher, 69 (West Midlands). “History of depression.” Hanged

William Roton, 95 (Worcestershire). Hanged

Wojciech Krepulec, 29 (Lincolnshire). “Stressed.” Hanged

Zoe Tynan, 19 (Liverpool). “Anxious.” Struck by train


Total so far: 685

* inquest pending, adjourned or in progress


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