“Suffering from Depression” – 2017

In the course of my research, I have come across many inquest reports in which there appeared to be all the hallmarks of an antidepressant-related death, but where there was no mention of medication.

However, in several reports, treatment by a GP or psychiatric services was implied, through phrases such as “struggling with depression” or “sought help from a GP”.

Many local newspapers now give a minimal amount of information. I have included links to some of these reports, where the impulsive, reckless or violent behaviour involved is typical of antidepressant-induced deaths.

The format of the list is as follows: Name (with Hyperlink); Occupation; Age; Location; Evidence; Cause of Death.

I hope that I have not intruded on anybody’s private grief by collating this information. However, if you are related to one of the victims, and do not wish your relative’s name to be included, please send an email to brian@antidepaware.co.uk with the details, and their name and link will be removed.

I should also be grateful to hear from anybody who can either confirm whether or not antidepressants were being taken by the victim at the time of the tragedy, or at any time during the previous year.

The summaries below all relate to inquests carried out in England or Wales in 2017:


Aaron Ansbro, 23 (Lancashire).”History of depression.” Combination of drugs

Aaron Aston, ex-soldier, 35 (Hampshire). PTSD. Hanged

Aaron Joyce, 23 (Essex). Took his life

Aaron Michel, 36 (Somerset). Saw mental health teams. Hanged

Abu Bokker Ali, 18 (West Sussex). Treated by MH services. Took carfentanil

Adam Cowell, decorator (Lancashire). “Anxiety medication,” Overdose of cocaine

Adam Longley, 30 (Essex). “History of depression.” Hanged

Adam Standing, 38 (Oxfordshire).”Struggled with depression.” Hanged

Agnes Bartos, 52 (Norfolk). “Worried.” Hanged

Aidan Knight, ex-soldier, 29 (West Sussex). “Diagnosed with symptoms of PTSD.” Hanged

Aine Jones, 23 (Bedfordshire). “Battled  depression.” Overdose of drugs

Alan Potter, 45 (Portsmouth). “Reviewed by MH team.” Struck by lorry

Alex Byers, 33 (Newcastle). “Depressed and suffered from low mood swings.” Drowned in river

Alex Moore-Martin, 26 (Hertfordshire). “Depressed for years.” Hanged

Alex Quealy, estate agent, 23 (Kent). Hanged

Alex Wheeler, insurance worker, 21 (Surrey). “History of depression.” Hanged

* Alexander Habib-Shaheed, 32 (Highpoint Prison). Hanged

Alexander Hocken, student nurse, 31 (Dorset). “Suffering from depression.” Overdose of painkillers

* Ali Hussan, 37 (Sheffield). “Concerns about his mental health.” Fell from bridge

Allan Worrall, (North Wales). “Mental health issues.” Hanged

Alon Eliashar, entrepreneur, 23 (Hertfordshire). “Feeling anxious and depressed.” Hanged

Amanda McShee, 53 (Essex). Jumped from bridge

* Amandeep Garcha, accountant, 34 (Kent). Jumped from motorway bridge

Amber Baker, 18 (Kent). “Mental health issues.” Struck by train

* Amelia Willis, schoolgirl, 16 (Somerset). Took her life

Amir Faizi, 31 (Pentonville Prison). “Vulnerable.” Hanged

Andrew Duncanson, 45 (Berkshire). “Not happy.” Hanged

Andrew Green, farmer, 33 (Shropshire). Took his life

Andrew Kenna, scientist, 57 (Essex). Ingested cyanide

Andrew Scott, 42 (Sunderland). “History with mental health services.” Stabbed himself

Aneta Jarosz, 35 (Wiltshire). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

Angelo Harris, contractor, 50 (North Devon). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Annabel Lewis, schoolgirl, 15 (Staffordshire). Referred to CAMHS. Asphyxiated

Anthony Brett,  unemployed, 51 (West Yorkshire). “Cycle of alcohol & depression.” Struck by car

Anthony Ducie, 55 (Cumbria). “Suffering from a lot of stress.” Hanged

Anthony Gough, sales assistant, 32 (North Wales). Drowned in sea

Anthony Harris, 73 (South Devon). Overdose of morphine

* Anthony Hills, 65 (Kent). Hanged

Anthony Rose, 17 (South Devon). Referred to CAMHS. Hanged

Anthony Wynn, 68 (Herefordshire). Overdose of drugs

April Bradley, zookeeper, 30 (North Wales). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Arin Lyth, schoolboy, 13 (Teesside). “Spoke of his depression.” Hanged

Arkadiusz Dawid, 24 (North Wales). “Had been depressed.” Struck by train

Arthur Morley, prisoner, 72 (Grendon Prison). Hanged

Arwel Davies, 35 (Swansea). “Issues with depression.” Overdose of heroin

Aston Jones, 19 (Surrey). “Had a difficult life.” Combination of drugs

Ausama Khalil, artist, 50 (Middlesbrough). “Depressed.” Found at home

* Barbara Ellis, 52 (Gloucestershire). Grieving. Found on motorway

Barry Fielding, 82 (Lancashire).”Suffered from depression and anxiety.” Found at home

Barry McDonald, taxi driver, 35 (Bolton). “Struggled with depression.” Hanged

Barry Reed, 36 (Somerset). Hanged

Ben Good, financial analyst, 38 (North London). “Distressed.” Suffocated

Ben McManus, accountant, 26 (North Wales). Hanged

Benjamin Fields, 33 (Brighton). “Suffered from depression and anxiety.” Hanged

Benjamin Terranova, 28 (Kent). “Suffered from depression and anxiety.” Combination of drugs

Bernard Phillips, 35 (Manchester). “Chronic bipolar affective disorder.” Hanged

Beth Fitton, schoolgirl, 13 (West Yorkshire). “Difficult transition.” Hanged

Beth Whitchurch, prisoner, 31 (Eastwood Park prison). “Diagnosed with severe depression.” Killed herself

Boris Johnston, 19 (Bristol). “Regularly saw his GP.” Hanged

Bethany Shipsey, 21 (Worcestershire). “Ongoing treatment for mental health issues.” Overdose of DNP

* Brandon Barker, schoolboy, 13 (Essex). Hanged

* Brenda Khan, retired police officer, 73 (East London). “Suffering from depression.” Fell from viaduct

Brendan Hughes, 37 (Wiltshire). “Took tablets.” Unascertained

Brian Keeney, 41 (Essex). Hanged

Brian Smith, 72 (West Midlands). Stabbed himself

Brian Wills, 65 (Essex). “Anxiety and panic attacks.” Struck by train

Caitlain Wright, 17 (Northumberland). Overdose of meds

* Callum Cooper, 16 (Dorset). Hanged

* Callum King, 18 (Brighton). “Struggling with mental illness.” Fell from pier

Callum Smith, 27 (Bristol Prison). “Struggled with mental illness.” Hanged

* Calum Rowe, 27 (Kent). “Depression.” Found in woodland

* Cameron Harvey, 23 (Suffolk). Struck by train

Cameron Ray, 19 (Suffolk). Hanged

Caroline Baker, 55 (South Devon). “Agreed to restart her medication.” Stabbed herself

Caroline Hunt, 53 (Foston Hall Prison). Hanged

Caroline Wilson, 37 (Staffordshire). “History of depression.” Hanged

Carrol Steer, 72 (Hampshire). “On several medications.” Hanged

Catherine McColl-Sutherland, 46 (Surrey). “Lived with depression.” Hanged

Catherine McGonagle, 34 (Oxfordshire). “Battling with depression.” Struck by car

Catherine Vickers, 39 (Surrey). Grieving for son. Hanged

Ceri Sheehan, schoolboy, 15 (Hertfordshire).  Treated for depression & ADHD. Hanged

* Cerys King, 18 (South Yorkshire). “Suffering from depression.” Took her life

Charles Evenden, student, 17 (Leicestershire). Hanged

Charles Hadley, retired businessman, 88 (West Midlands). “Started to become depressed.” Hanged

Charles Moodie, ex-driver, 52 (Wiltshire). Struck by train

* Charlie Watkins, student, 22 (North Yorkshire). Hanged

Charlotte Baron, schoolgirl, 14 (Greater Manchester). “Seen by a mental health worker.” Hanged

* Charlotte Cash, 34 (Greater Manchester). Struck by train

Cheyenne Crocker, 25 (Swansea). Hanged

Chloe Morris, schoolgirl, 13 (Bristol). Hanged

Chris Beardshaw, prisoner, 37 (Leeds Prison). “Distressed.” Hanged

Christopher Ditchburn, doctor, 47 (Teesside). Fell from viaduct

Christopher Green, teacher, 44 (Cheshire). History of anxiety and depression.” Hanged

Christopher Hope, prisoner, 28 (Holme House). Hanged

Christopher Miesner, 41 (Wiltshire). Hanged

Christopher Nevard, prisoner, 32 (Essex). In MH unit. Hanged

* Christopher Reeves, 45 (Dorset). Struck by train

Christopher Small, chef, 44 (County Durham). Hanged

Christopher Southgate, university lecturer, 52 (Isle of Wight). “Troublesome time.” Asphyxiated

Christopher Wildsmith, 48 (Lincolnshire). “Upset.” Shot himself

Christopher Wood, 66 (Bournemouth). “Withdrawn.” Drowned in sea

Clive Thornton, 40 (Hampshire). “History of depression.” Hanged

Colin Curzon, 36 (Cheshire). “Upset.” Overdose of Gabapentin & Tramadol

Colin Perry, prisoner, 33 (Nottingham Prison). “Mental health issues.” Hanged

Colin Taylor, 36 (North Yorkshire). “Problems.” Hanged

Conner Brown, farmer, 20 (Hull). Treated in MH unit. Drowned in river

Connor Green, 19 (Cheshire). Referred to CAMHS. Combination of drugs

* Connor Johnson, 22 (Hampshire). “Suffered anxieties.” Struck by vehicle

Coral Moon, 23 (Hertfordshire). Treated by psychiatrist. Struck by train

* Courtney Smith, 18 (Cornwall). “Battling mental health problems.” Overdose of paracetamol

Craig Johnson, insurance worker, 24 (Norwich). “Struggled with depression.” Asphyxiated

Craig Wood, 34 (Teesside). “Under considerable stress.” Carbon monoxide poisoning.

Cyrus Karumba, soldier, 36 (Oxfordshire). Saw doctor about stress. Hanged

Dafydd Dafis, actor, 58 (North Wales). “Depression.” Hanged

Dagmara Przybysz, schoolgirl, 16 (Cornwall). Hanged

Daisy Ho, student, 20 (Cardiff). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Damien DeSouza-Kirby, 38 (Preston). “Relationship problems.” Hanged

Daniel Campbell, 25 (Northumberland). “Mind and capacity for rational thinking affected by illness.” Struck by train

Daniel Dunkley, prisoner, (Woodhill Prison). “Agitated, worried, anxious and angry.” Hanged

Daniel Green, student, 18 (Bristol). Asked about counselling. Hanged

Daniel Harding, technician, 24 (Lincolnshire). “Transferred to psychiatric service.” Hanged

Daniel Howard-Prince, 35 (Buckinghamshire). “History of mental health issues.” Drowned in river

Daniel Lech, decorator, 33 (North London). Hanged

Daniel Smith, 25 (Cheshire). Left MH unit. Died in fire

Daniel Voysey, 34 (Essex). “Suffered from depression.” Jumped from multi-storey car park

Daragh Byrne, builder, 45 (North London). “Suffering from depression.” Struck by train

Darren Hewitt, 39 (Middlesbrough). “Mental health issues.” Took his life

* Darren Smythe, 51 (Grimsby). Hanged

Daryl Hargrave, 22 (Winchester Prison). “Suffered from mental health problems.” Hanged

David Anderton, 56 (North Wales). “He’d just had enough.” Struck by train

David Cornes, 82 (Cheshire). “Personality disoreder.” Drove his car into parked lorry

David Howell, 43 (Norfolk). “Symptoms of depression.” Hanged

David Knight, 29 (Cornwall). Treated in MH unit. Struck by train

David Metcalf, 54 (County Durham). “Visited by mental health worker.” Drowned in sea

David Moran, 49 (Cheshire). “Bi-polar.” Overdose of prescribed meds

David Peters, student, 20 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Suffering from depression.” Took poison

David Read, 29 (Norfolk). Referred to MH team. Combination of drugs

David Swankie, engineer, 29 (Wigan).”Struggled to cope.” Hanged

* David Thomas, 46 (North Wales). Struck by train

David Webster, 81 (North Devon). “Suffered from loneliness.” Hanged

David White, 44 (Lancashire). “Up and down emotionally.” Inhaled helium

* Dawid Garus, 20 (North Wales). Hanged

Dayton Hodgkiss, 34 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Suffered from depression.” Combination of heroin & alcohol

Dean Brewin, 25 (Bolton). Treated by MH team. Asphyxiated

Dean Gillespie, 43 (Kent). “Stressed and anxious.” Hanged

Declan Sullivan, 20 (Birmingham). “Sleeping problems.” Fell from flyover

Derek Clough, 89 (North Devon). “Concerns.” Drowned in river

Dervyn Thomas, 45 (North Wales). Treated in MH unit. Hanged

Dipa Lad, 36 (Nottinghamshire). Mental health issues. Hanged

Don Mohlabane, student, 18 (Hertfordshire). Stabbed himself

Donald Davies, 86 (Cheshire). Told GP about depression. Hanged

Dorothy Peacock, 56 (Teesside). “Had depression.” Drowned in river

Edwin O’Donnell, prisoner, 26 (Liverpool Prison). “Lonely.” Hanged

Eileen Blackwell, 73 (West Midlands). “Suffered from depression.” Fell from block of flats

Eileen Bridges, 82 (Somerset). “Suffering.” Overdose of Zopiclone

Elliot Hobson, 17 (Manchester).. “Suffering with depression.” Took his life

Elliot Stapleton-Giddins, chef, 18 (Buckinghamshire). Saw his GP. Hanged

Elliott Harris, 18 (Middlesbrough). “Had been to the doctors for low mood.” Hanged

Ellis Williams, IT worker, 26 (Bedfordshire). “History of depression.” Drowned in river

* Elsa Scaburri, student, 21 (Wiltshire). Hanged

Emma Ambler, 41 (West Sussex). “Suffered from depression.” Fell from multi-storey car park

* Emma Matthews, 30 (South Wales). Hanged

Emma May, 34 (Plymouth). “Went into a depression.” Overdose of Tramadol

* Erin Bushnell, 23 (Essex). “Mental health issues.” Overdose of Fentanyl

Erin Shepherd, chemist, 27 (Oxford). “Struggled.” Took cyanide

Eugene Byrne, ex-delivery driver, 60 (Greater Manchester). Treated by GP & MH nurse. Hanged

Felicity Hyde, 38 (Blackpool). Hanged

Finnian Lytle, student, 30 (Brighton). “Struggled with depression.” Ingested yew leaves

Francis Morris, 77 (Essex). Hanged

François Fauconnier-Tola, 36 (Berkshire). Hanged

Frank Barton, 45 (Kent). Treated in MH unit. Hanged

Gary Clark, decorator, 33 (Essex). “Mental health issues.” Hanged

Gareth Crabbe, ex-soldier,  (Swansea). “Succumbed to PTSD and anxiety.” Hanged

Gary Slater, 48 (West Midlands). Hanged

Gary Tallett, 21 (Blackpool). “History of mental illness.” Overdose of Propranolol

Gary Webster, 39 (Grimsby).Combination of “prescribed medication and street drugs

Gavin Bullock, 39 (North Yorkshire). “Responding well to medication.” Hanged

Gavin Mason, schoolboy, 13 (Hampshire). “Found work stressful.” Hanged

* Gavin Rudd, bricklayer, 37 (Derbyshire). Hanged

Gemma Stone, 31 (Suffolk). “Suffered from depression, anxiety and stress.” Hanged

Geoffrey Leyland, 75 (Gloucestershire). “Under a lot of stress.” Struck by train

Geoffrey Maxted, HGV driver, 57 (West Midlands). Carbon monoxide poisoning

George Haddock, 82 (Suffolk). Saw GP. Set himself on fire in car

George Sellens, 63 (Somerset). “Mental health problems.” Overdose of painkillers

* George Titman, heating engineer, 20 (South Devon). Hanged

Georgia Brown, schoolgirl, 15 (Essex). Found in garden

* Georgia Walsh, 16 (Kent). Struck by train

Geraint Jones, farmer, 50 (North Wales). Shot himself

Gheorghe Ciobanu, 47 (Essex). ”Great deal of stress.” Hanged

Gillian Brown, 78 (North Devon). “Referred to psychiatric services.” Hanged

Glenn Lockey, 46 (Hampshire). “History of depression.” Combination of drugs

Graham Harrison, 60 (South Devon). “Long history of depression.” Cut his wrist

Graham Long, 45 (Hampshire). “Mild depression and anxiety.” Struck by train

Gurinder Rana, 38 (Berkshire). “Element of depression.” Hanged

Graham Slack, 62 (Norfolk). Drowned in river

Guy Alleston, farm worker, 56 (Suffolk).”Depressed.” Struck by train

Hannah Richards, vet, 63 (Swansea). Combination of veterinary drugs

* Hannah Webster, student, 20 (Essex). “history of interactions with mental health services.” Hanged

Harinder Garcha, finance manager, 34 (Kent). “History of depression and anxiety.” Drowned in river

Haris Chohan, 15 (Berkshire). Hanged

* Harriet Nicol, schoolgirl, 16 (Essex). Hanged

* Harry Ottaway, apprentice, 20 (Norfolk). Hanged

Hazel Nunn, charity worker, 36 (County Durham). Suffering with “paranoia and anxiety.” Struck by car

Helen Turrell, veterinary nurse, 33 (Lincolnshire). “In a bad place.” Overdose of animal  meds

Henry Bean, 21 (Southampton). “Suffering from depression and anxiety.” Found at home

Henry Spooner, 21 (Staffordshire). “Visited his GP for depression.” Fell from bridge

* Holly Broadhead, schoolgirl, 16 (West Yorkshire). Hanged

Horatiu Todea, 27 (East London). Struck by tube train

Hugh Cox, hospital consultant, 61 (Dorset). “Indication he may harm himself.” Drowned in sea

Iain Connor, chef, 27 (Hertfordshire). “History of mental health issues.” Hanged

Ian Bellows, dockworker, 56 (Southampton). Grieving. Jumped from bridge

Ian Doney, shop worker, 51 (Grimsby). “Received support” in MH unit. Hanged

Ian Durrands, 63 (Suffolk). On trial. Jumped from bridge

Ian Spink, 56 (Lincolnshire). Hanged

* Ibrahim Azeem, 31 (Nottinghamshire). In MH unit. Hanged

Irenuesz Losek, 42 (North London). “Suffered mental health issues.” Hanged

Ivan Russell, 48 (Wiltshire). “Suffered from anxiety.” Combination of drugs

Jack Davies-O’Neill, prisoner, 19 (Norwich Prison). Hanged

Jack Portland, 29 (Buckinghamshire). “Struggle with mental health issues.”  Found dead

Jack Waterman, 22 (Kent). “Diagnosed with depression.” Hanged

James Bowyer, waiter, 40 (Beachy Head). Fell from cliff

James Bradley, 19 (Hampshire). Previous overdose. Hanged

James Doherty, 16 (Lancashire). Hanged

James Dowling, computer programmer, 27 (Beachy Head). “Work-based stress.” Fell from cliff

James Francis, 81 (Norfolk). “Taking medication and had seen a mental health nurse.” Died in house fire that he started

James Matthew, 80 (Lincolnshire). “Concerns.” Asphyxiated

* James Spain, unemployed, 53 (Kent). Hanged

Jamie Crighton, 25 (Sunderland). “Suffered from depression.” Overdose of Quetiapine

Jamie Fairclough, 26 (Kent). Referred to MH team. Chemical asphyxiation

Jamie Gibson, 34 (Nottingham). “Struggling with mental health problems.” “Severe blood loss”

* Jasmine Bush, schoolgirl, 16 (Surrey). “Battle with depression.” Struck by train

Jason Monks, 16 (Wigan). “Troubled childhood.” Combination of meds

Jason Vince, 42 (Norfolk). “History of depression.” Overdose of paracetamol

Jay Hudson, electrical engineer, 26 (South Devon). “History of depression.” Fell from cliff

* Jemma Longthorp, 20 (Oxford). “Medication found nearby.” Found dead at home

Jennifer Taal, 48 (North Yorkshire). “History of mental health problems.” Took her life

Jenny McMahon, carer, 39 (South Devon). “History of depression.” Drowned in sea

* Jenny Swift, 49 (Doncaster Prison). Hanged

Jer Le Leow, student, 23 (East Sussex). “Suffered from depression.”. Drowned in sea

Jeremy Head, psychologist, 49 (Suffolk). “Mental health problems.” Hanged

Jihun Han, student, 19 (County Durham). Saw a GP. Hanged

Joan McTaggart, 49 (Essex). History of depression.” Overdose of morphine

* Joe Bartlett, prisoner, 36 (Norwich Prison). Hanged

Joe McIver, 36 (Sunderland). Drowned in river

Joey Rojas, student, 18 (North Wales). Hanged

John Clayton, researcher, 41 (Cardiff). “History of anxiety and depression.” Cut his wrist

John Cook, 39 (Wiltshire). “Difficult for him to cope.” Hanged

John Doody, 70 (Cornwall). Jumped from bridge

John Heald, prisoner, 53 (Hull Prison). “Upset.” Hanged

John Horton, 46 (Exeter Prison). Hanged

John Moll, retired doctor, 77 (Sheffield). “Suffering from depression.” Shot himself

John Stephenson, 85 (Nottinghamshire). “Change in demeanour.” Struck by train

John Williams, prisoner, 54 (Pentonville Prison). Hanged

Jon Daly, ex-jockey, 31 (Suffolk). “History of depression.” Hanged

Jonathan Morgan, 25 (Wiltshire). “Diagnosed with depression.” Hanged

Jonathan Palmer, prisoner (Wandsworth Prison). “Pre-existing psychiatric conditions.” Hanged

Joseph Beresford-King, 17 (Kent). Grieving. Found in woodland

Joseph Boseley, 21 (Berkshire). “Distressed.” Hanged

Joseph Lauder, 66 (County Durham). Struck by train

Joshua Jones, student, 15 (North Wales). Referred to CAMHS. Hanged

Juan Coto, sports psychologist, 47 (Surrey). Took his life

Julia Derbyshire, 16 (Warrington). “Developed mental health problems.” Hanged

Julian Zambra, company director, 58 (Hampshire). “Suffering from anxiety.” Carbon monoxide poisoning

Justin Christie, 23 (Kent). “Suffered from mental health issues.” Struck by train

Kamil Paszko, 19 (Reading). “Emotional.” Jumped from mororway bridge

Karen Vickers, 37 (Lincolnshire). “Mild depression.” Jumped from multi-storey car park

Karl Edgar, 33 (Essex). Hanged

Karl Parsons, driver, 39 (Somerset). “Stress and depression.” Shot himself

Karl Stevenson, 46 (Greater Manchester). “Anxiety and sleep deprivation.” Struck by train

* Kathleen Trimnell, ex-nurse, 72 (South Devon). “Receiving treatment.” Found in harbour

Katie Griffith, student, 18 (North Wales). “Under the care of adult MH services.” Struck by vehicle

Katrina Rolph, 20 (Norfolk), “Experiencing depression.” Hanged

Kayleigh Caesar, nurse, 28 (Kent). “Struggled with depression.” Hanged

Keith Folly, ex-postman, 40 (Slough). Combination of (unnamed) meds & alcohol

Keith Robinson, 48 (East London). “Severe bouts of depression.” Drowned in river

* Kenneth Gillespie, 63 (Grimsby). Struck by train

* Kevin Jacques, nurse, 31 (Derbyshire). Hanged

Kevin Taylor, 56 (Lincolnshire). “Darker side.” Struck by train

Kiki Grigat, facilities manager, 51 (East Sussex). Saw her GP. Drowned in sea

Kim Purdy, council employee, 35 (Essex). “High risk.” Hanged

Kirsty Johnson, 26 (Kent). “Under pressure.” Asphyxiated

Kirsty Robinson, 27 (Teesside). “Suffered from depression.” Combination of drugs

Krystyna Maliga, laundrette assistant, 61 (South Devon). “Problems.” Hanged

Kyle Hubbard, 28 (Plymouth). “History of paranoid feelings.” Stabbed himself

Kyle Jones, 29 (South Wales). Hanged

* Lanny Powell, ex-soldier, 52 (Grimsby). Struck by train

* Lara Nosiru, student, 23 (Bristol). Jumped from bridge

Laura Hyde, nurse, 27 (Plymouth). “Low in mood.” Injected anaesthetic drugs

Laura Stainton, 32 (Cumbria). “Problems included depression.” Overdose of methadone

Lauren Carr, 18 (Greater Manchester). “Struggled.” Hanged

* Lauren Lelonek, schoolgirl, 16 (Cheshire). Hanged

Lauris Trops, 27 (Suffolk). Hanged

Lawrence Williams, 49 (Lincolnshire). Killed his wife and hanged himself

Leah Hook, schoolgirl, 16 (Gloucestershire). Taken to see her GP. Hanged

Leah Ratheram, 20 (Birmingham). “Mood swings.” Hanged

Lech Augustynowicz, recycling worker, 55 (South Devon). Grieving. Hanged

Lee Caddy, builder, 42 (South Wales). Hanged

Lee Downey, 35 (County Durham). “Struggle with depression.” Found on beach

* Lee Evans, 23 (Essex). Hanged

Lee Jackson, carer, 34 (Middlesbrough). “Distressed.” Hanged

Lee Nicholson, 43 (Teesside). “Problems with depression.” Found at home

* Lee Ridgway, 16 (Cheshire). “Mental breakdown.” Struck by train

* Lee Sweeney, unemployed, 46 (South Devon). Hanged

* Leon Massingham, unemployed, 34 (Norfolk). Hanged

Leon Moretto, 37 (Staffordshire). “Low moods.” Hanged

Leslie Darlington, unemployed, 30 (South Wales). Diagnosed with schizophtenia. Hanged

Leszek Pioterek, 55 (Staffordshire). Hanged

Levi Smith, prisoner, 41 (Emley Prison). “Severe anxiety attack.” Hanged

Liam McEwen, 29 (Hertfordshire). “Saw a doctor” about depression. Hanged

Libby Collins, 29 (South Wales). “Suffered from severe depression.” Hanged

* Lisa Barnes, artist, 45 (Dorset). Struck by train

Lisa Boylan, 31 (North Wales). “Discharged from hospital.” Set herself on fire

Lorna Graves-Lynch, 38 (North Wales). Discharged from MH unit. Overdose of heroin

Louise Etherington, school pupil, 15 (Buckinghamshire). Transgender – “sessions with CAMHS.” Hanged

* Lucas Dean, apprentice, 20 (West Yorkshire). Hanged

Lucie Watt, 18 (East Sussex). Hanged

Lucy Casey, 29 (Teesside). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Luke Evans, 20 (Essex). “Mood had been up and down.” Hanged

Luke Howes, student, 21 (Berkshire). Treated in psychiatric hospital. Struck by train

Luke Moulding, 29 (Bedfordshire). Treated by MH team. Struck by train

* Luke Punchard, prisoner, 26 (Norwich Prison). Hanged

Lyndsey Higgins, 30 (Lancashire). “Had been depressed.” Hanged

* Maciej Wincenciak, 43 (Hull). “Suffering from depression.” Jumped from shopping centre

* Maisie Cousin-Stirk, schoolgirl, 16 (Nottinghamshire). “Depressed.” Found dead in woodland

Malvyn Fairclough, student, 23 (North London). “Felt inadequate.” Struck by tube train

Marcus Shaw, HGV driver, 43 (Cheshire). “Struggled with depression.” Found in woodland

Margaret Atkinson, prisoner, 47 (Low Newton Prison). “Mental health issues.” Hanged

* Margaret Tisson, school worker, 59 (East London). “Bouts of depression.” Struck by tube train

Marie Norris, 78 (West Sussex). Overdose of painkillers

Mark Fisher, writer, 48 (Suffolk). “Battled depression.”  Hanged

Mark Hawker, 47 (Gloucestershire). “Period of depression.” Asphyxiated

Mark Smitherson, ex-firefighter, 51 (Nottinghamshire). Hanged

Marlon Dermaine, 50 (Birmingham). “Bi-polar.” Jumped from block of flats

Martin Allwood, 41 (Humber Bridge). Jumped from bridge

Martin Bridgman, 48 (Northampton). “Mental health issues.” Struck by lorry

Martin Rhisiart, professor, 43 (Cardiff). “Anxiety and depression.” Found at home

* Martyn Bunting, 29 (Suffolk). Hanged

Martyn Neale, vicar, 60 (Hampshire). Set himself on fire

Mary Evans, 72 (Shropshire). “History of depression.” Drowned in pond

Matthew Bates, 21 (Cheshire). “Suffred from depression.” Overdose of Pregabalin

Matthew David, 30 (Somerset). “Heard voices.” Fell from bridge

* Matthew Jones, 17 (Reading). Asphyxiated

Matthew Kendall, trainer, 39 (Shropshire). Shot himself

Matthew Lusted, 19 (Dorset). Hanged

Matthew Williams, 37 (South Wales). “Low mood mental health.” Hanged

Meera Dalal, 25 (Leicestershire). “Sought help from doctors.” Found at home

* Megan Dowsett, 18 (Essex). Known to MH services. Struck by train

Megan Hoyle, schoolgirl, 14 (Lancashire). “Became withdrawn.” Overdose of non-pescribed meds

* Melanie Wilson, 22 (Nottinghamshire). “Serious mental problems.” Found in garden

Melvin James, 36 (Wolverhampton). Fatally stabbed his sister, then himself

Meshaal Al-Muraiki, student, 20 (Cheshire). “Dependent on medication.” Overdose of Tramadol

* Mia Titheridge, 17 (Norfolk). In MH unit. Hanged

Michael Beck, retired stockholder, 62 (South Devon). “Depressed.” Battered his wife, then hanged himself

Michael Clark, 59 (Berkshire). “Suffering from years of depression.” Struck by train

Michael Heathcote, 64 (Essex). “Low mood.” Struck by train

Michael McCluskey, 43 (Kent). “Some prescription drugs.” Overdose of morphine

Michael Prestage, 52 (Lancashire). “Battled with depression.” Hanged

Michael Russell, retired army officer, 63 (Devon). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

* Michael Treichl, 68 (Dorset) “Suffered from depression.” Found dead

Michaela Harkin, student, 20 (Greater Manchester). “Two different types of medication for an undisclosed medical condition.” Hanged

Michelle Barnes, prisoner, 33 (Low Newton Prison). Hanged

Michelle Woods, clinical psychologist, 36 (Cornwall). “Had suffered from depression.” Fell from cliff

Mike Collins, 56 (North Devon). “Bipolar.” Drowned in river

Miller Coyle, schoolboy, 15 (South Wales). Fell from cliff

* Mohammed Baz, butcher, 38 (North London). Struck by train

Natalie Welsh, pharmacy assistant, 37 (Brighton). Battling anxiety and depression.” Overdose of heroin

Nathan Bird, 19 (South Wales). Jumped from multi-storey car park

* Natasha Newell, schoolgirl, 14 (Kent). Treated at the Priory. Found dead

Nathan Saunders, shop worker, 20 (Cheshire). “History of depression.” Struck by train

Nathan Tomkins, 22 (Worcestershire). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

Neil Steer, 73 (Hampshire). Grieving. Hanged

Nicholas Davies, 34 (North Wales). Drove his car into a gorge

Nicholas de Candole, pilot, 40 (Bristol). “Mental health problems.” Hanged

Nicholas Donohue, warehouse operator, 42 (Lancashire). “Very upset.” Hanged

Nicholas Mowl, 41 (West Midlands). “Troubled by a mystery trauma.” Struck by bus

* Nicholas Passfield, 24 (Essex). Hanged

Nicholas Wall, retired judge, 71 (Kent). “Nurse visited with his medication.” Hanged

Nicholas Weston, 23 (West Sussex), “Requiring inpatient treatment.” Fell from hospital roof

Nicola Edwards, medical secretary, 49 (Kent). “Battle with depression.” Cut her wrists

Nicole Lever, 17 (South Devon). Treated by CAMHS. Overdose of non-prescribed meds

Nigel Green, estate agent, 61 (South Devon). “Suffering from stress.” Hanged

Nigel Ordinans, retired brewery worker, 63 (Kent). “Under a lot of stress.” Battered his wife then decapitated himself in car

Noel Boylan, prisoner, 46 (Channings Wood Prison). Hanged

Nyah James, schoolgirl, 14 (Swansea). Overdose of meds

Oliver Hawe, 44 (East Sussex). “Mental health problems.” Drowned in sea

Oliver Marsh, landscape gardener, 38 (Hampshire). “History of depression.” Hanged

Oliver Wilkes, carpenter, 22 (West Midlands). Hanged

Ondrej Suha, prisoner, 19 (Brinsford YOI). Hanged

Owain Davies, student, 27 (Swansea). “Battle with depression.” Hanged

Owen McAloone, 48 (Cumbria). “Had anxiety and depression.” Hanged

Owen Wason, ex-marine, 26 (County Durham). PTSD. Hanged

Pablo Cazorla, 45 (Beachy Head). “Diagnosed with depression and anxiety.”Jumped from cliff

Paige Carr, 17 (County Durham). “Impulsive decision.” Hanged

* Paige Chester, 21 (Kent). Grieving. Found dead at home

Pamela Leiluga, ex-civil servant, 45 (Lancashire). “Suffering from depression.” Carbon monoxide poisoning

Patricia Oliver, 76 (Reading). Grieving. Overdose of prescribed meds

Patrick Blackie, 32 (Lancashire). “Depressed.” Hanged

Paul Adalsteinsson, 40 (London). Combination of prescribed meds

Paul Casey, builder, 41 (East Sussex). “Emotional distress.” Hanged

Paul Cooling, 50 (Nottinghamshire). “Suffered depression.” Overdose of painkillers

Paul Hayes, 46 (Hull). Hanged

Paul Hyam, retired prison officer, 78 (Somerset). Hanged

Paul Insull, roofer, 31 (Staffordshire). “History of depression.” Hanged

* Paul Lander, lorry driver, 30 (West Midlands). Killed his wife then hanged himself

Paul Poole, 48 (Wigan). “History of mental health problems.” Hanged

Paul Shortland, 53 (Gloucestershire). Hanged

Paul Sinclair, student nurse, 44 (East Sussex). OCD. Fell from cliff

Pauline Johnson, 69 (Essex). “Depressed.” Hanged

Pauline Lowe, finance clerk, 48 (Dorset). “Worrying.” Hanged

Pawel Krupiczojc, 39 (Herefordshire). “Talked with his doctor.” Hanged

* Pedro Gil, teacher, 50 (Bournemouth). Fell from multi-storey car park

Peter Corcoran, 47 (Dorset). “History of depression.” Overdose of meds

Peter Docherty, 54 (West London). Treated in MH unit. Struck by train

Philip Langdon, student, 22 (Manchester). “Struggled with anxiety and depression.” Fell from balcony

Peter Peacock, 67 (Essex). Struck by train

Peter Sherwood, 67 (Suffolk). “Recurrent depressive disorder.” Set himself on fire

Peter Thomas, teacher, 54 (South Devon). “Distressed.” Jumped from cliff

Peter Watson, 69 (Kent). “Extreme OCD.”  Jumped from multi-storey car park

Peter Wheeler, 39 (Hampshire). “Suffered from depression.” Overdose of painkillers & alcohol

Petrus Willemse, librarian, 60 (Oxford). “Couldn’t cope.” Hanged

Phil Smith, businessman, 52 (Dorset). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Philip Sewell, 24 (Norfolk). In hospital. Hanged

Phillip Brooks, 46 (Southampton). “History of drug use.” Struck by train

Phillip McCormack, 29 (Hampshire). “Diagnosed with depression.” Hanged

* Piotr Binkowski, builder, 41 (Kent). Hanged

Pippa McManus, schoolgirl, 15 (Manchester). Treated in the Priory. Struck by train

Polly Ross, 32 (East Yorkshire). Seen by psychiatrists. Struck by train

Pourya Jahanbakhsh-Kermani, gas engineer, 33 (Southampton). Struck by train

* Rachel Stoter, 18 (Suffokl). “Mental health problems.” Struck by lorry

Rasmus Weinhardt, factory worker, 61 (Kent). Hanged

* Rebecca Brabon, schoolgirl, 15 (South Wales). Asphyxiated

Rebecca de Roeper, schoolgirl, 16 (Suffolk). “Suffered occasional panic attacks.” Overdose of prescribed meds

* Rebecca Ovenden, doctor, 32 (Plymouth). “History of mental health issues.” Found at home

* Reece Baker, 23 (Somerset). “Suffering mental health problems.” Took his life

Richard Blane, 34 (Bristol). “After seeking help from MH services.” Jumped from bridge

* Richard Brewer, property developer, 53 (Dorset). Stabbed himself

* Richard Pitkin, businessman, 65 (Suffolk). Fatally stabbed his wife, then hanged himself

* Ricky Slade, 30 (Nottingham Prison). Hanged

Robert Jones, 56 (West Midlands). “Diagnosis of depression.” Stabbed himself

Robert Jones-Welch, ex-police officer, 50 (North Wales). “Distraught,” Hanged

Robert Jose, kitchen fitter, 43 (Cornwall). “Previously suffered from depression.” Jumped from cliff

Robert Kelly, 70 (Gloucestershire). Suffering difficulties. Set fire to summer house

Robert Preston-Jones, lawyer, 48 (Hertfordshire). “Problems.” Struck by train

Robert Stannard, 49 (South Devon). “Suffered with depression.” Inhaled gas

Robertas Klipo, 29 (Lincolnshire). “Became depressed.” Drowned in river

Robert Seddon, 29 (Bolton). “History of depression.” Overdose of heroin

Robert Smith, car salesman, 28 (Woverhampton). Hanged

Rodney Siziba, delivery driver, Oxfordshire. Struck by train

Ronald Bennett, 77 (Worcestershire). “Anxiety and delusional beliefs.” Hanged

Ronald Oliver, 57 (Tyneside). “Suffering acute depression.” Jumped from cliff

Rosalind Oppido, 58 (Northamptonshire). “History of anxiety and depression.” Drowned in reservoir

Rosemary Atkins, ex-soldier, 32 (Manchester). “History of depression.” Drowned in bath

Rosie Payne, shop assistant, 19 (Lancashire). “Anxiety attacks.” Hanged

Ross Carter, 20 (Buckinghamshire). Hanged

Ross Jackson, 27 (Bristol). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Roy Magil, 68 (Dorset). Electrocuted himself

* Ruslanas Ignatenka, prisoner, 35 (Swaleside Prison). “Treatment of mental health.” Cut his throat

Ryan Fews, engineer, 31 (Gloucestershire). “Personal issues.” Shot himself

Ryan Gorton, 19 (Deerbolt YOI). Hanged

Sabby Walsh, 32 (East Sussex). In MH unit. Hanged

* Saffron Pickering, 17 (Nottinghamshire). Found at home

Sam Abel, schoolboy, 14 (Worcestershire). “Shared with friends his depression.” Fell from multi-storey car park

Sam Symons, student, 19 (Bristol). Found in his room

* Sammi Kearsey, 29 (Gloucestershire). “Struggled with depression.” Hanged

Samuel Saunders, 27 (Kent). “Depressed for years.” Hanged

Sarah Clarke, 35 (East Yorkshire). Overdose of painkillers

Sarah Tyler, 39 (North Wales). In MH unit. Hanged

Sarah Wood, 30 (Teesside). “Bi-polar”. Overdose of drugs

Sarah-Jane Cunningham, 38 (Norfolk). “Severe anxiety.” Combination of meds & alcohol

* Scott Bevan, prisoner, 21 (Swansea Prison). Hanged

Scott Enion, ex-soldier, 45 (Kent). “History of depression.” Jumped from cliff

Scott Flavill, student, 17 (Essex). “Mental health issues.” Hanged

Serena Williams, nurse, 45 (Greater Manchester). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Sergegus Bujanovas, 28 (South Devon). “Struggling.” Hanged

Sharlene Godding, delivery driver, 27 (Bolton). “History of mental health.” Hanged

Shaun Coughlan, college lecturer, 32 (North Wales). Hanged

* Shaun Hume, 24 (Northumberland). Grieving. Drowned in river

Shaun Keen, police officer, 49 (Cornwall). “Fell into a deep depression.” Carbon monoxide poisoning

Sofia Legg, schoolgirl, 14 (Somerset). Referred to CAMHS. Hanged

Stefan Rychter, 33 (West Yorkshire). “Suffering from depression,” Hanged

Stefano Brizzi, prisoner, 50 (Belmarsh Prison). “Monitored for mental health issues.” Hanged

Steffan Bonnot, 17 (West Sussex). “Emotionally damaged.” Struck by train

Stepan Klimentjev, unemployed, 30 (Bristol). Jumped into gorge

Stephen Clark, 55 (South Devon). Combination of prescription meds

Stephen Dunning, engineer, 57 (Middlesbrough). “Facing worries.” Found in car

Stephen McDermott, 32 (Lancashire). Treated by MH services. Hanged

Stephen Mead, gardener, 53 (North Yorkshire). “Distraught and agitated.” Drowned in river

Stephen Parkin, farmer, 56 (Hertfordshire). “Stressed.” Hanged

Stephen Taylor, publisher, 65 (Leicestershire). “Difficulties.” Set fire to his office

Stephen Wheeler, 48 (Southampton). “Behaving out of character.” Asphyxiated

Stephen Woolley, ex-bank manager, 55 (Worcestershire). “Mental health problems.” Found in river

Steven Adams, 42 (Essex). In MH unit. Hanged

* Steven Ordoyno, 47 (Norwich). “Went to collect his prescription.” Combination of drugs

Steven Randall, 46 (West Wales). “Suffering with a range of mental illnesses.” Jumped from scaffolding

Steven Wright, 55 (Essex). Hanged

Stuart Churchill, 67 (South Wales). Struck by train

Stuart McKenzie, engineer, 33 (Cumbria). “Behaving out of character.” Hanged

Stuart Storr, 49 (Lancashire). “Troubled.” Hanged

* Susan Moulton, 57 (North Wales). “Bipolar.” Hanged

Tabussum Winning, 34 (Luton). “Depressed.” Battered her landlord to death and hanged herself

Tahmina Khayer, student, 17 (West Sussex). “Delays to getting her help.” Struck by train

Tarsem Lal, taxi driver, 34 (Coventry). “History of mental health problems.” Hanged

Terence Ellis, 66 (Essex), “Depressed.” Overdose of Propoxyphene

* Terence Pimm, 30 (Essex). “Released from MH unit.” Fell from multi-storey car park

Terry McKeown, electrician, 52 (Cheshire). “Suffered from low mood.” Hanged

Thomas Green, 21 (Greater Manchester). PTSD. Hanged

Thomas Shearer, student, 21 (Hampshire). “Had seen his GP for low mood.” Hanged

Thomas Whitfield, 62 (County Durham). In MH unit. Hanged

Tina Ritchie, 41 (Grimsby). “Suffered from depression.” Overdose of Propranolol

* Toby Parkinson, student, 20 (Kent). “Struggled with bouts of depression.” Found in woodland

Tom Morris, prisoner, 31 (Woodhill Prison).  “Deteriorated mental health condition.” Hanged

Tommy Swales, 19 (Greater Manchester). “Began getting deprese.” Hanged

* Tony Hanley, police employee, 51 (South London). “Receiving CBT.” Shot himself

* Tony Walter, 52 (North London). Found at home

* Tracy Starling, 36 (Cornwall). Hanged

Travis Hunter, 32 (West Midlands). “History of mental health problems.” Inhaled helium

* Trevor Devamanikkam, retired vicar, 70 (Oxfordshire). Stabbed himself

Tristan Hicks, 20 (Cornwall). Discharged from psychiatric unit. Killed his baby boy, then hanged himself

Turgay Baltepe, 33 (Birmingham). “Concerns about his mental health.” Drowned in canal

Tyrese Glasgow, schoolboy, 12 (Greater Manchester). “Needed counselling.” Hanged

Valerie Grant, 73 (Staffordshire). “History of depression.” Struck by train

Vicky Payne, 40 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Badly affected by depression.” Overdose of heroin

* Vikki Thompson, 21 (Leeds Prison). Transgender. Hanged

Vince Dawes, tattooist, 49 (Gloucestershire). Hanged

Vittorio Petruzzelli, 26 (Greater Mabchester). Hanged

Waldemar Gajdowski, firefighter, 47 (Cumbria). “Suffering from depression.”. Alcohol toxicity

* Warren Hall, 25 (Leicestershire). Stabbed himself

Wayne Curran, plasterer, 37 (Oxfordshire). “History of depression.” Drove car into tree

William Brazil, landscape gardener, 48 (Surrey). Hanged

William Loveridge, 52 (Essex). “History of depression.” Drove car into river

Wojciech Rubaszniak, 26 (Buckinghamshire). “Mental health problems.” Struck by cars

* Zak Henry, 22 (Tyneside). “Struggled with anxiety.” Hanged

Zane Khan, cleaner, 36 (Hertfordshire). “Depressed.” Hanged

Zenon Trojanowski, ship’s captain, 55 (Essex).“Depressed.” Hanged

Zoe French, 32 (Kent). Bereaved. Combination of drugs

Zydrunas Jucys, gardener, 21 (Essex). Hanged


Total so far: 541

* inquest pending, adjourned or in progress


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