“Suffering from Depression” – 2018

In the course of my research, I have come across many inquest reports in which there appeared to be all the hallmarks of an antidepressant-related death, but where there was no mention of medication.

However, in several reports, treatment by a GP or psychiatric services was implied, through phrases such as “struggling with depression” or “sought help from a GP”.

Many local newspapers now give a minimal amount of information. I have included links to some of these reports, where the impulsive, reckless or violent behaviour involved is typical of antidepressant-induced deaths.

The format of the list is as follows: Name (with Hyperlink); Occupation; Age; Location; Evidence; Cause of Death.

I hope that I have not intruded on anybody’s private grief by collating this information. However, if you are related to one of the victims, and do not wish your relative’s name to be included, please send an email to brian@antidepaware.co.uk with the details, and their name and link will be removed.

I should also be grateful to hear from anybody who can either confirm whether or not antidepressants were being taken by the victim at the time of the tragedy, or at any time during the previous year.

The summaries below all relate to inquests carried out in England or Wales in 2018: 


Aaron Watterson, student, 31 (Plymouth). “Out of the blue.” Jumped from multi-storey car park

Adam Aldosari, shop worker, 20 (Kent). Took his life

Adam Lindley, student, 23 (Hampshire). Hanged

Adam Smith, 30 (Essex). “Mental health issues.” Hanged

Adrian Hoffman, student, 20 (Lancashire). Struck by train

Agnieszka Giza, beautician, 23 (Cheshire). Hanged

Aidan Mazurke, student, 16 (North Yorkshire). Struck by train

Alan Clarke, 53 (Lincolnshire). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Alan Gulsen, 19 (Kent). “He was depressed.” Drowned in river

* Alan McWhinnie, 40 (Kent). Struck by vehicle

* Alan Palmer, 47 (Somerset). Hanged

Alan Graystone, publican, 60 (Hull). “Depressed.” Set himself on fire

* Alex Elsmore, student, 23 (Bristol). Fell from bridge

Alex White, student, 17 (South Devon). “Personal difficulties.” Hanged

Alexander Banerjee, computer programmer, 23 (Greater Manchester). “Sought help from mental health professionals.” Hanged

Alexander Williams, 29 (Cardiff). “Stressed.” Carbon monoxide poisoning

Alfred Oakley, 89 (Dorset). “Worried.” Drowned in sea

Alisha Watts, student, 18 (Berkshire). “Battled mental health problems.” Took her life

Alistair Eccles, 35 (Lancashire). History of anxiety and depression.” Hanged

Alistair Wilson, 51 (Buckinghamshire). “Suffered with depression.” Hanged

Allan McLaughlin, nurse, 25 (Liverpool). “Suffered from anxiety and depression.” Struck by train

Alyn Mason, 28 (Luton). In MH unit. Drowned in bath

* Amber Peat, schoolgirl, 13 (Nottinghamshire). SCR completed. Hanged

Andrea Hodgson, 48 (South Yorkshire). “History of anxiety and depression.” Struck by train

Andrea Jones, 46 (Greater Manchester). “History of depression.” Hanged

Andrew Bellerby, 35 (Sheffield). Discharged from MH hospital. Took his life

Andrew Hanahoe, teacher, 41 (Bedfordshire). “Sought help from his GP.” Struck by train

Andrew Hill, 18 (Wirral). Hanged

Andrew Jackson, roofer, 42 (Greater Manchester). Fell from bridge

Andrew Worden, student, 22 (Cornwall). Referred to mental health team.” Asphyxiated

Angela Neville, 48 (Cornwall). “Battling depression.” Took her life

Anna Perchina, builder, 30 (Bristol). “Suffered from anxiety.” Found at home

Annie Chu Ying, 78 (Lincolnshire). Left MH unit. Hanged

Anthony Caulfield, ex-gardener, 79 (Wigan). Fell from block of flats

Anthony Marroum, 27 (Kent). “Suffered mental health problems.” Hanged

Anthony Tidy, 45 (Surrey). “Mental health problems.” Hanged

Antony McIntosh, 27 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Suffered.” Took his life

Artur Ulijarczyk, 35 (Lincolnshire). Fell from block of flats

Ashley George, window cleaner, 39 (Herefordshire). Took his life

Avril Martin, 24 (Hampshire). “In contact with mental health professionals.” Overdose of prescribed drug

Ayton Cox, builder, 41 (West Midlands). “Bipolar.” Hanged

Badr Rayan, prisoner, 21 (Swinfen Hall Prison). “Poor mental health.” Hanged

Barbara Willson, 59 (Suffolk). Combination of meds

Bartlomiej Twardziszewski, 27 (Newcastle). Suffering from mental health problems. Stabbed himself

Bartosz Spychala, 19 (Swansea). Hanged

Ben Epton, plumber, 26 (West Midlands). “Struggling.” Hanged

* Ben Landers, 29 (Essex). “Known to the MH unit.” Asphyxiated

Ben Law, shop worker, 18 (Hampshire). Hanged

* Ben Murray, student, 19 (Bristol). Took his life

Ben Overfield, 20 (Teesside). “Suffered from depression.” Fell from cliff

* Ben Walmsley, schoolboy, 15 (Greater Manchester). Found at home

Benjamin Hayden, 31 (Suffolk). “Struck by train

Benjamin Rathbone, transport manager, 35 (Cheshire). “Battled depression.” Hanged

Bernard Topham, 77 (Derbyshire). “Struggling to cope.” Hanged

Bethany Hipsey, 21 (Worcestershire). “In the care of MH professionals.” Overdose of DNP

* Beverley Dickenson, gardener, 49 (Wiltshire). Grieving. Hanged

* Billy Ngwenya, student, 17 (West Yorkshire). “Feelings of anxiety.” Hanged

Bob Paterson, 55 (South London). Grieving. Hanged

Bogdan Ivantsof, 22 (Somerset). “Troubled.” Hanged

* Bradley John, schoolboy, 14 (South Wales). ADHD. Took his life

Bradley Lewis, 25 (Essex). “Known to mental health services.” Drowned in river

Brandon Warren, schoolboy, 14 (Kent). “Low mood and anxiety.” Hanged

* Brenda Upson, 53 (Suffolk). “Suffered from SAD.” Hanged

Brian Cavanagh, 69 (Herefordshire). “Struggled with depression.” Hanged

* Bryan Richardson, taxi driver, 36 (Berkshire). “Battle against depression.” Found dead

Callum Cooper, 16 (Dorset). “Paranoid.” Hanged

* Callum Jewell, student, 20 (Dorset). Asphyxiated

Callum Ward, student, 19 (Oxford). Hanged

Callum Wylie, 18 (North Wales). Hanged

* Carl Abrams, 24 (Somerset). Hanged

Carl Swarbrick, pub worker, 34 (Cheshire). “Out of the blue.” Hanged

Carol Camm, 52 (East Yorkshire). Hanged

Carol Metcalfe, 41 (West Yorkshire). Left MH unit. Struck by lorry

Carol Smalley, 54 (Suffolk). “Consulted her GP.” Drowned in sea

Caroline Scott, 52 (Milton Keynes). “Sought medical help.” Hanged

Chanwit Wongklom, graphic designer,33 (Liverpool). “Struggling to cope.” Drowned in river

Charles Harris, 22 (Beachy Head). “Suffering from depression.” Fell from cliff

Charles Hudson, 74 (South Devon). “Feeling anxious.” Hanged

Charlie Jay, schoolboy, 15 (Birmingham). Supported by MH services. Hanged

Charlie Keay, schoolboy, 14 (Somerset). Hanged

Charlie-Joe Coggins, 17 (Kent). “Struggling.” Hanged

* Charlotte Dunne, 29 (Wiltshire). Hanged

Charlotte Guy, student, 17 (Wigan). “Referred to healthcare professionals.” Hanged

* Chelsey Peart, teacher, 27 (South Yorkshire). Hanged

Chirelle Calder, 17 (Tyneside). “Assessed by MH professional.” Fell from cliff

Christopher Castledine, student, 18 (Humber Bridge). Jumped from bridge

Christopher Hutton, 48 (Greater Manchester). Hanged

* Christopher Linley, 34 (South Yorkshire). Struck by train

Christopher Parsons, 52 (South Wales). “Struggled with mental health.”  Found in park

* Claire Greaves, (Coventry). Died in Cygnet MH unit

Clifford Brown, 88 (Somerset). “Low and depressed.” Hanged

* Colin Harding, 39 (West Yorkshire). Hanged

Colin Johns, 71 (West Midlands). History of low mood. Overdose of paracetamol

Colin Juffs, ex-computer analyst, 65 (North London). Took his life

Colin Peel, 42 (Newcastle). Fell from bridge

Colin Sheriff, 36 (Cheshire). “Stress.” Carbon monoxide poisoning

Connor Robertson, schoolboy, 12 (Birmingham). Prescribed meds for ADHD. Hanged

Connor Still, window fitter, 20 (Hampshire). “History of anxiety and depression.” Hanged

Corey Jackson, 18 (Cumbria). Hanged

Craig Tyler, 22 (Essex). “Suffering with depression.” Found in woods

* Daisy Boyd, 28 (London). Treated at the Nightingale. Took her life

Damian Graham, 29 (Lancashire). “Mood swings.” Hanged

* Damilya Jossipalenya, 24 (West London). Jumped from block of flats

Daniel Ashworth, farmer, 23 (Devon). “Diagnosed  with ADHD as a child.” Hanged

Daniel Clinkscales, 35 (Bristol). Fell from cliff

Daniel Denning, bus driver, 30 (Teesside). “Feeling depressed.” Found in garden

Daniel Derricut, IT programmer, 28 (Cheshire). “Distressed.” Hanged

Daniel Hine, 21 (Dorset). “Struggling with depression.” Hanged

Daniel Murray, 27 (Lancashire). Hanged

* Daniel Phipps, teacher, 32 (Brighton). “In contact with mental health services.” Hanged

* Daniel Shorrocks, 17 (South Devon). “History of being suicidal.” Fell into quarry

Danielle Buckley, 29 (West Yorkshire). “Mental health problems.” Asphyxiated

Danielle Dixey, 26 (Dorset). “Signs of depression.” Hanged

Dara Mullin, 51 (Herefordshire). In MH unit. Hanged

* Darren Capewell, prisoner, 37 (Nottingham Prison). Took his life

* Darren Cooper, 47 (Suffolk). Hanged

Darren Hill, 35 (Plymouth). Hanged

Darren Wall, 45 (Derbyshire). “History of mental health problems.” Hanged

Dave West, 58 (South London). “Bouts of depression.” Struck by train

David Baker, gardener, 43 (Southampton). Overdose of two prescribtion meds

David Cutts, shop worker, 31 (Hampshire). Found in his car

David Briggs, contractor, 76 (Greater Manchester). Hanged

* David Dimmock, 52 (Somerset). Hanged

David Edwards-Gill, student, 16 (Wigan). Treated by CAMHS. Struck by train

David Evans, 33 (North Wales). “Never suffered from depression before.” Hanged

* David Hodson, retail worker, 34 (Dorset). Hanged

David Ireland, 42 (South Devon). “Onset of psychosis.” Fell from window

David Kelleher, shop manager, 39 (Suffolk). Hanged

David Marshall, 31 (Merseyside). “History of depression.” Hanged

David Palmer, 56 (East Yorkshire). Grieving. Hanged

David Kelleher, shop manager, 39 (Suffolk). Hanged

* David Milner, driver, 51 (West Yorkshire). “Diagnosed with anxiety and depression.” Fell from motorway bridge

David Rowberry, 62 (Herefordshire). Saw his GP. Fell from bridge

David Staddon, 82 (Kent). “Considerable stress.” Drowned in sea

Dawn Fowler, 47 (Staffordshire). “Mood swings.” Hanged

Dean Silvester, managing director, 42 (Somerset). “Had seen a doctor.” Shot himself

Deborah Hoggart, 28 (Buckinghamshire). “Depressed.” Set her car on fire

Denille Warriner, warehouse worker, 24 (Derbyshire). Overdose of prescription medication.

Denise Beck, 50 (Hull). Hanged

Derek Barnes, 78 (Herefordshire). Took his life

Derek Kendall, prison officer, 53 (Kent). “Suffering from stress and depression.” Shot himself

Derek Snowdon, 78 (Hampshire). “Emotional state.” Hanged

Dermot Drummy, ex-football coach, 56 (Hertfordshire). “Low in mood.” Hanged

Dhuha Al-Nader, 25 (Essex). “Mental health issues.” Overdose of Pentobarbital

Dominic Wallace, student, 21 (Plymouth). Jumped from bridge

Donna Hegarty, 42 (West Yorkshire). Referred to MH services. Hanged

* Douglas Fairbairn, 34 (Essex). Hanged

* Eduard Zigar, doctor, 25 (Birmingham). Hanged

Edvinas Jankevicius, 15 (Surrey). Found dead

Edward Ketchen, student, 17 (Kent). Treated by CAMHS. Hanged

Elena Mondal, schoolgirl, 14 (North London). Treated by CAMHS. Hanged

Elizabeth McManus, pub worker, 45 (Norfolk). Fell from bridge

Ellie Campbell, student, 18 (Kent). Hanged

Ellie Phillips, schoolgirl, 13 (Devon). “Depression.” Hanged

Elliott Griffin, student, 21 (South Devon). Hanged

Elton Harland, 13 (Lancashire). “Low self-esteem.” Hanged

Emilia Glowa, 31 (South Devon). Hanged

Emily Morrell, student, 21 (Buckinghamshire). Hanged

* Emrys Jones, 68 (North Wales). Hanged

Errol Field, 68 (Surrey). Struck by train

Erwin Bengry, 45 (Staffordshire). “Suffering from depression.” Carbon monoxide poisoning

Eyob Tefera, 27 (Swansea). Saw MH liaison nurse. Drowned in marina

Florence Challender, 22 (Derbyshire). “Mental health issues.” Fell from bridge

Fred Slater, 77 (Derbyshire). “Depressed and anxious.” Stabbed himself

Gail Bannister, 60 (Worcestershire). Referred to MH services. Hanged

Gareth Berrow, contracts manager, 37 (Kent). Hanged

Gareth Butler, 30 (Wiltshire). “Treatment resistant schizophrenia.” Overdose of Clozapine

* Garry Guest, 32 (South London). Hanged

Gary Parfitt, warehouse worker, 41 (Birmingham). Left MH unit. Drowned in canal

Gary Tustain, HGV driver, 45 (Oxfordshire). Hanged

Gary West, 32 (Suffolk). “Depressed.” Struck by train

Geoffrey Spencer, ex-soldier, 64 (Hertfordshire). “Suffered with depression.” Overdose of prescribed painkillers

George Dyson, 78 (West Yorkshire). “Struggling.” Jumped from bridge

George Eapen, anaesthetist, 41 (Derbyshire). “Sought counselling.” Combination of drugs

George Holloway, 18 (Gloucestershire). “Battling demons.” Fell from multi-storey car park

George Lomas, schoolboy, 16 (Derbyshire). Given “help” by GP. Hanged

* George Lyons, 88 (Kent). Strangled his wife then hanged himself

Georgia Walsh, barista, 16 (Kent). “Stress.” Struck by train

Giles McNeil-Fradley, 45 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Mood swings.” Struck by train

Glenn Lovell, 43 (Hampshire). “History of depression.” Hanged

Grace Irving, 32 (Essex). Known to mental health services.” Hanged

Grango Ille, 74 (Lincolnshire). Shot himself

Greg Hutchins, 44 (Warwickshire). Asphyxiated

Gurpreet Kaur, 30 (Buckinghamshire). Died in fire

Hannah Bond, schoolgirl, 13 (Kent). Hanged

Harry Cockburn, 16 (Essex). Found in bedroom

Harry Yardley, student, 19 (Hampshire). Hanged

Hayat Ali, 48 (Buckinghamshire). Hanged

* Heather Donlin, 19 (Bristol). Treated by CAMHS. Found at home

Holly Clacy, schoolgirl, 15 (Essex). Took her life

Howard Newton, 57 (North Wales). “Grief-stricken.” Hanged

Ian Dennison, 49 (Hampshire). “Suffered with his mental health.” Hanged

Ian Harrison, 39 (Berkshire). “Out of character.” Hanged

Ian Stanford, retired engineer, 73 (Cheshire). “Depressive personality.” Shot himself

Ian Taylor, 54 (South London). “Suffering from depression.” Found in shed

Isaac Proctor, student, 18 (Liverpool). Hanged

* Isabella Piekarski, 16 (North Wales). “Act of self-harm”

Jack Cropper, builder, 20 (Lancashire). “Upset.” Hanged

Jagjeet Samra, 36 (Parc Prison). Hanged

James Abbott, 51 (South London). “Suffering from depression.” Cut his wrists

James Brack, student, 19 (East Yorkshire). “Suffered with depression.” Found in woods

James Chew, 37 (Norfolk). “History of depression.” Hanged

James Christianson, dock worker, (Plymouth). Hanged

James Deacon, estate manager, 54 (West Sussex). Shot himself

James Dent, 28 (Norfolk). In MH unit. Hanged

James Erwen, banker, 42 (Hertfordshire). “Consulted a doctor.” Jumped from balcony

James Feigham, legal advisor, 32 (East London). “History of depression.” Struck by tube train

James Hatch, 48 (Oxford). In hospital. Hanged

James Hume, 29 (Cheshire). Hanged

* James Manchester, 30 (North Wales). Struck by train

James McGhee, student, 21 (Suffolk). “Suffered with depression.” Hanged

James Roe, 31 (Norfolk). “History of depression.” Struck by train

James Smith, businessman, 69 (Essex). Shot himself

Jamie Beeston, 33 (Derbyshire). “Mental health conditions.” Fell from bridge

Jamie Scott, schoolboy, 14 (Warwickshire). Struck by vehicles

Jane Stanley, 57 (Herefordshire). “History of depression.” Poisoned herself

Janet Brighton, 77 (Lincolnshire). “Low mood.” Drowned in river

Jason Hussain, 36 (Swansea). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Jason Knight, 46 (South London). “Suffered with depression.” Jumped from roof of shopping centre

Jean Lea, 67 (Dorset). “Agitation and confusion.” Drowned in river

* Jean-Luc Higgins, 17 (Brighton). Hanged

Jeffrey Grove, 62 (Essex). “Recurrent depressive disorder.” Took his life

Jenna Grenwood, 31 (West Yorkshire). Grieving. Hanged

Jennifer Steadman, 20 (Greater Manchester). “Troubled.” Hanged

Jeremy Gibbs, 45 (Plymouth). “Suffering from anxiety and depression.” Stabbed himself

Joanne Earle, school admin officer, 49 (Derbyshire).  “Episode of depression and anxiety.” Hanged

Joe Whittle, 26 (Merseyside). Hanged

Joel Lewis, student, 21 (Oxford). “Referred to a psychiatrist.” Hanged

John Awi, student, 22 (Leeds). Hanged

John Chapman, prisoner, 43 (Wymott Prison). “Placed on an ACCT.” Hanged

John Cook, 77 (Kent). “Struggling to sleep.” Jumped from bridge

John Derwent, 45 (Greater Manchester). “Agitation.” Hanged

John Goucher, farmer, 46 (Suffolk). “Suffered from depression.” Poisoned himself

John Hill, 77 (Dorset). Shot himself

John Plampin, 81 (Suffolk). Hanged

John Plunkett, 79 (Derbyshire). Fell from bridge

John Renwick, barman, 37 (Newcastle). Hanged

John Ross, IT support worker, 49 (Somerset). Saw his GP. Hanged

John Slavin, journalist, 30 (Lincolnshire). Struck by train

John Worthington, electrician, 32 (Norwich). “Patient of concern.” Took his life

Jonathan Price, financier, 47 (Gloucestershire). “In debt.” Hanged

Jonathan Reynolds, tattooist, 48 (North Wales). Hanged

Jonathan Webster, council official, 50 (Derbyshire). “Given help.” Drowned in river

Jordan Bilsland, student, 19 (York). “Dark thoughts.” Hanged

Jordan Freemantle, schoolboy, 16 (Hampshire). “History of self-harm.” Hanged

Jordan Brereton, chef, 21 (West Yorkshire). “Going through a distressing time.” Hanged

Jose Bernardo, 45 (Slough). “In bad shape.” Jumped from multi-storey car park

Joseph Arthur, 82 (Buckinghamshire). “Concerned about his health.” Drowned in river

Joseph Jenkins, 20 (Essex). “Known to MH services.” Hanged

Joseph Neal, student, 37 (Hertfordshire). Hanged

Joseph Williamson, labourer, 33 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Depression and drugs.” Took his life

Josh Martin, 18 (Cheshire). “Concerns about depression.” Hanged

Joshua Kyriacou, 19 (Hertfordshire). Struck by train

Judith Duck, education officer, 59 (Middlesbrough). Died in fire

Justin Bartholemew, scaffolder, 25 (East Sussex). “Suffered depression.” Hanged

Justin Brown, 30 (East Sussex). “Depressed.” Hanged

Justin Deacon, 46 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Paranoid and depressed.” Struck by train

Justin Farmer, 42 (Somerset). Hanged

Kalem Edwards, 25 (Oxford). “History of mental health problems.” Drowned in river

Kameron Lyons, student, 17 (Cheshire). “Referred to the MH team.” Struck by train

Kamil Lazanski, 27 (Norfolk). “Upset.” Hanged

Karen McAuley, ex-machinist, 54 (Wigan). “Several drugs prescribed to her.” Combination of Oramorph & alcohol

Karen Wiggins, carer, 60 (Wiltshire). Fell from multi-storey car park

Karl Mortimer, college worker, 36 (Bolton). “Diagnosed with depression.” Hanged

* Kashaani Van Lancker, soldier, 21 (Shropshire). “Saw a doctor.” Hanged

Kasia Woloncewicz, 20 (West Midlands). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

Katy Roberts, 16 (South London). “History of anxiety and depression.” Took her life

Kayley McLeod, 21 (Northamptonshire). “History of mental health problems.” Hanged

Keelan Groves, schoolboy, 15 (Lancashire). Hanged

* Keith Abbott, prisoner, 32 (Haverigg Prison). “History of mental health problems.” Hanged

Keith Dransfield, accountant, 70 (Sheffield). In MH unit. Hanged

Keith Harrison, 70 (Lincolnshire). “Suffering depression and anxiety.” Drowned in canal

Kelly Campbell, 17 (Essex). “History of self-harm.” Hanged

Kelly Taylor, 38 (Humber Bridge). Treated by MH services. Jumped from bridge

Kelvin Edmunds, 61 (Cardiff). “Mentally fragile.” Hanged

Kerry Cogley, 51 (Hull). “Battling feelings.” Took her life

Kevin Williams, ex-soldier, 29 (Essex). “Battle with PTSD.” Took his life

Keylie Barker, 28 (Wigan). Hanged

* Kieren Lynch, 50 (Essex). Set himself on fire

Kieron Durkan, ex-footballer, 44 (Cheshire). Carbon monoxide poisoning

* Kieron Mapplebeck, ex-soldier, 33 (North London). “History of mental health problems.” Found dead

* Kirk McLaughlin, ex-soldier, 36 (Essex). “Suffered with depression.” Took his life

Lance Osborn, 28 (South Wales). “In the care of mental health services.” Drowned in estuary

Lara Calthrop, student, 19 (Kent). “Difficulties.” Struck by train

Laura Edwards, support worker, 23 (Staffordshire). “History of self-harm.” Hanged

Lauren Brown, 20 (West Yorkshire). “Depression and low moods.” Hanged

Lee Evans, 23 (Essex). “History of depression.” Hanged

Lee Fancourt, ex-professional cyclist, 41 (Gloucestershire). “Therapeutic drugs were found.” Overdose of cocaine

Lee Randall, 36 (Greater Manchester). “Struggled.” Hanged

Lee Webb, bar worker, 28 (Cardiff). “Low in mood.” Hanged

* Leke Adelaja, student, 20 (Kent). Struck by train

* Leon Jenkins, builder, 43 (Cardiff). “Depressed.” Hanged

Levan Porteous, 20 (South London). “Frustrated at lack of therapy.” Hanged

Liam Kavanagh, labourer, 31 (Kent). “Battling with anxiety and depression.” Hanged

Lily Mae Sharp, schoolgirl, 13 (Cheshire). Saw a counsellor. Hanged

Linsey Sergeant, 71 (South Wales). Suffocated his wife, then hanged himself

* Lisa Highton, beauty therapist, 45 (West Yorkshire). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

Liza Cunningham, banker, 43 (West Sussex). “Suffered from depression.” Fell from multi-storey car park

Lorraine Bartlett, 38 (South Devon). “History of mental health problems.” Hanged

Louise Buck, nursing assistant, 21 (Norwich). Hanged

Lucas Holness, 16 (Lincolnshire). “Attended counselling sessions.” Hanged

Lucinda Methuen-Campbell, 58 (South Wales). “Pain affected her mental health.” Hanged

Luke Beaver, 28 (Somerset). Hanged

* Luke Coggins, 25 (Norwich). Struck by train

Luke Keen, 31 (Southampton). “Mentally-ill.” Asphyxiated

Luke Punchard, prisoner, 26 (Norwich Prison). “Psychiatric history.” Hanged

Luke Wheeler, 30 (Bedfordshire). “Troubled.” Struck by vehicle

Macauley Beresford, pub worker, 21 (Hull). Inhaled gas

Malcolm Anderson, lecturer, 48 (Cardiff). “Stressed.” Fell from building

* Malcolm Falkus, 77 (Norfolk). Hanged

* Manon Jones, schoolgirl, 16 (Cardiff). Found dead

Marcin Dlugolecki, 33 (Nottingham Prison). Hanged

Marcus Colville, student, 20 (Newcastle). “Difficulties.” Hanged

Marek Niemczyk, 49 Derbyshire). “Referred to MH team.” Hanged

Margaret Blenman, 48 (Brighton). “Struggling.”Drowned in sea

Maria Burke, prisoner, 46 (Drake Hall Prison). “Struggled to cope.” Hanged

Mark Armstrong, 44 (Middlesbrough). “Battled with depression.” Hanged

Mark Brain, business owner, 54 (Gloucestershire). “Down and depressed. ”Hanged

Mark Byrne, 30 (Wirral). Hanged

Mark Dean, financial advisor, (Buckinghamshire). “Suffered with depression.” Poisoned himself

Mark Hawker, 47 (Bristol). “Struggling.” Asphyxiated

Mark Stokes, 52 (Kent). “Struggled with his mental health.” Found at home

Mark Webster, 62 (Hampshire). Drowned in sea

* Martha Williams, 28 (Hampshire). “Suffering from depression.” Found in woods

Martin Day, 36 (Cornwall). Found at home

Martin Formanek, 38 (Plymouth). “Suffering PTSD.” Overdose of Propranolol

Martin Hartnoll, 29 (Norwich). “Suffered depression.” Hanged

Martyn Ollier-Howard, 20 (Swansea). “Emotionally detached.” Hanged

Martyn Sykes, 52 (West Yorkshire). “Struggling to cope.” Hanged

Mary-Ann Dust, bakery worker, 30 (Cumbria). “Suffered with depression.” Hanged

Matt McElhone, student, 19 (Cumbria). “Been to his GP.” Took his life

* Matthew Adams, 35 (Dorset). “Depressive mood disorder.” Asphyxiated

Matthew Beaumont, student, 21 (Hull). “Isolated and depressed.” Hanged

Matthew Burke, 27 (Hertfordshire). “Troubled.” Fell from multi-storey car park

Matthew Doolan, 33 (Berkshire). “Demons in his head.” Cut his throat

Matthew Faulkner, 36 (Hertfordshire). “Mental health problems.” Hanged

Matthew Golbey, signalman, 24 (East Sussex). “Worried.” Struck by train

* Matthew Gray, 32 (Norwich Prison). Hanged

Matthew Whyman, 35 (Suffolk). Hanged

* Maxim Kruglyakov, schoolboy, 12 (Bristol). Hanged

Maxwell King, retired company director, 77 (Wiltshire). “Suffering from depression.” Asphyxiated

Megan Dowsett, student,18 (Essex). Treated by CAMHS, in MH unit. Struck by train

* Megan Evans, schoolgirl, 14 (South Wales). Died at home

Melissa Shenton, 32 (Staffordshire). Grieving. Took her life

Mercedes Harrison, hotel worker, 21 (Dorset). “Troubled.” Hanged

* Melissa Wood, 27 (South Yorkshire). Struck by train

Michael Berry, 34 (Bedford Prison). “Depression.” Hanged

Michael Howard, software engineer, 26 (Oxford). “Couldn’t cope.” Hanged

Michael Nicholas, apprentice, 17 (South Wales). “Deeply troubled.” Hanged

Michael Parkins, 40 (Plymouth). “Met with psychiatrist.” Fell from multi-storey car park

Michael Pearson, 48 (Hampshire). Overdose of meds prescribed for anxiety

Michael Tansey, 39 (Bolton). “Battled depression.” Hanged

Michael Terraforte, gas engineer, 33 (Kent). Carbon monoxide poisoning

Michael Vukovic, 22 (South London). “Suffering psychosis.” Jumped from building

Michal Kayser, labourer, 33 (Lancashire). “History of depression.” Drove car into wall

Michelle Awbery, radiographer, 46 (North Wales). Grieving. Stabbed herself

* Michelle Williams, 49 (Derbyshire). “Combination of depression, anxiety and alcohol problems.” Hanged

Michelle Wilson, 47 (Lancashire). Referred to MH team. Hanged

Mollie Horton, 22 (South Wales). “Struggling with grief.” Hanged

* Morgan Davies, apprentice, 19 (North Wales). Hanged

Moses Mahgoub, actor, 34 (London). “Medical history of chronic depression.” Jumped from block of flats

Muhammad Abid, 21 (Lancashire). “Depressed.” Drowned in canal

Mwitumwa Ngenda, bank worker, 30 (West Yorkshire). “History of depression.” Fell from motorway bridge

Nadezhda Maggs, 57 (Essex). “Known to MH services.” Stabbed herself

Natalie Fletcher, 40 (Somerset). “History of depression.” Combination of codeine & alcohol

Natalie Lewis-Hoyle, 28 (Essex). Hanged

Natasha Abrahart, student, 20 (Bristol). “Mental Health difficulties.” Took her life

Natasha Ford, (West Midlands). Asphyxiated

Nathan Cooke, shop assistant, 23 (West Yorkshire). “Depressed state of mind.” Hanged

Nathan Edwards, 26 (Kent). “History with MH services.” Fell from cliff

Neil Green, (Southampton). “History of episodic depression.” Hanged

Nichola Baines, 44 (Kent). “History of mental illness.” Overdose of prescribed meds

Nicholas Carroll, retired teacher, 59 (Manchester). “Suffered with depression.” Struck by train

* Nicholas Dawson, 28 (West Yorkshire). “Distressed.” Fell from motorway bridge

* Nicholas Pilkington, 48 (Bolton). “History of depression. “Hanged

* Nicholas Probert, 36 (West Midlands). Hanged

Nick Kelly, 30 (West Sussex) “Suffered from paranoia and anxiety.” Hanged

Nickolas Rogers, cleaner, 19 (North Wales). “History of low moods.” Hanged

Nigel Malloy, retired GP, 56 (Hampshire). “History of depression.” Fell from block of flats

Nikita Watts, 27 (Bristol). “Mental health problems.” Fell from block of flats

Nikki Lambert, veterinary nurse, 33 (Beachy Head). “Depressed and ill.” Fell from cliff

Nikki Lavery, 32 (Cumbria). “Depression.” Took his life

Norma Brandt, retired teacher, 84 (Somerset). Asphyxiated

* Oliver Arnoup, 28 (Norfolk). Hanged

Oliver Mursell, 17 (Hampshire). “Emotional and impulsive.” Hanged

Olivia Faulkner, 19 (South London). “Suffering with anxiety.” Overdose of medication

Olumide Orimoloye, 42 (Hertfordshire). Stabbed his girlfriend then cut his throat

Omojola Ogundipe, student, 20 (Cardiff). “Depressed.” Hanged

Patrick Farr, recruitment worker, 33 (Hull). Hanged

Patrick Heaphey, 69 (Norfolk). “Struggled with anxiety and depression.” Hanged

Patrick Trevett, 45 (Berkshire). “Depression.” Struck by train

Paul Abbott, prisoner, 57 (Long Lartin Prison). Hanged

Paul Crossland, 54 (West Yorkshire). “History of depression.” Fell from multi-storey car park

Paul Harris, shipyard worker, 48 (Cumbria). Found at home

Paul Hollowday, 57 (Kent). “Recurring depression.” Hanged

* Paul Murray, 53 (Wiltshire). “Depression.” Hanged

Paul Smart, (Hampshire). “Mental health problems.” Shot himself

Paul Winn, student, 46 (Portsmouth). “Battled mental health problems.” Hanged

Pawel Pakula, 26 (Somerset). Hanged

Peter Gledhill, 44 (West Yorkshire). “Visited his GP.” Fell from height

Philip Hutchinson, 37 (Hull). Hanged

Philip Spencer, 63 (Lincolnshire). “Mental health problems.” Struck by train

Phillip Heap, 41 (Lancashire). “Had ADHD and suffered from depression.” Hanged

Phillip Perkins, 62 (Dorset). Grieving. Struck by train

Piotr Zieba, 40 (Southampton). Hanged

Rainer Stoschek, 37 (Surrey). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Rhian Collins, nurse, 30 (Swansea). “Struggling to cope.” Hanged

* Rachel Tasker, 22 (Newcastle). Treated by mental health services. Found dead

Raymond Moore, factory worker, 26 (Liverpool). Hanged

Raymond Stott, farmer, 77 (Somerset). “Health problems.” Hanged

Rhiannon Clifford-Powell, schoolgirl, 15 (Cumbria). Hanged

Richard Hooley, police officer, 50 (Cheshire). “Moderate to severe depression.” Jumped from viaduct

Richard Perkins, 63 (Brighton). Hanged

Richard Smith, 40 (West Yorkshire). “Behaving erratically.” Carbon monoxide poisoning

Richard Spence, 43 (Teesside). “Seen by a psychiatric team.” Hanged

* Richard Williams, 29 (South Wales). “Suffering with depression.” Took his life

Rita Lita, 36 (Norwich). Seen by MH services.” Hanged

Robert Bradshaw, 38 (North Wales). “Suffered from depression.” Inhaled helium

Robert Craig, 30 (Lancashire). “Low moods and depression.” Hanged

* Robert Dearlove, 84 (Essex). Hanged

* Robert Hartshorne, 61 (North Wales). Struck by train

Robert Stewart, retired engineer, 68 (Cheshire). Asphyxiated

Robin Richards, 33 (Somerset). “Asperger’s and ADHD.” Hanged

Robyn Hartrey, healthcare worker, 25 (Bristol). “Agitated.” Found dead

* Rocky Stenning, 26 (Chelmsford Prison). Hanged

Rosalind Frett, (South London). “History of self-harm.” Cut her throat

Ross Bullock, forklift truck driver, 38 (Worcestershire). “Distress.” Hanged

* Ross Darby, carer, 34 (Kent). “Vulnerable.” Found dead

Rosy Maguire, artist, 59 (Southampton). “Mental health issues.” Jumped from bridge

Rudi Last, performer, 30 (Essex). “Medical background included depression.” Combination of drugs

Russ Devereux, haulier, 41 Teesside). Jumped from viaduct

Russell Chance, businessman, 36 (East Sussex). Hanged

Ryan Ellis, sales consultant, 23 (Southampton). “History of depression.” Hanged

* Ryan McGurgan, sales assistant, 33 (Leeds). “Vulnerable.” Hanged

* Ryan Nimmo, student, 22 (Kent). “Mental health issues.” Found dead

Ryan Turner, 30 (Kent). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Sally Moran, (Blackpool). Overdose of morphine

Sam Brice, scaffolder, 23 (Bristol). Saw his GP. Set himself on fire

Sam Knuckey, 27 (South London). “Struggled with depression.” Took his life

Sam Rogerson, 26 (Lancashire). “Low mood.” Hanged

Samantha Brown, schoolgirl, 16 (Derby). “Suffering from severe anxiety.” Hanged

Sammi Miers, 33 (Hampshire). “Suffered from depression.” Set fire to car

Samuel Smart, 22 (Essex). Hanged

* Samuel White, 16 (Dorset). Fell from cliff

Sarah Moore, 27 (Derbyshire). Discharged from MH unit. Took her life

Scott Vickers, 32 (East Yorkshire). Hanged

Scott Wilkes, 38 (West Midlands). “Mood swings.” Hanged

* Sean Phillips, plumber, 45 (Kent). Hanged

Sean Plumstead, prisoner, 27 (Winchester Prison). Hanged

Seb Morris, schoolboy, 14 (Somerset). “Upset.” Hanged

Sebastian Low, decorator, 21 (Lancashire). Hanged

Sergiy Ben, builder, 35 (South London). “Visited doctor with depression-related problems.” Hanged

Shane Hardy, 29 (Gloucestershire). “Vulnerable.” Took his life

Shane Luscombe, scaffolder, 46 (Plymouth). “Battling mental health problems.” Hanged

Shaun Rodgers, 24 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Troubled.” Hanged

Simon Cargill, 40 (Hull). “Years of torment.” Shot himself

* Simon Mellors, prisoner, 56 (Strangeways Prison). Hanged

Sonny O’Sullivan, 45 (Wiltshire). “Seen by mental health professionals.” Hanged

Soufian Imchich, 23 (Cornwall). “Worrier.” Took his life

Sophie Emmerson, 23 (Cumbria).  Took her life

* Sophie Forrest, 26 (Essex). Hanged

Sophie Payne, 22 (West London). In MH unit. Hanged

Stacey Ellicot, prisoner, 35 (Eastwood Park Prison). “Struggled.” Hanged

Stephen Batty, 47 (Lincoln Prison). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

Stephen Brazier, 70 (South London). “Wasn’t himself.” Hanged

Stephen Chadwick, 56 (Lincolnshire). “Paranoid.” Hanged

Stephen Connell, prisoner, 20 (Hindley Prison). “Signs of self-harm.” Hanged

* Stephen Skinner, 52 (Kent). Hanged

Stephen Tidey, (Surrey). Known to MH services. Took his life

* Steven Crossley, barrister, 49 (Leeds). Hanged

Steven Edwards, docker, 49 (Liverpool). “Paranoid.” Hanged

Steven Hind, 35 (West London). “Looking into getting counselling.” Hanged

* Steven Holpin, 47 (Gloucestershire). Treated in MH unit. Struck by train

Steven Smith, 51 (Lincolnshire). Fell from multi-storey car park

Stuart Brown, 30 (Gloucestershire). “History of depression.” Ignited fire in his car

Stuart Oldershaw, restaurant manager, (South London). “On medication to help with his sleeping.” Hanged

Susan Evans, 75 (South Wales). In MH unit. Hanged

Suzy Brown, 28 (East Sussex). “Treated at the Priory.” Fell from cliff

Swathi Tirumalagiri, 26 (Kent). Drowned in sea

Sydnie MacFarlane, 29 (South London). “Depressed.” Killed her two children and herself by drug overdose

* Taha Hassan, customer services advisor, 24 (Leeds). Hanged

Ted Senior, student, 22 (South Wales). “State of distress.” Hanged

Terence Beesley, actor, 60 (Somerset). Carbon monoxide poisoning

* Terence Storey, prisoner, 52 (Liverpool Prison). Hanged

Terrance Partridge, 64 (West Midlands). Struck by train

Thippy Donnelly, 36 (Dorset). In MH unit. Suffocated herself

Thomas Salway, musician, 24 (East Sussex). “In touch with MH services.” Hanged

Tom Heward, musician, 28 (Essex). Hanged

* Tom Kemp, administrator, 32 (Suffolk). Fatally stabbed his wife, then jumped from block of flats

Tom Rowe, schoolboy, 15 (South Wales). Hanged

Tony Jenkins, 25 (Teesside). Hanged

Tony Ullah, sailor, 24 (Plymouth). Cut his throat

* Ursula Keogh, schoolgirl, 11 (West Yorkshire).  “History of self-harming.” Found beneath bridge

Vadim Saltis, 23 (Norfolk). “Suffering from depression…drugs in his system.” Hanged

Valerie Pitman, retired teacher, 67 (Dorset). “Depressed. Drowned in sea

Viktor Ivanelo, student, 21 (Surrey). “Low mood.” Hanged

Viren Patel, student, 17 (West Midlands). “Exam-related stress.” Hanged

Wayne Marshall, 53 (Hertfordshire). Hanged

Will Brooks, 19 (Somerset). Took his life

William Tweed, 15 (Essex). Struck by train

Zachary Wallace, 22 (Hampshire). “History of depression.” Hanged

* Zdenka Yabani, 39 (Berkshire). Struck by train

Zeynep Pattie, student, 18 (Essex). “Battling with depression.” Struck by train


Total so far: 506

* inquest pending, adjourned or in progress


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