“Suffering from Depression” – 2019

In the course of my research, I have come across many inquest reports in which there appeared to be all the hallmarks of an antidepressant-related death, but where there was no mention of medication.

However, in several reports, treatment by a GP or psychiatric services was implied, through phrases such as “struggling with depression” or “sought help from a GP”.

Many local newspapers now give a minimal amount of information. I have included links to some of these reports, where the impulsive, reckless or violent behaviour involved is typical of antidepressant-induced deaths.

The format of the list is as follows: Name (with Hyperlink); Occupation; Age; Location; Evidence; Cause of Death.

I hope that I have not intruded on anybody’s private grief by collating this information. However, if you are related to one of the victims, and do not wish your relative’s name to be included, please send an email to brian@antidepaware.co.uk with the details, and their name and link will be removed.

I should also be grateful to hear from anybody who can either confirm whether or not antidepressants were being taken by the victim at the time of the tragedy, or at any time during the previous year.

The summaries below all relate to inquests carried out in England or Wales in 2019:


* Aaliyah Johnson, 17 (Manchester). Struck by train

Aaron Armstrong, 25 (Northumberland). “In a very bad place.” Hanged

Adam Bramley, schoolboy, 14 (Derbyshire). Hanged

Adam Turner, 23 (South Wales). “Personal issues.” Hanged

Adelino Figueira de Faria, 47 (East Sussex). “Seemed depressed.” Stabbed wife, then jumped from cliff with two sons

Alan Smith, 56 (Staffordshire). Saw his GP. Struck by lorry

Alan Stafford, port worker, 58 (Hampshire). “Long-standing depression.” Drowned in sea

Alex Byworth, hotel employee, 46 (West Sussex). Hanged

Alexander Wright, 31 (Bristol). “Mental heath issues.” Struck by car

Alistair McLeish, soldier, 18 (North Yorkshire). Hanged

Ambreen Hussain, 35 (Middlesbrough). Set herself on fire

Andrea Marston, nurse, 45 (West Sussex). Asphyxiated

Andrew Cook, 33 (Lancashire). “Stress.” Hanged

Andrew Dixon-Burt, 38 (Staffordshire). “Struggled with mental health.” Hanged

Andrew Roberts, businessman, 58 (Staffordshire). “Struggling.” Hanged

Andrew Smith, 45 (Essex). “Very dark place.” Hanged

Andy Hamill, 33 (Wirral). “Mental health problems.” Combination of drugs

Anthony Davidson, librarian, 50 (Cardiff). Hanged

Anthony Smith, 82 (West Sussex). “Features of depression.” Hanged

Arnas Lescius, 31 (Norwich). “Mood changed.” Hanged

Ashley Talbot, 60 (Suffolk). Took his life

* Bander Jaifari, 26 (Essex). “Known to MH services.” Hanged

Barry Gill, 45 (Hull). “Spoke with psychiatrists.” Hanged

Ben Murray, student, 19 (Bristol). “Anxious.” Fell from bridge

Ben Simms, 18 (Somerset). “Troubled.” Struck by train

Bethany Beales, 22 (London). Fell from block of flats

Bradlee Dearden, 24 (Cardiff). “Visited  his GP.” Hanged

* Bradley Hughes, 19 (North Wales). “Involved with CAMHS.” Took his life

Bradley Trevarthen, schoolboy, 13 (Wiltshire). “Depressed and withdrawn.” Hanged

Brendan Small, 20 (Newcastle). “Suffered with depression.” Fell from bridge

Brian Loosemore, 55 (Somerset). “Bereavement reaction.” Jumped from motorway bridge

Brian Tull, 54 (Kent). “Feeling stressed.” Hanged

Bryan Challis, 66 (East Sussex). “Suffering from depression.” Fell from cliff

* Callum Speck, 23 (Norwich). Hanged

Carole Matthews, ex-nurse, 56 (West Sussex). Hanged

* Cerys King, 18 (South Yorkshire). “History of self-harm.” Hanged

Charlotte Ball, 27 (South London). Overdose of medication

Christopher Bullen, 34 (East Sussex). “Mental health problems.” Stabbed himself

Christopher Cape, 58 (West Sussex). Grieving. Fell from cliff

Christopher Coleman, delivery driver, 29 (Cheshire). “Struggled with mental health.” Hanged

Christopher Dunn, 35 (Norfolk). “Battled with depression.” Hanged

Christopher Grieves, 36 (Cumbria). “Mental health issues.” Hanged

Christopher Seal, 25 (Somerset). “Assessed as high risk.” Hanged

Claudiu Cristea, chef, 18 (Norfolk). “Out of the blue.” Drowned in river

Clive Moore, 58 (Warwickshire). Took his life

Conor Crutchley, 19 (Greater Manchester). “Mental health problems.” Overdose of Xanan & cocaine

Corey Shields, 20 (Bolton). Hanged

Craig Staveley, ex-soldier, 43 (Hull). “ Suffering from PTSD.” Jumped from block of flats

Dale Armstrong, 26 (Blackpool). “Struggling with his mental health.”Took his life

Daniel Allen, soldier, 21 (East Sussex). Fell from cliff

Daniel Grocott, mechanic, 33 (Staffordshire). “Visited a doctor.” Hanged

Daniel Lewis, businessman, 32 (Hampshire). “History of depression and anxiety.” Hanged

* Daniel O’Grady, soldier, 21 (Dorset). Hanged

Daniel Wade, 47 (Essex). “Difficulties and problems.” Hanged

Danny Foster, 49 (Hull). “Battling depression.” Took his life

Danny Parr, 27 (Cheshire). Took his life

Danny Turner, roofer, 25 (South Devon). “Emotional problems.” Jumped from bridge

David Cavanagh, journalist, 54 (Luton). “Struggling.” Struck by train

* David Field, machine operator, 53 (Dorset). Hanged

David Milner, lorry driver, 51 (West Yorkshire). Fell from motorway bridge

David Nurse, 77 (Isle of Wight). “Depressed.” Shot himself

David Osbaldiston, decorator, 45 (Derbyshire). Hanged

David Rogers, 51 (Hull). “Experiencing depression.” Took his life

Debra Hughes, 51 (South Wales). “Suffered from depression.” Jumped from cliff

Dilwyn Williams, 61 (Mid Wales). “Depressed and down.” Drowned in river

Edward Bartlam, 21 (South Devon). “Feeling down.” Hanged

Elena Mondal, schoolgirl, 14 (North London). Treated by CAMHS. Hanged

Elido Vargas, schoolboy, 15 (West Sussex). Hanged

Elin Klemming, 18 (East Sussex). “Suffering from depression.” Fell from cliff

Elizabeth Ralph, 19 (East Suddex). “Diagnosed with Asperger’s.” Fell from cliff

Emily Inglis, 26 (South Wales). In MH unit. Asphyxiated

* Ewan Williamson, 46 (Essex). Hanged

* Florin Batrinca, 26 (Kent). Hanged

* Flur Mcdonald, student, 24 (Merseyside). Struck by train

Francine Vladermersky, 52 (North London). “History of depression.” Drowned in bath

Gareth Bickerstaffe, 34 (Greater Manchester). “Backdrop of depression.” Hanged

Gareth Jeffries, 41 (Swansea). “Sought help for anxiety and depression.” Hanged

Garry Phillips, college principal, 47 (Plymouth). Hanged

Gary Tippetts, 60 (Somerset). “Depressed.” Struck by train

Garykayi Moula, 51 (Essex). Strangled his wife, then hanged himself

Geoffrey Howson, 70 (Derbyshire). Drowned in river

George Elliott, 20 (Plymouth). “In a really dark place.” Hanged

Giuseppe Crupi, 79 (Essex). Discharged from MH unit. Died in fire

* Graham Hibbert, 48 (Bolton). Hanged

Grant Woollard, 27 (Kent). “Had been seeing MH teams.” Drove car into oncoming vehicle

Gregory Mallender, engineer, 50 (Derbyshire). “Diagnosed with depression.” Struck by train

Harold Keens-Soper, retired lecturer, 80 (West Wales). “Very depressed.” Knife wounds

Harry Brooker, soldier, 20 (Kent). Hanged

* Harry Storey, schoolboy, 13 (Oxfordshire). Hanged

Helen Ledger, journalist, 45 (South London). “Down and distressed.” Hanged

* Henry Vickery, 17 (Dorset). In MH unit. Hanged

Hristo Gergov, schoolboy, 16 (Kent). History of depression.” Hanged

Ian Hardiman, 48 (Oxfordshire). “Struggling with his mental health.” Struck by train

Ion Baigu, 66 (Kent). Hanged

Jack Gilbert, joiner, 28 (Greater Manchester). “Stress.” Hanged

* Jack Hikin, schoolboy, 14 (Derbyshire). “Diagnosis of ASD & ADHD.” Hanged

Jack May, student, 20 (Cardiff). “Sought help.” Drowned in river

Jacqueline Phillips, retired lecturer, 72 (North Wales). Grieving. Overdose of medication

Jake Braithwaite, 20 (North Yorkshire). “Depressed.” Hanged

Jake Humm, 22 (Brighton). “Up and down.” Hanged

James Goodband, warehouse worker, 20 (Buckinghamshire). “Agitated.” Hanged

* James Hill, plasterer, 34 (Dorset). Hanged

James Nicholson, surgeon, 36 (Liverpool). “Upset.” Took his life

Jamie Eardley, 42 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Agitated and paranoid.” Hanged

* Jamie Lee Hudson, 18 (West Yorkshire). Fell from motorway bridge

Jamie Plowman, 20 (Isle of Wight). “Mental health problems.” Hanged

Janice Clark, ex-soldier, 50 (County Durham). “Mental ill health.” Fell from viaduct

Jardine Garvey, 25 (Liverpool). Hanged

Jason Walker, 38 (West Sussex). “Struggling with mental health.” Struck by train

Jayden Lowe, 18 (Cambridgeshire). “Struggled to cope.” Struck by train

Jean Brennan, 66 (Lincolnshire). “Suffered depression.” Drove car into bus

Jennifer Bluett, 36 (Sufffolk). “Medical help for poor mental health.” Asphyxiated

Jeremy Spikings, warehouse manager, 51 (Lincolnshire). “Support with his mental health.” Struck by train

Jessica Scatterson, schoolgirl, 12 (Cheshire). “Struggling to cope.” Hanged

Joel Darlington, 20 (North Wales). Hanged

* Joel Robinson, soldier, 24 (Berkshire). Hanged

John Anderson, 77 (Teesside). “Severe anxiety.” Fell from block of flats

John Birkenhead, carpenter, 51 (North Wales). “Depressed.” Carbon monoxide poisoning

* John East-Rigby, entrepreneur, 65 (Hampshire). Shot himself

John Goodchild, 73 (Reading). Grieving. Took his life

Jon McAvoy, 47 (Cumbria). “Mental health issues.” Hanged

Jonathan Wood, 16 (County Durham). Awaiting appointment with CAMHS. Struck by vehicle

* Jordan Hughes, bricklayer, 26 (West Sussex). Hanged

Jordan West, 18 (Buckinghamshire). Hanged

Joy Worrall, 82 (North Wales). Fell into quarry

Julian Gaunt, counsellor, 46 (Norfolk). “Suffered from OCD.” Hypothermia

* Julie Bolton, 44 (West Midlands). Jumped from multi-storey car park

Julie Marsanic, 59 (Kent). “Low mood.” Fell from block of flats

Karen Weaver, 51 (Gloucestershire). “Contact with MH services.” Took her life

Kathrina Tedder, 29 (Kent). “Struggled with PTSD.” Jumped from cliff

Katie Deacon, 21 (West Midlands). “Depression and stress.” Struck by train

Kayleigh Freezer, 30 (Norwich).  “Anxious and depressed.” Took her life

Keith Flint, musician, 49 (Essex). “Battle with depression.” Hanged

* Keith Walters, (Stoke-on-Trent). “Depressed.” Hanged

Kelly Davis, paramedic, 39 (Staffordshire). “History of depression.” Inhaled helium

Kieran Ross, 18 (Bristol). Treated by CAMHS. Hanged

Ken Allanson, 73 (Hull). Set himself on fire

Kevin Barlow, 45 (Kent). “Struggled with anxiety.” Hanged

* Kevin Dooley, decorator, 48 (West Yorkshire). “Plunged into depression.” Hanged

Kevin Jones, 66 (Kent). Treated for vertigo. Fell from bridge

* Kevin Lea, plasterer, 37 (North Wales). “Struggling.” Hanged

Kieran Marshall, 21 (Leeds). “Struggled with depression.” Hanged

Kieran Patel, student, 27 (Southampton). “History of depression.” Hanged

Kieren Lynch, 50 (Essex). “Suffered from depression.” Set his mother-in-law and himself on fire

Kim Summers, 37 (Kent). “Issues with depression.” Fell from block of flats

Konna Wright, schoolboy, 15 (Essex), “Suffered with mental health problems.” Hanged

Kyle Dixon, 29 (Lancashire). MfD. Hanged

Lee Smalley, 19 (Lincolnshire). “Stresses.” Hanged

Libby Ralph, 18 (Brighton). “Eating disorder.” Fell from cliff

Lloyd Bennett, 47 (North Wales). “Considerable quantity of drugs.” Drowned in stream

Louis Carr, student, 18 (London). “Referred to CAMHS” Hanged

Louis Kelly, soldier, 20 (Wiltshire). Hanged

Lucy Spears, student, 22 (West Sussex). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Maisy Lewis, schoolgirl, 14 (Cheshire).  “Had been to her GP.” Hanged

Marc Kenny, 32 (Oxfordshire). Struggles with depression.” Took his life

Maria Kelly, 38 (Cardiff). “Diagnosed with ADHD.” Fell from multi-storey car park

Mark Angliss, 50 (Southampton). “Stress.” Shot himself

Mark Harris, 24 (Suffolk). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

* Mark Hunton, 23 (North Devon). “Mental health deteriorated.” Took his life

* Mark Jenkins, teacher, 34 (Surrey). Struck by train     (Albury, Surrey)

* Mark Sewell, 37 (Norwich). Hanged

Mark Taylor, 52 (Lancashire). “Referred to MH team.” Hanged

Marta Kendle, 37 (Kent). “Overwhelmed.” Jumped from bridge

Martin Kuhn, 64 (Plymouth). Cut his wrists

* Martyn Holland, prison officer, 28 (West Yorkshire). Hanged

Mary McNamee, 76 (Staffordshire). Drowned in lake

Mason Warwick, schoolboy, 12 (Brighton). Asphyxiated

Matthew Cummings, 36 (Hampshire). “Personality disorder.” Hanged

Matthew Garside, site manager, 43 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Work-related stress.” Shot himself

Matthew Hayles, 32 (Cheshire). “His mood was low.” Hanged

Matthew Lewis, (South Wales). Hanged

Matthew Probert, 36 (Shropshire). Hanged

Maureen Bowock , 40 (Greater Manchester). “History of depression.” Combination of drugs & alcohol

Max Cook, student, 17 (Berkshire). “Family issues.” Hanged

* Michael Atkins, 60 (Hampshire). Hanged

Michael Downes, 32 (Teesside). Hanged

Michael Howsen, 54 (Suffolk). “History of mental illness.” Stopped car in front of train

Michael Mapley, 43 (Derbyshire). Left MH unit. Hanged

Michael Morris, 56 (Staffordshire). “Depression.” Hanged

Michael O’Connell, artist, 55 (Staffordshire). “History of anxiety.” Hanged

Michael Rabey, 36 (Plymouth). Asphyxiated

Michael Salliss, company director, 76 (East Sussex). “Issues with depression.” Took his life

Mick Atkinson, police officer, 37 (West Yorkshire). “In a low mood.” Hanged

Miles Naylor, 33 (West Yorkshire). In MH unit. Hanged

Mylon Sheppard, 49 (Warwickshire). Hanged

* Naomi Readman, 42 (Somerset). Known to MH services. Found dead at home

Nathan Anthony, 38 (Lancashire). “Paranoid.” Hanged

Nathan Mollart, decorator, 28 (Stoke-on-Trent). “History of depression.” Hanged

Nathan Orritt, 18 (North Wales). Drowned in sea

Nathan Wiseman-Trowse, lecturer, 45 (Northamptonshire). “Struggled.” Took his life

Neil Barrass, 45 (Leicestershire). Fatally stabbed his estranged wife, then himself

* Neil Davis, 48 (Norfolk). Hanged

Neil Jex, 32 (Lancashire). Asphyxiated

Neil Micklewright, 52 (Greater Manchester). “Struggled” – died with twin. Hanged

Neve Stockdale, student, 18 (West Yorkshire). Hanged

Neville Brown, ex-engineer, 82 (Sheffield). “Low mood.” Hanged

Nicola Wilson, 26 (Cumbria). “Struggled with her mental health.” Hanged

Nigel Guy, 58 (East Sussex). “Suffered from depression.” Fell from pylon

* Nigel Hanks, nurseryman, 63 (Kent). Hanged

Nigel Parker-Clayton, 57 (Lancashire). “Suffered from depression.” Hanged

Nyall Brown, 19 (Norfolk). “Struggled with his mental health.” Hanged

* Oliver Turner, farmer, 32 (Wiltshire). Hanged

* Olivia Perks, soldier, 21 (Berkshire). “Mental health support. Found dead

Otis Campbell, 28 (South Devon). “Struggled with low moods.” Hanged

* Owen Collis, 36 (Essex). Hanged

Owen Williams, student, 18 (West Yorkshire). Hanged

Patricia Chambers, 51 (West London). Fell from block of flats

Paul Arnold, 29 (Hampshire). Struck by train

* Paul Flewitt, 49 (Essex). Hanged

Paul Grayston, 37 (Essex). “Upset.” Hanged

Paul Micklewright, 52 (Greater Manchester). “Struggled” – died with twin. Hanged

Paul Punyer, 53 (East Sussex). Hanged

Paul Sansom, carpenter, 52 (South Devon). “Suffering with low mood.” Cut his neck

Paul Saunders, 55 (Shropshire). Shot himself

* Paulette Doncaster, 71 (Norfolk). Hanged

Pawel Potasinski, warehouse worker, 50 (Stoke-on-Trent). Took his life

Peter Bristow, mechanic, 55 (West Sussex). Stabbed himself

Peter Chatterley, 45 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Became depressed.” Struck by train

Peter Evans, 74 (Essex). Hanged

Peter Holmes, 68 (Hampshire). “Anxious, depressed.” Drowned in sea

Peter Knight, (Hampshire). “General anxiety disorder. “ Hanged

Philip Matthews, 62 (Kent). “Upset.” Jumped from bridge

* Phillip Otote, 32 (East London). Resident in MH unit. Fell from building

* Rachel Matheson, 29 (Leicestershire). Struck by vehicle

Rajab Ali Jawid, 39 (Staffordshire). “Recurrent depressive disorder.” Jumped from roof

Raymond Barclay, lift engineer, 38 (West Sussex). “Suffering from depression.” Hanged

Rebekah Legg-Mead, 16 (London). “Referred to CAMHS.” Drowned in river

* Richard Gent, surveyor, 52 (East London). Fell from shopping centre

Richard Hollis, 36 (North Wales). Drowned in sea

Rhys Hammacott, 23 (South Devon). Took his life

Robbie Livermore, civil servant, 40 (Newcastle). “Not in a good place.” Hanged

Robert Brown, ex-soldier, 29 (Hull). Treated for PTSD. Took his life

Robert Goodwin, 57 (Stoke-on-Trent). Battered ex-partner’s son then hanged himself

Robert Hartshone, 61 (North Wales). “Stress and anxiety.” Struck by train

Robert Lochnicki, 29 (Lincolnshire). “Stressed.” Hanged

* Robert McEvoy, soldier, 39 (Dorset). Hanged

Robert Shaw, 59 (Cheshire). “Mental health issues.” Struck by train

Rosario Cordero-Sanz, 35 (East London). Struck by tube train

Ryan Ramnath, graphic designer, 37 (Bristol). Asphyxiated

Sakib Choudhury, student, 21 (Beachy Head). Fell from cliff

* Sam Conlin, 24 (Hull). “Struggling with mental health.” Fell from bridge

Sam Croydon, student, 21 (Birmingham). “Depressed.” Hanged

Samuel Spears, schoolboy, 14 (Mid Wales). Hanged

Sarah Cox, 43 (Hull). “Approached her GP with depression.” Jumped from bridge

Shane James, 28 (South Wales). “Suffered anxiety and depression.” Cut his arm

Shaun Talbot, 51 (Hampshire). “Struggling to cope.” Hanged

Simon Goodall, pilot, 48 (Hull). “Depression and anxiety.” Hanged

Simon Jones, 34 (Hampshire). “Referred back to his GP.” Hanged

Simon Keylock, 51 (Gloucestershire). “Suffered from anxiety and depression.” Hanged

Stephen Cane, 61 (East Sussex). “Depressed.” Hanged

Stephen Cook, 63 (Berkshire). “Overwhelmed.” Hanged

Stephen Pennell, 56 (South Wales). Hanged

* Stephen Skinner, 52 (Kent). Hanged

Steve Lake, machinist, 44 (East Yorkshire). “History of depression.” Hanged

Steve Wardle, personal trainer, 31 (Lancashire). “Prescription drug to treat anxiety.” Drowned in lake

Steven Rouse, builder, 53 (Norfolk). Hanged

Stuart Clark, 37 (South Devon). “Depressive episode.” Drowned in river

Stuart Elliott, 49 (Norfolk). “Mental health problems.” Drowned in river

* Stylianos Ktistakis, student, 18 (Reading). Hanged

Susan Herbert, 36 (Essex). “Struggled with depression.” Drove car into lorry

* Susan Lang, actuary, 56 (Bournemouth). Fell from multi-storey car park

* Theo Brennan-Hulme, student, 21 (Norwich). Hanged

Tim Aldridge, 40 (Somerset). “Struggled with depression.” Hanged

* Timothy Renton, 46 (Essex). Struck by train

Timothy Rigg, 53 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Troubled.” Hanged

Tina Rainford, 43 (West London). “Mental health issues.” Hanged

Tom Hollis, 30 (Buckinghamshire). “Suffered with mental health issues.” Hanged

Tracey Carter, 51 (East Sussex). “Suffering from depression.” Fell from cliff

Tracey Marwood, 45 (East Yorkshire). “Suffering from depression.” Took her life

Trevor Darien, barber, 55 (Sheffield). “Mental health issues.”  Self-inflicted injuries

Valerie Bowman, 70 (Buckinghamshire). Hanged

Wayne Hyland, 28 (Birmingham). “Reached out to MH services.” Hanged

Wendy Green, 72 (South Wales). “Living with depression.” Hanged

Will Evans, chef, 28 (Worcestershire). “Sinking in mood.” Hanged

William Bailey, 62 (Kent). Hanged

* William Sullivan, shop worker, 29 (Dorset). Hanged

Zbigniew Lubiewjewski, warehouse worker, 41 (Stoke-on-Trent). “Feeling depressed.” Hanged

Zoltan Benedek, 30 (Hull). Hanged

[Unnamed man], 21 (Northamptonshire). “Troubled.” Took his life


Total so far: 284

* inquest pending, adjourned or in progress


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