The first thing to say about these lists, comprising in total more than 7800 deaths linked to antidepressants, is that all the information here has been found on the Internet, mostly in the archives of local newspapers. I have had no privileged access to any other material. I have limited myself to inquest reports dating from the beginning of 2003 and concerning deaths in England and Wales.

Secondly, this list is far from complete. In fact, it could be subtitled “the tip of the iceberg”. For every inquest report that I was able to include, there was at least another where toxicology was completely excluded from the report, or where medication was hidden behind phrases such as “she sought help for depression” or “he saw his GP”.

Then there are the local newspapers that remove reports from their archives after a certain period, those that do not have search facilities, and those that do not report the inquests in the first place.

The format of the lists are as follows:

Year of Inquest (not year of death); Name (with Hyperlink); Occupation; Age; Location; Antidepressant(s) Involved; Cause of Death.

Where I have established the brand name of antidepressants involved, I have named it. Otherwise, I have used the abbreviation ADs, or MfD where the report refers to “medication for depression” or similar.

Links to media reports on antidepressant-related deaths in England and Wales:

Inquests 2003-2007      [1253]

Inquests 2008-2010      [1214]

Inquests 2011-2013      [1256]

Inquests 2014-2015      [1152]

Inquests 2016-2017      [1224]

Inquests 2018-2019      [1279]

Inquests 2020               [450]