INQUESTS 2014-2015


England & Wales 2014-2015


The format of the list is as follows:

Name (with Hyperlink); Occupation; Age; Relevant Factors; Location; Antidepressant(s) Involved; Cause of Death.

Where I have established the brand name of antidepressants involved, I have named it. Otherwise, I have used the abbreviation ADs, or MfD where the report refers to “medication for depression” or similar.




Abdu H, personal trainer, 21 (Essex). MfD. Struck by train

Adam C, 33 (Berkshire). Fluoxetine. Overdose of heroin

Adam L, 21 (West Sussex).  MfD. Fell from multi-storey car park

Adrian C, 45, bereaved (South Wales). Overdose of ADs & painkillers

Adrian J, tour guide, 33 (West London). ADs. Drowned in pond

Aidan M, 49 (Gloucestershire). MfD stopped. Jumped from multi-storey car park

Alan B, 39 (Cheshire). MfD increased. Struck by lorry

Alan D, mechanic, 53 (Gloucestershire). MfD. Locked himself in car & set fire to it

Alan K, prisoner, 28 (Winchester Prison). Sertraline. Hanged

Alan M, 26 (Norfolk). MfD. Hanged

Alan R, retired headteacher, 70 (Lancashire). MfD. Hanged

Alan S, 74 (Staffordshire). ADs. Drowned in pool

Alan T, ex-postal worker, 67 (Hertfordshire). ADs. Jumped from motorway bridge

Alannah H, 27 (Bolton). MfD. Hanged

Alex K, 15 (Cookham Wood YOI). MfD stopped. Hanged

Alex W, musician, 23 (Lincolnshire). MfD. Hanged

Alexander G, 39 (Surrey). MfD. Drove car into tree

Alexander G, 24 (Norwich). MfD. Overdose of drugs

Alexander H, 30 (Sheffield). MfD. Hanged

Alfred G, 88 (Scilly Isles). ADs. Hanged

Alfred W, bus driver, 50 (West Midlands). MfD. Hanged

Alice A, 18 (South Yorkshire). ADs. Hanged

Alison B, 48 (Southampton). MfD. Overdose of meds

Alison C, 47 (North Devon). Overdose of ADs & painkillers

Alison C, 51 (South London). MfD. Struck by train

Alison C, 40 (Staffordshire). Overdose of Amitriptyline

Allan A, retired gas engineer, 60 (Carlisle). MfD. Drowned in river

Alun S, ex-soldier, 49 (North Wales). MfD. Stabbed himself

Alvan B, 65 (Nottinghamshire). MfD. Hanged

Amjadali Y, prisoner, 33 (Preston Prison). Mirtazapine. Hanged

Amy F, prisoner, 24 (Downview Prison). Fluoxetine. Hanged

Amy P, 29 (Middlesbrough). MfD. Combination of prescription meds

Amy R, 29 (Reading). Fluoxetine. Combination of prescribed meds & alcohol

Amy-Jane S, 24 (Essex). Fluoxetine. Combination of prescribed meds, cocaine & alcohol

Andrew A, 30 (West London). Overdose of Amitriptyline

Andrew B, prisoner, 34 (Altcourse Prison). Venlafaxine. Asphyxiated

Andrew B, prisoner, 25 (Dovegate Prison). Mirtazapine increased. Hanged

Andrew B, gardener, 56 (West Midlands). ADs. Hanged

Andrew C, unemployed, 34 (West Yorkshire). MfD. Struck by train

Andrew F, prisoner, 34 (Moorland Prison). Sertraline. Hanged

Andrew H, engineer, 50 (Torquay). Overdose of Mirtazapine

Andrew K, student, 20 (Oxford). ADs.  Poisoned with gas

Andrew M, baker, 47 (Cumbria). Amitriptyline. Struck by train

Andrew S, 61 (Worcestershire). Overdose of Venlafaxine

Andrew T, 56 (Buckinghamshire). MfD. Jumped from multi-storey car park

Andrew T, 39 (Cumbria). Combination of ADs, methadone & alcohol

Andrew W, 41 (Somerset). Overdose of MfD

Andrew W, 35 (Doncaster). MfD. Struck by lorry

Andy G, caretaker, 54 (Liverpool). ADs. Hanged

Angela E, 38 (Merseyside). MfD. Overdose of prescribed meds

Angela H, 66 (South Devon). MfD stopped. Hanged

Ann B, 75 (Kent). MfD stopped. Drowned in river

Anna K, theatre technician, 19 (Middlesbrough). MfD. Asphyxiated

Anne G, 51 (Suffolk). MfD. Died in fire that she started

Anne-Marie G, 27 (Oxfordshire). Overdose of ADs & alcohol

Annette F, 30 (Liverpool). MfD. Overdose of Cocodamol

Anthony C, gardener, 48 (Oxfordshire). ADs. Hanged

Anthony G, prisoner, 47 (Ranby Prison). Trazodone. Overdose of Nefopam

Anthony H, youth development officer, 30 (Wigan). ADs. Hanged

Anthony L, redundant construction worker, 47 (South Wales). MfD. Carbon monoxide poisoning in car

Anthony O, 35 (Sheffield). MfD. Overdose of drugs

Anthony W, bricklayer, 44 (Oxford). ADs. Hanged

Anthony W, 41 (North Wales). MfD. Hanged

Archie C, 48 (Buckinghamshire). Overdose of Amitriptyline

Arthur B, prisoner, 50 (Nottingham Prison). Mirtazapine. Hanged

Ashley D, musician, 27 (Hertfordshire). MfD. Overdose of morphine & alcohol

Ashli B, schoolgirl, 15 (Hampshire). MfD. Jumped from monument

Athol H, 42 (Oxfordshire). ADs stopped. Overdose of morphine

Barry B, ex-lecturer, 61 (Nottinghamshire). MfD. Hanged

Barry F, 41 (Hertfordshire). MfD. Overdose of meds

Becky W, 16 (Suffolk). MfD. Hanged

Ben C, newspaper worker, 30 (South Wales). Sertraline. Drowned in river

Ben C, student, 18 (Cornwall). MfD. Asphyxiated with bin bag

Bethan R, 71 (South Wales). MfD. Overdose of prescribed meds

Bill D, civil servant, ex-police officer, 59 (Wiltshire). ADs stopped, then changed. Shot dead ex-girlfriend, then himself

Bill M, property developer, 49 (West Yorkshire). ADs. Hanged

Bill T, prisoner (Elmley Prison). ADs. Hanged

Bob T, 76 (Hampshire). ADs stored, then taken in overdose. Fell from hospital window

Boniface U, prisoner, 38 (Durham Prison). ADs stopped. Hanged

Boris B, businessman, 67 (Berkshire). ADs. Hanged

Bradley A, schoolboy, 15 (Manchester). MfD. Hanged

Bradley J, ex-teacher, 26 (Kent). MfD. Overdose of prescribed meds

Bradley P, 30 (Manchester). ADs. Hanged

Brady T, 36 (South Wales). MfD. Jumped from viaduct

Brett R, shop assistant, musician, 21 (Blackpool). ADs. Found in bedroom

Brian M, scientist, 57 (Buckinghamshire). ADs. Hanged

Brian S, 65 (Essex). MfD stopped. Struck by train

Brian T, 47 (Shropshire). Fluoxetine. Combination of meds & cannabis

Cameron B, 16 (Greater Manchester). MfD. Hanged

Carol C, 44 (Nottinghamshire). MfD. Overdose of meds & alcohol

Carol K, 38 (Somerset). ADs. Found dead at home

Carol K, 50 (North Devon). ADs. Drowned in river

Carol T, supervisor, 64 (Wigan). MfD. Overdose of drugs

Carole D, 63 (South Wales). MfD. Overdose of prescribed meds

Carole M, 69 (Teesside). MfD. Drowned in river

Caroline J, caterer, 39 (Carlisle). Citalopram. Hanged

Caroline S, waitress, 23 (Lincolnshire). Citalopram. Hanged

Cassandra B, 60 (Hampshire). MfD. Overdose of prescribed meds

Cassandra K, 25 (Kent). MfD. Overdose of Tramadol

Catriona B, 52 (West Midlands). Overdose of Dosulepin

Ceri L, 20 (North Wales). Overdose of ADs

Chantelle L, 23 (Manchester). ADs. Overdose of morphine & alcohol

Chantelle W, nurse, 22 (Exeter). ADs. Stabbed herself

Charlene H, 24 (Lancashire). MfD. Hanged

Charlotte B, carer, 20 (Norfolk). ADs stopped. Combination of ketamine & methadone

Charlotte B, 30 (Bristol). ADs stopped. Jumped from cliff holding baby daughter

Charlotte L, soldier, 37 (Staffordshire). ADs. Hanged

Charlotte W, journalist, 60 (Cardiff). MfD. Hanged

Christian L, 39 (Reading). ADs. Fell from multi-storey car park

Christine B, retired administrator, 69 (Oxfordshire). MfD. Hanged

Christopher C, factory worker, 52 (West Midlands). MfD stopped. Hanged

Christine D, healthcare assistant, 39 (Staffordshire). MfD. Hanged

Christopher E, ex-soldier, 31, PTSD (Wigan). ADs. Combination of prescription drugs

Christopher H, prison officer, 54 (Norfolk). MfD. Struck by train

Christopher L, unemployed, 34 (West Midlands). ADs. Hanged

Christopher O, builder, 36, on remand (Preston Prison). ADs. Hanged

Christopher P, 36 (Oldham). ADs. Combination of drugs & alcohol

Christopher S, retired merchant banker, 76 (Wiltshire). ADs. Overdose of drugs

Christopher V, 29 (Teesside). Combination of Mirtazapine, Diazepam & heroin

Claire D, 27 (Staffordshire). MfD. Asphyxiated

Claire M, ex-administrative assistant, 50 (Staffordshire). ADs. Found in house

Claire T, 42, (Sheffield). ADs. Jumped from multi-storey car park

Clive T, ex-teacher, 67 (Hampshire). ADs. Jumped from railway bridge

Colin G, 62 (Portsmouth). MfD. Hanged

Colin H, 50 (Wiltshire). ADs. Burned in car fire

Colin L, ex-security guard, 55 (Buckinghamshire). ADs. Combination of prescribed meds & alcohol

Collette T, 54 (Essex). MfD. Drowned in sea

Connor S, prisoner, 20 (Altcourse Prison). Sertraline. Hanged

Conor B, motor mechanic, 21 (Greater Manchester). MfD. Hanged

Corrina L, 30 (East Yorkshire). ADs stopped. Hanged

Craig B, 29 (South Yorkshire). MfD. Struck by train

Craig B, 35 (Kent). MfD. Cut his arm

Cynthia B, lawyer, 65 (West London). ADs. Overdose of prescription meds

Dale C, slaughterman, 31 (North Wales). ADs. Hanged

Dana B, schoolgirl, 16 (Worcestershire). MfD. Hanged

Daniel H, 21 (Cheshire). MfD. Drowned in canal

Daniel K, IT specialist, 32 (Greater Manchester). Citalopram. Overdose of insulin

Daniel S, IT consultant, 30 (Nottinghamshire). MfD. Hanged

Daniel W, 24 (South Yorkshire). MfD. Hanged

Darrell M, ex-train driver, 51, MS (South Yorkshire). ADs. Shot himself

Darren A, 48 (Norfolk). MfD. Hanged

Darren C, 42 (Grimsby). Overdose of ADs

Darren D, 42 (Herefordshire). Head injury, along with overdose of Fluoxetine & alcohol

Darren G, unemployed, 34 (Manchester). ADs. Struck and fatally stabbed a male friend, then stabbed himself

Darren M, 40 (Cheshire). Overdose of Amitriptyline

Darren M, 47 (North Wales). Overdose of ADs

David H, plumber, 34 (Carlisle). MfD. Hanged

David H, 52 (Burnley). ADs. Fell from multi-storey car park

David P, 39 (Greater Manchester). ADs. Killed ex-girlfriend, her son and himself in house fire that he started

David R, police officer, 44 (Northumberland). MfD. Hanged

David R, ex-soldier, 42 (Derbyshire). Overdose of Venlafaxine

David R, retired company director, 64 (Buckinghamshire). MfD. Overdose of unnamed medication

David S, 29 (Coventry). MfD. Hanged

David T, 45 (South Devon). Overdose of Amitriptyline

Dawn R, 55 (Huddersfield). Overdose of Dosulepin

Dawn W, 40 (Hull). ADs. Hanged

Dean C, 21 (West Yorkshire). Duloxetine. Overdose of Quetiapine

Dean C, 27 (West Midlands). MfD. Combination of drugs

Debbie H, prisoner, 51 (New Hall Prison). Mirtazapine. Cut her arms

Derek S, musician, 65 (Dorset). Paroxetine. Fell from cliff

Derek T, ex-firefighter, 43 (West Midlands). Overdose of ADs

Desmond R, 66 (Southampton). MfD. Hanged

Desmond W, factory worker, 45 (South Devon). ADs. Drowned in river

Dhelcy-Mae C, student, 18 (Nottingham). ADs. Hanged

Dominic W, 41 (Reading). Overdose of Venlafaxine & methadone

Donald K, farmer, ex-company director, 78 (Northamptonshire). ADs. Shot himself after having shot dead his wife

Donald M, executive, 47 (Berkshire). ADs. Hanged

Donna G 26 (Lancashire). MfD. Drowned in reservoir

Donna K, 30 (Coventry). Combination of Venlafaxine & alcohol

Dorothy W, 80 (Dorset). MfD. Carbon monoxide poisoning

Douglas M, 69 (West London). MfD. Strangled his wife, then stabbed himself

Eddie P, student, 18 (Hampshire). ADs. Struck by train

Edvinos S, 30 (Dovegate Prison). Mirtazapine stopped. Hanged

Edward B, 51 (Leicester). Overdose of Citalopram & Sertraline

Eilidh B, ex-musician, 48 (Greater Manchester). MfD. Unascertained

Elaine J, 53 (South Devon). MfD. Hanged

Elizabeth F, teacher, 51 (Cornwall). Sertraline. Hanged

Elizabeth F, 19 (Lancashire). Fluoxetine. Combination of drugs

Elizabeth K, doctor, 37, PND (Nottingham). ADs. Overdose of prescribed meds

Elizabeth L, charity shop worker, 62 (Hertfordshire). ADs. Fell from bridge

Elle-May K, 21 (Oxfordshire). AmitriptylineSertraline. Combination of drugs

Ellen G, 36 (Gloucestershire). MfD. Hanged

Elvis W, prisoner, 33 (Portland Prison). Trazodone stopped. Hanged

Emma S, 27 (Cumbria). ADs. Combination of drugs & alcohol

Ewan F, medical student, 19 (Cornwall). Citalopram. Not reported

Fabio A, student, 23 (Nottingham). Citalopram. “Died by suicide”

Faiza A, 37 (Lancashire). Mirtazapine. Overdose of prescribed meds

Faye M, 39 (Staffordshire). Fluoxetine. Struck by train

Frances A, ex-music teacher, 48 (Surrey). Overdose of Fluoxetine

Frankie W, office worker, 26 (West Midlands). MfD. Hanged

Gareth S, 30 (Manchester). MfD. Drowned in river

Gary A, ex-auxiliary nurse, 42 (Wigan). ADs. Hanged

Gary B, unemployed roofer, 45 (South Devon). MfD. Hanged

Gary J, 54 (Hull). ADs. Drowned in pond

Gemma M, 31 (Bournemouth). MfD stopped. Cannabis poisoning

Geoff W, doctor, 56 (Lincolnshire). Mirtazapine. Rode motorcycle into car

Geoffrey D, 23 (Cumbria). Citalopram & Fluoxetine. Overdose of various meds

George J, 73 (Worcestershire). Overdose of Fluoxetine

George W, schoolboy, 15 (South Devon). Fluoxetine. Struck by train

Gerald V, 55 (Southampton). MfD. Overdose of prescribed meds

Geraldine D, 51 (Leicester). Imipramine. Overdose of meds

Glenn T, 19 (Essex). MfD. Hanged

Gordon F, police officer, 49 (Gloucestershire). ADs. Struck by train

Graeme K, 42 (Norfolk). MfD. Hanged

Graeme P, airline executive, 33 (Luton). ADs. Jumped from multi-storey car park

Graham W, 68 (Norfolk). MfD. Drowned in river

Gurmit K, 50 (Leicestershire). MfD. Hanged

Harriet R, teacher, 60 (Hertfordshire). MfD. Hanged

Hayden B, 20 (Lancaster Farms YOI). Sertraline increased. Hanged

Heather H, 66 (Hampshire). ADs. Drowned in sea

Heidi B, 30 (Bolton). ADs. Combination of meds & alcohol

Helen B, nurse, 34 (Cardiff). Overdose of Venlafaxine

Helen W, 33 (Derbyshire). Overdose of ADs

Henry M, 30 (North London). MfD. Overdose of drugs

Hollie M, nurse, 28 (Doncaster). ADs. Hanged

Howard H, unemployed taxi driver, 55 (Oxfordshire). MfD. Hanged

Hugh M, prisoner, 66 (Altcourse Prison). ADs stopped. Hanged

Huw D, vet (South Wales). MfD. Shot himself

Ian B, water treatments officer, 32 (Warwickshire). MfD. Struck by lorry

Ian W, advertising executive, 28 (Manchester). ADs. Hanged

Isobel M, scientist, 25 (Manchester). ADs. Hanged

Jacintha S, nurse, 46 (London). ADs. Hanged

Jack E, 20 (Somerset). MfD. Overdose of insulin

Jackie G, 61 (Oxfordshire). MfD. Drowned in river

Jacqueline H, 53 (Bristol). MfD. Overdose of meds

Jacqueline R, (Kent). MfD. Overdose of Zopiclone & morphine

Jacqueline R, 60 (West London). ADs. Hanged

Jacqueline S, 53 (Lancashire). Overdose of ADs & Tramadol

Jade P, schoolgirl, 15 (Blackpool). Overdose of Amitriptyline & Tramadol

James H, student, 19 (Bristol). ADs. Jumped from bridge

James M, prisoner, 45 (Durham Prison). Trazodone. Hanged

James S, warehouse worker, 36 (Kent). Escitalopram stopped. Set himself on fire

James S, retired blacksmith, 79 (Sunderland). MfD. Fatally stabbed his wife, then himself

James T, computer consultant, 40 (Staffordshire). ADs. Struck by train

Jamie D, journalist, 61 (Oxfordshire). Escitalopram. Shot himself

Jamie E, 33 (Worcestershire). Overdose of Amitriptyline

Jamie N, 19 (Bolton). ADs. Hanged

Janette W, doctor’s receptionist, 58 (Blackpool). ADs. Jumped from multi-storey car park

Jasmine C, schoolgirl, 14 (Gloucestershire). MfD. Hanged

Jean C, 54 (South London). MfD stopped. Hanged

Jed B, 27 (Lincolnshire). ADs. Drowned in river

Jenny K, 49 (Hampshire). MfD. Overdose of prescribed meds

Jo N, 51 (Wiltshire). MfD. Overdose of prescribed meds

Joanna T, 52 (Devon). MfD. Overdose of prescribed meds

John B, 42 (Cumbria). ADs. Hanged

John B, shop owner, 33 (Cumbria). MfD. Hanged

John C, 87 (Derbyshire). ADs stopped. Set himself on fire

John E, ex-engineer, 71 (Blackpool). Sertraline increased. Drowned in sea

John F, 41 (Bradford). MfD reduced. Asphyxiated with bag

John G, retired engineer, 76 (East Sussex). ADs. Cut his wrist

John H, 39 (Lancashire). ADs. Overdose of painkillers

John P, 75 (Kent). MfD increased. Shot himself

John P, teacher, 28 (Cambridgeshire). MfD. Struck by train

John S, 68 (South Wales). MfD. Swallowed washing-up liquid

John S, prisoner, 55 (Lincoln Prison). Citalopram. Hanged

John T, 78 (Lincolnshire). Fluoxetine. Drowned in dyke

Jon B, (West Midlands). Combination of ADs, painkillers & alcohol

Jonathan C, (Hampshire). Overdose of MfD

Jonathan C, DJ, 39 (Norwich). MfD. Hanged

Jonathan K, 42 (East Sussex). MfD. Hanged

Jonathan M, personal trainer, 27 (Birmingham). MfD. Hanged

Jonathan S, ex-mortgage advisor, 28 (Hampshire). MfD. Hanged

Jonathan T, 27 (Greater Manchester). Amitriptyline. Hanged

Jonathan T, factory worker, 48 (Cornwall). ADs. Bludgeoned his wife to death, then stabbed himself

Joseph E, student, 21 (Cornwall). ADs. Hanged

Judith S, 70 (South Devon). ADs increased. Overdose of Zopiclone & paracetamol

Julia D, 45 (Cornwall). MfD. Stepped off a cliff

Justin C, actor, 38 (Watford). Combination of Sertraline, cocaine & alcohol

Justin L, ex-warehouse worker, 32 (Wiltshire). ADs. Inhaled helium

Karen W, 50 (Warwickshire). MfD. Jumped from multi-storey car park

Kasey N, schoolgirl, 14 (Manchester). Sertraline. Unascertained

Katherine D, 44 (Berkshire). Combination of Mirtazapine, methadone & alcohol

Kathryn S, 33 (Norfolk). MfD. Overdose of prescribed meds

Katie G, 25 (East Sussex). Citalopram. Overdose of slimming pills

Katie S, student, 20 (South London). ADs. Hanged

Katrina B, 21 (Lancashire). ADs. Died after starting house fire

Kayleigh Q, 27 (Hampshire). MfD. Struck by car

Kelvin K, prisoner, 36 (Maidstone Prison). Overdose of Amitriptyline & Tramadol

Kenneth C, gardener, 56 (South London). MfD. Drowned in river

Kenneth F, 76 (County Durham). Smothered his wife, then took an overdose of Nortriptyline

Kenneth F, shopkeeper, 59 (Hertfordshire). MfD. Hanged

Kerry B, 36 (Wigan). MfD. Fell from colliery pit wheel

Kerry S, 43 (Berkshire). MfD. Hanged

Kevin L, teacher, 46 (Hertfordshire). MfD. Hanged

Kevin S, 30 (Woodhill Prison). Fluoxetine. Hanged

Kevin W, 27 (Gloucestershire). ADs. Combination of prescription drugs & alcohol

Kevin W, telecoms engineer, 51 (Staffordshire). MfD. Hanged

Lakwinder S, 40 (Wormwood Scrubs Prison). Citalopram. Hanged

Laura P, 34 (Leicestershire). MfD. Overdose of Propanolol

Lauren J, schoolgirl, 17 (Lancashire). MfD. Fell from multi-storey car park

Leanne B, retail manager, 35 (West Yorkshire). MfD. Hanged

Lee B, sales assistant, ex-soldier, 24 (South Wales). Citalopram. Hanged

Lee C, ex-soldier, 32 (Cheshire). MfD. Hanged

Lee E, 33 (North Wales). Overdose of 2 ADs

Lee H, 37 (West Sussex). Overdose of Trazodone & Quetiapine

Lee P, 30 (Carlisle). Overdose of ADs & alcohol

Lee U, 55 (Essex). Overdose of Citalopram, Tramadol & alcohol

Lee W, businessman, 58 (Birmingham). MfD. Fell from hospital

Leigh K, prisoner, 37 (Low Newton Prison). Mirtazapine & Trazodone. Hanged

Leighton P, unemployed, 18 (North Wales). ADs. Combination of drugs & alcohol

Lena B, student, 18 (Lancashire). MfD. Struck by vehicle on motorway

Leo M, (West London). CitalopramAmitriptyline. Combination of prescribed meds

Leon K, political cartoonist, 59 (London). MfD. Struck by tube train

Lewis D, 21 (County Durham). MfD stopped. Drove car into lorry

Lewis S, prisoner, 23 (Ranby Prison). Amitriptyline. Hanged

Liam W, 31 (Middlesbrough). ADs. Combination of drugs

Liladebi S, care assistant, 31 (Oxford). MfD. Hanged

Lisa L, office manager, 29 (Lancashire). ADs. Struck by train

Lisa T, food store manager, 28 (Cornwall). ADs. Overdose of prescribed meds

Lorna C, 41 (Kent). MfD. Fell from multi-storey car park

Louise H, (Derbyshire). Sertraline. Overdose of amphetamines

Louise S, 28 (Portsmouth). ADs. Hanged

Louise T, 34 (Hampshire). Overdose of ADs

Lucie B, artist, 39 (Cornwall). MfD. Fell from cliff

Lucy S, 26 (Southampton). ADs. Overdose of legal drug

Luftar C, fast food employee, 39 (Herefordshire). ADs. Struck by a train

Luke H, 27 (North Devon). ADs. Hanged

Luke K, postman, 23 (Cumbria). MfD. Hanged

Luther H, 39 (Norwich). MfD stopped. Jumped from shopping centre balcony

Lynsey P, actress, 34 (South London). ADs. Hanged

Malcolm D, 60 (Reading). ADs. Overdose of prescribed meds

Manjit S, 57 (Wolverhampton). MfD. Hanged

Marc B, businessman, 47 (West Midlands). MfD. Hanged

Margaret H, 80 (Cumbria). MfD. Drowned in river

Marian P, teacher, 54 (Cumbria). ADs. Froze to death

Mario S, psychologist, 55 (East London). Mirtazapine. Struck by train

Marion C, 73 (South Wales). ADs. Hanged

Mark E, 49 (Shropshire). Overdose of Dosulepin

Mark G, headteacher, 43 (Kent). MfD. Hanged

Mark H, 42 (Manchester). MfD. Stabbed himself

Mark J, scientist, lecturer, 62 (Cardiff). MfD. Cut his wrists

Mark W, 52 (Hampshire). MfD. Hanged

Martha B, schoolgirl, 16 (London). ADs. Struck by train

Martin C, 50 (Huddersfield). ADs. Hanged

Martin R, 42 (London). ADs. Stabbed himself

Mary B, 49 (Southampton). Overdose of Clomipramine

Mary G, 62 (Suffolk). MfD. Hanged

Mary S, schoolgirl, 16 (Wiltshire). MfD. Struck by train

Mary W, 48 (South Devon). Combination of Citalopram, Quetiapine & alcohol

Matt E, chef, 38 (Staffordshire). Overdose of Mirtazapine

Matthew C, student, 20 (Portsmouth). ADs. Jumped from building

Matthew F, 35 (East London). Fluoxetine. Combination of non-prescribed meds

Matthew G, 37 (Lincolnshire). ADs. Hanged

Matthew P, farm labourer, 28 (Stoke-on-Trent). Overdose of Amitriptyline

Matthew W, cleaner, 26 (West Yorkshire). Sertraline. Hanged

Maya B, 49 (Cornwall). MfD. Drowned in sea

Melanie B, charity worker, 27 (Gloucestershire). ADs. Hanged

Melanie S, hairdresser, 36 (South Devon). MfD. Fell from cliff

Michael A, 52 (County Durham). ADs. Drowned in sea

Michael B, 36 (County Durham). MfD. Hanged

Michael C, plumber, 60 (London). MfD. Overdose of prescribed meds

Michael E, vehicle worker, 50 (Staffordshire). Sertraline. Hanged

Michael M, student, 26 (South London). ADs. Asphyxiated with plastic bag

Michael O, unemployed, 60 (North London). ADs. Hanged

Michael P, warehouse manager, 45 (Northamptonshire). ADs. Hanged

Michael R, prisoner, 40. (Cornhill Prison). MfD. Hanged

Michael R, 47 (Essex). Combination of Amitriptyline & cocaine

Michael R, prisoner, 61 (Peterborough Prison). Mirtazapine. Hanged

Michael W, 28 (London). ADs. Jumped from bridge

Michaela C, 17, (North London). Fluoxetine increased. Hanged

Michelle C, ex-factory worker, 37 (Lancashire). ADs. Hanged

Michelle C, 47 (Watford). Overdose of CitalopramAmitriptyline, Tramadol & codeine

Michelle K, ex-chef, 54 (Worcestershire). MfD. Hanged

Milosz S, 28 (Kent). MfD. Hanged

Mohammed Z, prisoner, 26 (Stoke Heath Prison). MfD reduced. Hanged

Morgan B, driving instructor, 66 (Cheshire). MfD. Hanged

Morris B, 72 (Cardiff). Overdose of ADs

Natalie T, 28 (London). MfD. Hanged

Naveed Z, prisoner, 26 (Stoke Heath Prison). Fluoxetine stopped. Hanged

Neil E, 42 (Gloucestershire). MfD. Drowned in canal

Neil G, 46 (South London). ADs. Struck by train

Neil I, 61 (Cornwall). Overdose of ADs & painkillers

Neil R, 51 (Essex). MfD. Struck by train

Nicholas D, sales executive, 50 (North London). ADs. Hanged

Nicholas R, lawyer, 50 (Carlisle). MfD. Hanged

Nicola S, ex-care worker, 37 (Blackpool). ADs. Overdose of prescribed meds

Nicola W, ex-teacher, 32 (Lancashire). MfD. Hanged

Nigel C, 53 (Milton Keynes). MfD changed. Struck by train

Nigel W, 52 (South Wales). AmitriptylineSertraline. Combination of meds

Nikola B, police worker, 36 (Greater Manchester). ADs. Combination of illicit drugs

Noleen M, 41 (North London). Overdose of Amitriptyline

Oliver E, 33 (Hampshire). ADs stopped. Overdose of meds

Olly R, website designer, 32 (Worcestershire). Seroxat, Sertraline, Venlafaxine. Took his life

Patricia P, 50 (North Yorkshire). ADs. Overdose of insulin

Patricia S, 61 (Lincolnshire). ADs. Struck by vehicles

Patricia S, 67 (Berkshire). MfD. Overdose of prescription meds

Patrick D, 71 (Blackpool). Mirtazapine. Hanged

Patrick R, schoolboy, 15 (Hertfordshire). Fluoxetine. Hanged

Paul B, 35 (Hertfordshire). MfD. Hanged

Paul B, postman, 51 (Cornwall). ADs. Hanged

Paul B, 45 (South Wales). ADs. Hanged

Paul B, 66 (Suffolk). ADs changed. Struck by train

Paul D, shop worker, 42 (North Wales). MfD. Hanged

Paul G, 49 (Tyneside). MfD. Combination of drugs

Paul G, 41 (Norfolk). ADs. Overdose of morphine

Paul H, retired police officer, 54 (Plymouth). MfD. Hanged

Paul H, 50 (Beachy Head). MfD. Fell from cliff

Paul H, (Brighton). Overdose of MfD

Paul M, 58 (West London). Venlafaxine. Overdose of prescribed meds

Paul N, care worker, 54 (Lancashire). Sertraline. Jumped from bridge

Paul R, student, 26 (Oxford). ADs. Overdose of heroin

Pauline B, 56 (Nottingham). MfD. Drowned in river

Pauline B, 64 (Nottingham). ADs stopped. Hanged

Pauline M, 42 (Staffordshire). Venlafaxine. Overdose of prescribed meds

Pauline S, schoolgirl, 15 (Menai Bridge). “Variety of MfD.” Jumped from bridge

Peter B, 50 (Norfolk). ADs changed, then increased. Overdose of drugs

Peter B, ex-mountain guide, 75 (Cumbria). ADs. Hanged

Peter C, IT worker, 41 (Hertfordshire). MfD. Struck by train

Peter E, garage proprietor, 64 (East Sussex). MfD. Shot himself

Peter F, 46 (Lincolnshire). Overdose of AmitriptylineNortriptyline & methadone

Peter F, 70 (Shrewsbury). MfD. Hanged

Peter F, 67 (Kent). ADs. Jumped from motorway bridge

Peter K, artist, 55 (North London). MfD increased. Jumped from block of flats

Peter K, retired curator, 76 (Kent). MfD. Drowned in canal

Peter K, ex-councillor, 57 (North Wales). MfD. Hanged

Peter M, prisoner, 42 (Spring Hill Prison). ADs. Hanged

Peter O, 45 (Cornwall). Sertraline. Fell from wall

Peter S, 59 (Norfolk). ADs. Cut his wrists & neck

Philip C, 44 (West Yorkshire). Overdose of MfD

Philip H, librarian, 38 (West London). ADs stopped. Poisoned with yew leaves

Philip R, 50 (High Down Prison). Overdose of Mirtazapine & Propranolol

Polly C, 36 (South Devon). Venlafaxine. Struck by train

Raymond H, prisoner, 37 (Featherstone Prison). Mirtazapine. Hanged

Raymond S, prisoner, 55 (Northumberland Prison). ADs. Cut his throat

Reece T, construction worker, 18 (Chelmsford YOI). ADs. Hanged

Rena J, 60 (North Devon). Fluoxetine. Unascertained

Richard G, actor, 27 (London). ADs. Hanged

Richard G, engineer, 58 (Dorset). MfD. Unascertained

Richard H, (Lincolnshire). Overdose of Amitriptyline& Oxycodone

Richard R, support worker, 45 (East Sussex). ADs. Fell from cliff

Richard S, 25 (London). MfD. Overdose of prescription meds

Rita W, ex-nurse, 55 (South Yorkshire). MfD. Overdose of prescribed meds

Robert J, 58 (North Wales). ADs stopped. Cut his throat

Robert P, 33 (Greater Manchester). MfD. Hanged

Robert R, 38 (Cumbria). MfD. Hanged

Robert R, prisoner, 22 (Wandsworth Prison). ADs. Hanged

Robert W, 39 (Milton Keynes). MfD stopped. Jumped from bridge

Ronnie N, 28 (Kent). MfD stopped. Hanged

Rosalyn E, pharmacy worker, 20 (Lincolnshire). Fluoxetine. Overdose of prescription meds

Rosemary L, 78 (Cheshire). ADs. Drowned in canal

Rowena G, lecturer, 45 (Stockport). MfD. Jumped from mill roof

Roxann M, 44 (Herefordshire). Overdose of Amitriptyline

Roy J, RAF adjutant, 57 (Cumbria). Overdose of MfD

Roy L, accountant, 54 (North Yorkshire). ADs. Battered his wife, then fell from cliff

Roy P, ex-taxi driver, 64 (Kent). ADs. Overdose of diet pills

Russell S, 22 (Slough). MfD. Struck by train

Ryan L, leisure centre worker, 21 (Cambridgeshire). MfD stopped. Hanged

Ryan M, 28 (Lincolnshire). MfD. Found in river

Ryan N, plumber, 36 (Norfolk). ADs. Overdose of drugs & alcohol

Sabrina P, waitress, 27 (Cardiff). ADs. Overdose of insulin

Samuel B, 22 (Norfolk). ADs. Hanged

Samuel M, 46 (Blackpool). Overdose of Amitriptyline & Mirtazapine

Sana M, 34 (London). MfD. Overdose of meds & alcohol

Sandra T, 53 (North Devon). Overdose of Mirtazapine & codeine

Sandrea P, 70 (Lancashire). MfD. Drowned in canal

Sarah B, 31 (Berkshire). MfD. Hanged

Sarah O, teaching assistant, 42 (West Yorkshire). ADs stopped. Hanged

Sarah P, 30 (Teesside). MfD. Hanged

Scott A, self-employed, 37 (Lancashire). MfD. Hanged

Scott B, hairdresser, 33 (Blackpool). MfD. Struck by train

Scott C, self-employed glazier, 33 (Southampton). MfD. Found dead at home

Sean G, 43 (Hampshire). MfD. Struck by train

Sean E, 51 (Derbyshire). Overdose of Venlafaxine & Quetiapine

Sebastian F, prisoner, 33 (Hewell Prison). Mirtazapine. Hanged

Sebastian G, 59 (Blackpool). Overdose of ADs & morphine

Seemberjeet K, ex-nursery nurse, 35 (Leeds). ADs. Drowned in river

Severine H, schoolgirl, 14 (Cambridgeshire). Overdose of Amitriptyline

Sharon W, 48 (Wigan). Overdose of Amitriptyline & methadone

Shaun G, prisoner, 42 (Lincoln Prison). Amitriptyline. Hanged

Sheryl C, 34 (West Yorkshire). MfD stopped. Hanged

Shirley C, 68 (Suffolk). Mirtazapine. Drowned in river

Siân L, 28, (South Wales). MfD. Hanged

Simon A, 54 (West Midlands). Overdose of AmitriptylineNortriptyline & morphine

Simon B, 45 (Bolton). MfD. Overdose of meds

Simon D, prisoner, 39 (Bullingdon Prison). Paroxetine. Hanged

Simon M, prisoner, 36 (Liverpool Prison). Mirtazapine. Hanged

Simon W, 30 (East Sussex). Overdose of ADs

Sonya R, 45 (Middlesbrough). MfD. Overdose of prescribed meds

Stacey P, pregnant (Essex). MfD. Struck by train

Stephanie B, 53 (West Midlands). ADs. Struck by lorry

Stephanie P, 35 (Cornwall). ADs. Overdose of painkillers

Stephen D, civil servant, 55 (Manchester). Citalopram. Hanged, after having fatally stabbed his mother

Stephen F, prisoner, 25 (Woodhill Prison). MfD. Hanged

Stephen H, ex-bricklayer, 57 (Stoke-on-Trent). ADs. Fell from multi-storey car park

Stephen L, aircraft fitter, 52 (Manchester). ADs stopped. Carbon monoxide poisoning

Stephen M, 47 (Watford). MfD. Jumped from walkway

Stephen M, 44 (Blackpool). Overdose of Mirtazapine & Lithium

Stephen P, charity worker, 21 (Derbyshire). MfD. Drowned in pond

Stephen Q, 45 (Wigan). MfD stopped. Hanged

Stephen R, roofer, 43 (Gloucestershire). Overdose of Dosulepin

Steven B, ex-medical student, 21 (Hull). MfD. Overdose of prescription meds

Steven M, 35 (Bournemouth). Mirtazapine. Hanged

Stuart S, 67 (West Sussex). MfD. Jumped from multi-storey car park

Stuart T, 50 (Reading). MfD stopped. Struck by train

Sun H, chef, 54 (Oxford). Overdose of Fluoxetine

Susan G, 49 (Wiltshire). MfD stopped. Struck by train

Susan L, ex-nurse, 53 (Cheshire). ADs. Stabbed herself

Susan M, 58 (Cornwall). ADs changed. Overdose of pain-killers

Susan M, 57 (West Yorkshire). MfD stopped. Overdose of prescribed meds

Susan P, retired payroll administrator, 65 (Norfolk). ADs. Struck by train

Susan R, 66 (Cumbria). Overdose of Dosulepin

Susan W, 57 (Liverpool). MfD. Fell down escalator stairwell

Suzanne C, 71 (Oxfordshire). MfD. Lay under parked lorry

Suzanne E, paramedic, 30 (South Yorkshire). MfD. Took her life

Tallulah W, schoolgirl, 15 (London). ADs. Struck by train

Tammy C, 37 (South Wales). Overdose of Sertraline & Oxycodone

Tanya O, 36 (West London). Overdose of Amitriptyline

Terence D, 45 (Manchester). Overdose of Citalopram, Mirtazapine& Propanalol

Terence K, chauffeur, 70 (Hertfordshire). Fluoxetine. Suffocated his wife and hanged himself

Terrie A, 31 (Essex). ADs. Inhaled aerosol gases

Thomas S, 27 (County Durham). Duloxetine. Combination of drugs

Thomas W, prisoner, 21 (Humber Prison). Citalopram. Hanged

Tim G, businessman, 45 (Hampshire). MfD. Shot himself

Tim M, student, 22 (Manchester). ADs. Hanged

Tim S, caretaker, 58 (Dorset). MfD. Hanged

Timothy D, 40 (Cumbria). MfD. Combination of prescribed meds & alcohol

Timothy P, 41 (Berkshire). ADs. Hanged

Tom B, schoolboy, 14 (Oxfordshire). Prozac. Jumped from multi-storey car park

Toyah S, 19 (Kent). ADs. Hanged

Trevor B, 74 (Northamptonshire). ADs. Struck by train

Trevor D, 71 (Somerset). ADs. Hanged

Trevor G, 61 (Northamptonshire). “Different types of ADs”. “Found dead by a stream”

Trevor W, unemployed, 45 (Blackpool). ADs. Cut his wrists

Tyler D, student, 19 (Portsmouth). ADs. Hanged

Valerie B, 72 (Surrey). MfD. Asphyxiated

Vasil V, 28 (Cardiff Prison). Sertraline. Hanged

Vicki B, 41 (County Durham). Overdose of Amitriptyline, Propranolol & Codeine

Victoria P, 39 (Gloucestershire). Fluoxetine. Hanged

Vivienne T, care worker, 56 (Hertfordshire). ADs. Unascertained

Warren C, theme park designer, 37 (Essex). MfD. Overdose of Oxycodone

Wayne C, decorator, 42 (Basingstoke). MfD. Hanged

Wayne H, 42 (Nottinghamshire). Overdose of ADs

Wendy T, 60 (South London). MfD. Struck by train

William C, solicitor, 42 (North London). Amitriptyline. Fell from balcony

William C 25 (Berkshire). MfD. Hanged

William L, church executive, 46 (Cardiff). MfD. Hanged

Xiaokui C, 43 (Bedfordshire). MfD. Drowned in lake

Yohanes K, 33 (Birmingham Prison). Fluoxetine. Hanged

Zoe O, 37 (Salford). ADs. Combination of drugs

[Unnamed boy], 15 (Dorset). ADs. Overdose of medication

[Unnamed boy], 16 (West London). ADs. Combination of drugs

[Unnamed man], 22 (North Wales). Amitriptyline & Mirtazapine. Combination of drugs

[Unnamed man], 33 (Derbyshire). Citalopram. Took his life

[Unnamed man], 35 (Bournemouth). Mirtazapine. Hanged

[Unnamed man], 42 (Liverpool). Fluoxetine. Overdose of Propranolol

[Unnamed woman], 24 (Merseyside). MfD. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 16 (Cambridgeshire). ADs changed. Overdose of non-prescribed meds

[Name & link removed], 19 (Oxfordshire). ADs. Overdose of prescribed medication

[Name & link removed], 23 (Oxfordshire). ADs. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 23 (South London). MfD stopped. Struck by train

[Name & link removed], 24 (Shropshire). MfD. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 25 (West Midlands). ADs. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 26 (London). MfD. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 28 (Sussex). MfD. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 29 (London). ADs. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 31 (Norfolk). ADs. Poisoned

[Name & link removed], 31 (South Yorkshire). ADs. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 31 (South Yorkshire). MfD. Fell from window

[Name & link removed], 40 (South Wales). MfD. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 42 (Surrey). Citalopram. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 46 (Bristol). MfD. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 49 (Devon). ADs. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 51 (Derbyshire). ADs. Set fire to self

[Name & link removed], 51 (London). ADs. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 54 (Lancashire). Overdose of Mirtazapine & Fentanyl 




Aaron L, musician, 31 (Lincolnshire). MfD. Took his own life

Adam K, builder, 35 (West London). MfD. Fell from multi-storey car park

Adam P, IT worker, 35 (Somerset). MfD. Asphyxiated by helium

Adrian B, 40 (Southampton). MfD. Combination of drugs

Adrian S, 45 (Exeter Prison). Sertraline stopped. Hanged

Alan B, ex-window fitter, 41 (Staffordshire). Sertraline. Jumped from motorway bridge

Alan N, ex-firefighter, 55 (West Yorkshire). Overdose of ADs

Alan R, computer engineer, 58 (Dorset). MfD. Struck by train

Alan W, farmer, 84 (Herefordshire). MfD. Drowned in pool

Alasdair Penny, 23 (West Sussex). MfD stopped. Fell from bridge

Alexander B, 50 (Cumbria). ADs. Combination of drugs

Alexander C, builder, 33 (Staffordshire). ADs. Hanged

Alexis G, musician, 32 (Sheffield). MfD. Poisoned by yew berries

Aleyshia M, schoolgirl, 16 (Bolton). ADs. Hanged

Alice G, schoolgirl, 17 (North London). ADs. Struck by train

Alison S, pharmacist, 33 (County Durham). MfD. Overdose of medication

Allen J, 37 (Leicestershire). MfD stopped. Struck by train

Amanda T, 38 (Reading). ADs. Overdose of pain-killers

Andre M, 36 (Lincolnshire). Combination of Citalopram and cocaine

Andrea S, 48 (Middlesbrough). ADs. Overdose of Zopiclone

Andrew C, 45 (West Yorkshire). MfD. Hanged

Andrew D, 54 (Grimsby). MfD. Struck by train

Andrew D, prisoner, 51 (Brixton Prison). MfD. Hanged

Andrew F, charity worker, 48 (Wiltshire). ADs. Overdose of codeine & alcohol

Andrew F, prison officer, 28 (Kent). ADs. Hanged

Andrew G, 33 (Wigan). MfD. Hanged

Andrew G, 43 (North Wales). MfD. Struck by bus

Andrew P, 32 (Plymouth). ADs. Poured petrol over himself; set alight by taser

Andrew P, contract manager, 56 (South Devon). ADs. Hanged

Angel H, 26 (Lancashire). ADs. Killed her 22-month-old son & herself by carbon monoxide poisoning

Angela B, 57 (Staffordshire). MfD. Hanged

Angela M, 49 (Greater Manchester). Overdose of Fluoxetine & Oxycodone

Anita S, 24 (East London). ADs. Struck by train

Anna F, 30 (Lincolnshire). MfD. Combination of prescribed meds

Anna M, 44 (North London). MfD. Hanged

Anne L, retired nurse, 68 (Herefordshire). MfD. Fell from window

Anne T, council employee, 46 (Kent). Overdose of ADs

Anthony R, 29 (Shropshire). Mirtazapine. Hanged

Anthony S, builder, 20 (Hampshire). ADs stopped. Hanged

Arthur L, 75 (Watford). MfD changed. Drank bleach

Arthur P, retired engineer, 67 (Hertfordshire). ADs. Hanged

Ashleigh B, schoolgirl, 14 (Cheshire). ADs. Overdose of meds

Barbara L, retired shop worker, 62 (Surrey). Overdose of ADs

Barbara M, 72 (Norfolk). MfD. Drowned in pond

Barry T, 60 (Leicester). MfD. Hanged

Barry T, 44 (Worcestershire). ADs. Hanged

Basil W, retired businessman, 74 (Cornwall). ADs. Overdose of paracetamol

Becki L, 23 (Birmingham). MfD. Hanged

Becky J, musician, 23 (Hertfordshire). MfD. Fell from hospital roof

Becky T, care home worker, 20 (Staffordshire). MfD. Struck by train

Ben B, 19 (Portsmouth). Overdose of MfD

Ben S, student, 18 (Greater Manchester). Fluoxetine. Hanged

Benjamin M, 34 (Lancashire). Sertraline. Hanged

Benjamin S, 27 (Wiltshire). MfD. Cut his throat

Benn S, apprentice engineer, 17 (Kent). MfD. Hanged

Billy K, pub landlord, 58 (Kent). MfD. Hanged

Blythe F, 22 (Norfolk). MfD. Found dead in house

Bob K, 67 (Cornwall). Overdose of ADs & painkillers

Brenda L, 63 (Leicestershire). Citalopram. Inhaled helium

Brian M, 60 (Oxford). Fluoxetine. Drowned in bath

Bronwen C, 43 (Gloucestershire). MfD. Drank anti-freeze

Bruce G, 56 (Berkshire). ADs. Shot himself

Carl B, gardener, 41 (Kent). MfD stopped. Hanged

Carl B, hospital employee, 50 (Ipswich). MfD. Overdose of meds

Carl F, prisoner, 33 (Pentonville Prison). ADs. Hanged

Carl H, flight test engineer, 43 (Wiltshire). MfD. Jumped from moving train

Carl L, 42 (Hampshire). MfD. Jumped from multi-storey car park

Carl P, 55 (Leicester). Overdose of MirtazapineVenlafaxine & Quetiapine

Carl S, 22 (Suffolk). Fluoxetine stopped. Struck by lorry

Carol V, 61 (Nottinghamshire). MfD changed. Drowned in reservoir

Carol W, headteacher, 58 (Plymouth). MfD. Hanged

Caroline B, teacher, 46 (Greater Manchester). ADs. Hanged

Caroline S, 32 (Middlesbrough). MfD. Hanged

Chae B, 21 (South Wales). ADs. Hanged

Chandni N, student, 19 (Berkshire). MfD. Struck by train

Chantia I, 17 (Cardiff). ADs. Carbon monoxide poisoning

Charles E, 76 (South Wales). MfD. Cut his wrists

Charlie B, 20 (Hampshire). MfD. Hanged

Charlie C 78 (Hertfordshire). ADs. Fell from window

Charlotte C, student, 17 (Suffolk). ADs. Injected veterinary drug

Charlotte F, social worker, 26 (North London). Sertraline. Took her life

Charlotte O, nurse, 29 (Surrey). ADs. Hanged

Charlotte V, recruitment consultant, 23 (West London). MfD. Struck by tube train

Cheng S, 36 (Plymouth). Mirtazapine. Overdose of medication

Chloe B, 19 (South Wales). ADs. Overdose of paracetamol

Chloe C, 20 (West Sussex). Citalopram & Sertraline. Hanged

Christian B, 27 (South London). ADs stopped. Stabbed himself

Christian D, 24 (Hull). MfD. Combination of drugs

Christian H, 37 (Staffordshire). Amitriptyline. Overdose of drugs

Christian W, ex-soldier, 42 (Bolton). MfD. Overdose of prescribed meds

Christine D, school catering assistant, 54 (Reading). ADs. Combination of prescribed meds & alcohol

Christine H, 54 (South Wales). Fluoxetine. Drowned in sea

Christine P, 45 (Blackpool). Fluoxetine. Overdose of prescribed meds

Christopher B, 48 (Herefordshire). MfD. Drowned in bath

Christopher C, 46 (Hampshire). ADs. Hanged

Christopher E, 33 (West Yorkshire). ADs. Jumped from viaduct

Christopher H, student, 23 (Norwich). MfD. Combination of meds

Christopher H, pharmaceutical company worker, 36 (Norfolk). ADs increased. Jumped to his death

Christopher L, 29 (South London). MfD. Struck by tube train

Christopher M, 39 (Kent). MfD. Hanged

Christopher P, ex-solicitor, 54 (Worcestershire). MfD. Drowned in river

Christopher R, housing officer, 63 (Surrey). ADs. Struck by lorry

Christopher T, prisoner, 65 (Preston Prison). ADs stopped. Asphyxiated

Christopher W, engineer, 37 (East Yorkshire). MfD. Jumped from bridge

Clint B, 37 (Southampton). ADs. Combination of drugs

Colette H, 50 (South London). Sertraline. Fell from multi-storey car par

Colin G, 67 (Hertfordshire). MfD. Hanged

Connor S, 18 (Oxford). Fluoxetine. Drowned in bath

Courtney T, student, 16 (Somerset). Overdose of Dothiepin

Craig B, prisoner, 41 (Manchester Prison). ADs. Hanged

Craig B, 41 (Staffordshire). Overdose of ADs

Craig C, prisoner, 35 (Humber Prison). ADs. Hanged

Dafydd P, 40 (North Wales). Sertraline. Overdose of Clozapine

Danah V, 20 (Bristol). Amitriptyline. Overdose of prescribed meds

Daniel B, 35 (Hull). Citalopram. Hanged

Daniel M, 30 (Essex). ADs. Hanged

Danielle L, prisoner, 24 (Holloway Prison). Sertraline. Hanged

Danny F, retired railway worker, 67 (Dorset). MfD. Fell from multi-storey car park

Danny S, taxi driver, 28 (Kent). MfD. Fell from cliff

Darren B, 47 (Norfolk). Dosulepin. Drowned in harbour

Darren S, 44 (South Yorkshire). ADs. Killed 2 sons & self by setting fire to house

David B, 63 (Reading). ADs. Overdose of painkillers

David C, prisoner, 43 (Peterborough Prison). Dosulepin. Hanged

David C, illustrator, 49 (Cheshire). Mirtazapine. Jumped from balcony

David F, retired decorator, 65 (Staffordshire). ADs. Hanged

David F, 41 (County Durham). MfD. Combination of meds

David G, 50 (Wigan). ADs. Jumped from stairwell

David K, 45 (East Yorkshire). MfD. Combination of prescribed meds & heroin

David P, 48 (West Sussex). MfD. Struck by train

David P, 37 (Buckinghamshire). Overdose of Sertraline & Clozapine

David S, scientist, 54 (Staffordshire). MfD. Poisoned by potassium cyanide

David W, car factory worker, 47 (Cheshire). ADs. Hanged

Davy L, prisoner, 28 (Lincoln Prison). Duloxetine. Hanged

Dean B, prisoner, 30 (Birmingham Prison). Mirtazapine. Overdose of drugs

Dean P, boxing promoter, 47 (South London). ADs stopped. Struck by train

Deborah F, 51 (Gloucestershire). MfD. Overdose of Gabapentin

Deborah L, unemployed, 48 (South Devon). MfD. Overdose of Propranolol

Debra F, air stewardess, 54 (Greater Manchester). MfD. Fell from motorway bridge

Debra R, 54 (Bradford). Overdose of Venlafaxine & Quetiapine

Della W, 20 (Nottinghamshire). MfD. Jumped from bridge

Denise F, (East London). Overdose of Amitriptyline & Tramadol

Dennis H, 63 (Southampton). ADs. Combination of Fentanyl, morphine & alcohol

Desmond C, media executive, 55 (Beachy Head). ADs. Fell from cliff

Devinder S, 48 (Leicester). Venlafaxine. Combination of meds & alcohol

Diana H, 68 (Staffordshire). MfD. Overdose of meds

Diane K, 60 (North Devon). MfD. Hanged

Diane W, 40 (Peterborough Prison). Lofepramine. Asphyxiated

Donna O, haulage company worker, 41 (South London). MfD changed, then Sertaline. Struck by train, along with her 3-yr-old son

Donna-Marie W, 41 (North Devon). Overdose of ADs

Edward G, 80 (North London). ADs. Struck by tube train

Edward J, unemployed, 47 (Nottingham). MfD. Combination of prescribed meds

Eileen R, 89 (West Yorkshire). ADs. Drowned in river

Elaine S, 44 (Hertfordshire). Citalopram. Combination of drugs & alcohol

Eleanor D, 23 (West London). MfD. Hanged

Eleanor K, 60 (Leicestershire). Overdose of Citalopram & codeine

Elif O, 29 (North London). ADs stopped. Jumped from bridge

Elizabeth G, 48 (Wiltshire). MfD. Hanged

Elizabeth O, 30 (East London). ADs. Hanged

Elizabeth R, 81 (Berkshire). ADs. Hanged

Elysia P, 20 (Nottinghamshire). MfD. Found dead

Emanuele B, 26 (Bristol). ADs. Inhaled helium

Emily B, businesswoman, 47 (Surrey). MfD. Struck by train

Emily S, student, 22 (Oxford). MfD. Drowned in river

Emma B, 27 (Reading). MfD. Fell from multi-storey car park

Emma B, 25 (East London). Sertraline increased. Hanged

Emma G, 32 (Somerset). ADs. Combination of cocaine & methadone

Eric S, retired gas engineer, 69 (Bradford). MfD. Hanged

Erif W, 30 (Staffordshire). Trazodone. Crashed her car

Ezgi S, student, 18 (West London). Overdose of Amitriptyline

Fiona G, 30 (North Wales). MfD. Hanged

Fiona W, 51 (Leicestershire). ADs. Jumped from window

Frances J, 45 (Plymouth). Amitriptyline. Combination of meds

Frederick O, 87 (Southampton). MfD changed. Shot himself

Gareth H, 40 (Cornwall). MfD. Hanged

Gary P, businessman, 43 (West Yorkshire). ADs stopped. Jumped from viaduct

Gary S, 36 (Worcestershire). Combination of Amitriptyline, Fentanyl & Tramadol

Gary S, 46 (Plymouth). Fluoxetine. Combination of drugs

Gavin J, aircraft engineer, 37 (Cheshire). MfD. Hanged

Gavin J, 38 (Reading). Amitriptyline. Combination of drugs

Gemma W, 23 (Lincolnshire), MfD. Overdose of prescribed meds

Geoffrey K, 57 (Watford). MfD. Overdose of prescribed meds

George C, ex-sailor, 58 (Northamptonshire). Overdose of ADs

George C, apprentice, 18 (Berkshire). MfD. Died in woodland

George T, 80 (Cornwall). MfD. Hanged

Glen P, 52 (Hampshire). MfD. Hanged

Glenn H, 19 (Essex). Sertraline. Overdose of meds

Glenys H, 57 (West Midlands). Citalopram. Hanged

Graham P, 52 (Reading). MfD. Hanged

Greg R, 18 (Glen Parva Prison). ADs stopped. Hanged

Guy R, 31 (Greater |Manchester). MfD. Overdose of drugs

Hannah G, student, 21 (Cheshire). ADs. Hanged

Harold A, 82 (Essex). MfD. Shot dead his wife, then shot himself

Harry P, 21 (West London). ADs. Asphyxiated

Heath N, joiner, 31 (Lancashire). ADs. Unascertained

Heather J, admin assistant, 37 (Kent). Overdose of Amitriptyline

Helen G, teacher, 44 (West Yorkshire). MfD. Carbon monoxide poisoning

Helen L, 48 (Staffordshire). Venlafaxine. Overdose of prescribed meds

Hilary R, 32 (Worcestershire). Overdose of Citalopram

Ian D, 44 (Buckinghamshire). MfD. Struck by train

Iris S retired bookkeeper, 73 (Essex). MfD changed. Hanged

Isobel G, 57 (Northampton). MfD stopped. Hanged

Jack K, 18 (Greater Manchester). ADs. Carbon monoxide poisoning

Jackie W, ex-care worker, 42 (Blackburn). ADs. Hanged

Jacqueline G, teaching assistant, 51 (Lancashire). ADs changed. Hanged

Jade D, 29 (Berkshire). MfD. Combination of prescribed meds & alcohol

Jade K, schoolgirl, 15 (Wirral). Fluoxetine. Struck by train

James B, 35 (Hampshire). MfD. Overdose of prescribed meds

James D, unemployed, 24 (Teesside). MfD. Hanged

James H, 32 (Cambridgeshire). ADs. Overdose of prescribed meds

James S, 27 (South Yorkshire). ADs changed. Hanged

Jane H, 46 (West Sussex). Overdose of ADs

Jane J, 49 (North Devon). Combination of Amitriptyline, Diltiazem & morphine

Janet G, 63 (Watford). Duloxetine. Overdose of prescribed meds

Janet N, prison officer, 34 (South Wales). MfD. Hanged

Janette I, 46 (Greater Manchester). MfD stopped. Hanged

Janine S, beauty therapist, 37 (Greater Manchester). Fluoxetine. Overdose of Propranolol

Jared S, 39 (Portsmouth). MfD. Overdose of prescribed meds

Jaruwan N, 40 (East London). Overdose of Amitriptyline & Nortriptyline

Jason G, prisoner, 42 (Bedford Prison). Citalopram & Mirtazapine. Hanged

Jason R, 24 (Exeter Prison). MfD. Hanged

Jason R, prisoner, 44 (Wymott Prison). Fluoxetine. Hanged

Jay C, student, 17 (Southampton). ADs. Hanged

Jayne S, 52 (Norfolk). Escitalopram. Drowned in sea

Jean C, retired teacher, 63 (Dorset). MfD. Jumped from cliff

Jed A, 21 (Oxfordshire). ADs. Stabbed his mother & her partner & his step-sister, then hanged himself

Jeff F, musician, 36 (Greater Manchester). ADs. Struck by lorry

Jennifer H, 70 (West Sussex). MfD. Drowned in stream

Jennifer T, support worker, 31 (Stoke-on-Trent). MfD. Hanged

Jess P, welfare officer, 26 (Dorset). ADs. Fell from cliff

Jessica M, student, 18 (Berkshire). ADs. Struck by train

Jill P, 52 (Hertfordshire). Overdose of Fluoxetine & Sertraline

Jill S, 61 (Norfolk). MfD. Struck by train

Jim P, writer, 57 (Oxfordshire). Citalopram & Trazodone. Carbon monoxide poisoning

Jo S, councillor, 59 (Cumbria). MfD. Jumped from roof of house

Joanna L, 30 (Hampshire). MfD. Overdose of prescribed meds

Joanna M, 24 (Sheffield). MfD. Hanged

Joanne F, 38 (West Sussex). ADs changed. Hanged

Joanne N, teaching assistant, 28 (Essex). Venlafaxine. Struck by train

Joe B, roofer, 30 (Kent). MfD. Hanged

Joe H, 22 (Lancashire). MfD. Overdose of methadone

Joe J, 29 (Kent). MfD. Struck by train

Joe R, 24 (Suffolk). MfD. Overdose of meds

Joel D, chef, 26 (Kent). MfD. Overdose of morphine

Joel G, 33 (Staffordshire). MfD. Hanged

John B, IT consultant, 57 (Essex). MfD. Hanged

John C, 64 (Plymouth). MfD stopped. Hanged

John C, 38 (Herefordshire). Amitriptyline. Overdose of prescribed meds

John F, 67 (Berkshire). MfD stopped. Drowned in lake

John H, retired cabin crew, 64 (Lancashire). Overdose of CitalopramDosulepin

John L, 35 (Cardiff). ADs. Overdose of morphine

John L, 49 (Leicestershire). MfD. Struck by train

John O, ex-managing director, 63 (Buckinghamshire). MfD. Hanged

John O, 30 (South Wales). Citalopram. Hanged

John P, 53 (Lincolnshire). Fluoxetine. Fell down flight of stairs

John S, 83 (Greater Manchester). ADs. Drowned in river

John S, retired civil servant, 66 (East London). ADs stopped. Struck by train

Jolana P, 35 (Bradford). Overdose of ADs

Jonathan E, entrepreneur, 55 (West London). MfD. Fell from multi-storey car park

Jonathan W, boat seller, 48 (Hampshire). ADs. Hanged

Joseph B, 28 (Oxford). MfD. Overdose of drugs

Joseph C, lawyer, 56 (London). MfD. Jumped from block of flats

Joshua B, 20 (Kent). MfD. Fell from cliff

Joshua T, 45 (Kent). Overdose of MfD

Joy S, 91 (Wiltshire). Overdose of Dosulepin

Julia H, secretary, 55 (Surrey). MfD. Struck by a train

Julia K, 39 (Northamptonshire). Amitriptyline. Took her life

Julian B, 32 (Cheshire). MfD. Hanged

Julie K, 34 (Hampshire). MfD. Combination of prescribed meds

Juliet A, 43 (Gloucestershire). MfD. Hanged

Kane B, prisoner, 25 (Wayland Prison). Fluoxetine. Hanged

Karen P, 54 (Doncaster). ADs stopped. Fell from block of flats

Karen S, 56 (Hampshire). MfD. Combination of prescribed meds

Karen W, 41 (South Wales). Overdose of Venlafaxine

Karl B, prisoner, 28 (Featherstone Prison). Mirtazapine. Hanged

Karl S, 33 (South Wales). Overdose of Citalopram

Kathleen P, 83 (Lincolnshire). ADs. Drowned in river

Kathryn D, physiotherapist, 46 (Hertfordshire). ADs. Stabbed herself

Kathy S, 39 (Stoke-on-Trent). Combination of Citalopram, Tramadol & codeine

Kayley F, 29 (Kent). ADs. Hanged

Keith D, 30 (Reading). ADs. Drowned in river

Keith W, 73 (West Yorkshire). ADs. Shot himself

Kelly B, 31 (Norwich). Escitalopram increased. Hanged

Kelly W, 27 (Gloucestershire). Combination of ADs & methadone

Kenneth M, retired plumber, 82 (North Devon). ADs. Fell from bridge

Kerri R, 18 (Hampshire). MfD. Hanged

Kerry J, 46 (East Yorkshire). MfD. Overdose of Zopiclone

Kesia L, 17 (Greater Manchester). Sertraline. Hanged

Kim L, charity worker, 27 (Manchester). MfD. Hanged

Kimberley P, 23 (Somerset). Mirtazapine. Hanged

Kyle B, 17 (Bedfordshire). ADs. Hanged

Kyle E, 22 (Leeds). ADs. Hanged

Kylie P, 23 (Norwich). MfD. Hanged

Laura H, 21 (South Wales). MfD. Hanged

Laura N, schoolgirl, 15 (North Wales). Overdose of Trazodone

Laurence B, prisoner (Belmarsh Prison). Citalopram. Overdose of prescribed meds

Lawrence M, 71 (Slough). MfD. Drowned in lake

Leanne H, 29 (Essex). MfD. Overdose of prescribed meds

Leigh-Anne L, 38 (Leicester). Overdose of AmitriptylineSertraline, Quetiapine & Oramorph

Leina H, 53 (Hertfordshire). Amitriptyline. Combination of prescribed meds

Len N, 73 (Watford). MfD. Hanged

Leonard E, 79 (Lincolnshire). ADs. Drove car into lorry

Lesley A, 58 (Hampshire). Sertraline. Overdose of painkillers

Leya K, ex-sailor, 21 (Hampshire). MfD. Hanged

Liam D, plumber, 29 (North London). ADs. Combination of meds

Liam R, ex-marine engineer, 35 (South London). ADs. Struck by lorry

Liam S, 34 (Hewell Prison). Mirtazapine. Combination of prescription meds

Lindsay A, 36 (Lincolnshire). Overdose of MfD

Lindsay S, 57 (Derby). Venlafaxine. Hanged

Lindy B, 53 (Essex). MfD. Hanged

Lisa F, 45 (Bournemouth). MfD. Jumped from block of flats

Lori W, unemployed, 24 (West London). ADs. Hanged

Lorna C, homecare assistant, 42 (West Yorkshire). ADs changed. Fell from multi-storey car park

Lorna D, 35 (Cheshire). MfD. Hanged

Lorraine G, 57 (Reading). ADs. Overdose of painkillers

Lorraine H, 48 (East Yorkshire). MfD. Hanged

Louis P, council employee, 59 (East London). MfD. Struck by tube train

Louise C, nail technician, 27 (Gloucestershire). ADs. Hanged

Luke D, supermarket worker, 18 (Gloucestershire). ADs. Struck by train

Luke M, prisoner, 24 (Liverpool Prison). Mirtazapine. Hanged

Madeline E, 82 (Kent). ADs stopped. Hanged

Malcolm S, 44 (West London). ADs. Drowned in river

Mandy P, 54 (Staffordshire). ADs. Hanged

Marcus M, apprentice electrician, 21 (West Yorkshire). ADs. Jumped from viaduct

Margaret P, 69 (Norfolk). Amitriptyline. Struck by train

Margaret T, retired scientist, 64 (Bedfordshire). Citalopram. Fell from window

Maria D, 50 (Bolton). MfD. Drowned in stream

Marie T, 41 (Leicester). MfD. Combination of drugs

Marilyn W, shop assistant, 55 (South Yorkshire). MfD stopped. Asphyxiated

Mark B, 50 (Gloucestershire). MfD. Overdose of meds

Mark B, 58 (Wirral). ADs. Struck by train

Mark C, hospital manager, 44 (North London). MfD. Hanged

Mark G, 41 (Hampshire). ADs. Hanged

Mark G, 20 (Bedfordshire). MfD. Fell from multi-storey car park

Mark G, prisoner, 52 (Dovegate Prison). Amitriptyline. Jumped from bed

Mark J, unemployed, 41 (East Yorkshire). MfD. Hanged

Mark L, company director, 48 (Wigan). MfD. Strangled his wife, then hanged himself

Mark L, sound engineer, 43 (Reading). ADs stopped. Took his life

Mark L, prisoner, 45 (Ranby Prison). Sertraline. Hanged

Mark L, support worker, 39 (Cumbria). MfD. Overdose of Dihydrocodeine

Marta G, 27 (Stoke-on-Trent). ADs. Fatally stabbed her daughters, then cut her throat

Martin M, 44 (Lancashire). ADs. Hanged

Martin S, IT analyst, 34 (West Yorkshire). ADs. Hanged

Masoud G, businessman, 54 (Bristol). ADs. Hanged

Mathew B, mechanic, 24 (Buckinghamshire). ADs. Hanged

Mathew S, prisoner, 31 (Long Lartin Prison). MfD. Hanged

Matt K, 21 (Gloucestershire). MfD. Killed himself

Matthew B, 29 (South Wales). Combination of Mirtazapine, Diazepam & alcohol

Matthew D, 34 (Gloucestershire). ADs. Combination of drugs

Matthew D, 22 (Suffolk). Citalopram. Drowned in reservoir

Matthew F, gardener, 28 (North Devon). MfD. Hanged

Matthew H, nurse, 27 (Southampton). ADs. Overdose of meds

Matthew P, student, 21 (Ipswich). MfD. Struck by train

Matthew S, 28 (Derbyshire). MfD. Struck by train

Matthew T, barrister, 25 (London). ADs. Found dead at home

Melvyn Z, 63 (Kent). MfD. Combination of meds

Michael C, 19 (Cheshire). MfD. Overdose of dihydrocodeine

Michael C, 39 (Lancashire). MfD. Drowned in sea

Michael D, anaesthetist, 43 (Hampshire). ADs, Overdose of Propofol

Michael D, hairdresser, 45 (North London). ADs. Combination of heroin & alcohol

Michael E, 57 (Gloucestershire). Sertraline. Deliberately crashed his glider

Michael G, 33 (Surrey). MfD. “Found dead”

Michael H, 58 (Hertfordshire). MfD. Hanged

Michael J, nurse, 34 (South Wales). Citalopram. Combination of prescription drugs

Michael K, 45 (Derbyshire). ADs. Combination of drugs & alcohol

Michael K, 48 (Berkshire). MfD. Drowned in lake

Michael L, retired teacher, 67 (Oxfordshire). MfD. Overdose of meds

Michael M, teacher, 50 (Wirral). MfD. Drove car into tree

Michael M, DJ, 34 (Birmingham). MfD. Overdose of meds & alcohol

Michael M, production worker, 34 (North Wales). MfD. Jumped from aqueduct

Michael P, prisoner, 36 (Parc Prison). Sertraline. Hanged

Michael R, 77 (Buckinghamshire). MfD. Hanged

Michael R, 23 (Bedfordshire). MfD. Combination of drugs

Michael S, 36 (Teesside). MfD. Fell from tower block

Michele W, farmer, 53 (Bedfordshire). ADs stopped. Shot herself

Michelle L, 38 (Gloucestershire). Amitriptyline. Combination of drugs & alcohol

Michelle M, ex-travel agent, 42 (Grimsby). ADs changed. Fell from multi-storey car park

Milan P, 40 (Bradford). Overdose of ADs

Mitchell H, 22 (Herefordshire). ADs. Inhaled nitrous oxide

Nadia M, model, 24 (Greater Manchester). ADs. Hanged

Natalie C, 29 (Somerset). MfD. Hanged

Nathan C, porter, 24 (Somerset). MfD. Struck by train

Nathan O, 31 (West Yorkshire). MfD. Struck by train

Nathan V, prisoner, 34 (Lewes Prison). MfD. Hanged

Neil B, 46 (Herefordshire). MfD. “Found dead”

Neil H, prisoner, 38 (Bullingdon Prison). MfD. Hanged

Neil P, 48 (Hampshire). MfD. Asphyxiated

Neil Y, 49 (Hertfordshire). Overdose of Amitriptyline

Nicholas B, 51 (South Devon). ADs. Cut his wrist

Nicholas C, 36 (Essex). MfD. Overdose of morphine

Nicholas D, student, 30 (Staffordshire). MfD. Jumped from multi-storey car park

Nicholas E, 39 (Mid Wales). MfD. Alcohol poisoning

Nicholas R, 31 (Grimsby). MfD. Overdose of heroin

Nicola B, unemployed, 39 (Stoke-on-Trent). Combination of ADs, methadone & alcohol

Nicola H, 44 (Greater Manchester). Overdose of Citalopram & Venlafaxine

Nicola L, 36 (Stoke-o-Trent). Overdose of Citalopram & Propranolol

Nicola S, 42 (Cheshire). Overdose of Amitriptyline & alcohol

Nicola V, 32 (Cheshire). ADs. Hanged

Nicole P, vet, 32 (Manchester). MfD. Hanged

Nigel B, 70 (Wiltshire). MfD. Drowned in river

Nigel C, ex-soldier, 47 (Nottinghamshire). MfD. Found in garden

Nigel H, 52 (South Wales). MfD. Stabbed his estranged wife, then himself

Noelle B, 61 (Hampshire). MfD. Overdose of meds

Olive C, 92 (Bristol). ADs. Jumped into gorge

Oliver D, shop assistant, 27 (West Sussex). MfD. Hanged

Oliver P, 47 (Gloucestershire). Prozac, then Mirtazapine. Struck by train

Oliver R, businessman, 37 (Suffolk). ADs. Killed his wife, then jumped from multi-storey car park

Oliver S, 50 (Norwich Prison). Sertraline. Hanged

Paige B, 20 (Sunderland). MfD. Hanged

Patricia H, 64 (Suffolk). ADs. Fell from multi-storey car park

Patricia R, nursing assistant, 26 (Suffolk). ADs. Hanged

Patrick B, 25 (South London). ADs. Hanged

Patrick M, plumber, 47 (Staffordshire). Overdose of Mirtazapine

Patrick P, scientist, 41 (Berkshire). ADs. Overdose of heroin

Paul B, 45 (Wigan). ADs. Combination of drugs

Paul B, 18 (Birmingham). Fluoxetine. Jumped from motorway bridge

Paul C, prisoner, 44 (Hewell Prison). MfD. Hanged

Paul D, dog groomer, 45 (Northumberland). Overdose of Fluoxetine & Trazodone

Paul G, produce manager, 42 (Cumbria). ADs. Hanged

Paul M, prison officer, 50 (Norfolk). ADs. Set fire to car

Paul M, 49 (Oxford). MfD. Overdose of meds

Paul M, 16 (County Durham). Fluoxetine. Hanged

Paul R, 54 (Derbyshire). MfD. Overdose of Propranolol

Paul R, managing director, 48 (Gloucestershire). ADs. Hanged

Paul R, 58 (Essex). MfD. Died in lake

Paul T, vehicle technician, 42 (Staffordshire). MfD. Hanged

Peter D, 66 (Stoke-on-Trent). MfD. Drowned in canal

Peter D, prisoner, 39 (Winchester Prison). Mirtazapine stopped. Hanged

Peter H, 47 (Southampton). MfD. Hanged

Peter M, unemployed, 29 (Cheshire). ADs. Unascertained

Peter W, ex-chef, 44 (Hull). ADs. Combination of drugs & alcohol

Philip E, bar worker, 34 (South Devon). MfD. Combination of prescribed meds & alcohol

Philip L, 34 (Liverpool Prison). Sertraline. Hanged

Philip T, 56 (Stoke-on-Trent). ADs stopped. Hanged

Philippa T, actress,33 (North London). Overdose of ADs & sleeping pills

Phillip L, 59 (South Wales). MfD. Hanged

Randi S, 43 (Stoke-on-Trent). ADs. Overdose of opiates

Raymond M, prisoner, 66 (Wandsworth Prison). ADs. Hanged

Raymond R, prisoner, 47 (Elmley Prison). Sertraline. Hanged

Rebecca B, 25 (Bradford). Overdose of ADs

Rebecca L, unemployed, 54 (Oxford). MfD. Asphyxiated

Rebecca R, care home worker, 26 (Kent). ADs. Rode her cycle into path of vehicle

Rebecca S, hotel worker, 29 (South Devon). MfD. Fell from cliff

Richard D, businessman, 59 (Lancashire). Citalopram stopped. Overdose of Amitriptyline & Diazepam

Richard G, prisoner, 23 (Haverigg Prison). Sertraline. Hanged

Richard J, ex-prison officer, 30 (Bedfordshire). MfD. Hanged

Rob M, 32 (Hampshire). Overdose of Mirtazapine, Zopiclone & morphine

Robert J, 58 (Leicester). MfD. Hanged

Roger C, retired scientist, 80 (Watford). ADs. Struck by train

Ronald B, retired police officer, 87 (South Yorkshire). ADs. Hanged

Rosemary H, (West London). Venlafaxine. Fell from block of flats

Rosemary R, commercial manager, 53 (Hertfordshire). ADs. Hanged

Roy B, dance teacher, 50 (Lincolnshire). MfD. Overdose of amphetamines

Roy N, 86 (Cambridgeshire). MfD. Struck by train

Roy W, businessman, 37 (Cornwall). MfD. Hanged

Ryan B, decorator, 35 (Stoke-on-Trent). Sertraline. Combination of morphine & alcohol

Ryan M, 22 (Kent). ADs changed. Jumped from block of flats

Saagar N, student, 20 (South London). ADs. Struck by train

Sadiane R, chef, 22 (Essex). ADs. Hanged

Saher A, student, 20 (York). MfD. Hanged

Salvatore S, unemployed, 53 (North Devon). MfD. Hanged

Sam G, utilities worker, 24 (Greater Manchester). ADs. Drove his car into a wall

Samuel G, restaurant manager, 18, in custody (Doncaster Prison). ADs. Hanged

Sara G, student, 17 (Greater Manchester). MfD. Hanged

Sarah B, pharmacist, 43 (Berkshire). MfD. Struck by train

Sarah J, lawyer, 36 (London). ADs. Struck by tube train

Sarah M, supermarket worker, 24 (Huddersfield). MfD. Fell from multi-storey car park

Sarah P, postal worker, 36 (Plymouth). ADs. Combination of alcohol & meds

Sarbjit S, prisoner, 36 (Wandsworth Prison). Amitriptyline. Hanged

Scot Y, businessman, (London). ADs. Fell from window

Scott B, jockey, 35 (Berkshire). ADs. Hanged

Scott R, professional fighter, 35 (Newcastle). ADs. Drove motor-cycle into car

Scott T, prisoner, 31 (Wakefield Prison). Trazodone. Hanged

Sean S, model, 21 (Buckinghamshire). ADs. Hanged

Shane A, 42 (Norfolk). ADs. Decapitated himself

Sharon C, 48 (Staffordshire). MfD. Overdose of paracetamol

Sharon C, 54 (Staffordshire). ADs. Hanged

Sharon H, ex-nurse, 59 (East Yorkshire). ADs. Walked off cliff

Sharon W, 52 (Grimsby). Overdose of Venlafaxine

Shaun D, 41 (Warwickshire). MfD. Hanged

Sheryl W, 49 (Cambridgeshire). Overdose of ADs

Shirley T, 44 (Shrewsbury). Overdose of Venlafaxine, Gabapentin & Tramadol

Sian A, student, 17 (Bristol). MfD. Hanged

Simon A, 31 (Bedfordshire). Venlafaxine. Combination of prescribed meds

Simon C, animal welfare officer, 37 (South Wales). ADs. Combination of prescribed meds & alcohol

Simon J, chef, 32 (Worcestershire). ADs. Hanged

Simon P, 48 (Wigan). Overdose of Fluoxetine

Simon R, 47 (Bristol). ADs. Choked himself with paper

Simon T, 49 (Surrey). Citalopram. Drowned in river

Sobiah Y, 36 (West Yorkshire). MfD. Cut her throat

Stephen C, support worker, 64 (Lancashire). MfD. Hanged

Stephen S, 38 (South London). MfD. Hanged

Steven B, 37 (South Devon). MfD. Drowned in sea

Steven C, 25 (Lincolnshire). MfD. Hanged

Steven D, prisoner, 21 (Glen Parva Prison). Fluoxetine. Hanged

Steven F, 46 (Cambridge). Combination of Amitriptyline, heroin & alcohol

Stuart C, 48 (Warwickshire). Fluoxetine. Hanged

Stuart C, 23 (Bolton). MfD. Overdose of prescribed meds

Sultan , businessman, 38 (London). ADs. Overdose of cocaine

Susan A, ex-shop assistant, 63 (Cardiff). MfD. Drowned in river

Susan C, 54 (West Yorkshire). MfD. Combination of meds & alcohol

Susan H, 62 (West Sussex). MfD. Hanged

Susan H, bank employee, 65 (Norfolk). MfD. Drowned in river

Susan S, supermarket employee, 53 (Somerset). Overdose of Dothiepin, Tramadol & codeine

Suzanne G, teacher, 43 (Bolton). ADs. Hanged

Tania H, 50 (Wiltshire). Citalopram. Hanged

Ted K, 62 (Herefordshire). MfD stopped. Hanged

Ted P, 79 (Plymouth). MfD. Fatally stabbed his wife, then took overdose of meds

Terence L, prisoner, 43 (Ranby Prison). Mirtazapine. Hanged

Thomas F, 65 (Sunderland). MfD. Jumped from bridge

Thomas J, 54 (Preston Prison). ADs. Asphyxiated

Tobias N, prisoner, 27 (Dorchester Prison). MfD. Overdose of Fentanyl

Tobias T, photographer, 26 (North London). MfD. Jumped from block of flats

Toni S, 31 (York). ADs. Serotonin syndrome

Tony F, customer service adviser, 22 (Cheshire). Mirtazapine. Fell from bridge

Tony J, 28 (Wolverhampton). MfD. Combination of prescribed meds & alcohol

Tony M, 49 (Hertfordshire). Overdose of Venlafaxine

Trevor M, mechanic, 51 (Cardiff). MfD. Drowned in river

Tristan P, 17 (York). MfD. Hanged

Veronica R, student,18 (South London). MfD. Struck by train

Veselinka R, 57 (West Yorkshire). ADs. Drowned in canal

Vicky B, student, 18 (Gloucestershire). MfD. Hanged

Victoria L, 38 (Stoke-on-Trent). Overdose of Fluoxetine

Viki G, 37 (North Wales). MfD. Fell from aqueduct

Vincent S, musician, 35 (South London). MfD increased. Hanged

Vitalijus T, factory worker, 34 (Plymouth). MfD. Inhaled helium

Vivian A, 55 (Surrey). Overdose of Citalopram

Warren M, 46 (Surrey). ADs. “Found dead”

Wayne C, garage owner, 41 (South Devon). ADs. Hanged

Wayne C, prisoner, 22 (Portland Prison). Mirtazapine. Hanged

Wayne E, prisoner, 37 (Long Lartin Prison). Sertraline. Overdose of Tramadol

Wayne O’Neill, prisoner, 34 (Long Lartin Prison). Citalopram & Amitriptyline. Overdose of Propranolol

Wayne Rees, 46 (North Yorkshire). MfD. Hanged

Wayne T, 42 (Worcestershire).  Combination of Amitriptyline, Diazepam & methadone

Wendy G, 54 (Shropshire). Overdose of Clomipramine

Wendy S, 52 (Cambridgeshire). MfD. Drowned in lake

Will C, 29 (Stoke-on-Trent). Amitriptyline. Overdose of Diazepam

William D, 74 (West Yorkshire). MfD. Struck by train

William J, 64 (Cheshire). MfD. Hanged

William K, translator, 60 (West Yorkshire). MfD. Jumped from viaduct

William W, bakery worker, 20 (Kent). MfD. Hanged

Yasser A, 46 (East Sussex). MfD. Shot his daughter, then himself

Yolanda D, physiotherapist, 35 (Staffordshire). MfD. Struck by train

Yuri I, café manager, 29 (East London). Sertraline increased. Hanged

Zaki S, student, 26 (East London). MfD. Struck by train

Zoe H, 19 (West London). MfD. Hanged

[Unnamed girl], 15 (South Wales). ADs. Hanged

[Unnamed man], 28 (Woodhill Prison). Mirtazapine. Hanged

[Unnamed man], 32 (Milton Keynes). Fluoxetine. Overdose of heroin

[Unnamed man], 34 (Warwickshire). Amitriptyline. Overdose of heroin

[Unnamed man], prisoner, 37 (Long Lartin Prison). Sertraline. Overdose of Tramadol

[Unnamed man], 42 (Liverpool). Fluoxetine. Combination of drugs

[Unnamed woman], 31 (Norfolk). Escitalopram increased. hanged

[Unnamed woman], 42 (Somerset). Overdose of ADs

[Unnamed woman], 69 (Norfolk). Amitriptyline. Struck by train

[Name & link removed], 19 (London). ADs. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 21 (Cornwall). MfD. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 21 (London). MfD. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 23 (Cambridgeshire). MfD. Struck by train

[Name & link removed], 23 (Cumbria). ADs. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 24 (Lancashire). ADs. Found dead in his flat

[Name & link removed], 25 (Warwickshire). MfD. Drowned in river

[Name & link removed], 27 (Devon). MfD. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 27 (Sheffield). MfD. Unascertained

[Name & link removed], 28 (Staffordshire). MfD. Struck by train

[Name & link removed], 30 (Devon). ADs. Overdose of drugs

[Name & link removed], 31 (Sussex). MfD stopped. Took her life

[Name & link removed], 36 (Devon). ADs. Overdose of anaesthetic drugs

[Name & link removed], 36 (Norfolk). MfD changed. Asphyxiated

[Name & link removed], 37 (Cumbria). MfD. Combination of drugs & alcohol

[Name & link removed], 38 (London). ADs. Struck by train

[Name & link removed], 38 (Yorkshire). ADs increased. Carbon monoxide poisoning

[Name & link removed], 40 (London). MfD. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 40 (Teesside).  ADs. Found dead

[Name & link removed], 51 (Devon). ADs. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 55 (South Wales). ADs. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 56 (Leicestershire). ADs. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 56 (West Midlands). MfD. Jumped from multi-storey car park

[Name & link removed], 58 (Lancashire). MfD. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 58 (West Sussex). Citalopram, then Mirtazapine. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 62 (Hampshire). MfD. Drowned

[Name & link removed], 66 (Devon). MfD. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 71 (South Wales). MfD. Overdose of meds

[Name & link removed], 75 (Devon). ADs. Struck by train


inquest pending, adjourned or in progress at time of recording


Total 2014-2015: 1152



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