England & Wales 2020


The format of the list is as follows:

Name (with Hyperlink); Occupation; Age; Relevant Factors; Location; Antidepressant(s) Involved; Cause of Death.

Where I have established the brand name of antidepressants involved, I have named it. Otherwise, I have used the abbreviation ADs, or MfD where the report refers to “medication for depression” or similar.


~~ 2020 ~~


Aaron L, 31 (West Midlands). ADs. Hanged

Abigail H, 27 (South Wales). ADs. Jumped from motorway bridge

Adam F, doctor, 63 (Cheshire). ADs. Hanged

Adam H, lorry driver, 34 (Lancashire). Amitriptyline increased. Overdose of prescribed medication

Adrian W, 49 (Somerset). MfD. Struck by train

Alan J, 42 (Derbyshire). MfD. Hanged

Alan T, 49 (Humber Prison). Mirtazapine. Overdose of illicit drugs

Alex J, 24 (Newcastle-upon-Tyne). ADs. Jumped from bridge

Alexander H, prisoner, 32 (Highpoint Prison). Sertraline stopped. Hanged

Alexandra G, 23 (Bristol). ADs. Took her life

Alexandra H, machine operator, 29 (Greater Manchester). MfD. Hanged

Alicia P, doctor, 29 (Manchester). ADs increased. Hanged

Alisia C, 29 (East Yorkshire). ADs. Took her life

Alison E, 49 (Dorset). Venlafaxine. Combination of meds & alcohol

Alison H, 53 (Derbyshire). MfD. Overdose of prescribed medication

Alison R, 49 (Cumbria). ADs. Asphyxiated

Allan T, 59 (Cumbria). Overdose of ADs

Allan W, 55 (Stoke-on-Trent). Fluoxetine. Took his life

Amanda M, 44 (Surrey). MfD. Hanged

Amy T, 31 (Teesside). MfD. Hanged

Andrea C, 35 (Cumbria). Overdose of Amitriptyline

Andrew A, 35 (Lancashire). MfD. Overdose of meds

Andrew C, 41 (Brighton). MfD. Overdose of heroin

Andrew C, school worker, 50 (North Yorkshire). ADs increased. Took his life

Andrew G, 43 (Winchester Prison). Fluoxetine & Mirtazapine. Hanged

Andrew N, factory worker, 40 (South Devon). ADs stopped. Hanged

Andrew S, welder, 33 (Kent). ADs. Hanged

Anil C, ex-soldier, 30 (Hull). ADs. Took his life

Ann F, 84 (Stoke-on-Trent). ADs increased. Overdose of prescribed meds

Anna C, nurse, 41 (Shropshire) ADs. Overdose of prescription meds

Anne R, 33 (Oxfordshire). Amitriptyline. Combination of drugs

Ashley G, 29 (Stoke-on-Trent). MfD. Overdose of prescription meds

Ashley M, student, 26 (Stoke-on-Trent). ADs. Took his life

Ashley M, chef, 23 (Lancashire). MfD. Overdose of painkillers

Ashley N, ex-marine, 31 (North Wales). MfD stopped. Hanged

Ashley W, prisoner, 27 (Lincoln Prison). Citalopram. Combination of drugs

Barrie G, 73 (Hull). ADs. Hanged

Benjamin D, 32 (Staffordshire). ADs. Hanged

Benjamin P, 23 (Staffordshire). MfD. Overdose of prescribed meds

Billy J, 31 (South London). ADs. Hanged

Billy S, tree surgeon, 32 (Kent). Citalopram & Mirtazapine. Hanged

Bradley M, businessman, 32 (Kent). ADs stopped. Took his life

Bradley W, 19 (Greater Manchester). Sertraline. Struck by train

Brenda W, 58 (Lancashire). MfD. Drowned in river

Brett M, prisoner, 41 (Wymott Prison). Mirtazapine. Overdose of drugs

Brian B, engineer, 64 (East Yorkshire). Overdose of Citalopram & alcohol

Callum M, 33 (Sheffield). Overdose of ADs

Carly B, 30 (South Devon). Trazodone. Combination of drugs

* Caroline F, TV presenter, 40 (East London). ADs. Hanged

Cassandra D, artist, 52 (Hull). ADs. Overdose of prescription meds

Catherine T, ambulance worker, 27 (Hampshire). MfD. Hanged

Chantal G, council employee, 26 (Norfolk). ADs. Combination of drugs

Charles S, 28 (Norfolk). MfD. Overdose of prescribed meds

Charlie L, estate agent, 36 (North Yorkshire). ADs. Took his life

Charlie M, TV producer, 25 (Buckinghamshire). Sertraline. Hanged

Chloe D, 19 (County Durham). Sertraline. Hanged

Chloe M, pub worker, 24 (Wirral). MfD. Hanged

Chris J, ex-chef, 51 (Suffolk). MfD. Took his life

Christopher D, 34 (Wiltshire). MfD. Overdose of prescribed meds

Christopher L, 57 (East Yorkshire). MfD. Shot himself

Christopher L, 29 (Cheshire). MfD stopped. Hanged

Christopher M, 40 (Surrey). ADs. Carbon monoxide poisoning

Christopher M, 31 (Lincolnshire). ADs. Hanged

Claire P, 36 (Greater Manchester). MfD. Overdose of drugs

Claire S, 36 (Liverpool). ADs. Fell from block of flats

Claire T, 53 (Stoke-on-Trent). MfD. Hanged

Clinton M, 48 (Staffordshire). Amitriptyline. Combination of drugs

Colette H, nurse, 44 (Lancashire). ADs. Combination of meds

Craig A, 52 (Wiltshire). ADs. Struck by train

Craig M, sales executive, 41 (Greater Manchester). ADs increased. Hanged

Dalila B, carer, 65 (Somerset). MFD. Struck by train

Damien H, prisoner, 24 (Lindholme Prison). Sertraline stopped. Hanged

Damion M, prisoner, 33 (Leicester Prison). Mirtazapine. Hanged

Dan P, nurse, 33 (Stoke-on-Trent). MfD. Combination of drugs

Daniel B, driver, 26 (Derbyshire). ADs. Hanged

Daniel B, 70 (Cumbria). ADs. Took his life

Daniel F, stonemason, 56 (South Devon). ADs. Shot himself

Daniel F, 26 (Southampton). MfD. Overdose of medication

Daniel M, 32 (Bolton). ADs. Hanged

Daniel P, 43 (South Devon). MfD. Hanged

Daniel W, 35 (Sheffield). ADs. Hanged

Daniella D, 24 (Berkshire). MfD. Combination of drugs

Danielle M, 33 (Norfolk). MfD. Overdose of Dihydrocodeine

Danny C, 31 (Suffolk). ADs. Hanged

Danny H, groundworker, 23 (Greater Manchester). MfD. Hanged

Dario R, doctor, 57 (Cornwall). MfD. Hanged

Darren J, prisoner, 45 (Haverigg Prison). Duloxetine. Hanged

Darren W, prisoner, 39 (Woodhill Prison). Mirtazapine. Hanged

Daryl H, support worker, 31 (South Devon). MfD. Poly-pharmacy drug toxicity

David B, (Derbyshire). Overdose of Venlafaxine & methadone

David D, prisoner, 35 (Coldingley Prison). Sertraline. Hanged

David F, surveyor, 45 (Buckinghamshire). Sertraline. Hanged

David F, retired pilot, 62 (Surrey). ADs. Hanged

David K, prisoner, 52 (Long Lartin Prison). Citalopram. Cut his neck

David M, 50 (Staffordshire). ADs stopped. Took his life

David P, 65 (South Wales). ADs. Hanged

David R, 46 (East Sussex). MfD. Hanged

David S, warehouse worker, 59 (Stoke-on-Trent). MfD. Took his life

David S, 71 (North Wales). Citalopram. Drove car into wall

* Dean G, prisoner, 40 (Swansea Prison). ADs. Hanged

Dean M, 40 (Teesside). MfD stopped. Hanged

Dean S, 54 (North Wales). ADs. Struck by vehicle

Deborah L, doctor, 44 (Cardiff). MfD. Hanged

Declan P, 21 (North Wales). MfD stopped. Hanged

Derek B, 56 (Lancashire). Overdose of Dothiepin

Diane B, ex-care worker, 64 (Cheshire). Amitriptyline. Combination of prescribed meds

Diana C, ex-nurse, 81 (Staffordshire). ADs increased. Overdose of medication

Diane R, 53 (Cumbria). Fluoxetine. Drowned in lake

Dominic H, 59 (Somerset). ADs. Set himself on fire

Dominic P, prisoner, 44 (Isle of Wight Prison). Overdose of Amitriptyline

Dominic V, 25 (Somerset). Mirtazapine. Hanged

Donna N, 28 (East Yorkshire). Overdose of MfD

Dorian R, prisoner, 46 (Onley Prison). Sertraline. Asphyxiated

Ean S, prisoner, 61 (Lincoln Prison). ADs. Hanged

Edward F, 42 (Isle of Wight). Overdose of ADs & painkillers

Elisha H, 29 (Somerset). Amitriptyline. Overdose of prescribed meds

Ellie G, call centre worker, 27 (Lancashire). Overdose of Amitriptyline

Elliott H, apprentice engineer, 19 (Kent). ADs. Hanged

Ellis B, student, 17 (Buckinghamshire). Sertraline. Hanged

Elvis C, 42 (South Devon). ADs. Combination of drugs

Elvis K, prisoner, 39 (Long Lartin Prison). Mirtazapine. Cut his arm

Em P, 51 (Stoke-on-Trent). MfD. Hanged

Emily O, nurse, 39 (Sheffield). MfD. Overdose of prescribed meds

Emma F, 33 (Essex). ADs. Fell from block of flats

Emma L, caterer, 44 (Cheshire). ADs. Hanged

Emmeline K, 58 (Wiltshire). Mirtazapine. Overdose of prescription meds

Eric S, 80 (Hull). MfD. Hanged

Erin F, ex-firefighter, 41 (Somerset). MfD. Took her life

Eugene O, 35 (Durham Prison). ADs stopped. Hanged

Ford E, 23 (Suffolk). MfD. Overdose of drugs

Francis C, (Birmingham). Amitriptyline reduced. Hanged

Fraser M, air steward, 55 (East Sussex). ADs. Overdose of sleeping pills & alcohol

Gail D, 56 (Derbyshire). MfD. Overdose of prescription meds

Gareth D, doctor, 32 (Staffordshire). ADs. Asphyxiated

Garry B, 36 (Durham Prison). Citalopram. Hanged

Gary E, ex-soldier, 52 (South London). Overdose of Amitriptyline & Nortriptyline

Gary J, 54 (South Wales). MfD. Hypothermia

Gavin T, groundsman, 41 (Cumbria). MfD stopped. Hanged

Gemma H, 32 (Kent). Overdose of Venlafaxine

George C, 38 (Suffolk). MfD. Jumped from bridge

Glen H, 27 (Hull). ADs. Drove car into tree

Graham M, accountant, 64 (Derbyshire). ADs. Cut himself

Graham S, driver, 48 (Bedfordshire). Overdose of Amitriptyline

Gregory C, businessman, 43 (Cornwall). ADs. Jumped from viaduct

Hannah D, 33 (Kent). MfD. Hanged

Hannah H, 23 (South Devon). MfD. Hanged

Harry L, 22 (North Wales). MfD. Overdose of drugs

Hannah M, teacher, 35 (Greater Manchester). ADs. Combination of cocaine & alcohol

Harold H, 75 (Stoke-on-Trent). ADs. Hanged

Harry C, 21 (Cumbria). ADs. Jumped from balcony

Harry T, 29 (Hampshire). ADs. Drove car into a tree

Hayden S, 19 (South Devon). ADs. Hanged

Heather F, psychotherapist, 58 (Brighton). Venlafaxine. Hanged

Helen O, 34 (Cheshire). Sertraline increased. Drowned in river

Helen S, 33 (Bedfordshire). Fluoxetine. Sodium nitrate poisoning

Helene B, TV executive, 46 (Hampshire). MfD. Overdose of medication

Hennie C, 37 (Merseyside). MfD. Took his life

Henry Y, 25 (West Midlands). MfD. Overdose of medication

Ian S, teacher, 51 (Greater Manchester). MfD. Hanged

Ian T, 57 (Somerset). MfD. Struck by train

Ian W, 34 (Cardiff Prison). ADs stopped. Hanged

Imane B, 30 (East London). ADs stopped. Struck by tube train

Isabella G, 22 (Kent). MfD. Drowned in bath

Jack M, 32 (Coldingley Prison). MfD. Hanged

Jade P, 24 (Lancashire). MfD stopped. Overdose of Dothiepin

Jake N, 21 (Cumbria). MfD. Hanged

James B, 49 (Stoke-on-Trent). Overdose of MfD

James G, builder, 47 (Buckinghamshire). MfD. Hanged

James M, bricklayer, 20 (Teesside). MfD. Took his life

James P, farmer, 44 (North Yorkshire). MfD. Took his life

Jami C, warehouse worker, 33 (South Yorkshire). MfD. Overdose of codeine

Jamie B, 31 (West Sussex). MfD. Overdose of heroin

Jamie C, 31 (Hull). MfD. Hanged

Jamie D, ex-soldier, 30 (Hampshire). MfD. Hanged

Jamie O, prisoner, 19 (Lewes Prison). MfD stopped. Hanged

Jane A, 53 (Buckinghamshire). MfD. Took her life

Jasbir S, ex-factory manager, 54 (Stoke-on-Trent). ADs. Took his life

Jason D, scaffolder, 45 (East Yorkshire). MfD. Took his life

Jasper de P, student, 18 (Wiltshire). Fluoxetine. Drove car into a lorry

Jawad A, student, 22 (Greater Manchester). MfD changed. Struck by train

Jean C, 48 (Staffordshire). Citalopram & Mirtazapine. Combination of prescription drugs & alcohol

Jeff D, 61 (Liverpool). 61. MfD. Took his life

Jeffrey W, prisoner, 56 (Littlehey Prison). Overdose of Citalopram & Amitriptyline

Jennifer L, 38 (East Sussex). Amitriptyline. Combination of drugs & alcohol

Jenny B, 27 (Teesside). MfD. Overdose of medication

Jessena S, 46 (South Wales). MfD. Stabbed male friend and herself

Jim S, 42 (Stoke-on-Trent). MfD stopped. Hanged

Joanne G, ex-police officer, 58 (West Midlands). ADs. Overdose of medication

Joe B, 21 (Cheshire). ADs. Hanged

John A, 57 (West Sussex). MfD. Took his life

Joe N, 23 (Leeds). MfD. Sodium nitrate poisoning

John B, 73 (East Yorkshire). Combination of Mirtazapine & alcohol

John J, doorman, 51 (North Wales). ADs. Overdose of opiates

John M, psychologist, 62 (Cheshire). MfD. Overdose of medication

Jon-James L, businessman, 49 (East Yorkshire). ADs. Took his life

* Jonathan C, nurse, 48 (Greater Manchester). MfD. Found dead

Josef D, 23 (Staffordshire). MfD stopped. Hanged

Joseph D, 47 (Tyneside). Mirtazapine. Combination of drugs

Joseph H, 57 (Stoke-on-Trent). MfD. Hanged

Josephine G, 56 (Essex). MfD. Struck by train

Joyce H, 80 (Cheshire). MfD. Hanged

Julia T, 50 (Lincolnshire). Overdose of Fluoxetine

Justine L, 29 (Surrey). ADs. Hanged

Kallam R, 24 (Cumbria). MfD. Took his life

* Karen P, teaching assistant, 44 (Lancashire). ADs. Took her life

Kathleen G, 61 (Lancashire). Mirtazapine. Overdose of heroin

Keith J, 57 (East Yorkshire). ADs. Overdose of painkillers

Keith J, 52 (Stoke-on-Trent). MfD. Hanged

Kelly W, 38 (Suffolk). MfD. Combination of prescription meds

Ken M, retired prison officer, 68 (Cumbria). MfD. Self-inflicted wounds

Kenneth M, company director, 64 (Surrey). MfD. Hanged

Kerri-Ann A, 32 (North Wales). MfD. Struck by vehicle

Kerry O, 43 (Lancashire). MfD. Overdose of prescribed meds

Kevin P, 47 (North Wales). ADs. Overdose of drugs

Kevin W, 51 (Suffolk). MfD. Combination of prescription meds

Kia R, trainee hairdresser, 19 (Suffolk). Sertraline stopped. Hanged her 2-year-old son, then herself

Kim H, nurse, 56 (South Wales). MfD. Jumped from bridge

Kim H, 48 (West Sussex). ADs. Hanged

Kim R, carer, 54 (South Devon). MfD. Overdose of prescribed meds

Kim W, 48 (West Sussex). ADs. Hanged

Kiril N, chef, 32 (Staffordshire). MfD. Strangled his wife then hanged himself

Laura H, 30 (Greater Manchester). Fluoxetine. Combination of drugs

Laura W, 28 (Hull). MfD. Overdose of drugs

Leanne C, PE teacher, 37 (Greater Manchester). MfD. Carbon monoxide poisoning

Leanne D, 27 (Greater Manchester). MfD. Combination of prescription meds

Lee C, (Essex). MfD. Took his life

Lee D, prisoner,44 (Wakefield Prison). Overdose of Amitriptyline

Lee E, 30 (Cumbria). ADs. Ingested sodium nitrite

* Lee H, 45 (Greater Manchester). ADs. Found dead

Lee O, prisoner, 40 (Highpoint Prison). Mirtazapine. Hanged

Lee P, prisoner, 40 (The Mount Prison). Citalopram. Hanged

Lee S, 34 (Cumbria). ADs stopped. Overdose of insulin

Lee V, 43 (Stoke-on-Trent). MfD. Hanged

* Leon O, 24 (Swansea Prison). MfD. Found dead

Leslie C, 40 (Greater Manchester). ADs. Struck by car

Levi E, 20 (South Wales). ADs. Hanged

Lewis I, student, 24 (Cardiff). ADs. Hanged

Lewis M, 27 (Bristol). Sertraline. Hanged

Lewis S, 38 (South Devon). MfD. Combination of drugs

Liam R, 19 (South Wales). ADs. Hanged

Lisa B, 48 (Derbyshire). MfD. Overdose of insulin

Lisa D, 42 (Norfolk). MfD. Combination of drugs

Lisa M, 50 (Hull). MfD. Overdose of prescribed medication

Louis B, 32 (Lincolnshire). Mirtazapine. Overdose of heroin & cocaine

Louis T, prisoner, 38 (Isle of Wight Prison). ADs increased. Hanged

Louisa P, 45 (Staffordshire). Overdose of Mirtazapine & Dihydrocodeine

Luca R, 25 (South Devon). ADs. Hanged

Lucy S, 22 (Buckinghamshire). Overdose of Amitriptyline

Lugh S, student, 22 (Staffordshire). MfD. Overdose of medication

Malgorzata S, market trader, 35 (Norfolk). MfD. Hanged

* Manon J, schoolgirl, 16 (Cardiff). MfD. Took her life

Marc M, horticulturist, 48 (Cornwall). MfD. Hanged

Marcel V, 50 (North Wales). ADs. Overdose of drugs

Margaret A, 69 (West Midlands). Overdose of ADs

Mark B, ex-soldier, 35 (Hull). ADs. Hanged

Mark H, railway worker, 32 (Derbyshire). ADs. Hanged

Mark R, ex-engineer, 46 (Stoke-on-Trent). MfD. Overdose of prescribed medication

Mark S, 42 (Durham Prison). ADs. Hanged

Mark T, 36 (Greater Manchester). ADs. Shot himself

Marlon W, prisoner, 32 (Dovegate Prison). Amitriptyline. Hanged

Matthew B, landscape gardener, 36 (Birmingham). ADs. Took his life

Martin B, scaffolder, 34 (Cheshire). ADs. Hanged

Matthew B, 41 (Stoke-on-Trent). MfD. Combination of prescription meds

Matthew C, optician, 33 (North Wales). ADs. Fell from bridge

Matthew H, 36 (Staffordshire). MfD. Took his life

* Matthew Y, 17 Greater Manchester). MfD. Hanged

Max C, barber, 25 (Cheshire). MfD. Hanged

Max L, 47 (Humber Bridge). MfD. Fell from bridge

Mazie M, schoolgirl, 14 (Cumbria). Sertraline. Hanged

Megan J, carer, 20 (Suffolk). ADs. Overdose of painkillers

Melanie N, 29 (Somerset). ADs. Struck by train

Michael B, 33 (Kent). MfD. Hanged

Michael E, 26 (Hampshire). ADs. Hanged

Michael H, 62 (Lincolnshire). MfD. Drowned in lake

Michael M, 73 (Hull). ADs. Drowned in dock

Michael P, 25 (South Wales). ADs. Hanged

Michael W, 41 (West Midlands). MfD. Overdose of medication

Michelle G, 47 (West Midlands). MfD. Fell from block of flats

Michelle J, 53 (West Sussex). Overdose of Amitriptyline

Michelle S, 44 (Merseyside). ADs. Overdose of Diazepam & alcohol

Muhammed W, 30 (West Yorkshire). MfD. Fell from motorway bridge

Mumtaz K, 38 (Bristol). MfD. Took his life

Mutiwanyika M, shop worker, 32 (Liverpool). ADs. Combination of alcohol & prescribed meds

Naomi C, 39 (Suffolk). ADs. Took her life

Naomi F, university lecturer, 42 (Lancashire). MfD. Took her life

Natasha W, university worker, 34 (Manchester). ADs. Hanged

Nicholas M, ex-bus driver, 52 (North Wales). MfD. Overdose of Dihydrocodeine

Nick S, student, 25 (Norwich). ADs. Drowned in lake

Nick S, ex-company director, 61 (Buckinghamshire). MfD. Took his life

Nicola S, company director, 57 (Derbyshire). ADs. Asphyxiated

Nicolas H, aircraft engineer, 49 (South Wales). Amitriptyline. Hanged

Nigel R, carpenter, 49 (Cheshire). MfD. Hanged

* Oliver A, student, 25 (West Midlands). MfD. Overdose of prescribed meds

Oliver J, 26 (Swansea Prison). Mirtazapine. Hanged

Oliver L, 32 (West Midlands). MfD. Overdose of painkillers

Oliver M, student, 18 (Buckinghamshire). MfD. Hanged

* Parys L, 19 (West Sussex). MfD. Found dead

Paul C, window cleaner, 53 (Leeds). MfD. Fell from block of flats

Paul G, 44 (Staffordshire). MfD. Struck by train

Patricia F, 70 (Nottinghamshire). MfD. Took her life

Patrick K, 25 (Cambridgeshire). MfD. Drowned in river

Paul G, 46 (Kent). ADs stopped. Stabbed himself

Paul J, welder, 42 (Staffordshire). ADs. Combination of meds

Paul K, 62 (West Yorkshire). ADs. Took his life

Paul P, taxi driver, 59 (Kent). ADs. Hanged

Paul S, ex-marine, 31 (South Devon). Sertraline. Combination of drugs

Paul S, 46 (Cumbria). Overdose of two different ADs

Peter M, rigger, 31 (Teesside). Sertraline. Hanged

Peter R, 39 (Norfolk). MfD. Combination of drugs

Peter T, businessman, 49 (Stoke-on-Trent). MfD. Asphyxiated

Peter W, 47 (Hertfordshire). MfD. Struck by train

Philip A, chef, 32 (Suffolk). MfD. Struck by lorry

Philip H, 42 (North Wales). ADs. Hanged

Philip H, 37 (Stoke-on-Trent). ADs. Overdose of drugs & alcohol

Philip T, 65 (Somerset). MfD. Fell from height

Phillip L, welder, 27 (North Wales). ADs. Hanged

Phillippa W, 55 (Essex). ADs. Struck by train

Piotr K, (Suffolk). MfD. Cut his neck

Rachel C, student, 17 (Lancashire). ADs. Fell from bridge

Rafal K, engineer, 44 (Staffordshire). MfD. Hanged

Raymond D, 48 (Stoke-on-Trent). ADs. Combination of drugs

* Reanna P, dental nurse, 32 (West Midlands). ADs. Hanged

Rebecca F, 31 (Lancashire). ADs. Overdose of morphine

Rebecca N, 25 (Essex). MfD. Overdose of medication

Regan C, beautician, 39 (Liverpool). MfD. Hanged

Richard D, 65 (South Devon). MfD. Drove car over cliff

Richard S,49 (Derbyshire). MfD stopped. Hanged

Richard T, courier, 33 (South Devon). Mirtazapine & Venlafaxine. Combination of drugs

Robert J, 48 (Cornwall). Amitriptyline. Combination of prescription meds

Robert K, deli owner, 43 (Greater Manchester). ADs. Hanged

Robert M, taxi driver, 62 (Essex). ADs. Struck by train

Robert P, quarry worker, 32 (Derbyshire). MfD. Hanged

Robert S, 38 (South Yorkshire). Mirtazapine & Amitriptyline. Combination of drugs

Robert T, vet, 28 (Cheshire). ADs. Overdose of Pentobarbital

Ross B, technician, 36  (Dorset). MfD. Overdose of drugs

Roy C, 28 (Milton Keynes). MfD. Hanged

Roy T, project manager, 60 (Derbyshire). ADs stopped. Hanged

Russell C, 49 (Kent). ADs stopped. Overdose of prescription drugs

Ryan D, (South Wales). Mirtazapine. Fell from a height

Sabrina G, college worker, 30 (Kent). Citalopram. Overdose of Propranolol

Sally N, 65 (East Yorkshire). Combination of Citalopram and alcohol

Sam J, 26 (Lancashire). ADs increased. Asphyxiated

Samantha O, 47 (North Wales). Overdose of ADs

Samantha W, para-legal, 50 (Sheffield). MfD. Drowned in bath

Samuel B, 24 (Cumbria). ADs. Hanged

Samuel D, 34 (Stoke-on-Trent). Sertraline. Overdose of prescription meds

Sara R, 40 (South Wales). ADs. Combination of drugs

Sarah F, 30 (Essex). Venlafaxine. Combination of drugs & alcohol

Selena W, healthcare worker, 46 (North Wales). ADs. Hanged

Shane R, 30 (Hertfordshire). MfD. Struck by vehicle

Sharon H, 39 (Hull). ADs. Overdose of methadone

Sharon K, 44 (Essex). MfD. Hanged

Sharon V, 48 (West Yorkshire). Overdose of Fluoxetine

Shaun M, 54 (Exeter Prison). MfD stopped. Hanged

Shaun Y, 21 (South Wales). ADs. Hanged

Shaune R, courier, 43 (Lancashire). ADs. Inhaled gas

Sheila M, (Derbyshire). ADs. Overdose of painkillers

Shubamso P, student, 20 (Brighton). ADs increased. Asphyxiated

Simon S, 44 (Gloucestershire). ADs. Overdose of prescribed meds

Solomon B, prisoner, 32 (Norwich Prison). ADs. Hanged

Stacie A, 37 (Essex). MfD. Combination of drugs

Stephen E, 49 (North Wales). ADs. Overdose of prescribed meds

Stephen F, gardener, 39 (South Devon). ADs. Stabbed himself

Stephen J, 46  (Derbyshire). ADs. Hanged

Stephen L, decorator, 55 (North Wales). ADs. Self-inflicted wounds

Stephen M, abattoir worker, 34 (Cheshire). ADs. Hanged

Stephen T, builder, 62 (Norfolk). ADs. Overdose of painkillers

Steven C, 56 (Staffordshire). MfD stopped. Hanged

Steven W, 37 (Essex). MfD. Struck by train

Stuart D, (Lancashire). Amitriptyline & Mirtazapine. Overdose of prescribed meds

Stuart H, 41 (South Devon). Mirtazapine. Combination of drugs

Susan B, 71 (Berkshire). Overdose of ADs

Tanya H, care assistant, 27 (Suffolk). MfD. Took her life

Tarnya R, 40 (Staffordshire). ADs. Hanged

Terry L, prisoner, 38 (Ranby Prison). Mirtazapine. Cut his wrist

Theresa R, (East London). Overdose of Amitriptyline & Zopiclone

Thomas D, 29 (Greater Manchester). ADs. Hanged

Tim W, sound engineer, 51 (Cheshire). MfD. Hanged

Timothy P, retired doctor, 58 (South Devon). ADs stopped. Shot himself

Toby N, 29 (Lincolnshire). MfD. Hanged

Toby T, 56 (Wiltshire). MfD stopped. Took his life

Tom H, laboratory technician, 23 (Brighton). Fluoxetine. Jumped from cliff

Tom H, 25 (Oxfordshire). MfD. Combination of drugs

Tom P, prisoner, 29 (High Down Prison). Citalopram stopped. Hanged

Tommy T, 25 (Kent). MfD. Took his life

Tracey C, 56 (West Midlands). MfD. Overdose of prescribed meds

Tracy W, 43 (Cumbria). Overdose of ADs

Trinder B, 34 (East London). MfD. Overdose of medication

Vernon H, care home director, 61 (North Wales). ADs stopped. Shot himself

Wayne J, 52 (South Yorkshire). MfD stopped. Struck by train

Wayne M, hospital porter, 33 (Lancashire). Citalopram & Amitriptyline. Asphyxiated

Wendy E, 53 (North Wales). MfD. Overdose of prescribed meds

Wendy W, (Greater Manchester). Amitriptyline. Alcohol poisoning

Wesley R, prisoner, 33 (Garth Prison). Fluoxetine. Hanged

Will M, student, 22 (Manchester). MfD. Struck by train

William F, 34 (Brighton). ADs. Fell from building site

Yvonne M, 47 (Lancashire). ADs. Overdose of medication

Zak F, 23 (Essex). MfD stopped. Hanged

Zdenka Y, 39 (Berkshire). MfD stopped. Struck by train

Zoe M, 29 (Isle of Wight). MfD. Combination of drugs

Zoey W, 43 (Hampshire). ADs. Overdose of drugs

(Unnamed girl). 17 (North Yorkshire). MfD stopped. Hanged

(Unnamed man), 19 (South London). ADs changed. Hanged

(Unnamed man), company director, 49 (Cambridgeshire). ADs. Hanged

(Unnamed woman), 19 (Berkshire). Sertraline. Took her life

(Unnamed woman), 56 (Essex). ADs stopped. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 16 (Greater Manchester). Citalopram. Struck by train

[Name & link removed], 17 (Cambridgeshire). ADs. Struck by train

[Name & link removed], 19 (London). ADs. Took her life

[Name & link removed], 21 (Essex). Sertraline. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 23 (Surrey). MfD stopped. Fell from building

[Name & link removed], 23 (County Durham). ADs stopped. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 25 (Essex). ADs. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 25 (South Wales). Citalopram. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 26 (Kent). Sertraline. Hanged

* [Name & link removed], 28 (South Wales). ADs. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 33 (Dorset). ADs. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 34 (Dorset). ADs. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 35 (London). Escitalopram. Took the lives of her child and herself

[Name & link removed], 37 (Sussex). ADs. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 42 (Essex). Brintellix. Jumped from bridge

[Name & link removed], 44 (Essex). ADs. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 44 (Oxfordshire). Overdose of Venlafaxine

* [Name & link removed], 53 (Norfolk). ADs. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 58 (Norfolk). MfD. Cut herself

* [Name & link removed], 61 (South Wales). ADs. Struck by train

[Name & link removed], (Kent). MfD. Hanged


Other deaths linked to antidepressants:

Beverley L, 53 (Hull). ADs. Accidental overdose of prescribed medication

Charlene O, 45 (Liverpool). ADs. Combination of drugs

Charlotte N, prisoner, 38 (Peterborough Prison). Mirtazapine. SADS

Hedwig T, 26 (Berkshire). ADs. Hypothermia

Ian A, 57 (Birmingham). Fluoxetine. Accidental overdose of Clozapine

Jill S, 43 (Staffordshire). MfD. Combination of alcohol & prescription drugs

John O, 47 (Stoke-on-Trent). MfD. Alcohol toxicity

Jordan B, 32 (Norfolk). MfD. Alcohol toxicity

Kathryn C, 57 (Berkshire). ADs. Post-ECT seizure

Kelly Q, 39 (Eastwood Park Prison). Amitriptyline & Mirtazapine. Drug withdrawal

Lee F, ex-marine, 47 (Norfolk). MfD. Unascertained

Lesley C, 33 (East Yorkshire). MfD. Unascertained

Mary N, 75 (Cumbria). Prescribed excessive amount of Fluoxetine

Maureen H, retired teacher, 68 (West Midlands). Sertraline toxicity

Michael M, prisoner, 45 (Brixton Prison). Citalopram. Unascertained

Paul J, prisoner, 37 (Manchester Prison). Mirtazapine. Unascertained

Richard B, 23 (Kent). ADs. Cardiac arrest

Samantha B, 41 (Eastwood Park Prison). Fluoxetine. Heart failure

Sean G, prisoner, 31 (Wymott Prison). Venlafaxine. Synthetic drug toxicity

Stacey R, cleaner, 31 (Greater Manchester). ADs. Unascertained


Total: 453

* inquest pending, adjourned or in progress


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