Other prescription drugs linked to suicide

Antidepressants are not the only drugs which can induce suicide. Anti-psychotics, tranquilIisers, and drugs for ADHD, acne and many other conditions have been linked to many self-inflicted deaths.

(nb: the year given is the year of the inquest)

Anti-psychotic drugs:


2010: Alexander B, photographer, 30 (Norfolk). Unnamed anti-psychotic stopped. Struck by car

2010: Mario M, 21 (Norfolk). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Hanged

2011: Debbie G, 38 (North Yorkshire). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Struck by car

2012: Rachel J, 43 (Bedfordshire). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Set herself on fire

2013: Karen A, 52 (Wiltshire). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Set herself on fire

2013: Roy T, 53 (Derbyshire). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Jumped from bridge

2014: Matthew B, 36 (Oxfordshire). Overdose of unnamed anti-psychotic

2014: Jason C, 42 (Bedfordshire). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Jumped from multi-storey car park

2015: Christa G, 19 (Lancashire). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Hanged

2015: Dwayne H, 32 (Woodhill Prison). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Hanged

2016: Doris C, 69 (Hampshire). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Drowned in river

2017: David K, 29 (Cornwall). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Struck by train

2017: Gavin B, 39 (North Yorkshire). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Hanged

2017: Peter S, ex-builder, 67 (Essex). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Set himself on fire

2018: Catherine H, 49 (South London). Unnamed anti-psychotic increased. Self-inflicted injuries

2018: Frances P, 49 (Essex). Unnamed anti-psychotic changed. Struck by train

2019: [Name & link removed], 23 (Hampshire). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Hanged

2019: Leah S, 27 (North Wales). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Hanged

2019: Luke N, 28 (Somerset). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Hanged

2019: Vincent S, web designer, 33 (Bristol). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Cut his throat

2019: Robert H, 35 (Somerset). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Hanged

2019: Craig M, 46 (South Yorkshire). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Drowned in canal

2019: Carol Ann B, 48 (Bolton). Unnamed anti-psychotics (x2). Hanged

2019: Kevin L, 55 (South Wales). Clozapine changed to unnamed anti-psychotic. Drowned in pond

2020: Teresa F, 42 (Derbyshire). Unnamed anti-psychotic stopped. Cut her neck


2009: Caesar G, 21 (Brixton Prison). Risperidone. Hanged

2010: Stewart D, 36 (West Yorkshire). Risperidone. Jumped from bridge

2010: Craig H, ex-lawyer, 35 (Greater Manchester). Risperidone. Hanged

2011: Benn J, 17 (Cambridgeshire). Risperidone. Hanged

2011: Binay B, 22 (Wormwood Scrubs Prison). Risperidone. Asphyxiated

2012: Stanley W, 92 (Cumbria). Risperidone. Fatally stabbed his wife, then himself

2014: Tim C, 41 (Reading). Risperidone. Struck by train

2015: Charlotte B, 30 (Bristol). Risperidone stopped. Jumped from cliff with her baby

2016: Marion M, retired nurse, 74 (Southampton). Risperidone stopped. Jumped from motorway bridge

2017: Polly R, 32 (Hull). Risperidone. Struck by train

2017: Songul B, 36 (North London). Risperidone increased. Jumped from block of flats

2017: Derek W, 78 (Oxfordshire). Risperidone increased. Drowned in river

2017: Ryan V, (Nottinghamshire). Risperidone stopped. Stabbed himself

2018: Billie L, 26 (Milton Keynes). Risperidone. Struck by train

2018: Lewis C, 30 (Buckinghamshire). Risperidone (+ Propranolol & Pregabalin). Struck by train

2018: Scott L, 61 (Somerset). Risperidone stopped. Stabbed himself

2019: Patricia C, 51 (West London). Risperidone stopped. Fell from block of flats

2020: * Haydon C, 24 (Buckinghamshire). Risperidone stopped. Hanged


2003: Liam B, 24 (London). Olanzapine (+ Amisulpride & Seroxat). Struck by train

2007: John J, 21 (Channings Wood Prison). Olanzapine. Hanged

2009: James S, 23 (Chelmsford Prison). Olanzapine. Hanged

2009: Anthony M, 43 (Belmarsh Prison). Olanzapine increased. Hanged

2010: Gary D, 27 (Lincoln Prison). Olanzapine. Hanged

2012: Kenneth B, 31 (Gartree Prison). Olanzapine. Cut his throat

2013: Johnny R, student, 20 (Cheshire). Olanzapine. Drowned in bath

2013: Christopher W, 25 (Hampshire). Olanzapine. Struck by train

2014: Nicholas W, chef, 28 (Oxford). Olanzapine. Hanged

2014; Martin L, 51 (Lancashire). Olanzapine. Drowned in sea

2015: David B, 30 (Lancashire). Olanzapine. Stabbed himself

2016: Dominic T, 18 (Greater Manchester). Olanzapine. Fell from building

2016: Liam S, 26 (Southampton). Olanzapine reduced. Hanged

2016: Sean J, prisoner, 26 (Elmley Prison). Olanzapine. Hanged

2017: Lee H, 28 (Wirral). Olanzapine. Hanged

2017: Pippa M, schoolgirl, 15 (Manchester). Olanzapine. Struck by train

2017: Nicholas W, 23 (West Sussex). Olanzapine. Fell from hospital roof

2017: Benjamin F, 33 (Brighton). Olanzapine. Asphyxiated

2017: Marlon D, decorator, 50 (Birmingham). Olanzapine increased. Jumped from block of flats

2017: Michael D, 30 (Wirral). Olanzapine. Jumped from motorway bridge

2018: [Unnamed girl], 17 (North London). Olanzapine. Struck by train

2018: Thomas R, student, 19 (Sheffield). Olanzapine. Fell from building

2019: Tomasz N, 32 (Manchester Prison). Olanzapine. Hanged

2019: Jamal H, 32 (Manchester Prison). Olanzapine. Hanged

2020: [Name and link removed], 23 (Essex). Olanzapine. Struck by train

2020: David S, prisoner, 36 (Norwich Prison). Olanzapine. Hanged

2020: Gavin C, prisoner, 33 (Haverigg Prison). Olanzapine. Hanged

2020: Samantha S, (Manchester). Olanzapine. Jumped from motorway bridge

2020: Tom P, prisoner, 29 (High Down Prison). Olanzapine stopped. Hanged


2010: Michael W, graphic designer,46 (East Sussex). Overdose of Clozapine.

2012: Anthony J, 33 (South Wales). Clozapine. Hanged

2013: Peter S, 40 (Lancashire). Overdose of Clozapine

2013: Daniel C, 38 (Hampshire). Clozapine reduced. Struck by train

2015: Simon L, 38 (Stoke-on-Trent). Clozapine. Stabbed himself

2015: Dafydd P, 40 (North Wales).Overdose of Clozapine

2018: Gareth B, care assistant, 30 (Wiltshire). Overdose of Clozapine

2019: Georgia N, 21 (West London). Clozapine. Struck by tube train

2019: John A, 57 (West Sussex). Clozapine. Took his life


2008: Melodie H, 61 (Berkshire). Quetiapine. Struck by train

2012: Grzegorz G, 34 (Gloucester Prison). Quetiapine. Hanged

2013: Nicholas C, ex-teacher, 59 (Reading). Quetiapine. Fell from multi-storey car park

2013: Colin S, 50 (Northumberland). Quetiapine. Drove car into bridge

2014: Dean C, 21 (West Yorkshire). Overdose of Quetiapine

2015: Zacki M, 47 (Norwich Prison). Quetiapine. Hanged

2015: Diane W, 40 (Peterborough Prison). Quetiapine. Asphyxiated

2018: Heather C, 31 (Greater Manchester). Quetiapine stopped. Hanged

2018: Ashley A, 36 (Chelmsford Prison). Quetiapine (+ Pregabalin). Hanged

2019: Anthony H, 27 (Cheshire). Quetiapine. Drove car into wall

2019: Michael T, 31 (Bedford Prison). Quetiapine. Hanged

2019: Craig H, 42 (Birmingham Prison). Quetiapine. Hanged

2019: Karen C, 49 (Essex). Quetiapine. Fell from multi-storey car park

2020: Andrew J, 37 (Garth Prison). Quetiapine stopped. Took his life


2010: Daniel C, 21 (Long Lartin Prison). Aripiprazole (aka Abilify). Hanged

2016: Michael E, prisoner, 25 (Bullingdon Prison). Aripiprazole. Hanged

2017: Margaret A, prisoner, 47 (Low Newton Prison). Aripiprazole. Hanged

2019: Rocky S, prisoner, 26 (Low Newton Prison). Aripiprazole. Hanged


2010: Lawrence C, 24 (Surrey). Pipotiazine (aka Piportil). Stabbed himself


2009: Shane B, 29 (Leicester Prison). Chlorpromazine (aka Largactil). Hanged

2011: Duane T, 36 (Cardiff Prison). Chlorpromazine. Hanged

2015: Ian P, 56 (Long Lartin Prison). Chlorpromazine increased. Hanged


2019: Kirsty W, 26 (Bronzefield Prison). Depixol (aka Flupentixol). Hanged


2014: John C, engineer (Blackpool). Clopixol (aka Zuclopenthixol). Hanged


Benzodiazepine tranquillisers:


2004 Paige T, 23 (Send Prison). Librium (aka Chlordiazepoxide & Largactil). Hanged

2008: Stephen H, 42 (Exeter Prison). Librium . Hanged

2009: Jane O, teacher, 38 (Lincolnshire). Librium . Hanged

2009: Christopher R, 32 (Wigan). Librium. Hanged

2012: Karl S, 43 (Holme House Prison). Librium. Hanged

2013: Christopher N, 19 (Glen Parva Prison). Librium. Hanged

2016: Michael C, prisoner, 45 (Woodhill Prison). Librium. Hanged

2016: Ireneusz P, 58 (Woodhill Prison). Librium. Hanged

2017: Daniel D, prisoner, 34 (Woodhill Prison). Librium. Hanged

2017: Sarah (Maria) B, 48 (Drake Hall). Librium. Hanged

2018: Terence C, prisoner, 53 (Exeter Prison). Librium. Hanged

2020: Lee M, 34 (Lancashire). Librium. Hanged


2006: Joanna S, dentist, 50 (Gloucestershire). Temazepam. Hanged

2007: Shaun K, 40 (West Yorkshire). Temazepam. Hanged

2011: Derek M, retired lecturer, 57 (Derbyshire). Temazepam. Drowned in reservoir

2012: Alan H, ex-HGV driver, 65 (Buckinghamshire). Temazepam. Hanged

2014: June A, doctor, 53 (Warwickshire).Temazepam. Drowned in bath

2017: Aidan D, 21 (Tyneside). Temazepam. Drowned in river

2017: Rowland H, 82 (Merseyside). Temazepam. Asphyxiated


Valium2008: Duncan E, 37 (Pentonville Prison). Diazepam (aka Valium). Hanged

2011: Richard V, 53 (Wiltshire). Diazepam. Hanged

2011: Michael R, 24 (Swansea Prison). Diazepam. Hanged

2011: Leslie S, 52 (Birmingham Prison). Diazepam. Hanged

2011: David B, 62 (Bullingdon Prison). Diazepam. Hanged

2013: Sheila L, racehorse trainer, 64 (Gloucestershire). Overdose of Diazepam

2015: Jack D, 19 (Norwich Prison). Diazepam. Hanged

2017: Rafael O, student, 23 (Oxfordshire). Diazepam. Struck by train

2017: Ryan W, 25 (Greater Manchester). Diazepam. Took his life

2017: Richard H, 27 (Essex). Diazepam. Took his life

2017: [Unnamed boy], 17 (Merseyside). Diazepam. Took his life

2018: Ryan T, 30 (Kent). Diazepam. Hanged

2018: Karl O, 45 (Derbyshire). Diazepam. Struck by train

2018: Stefano B, prisoner, 50 (Belmarsh Prison). Diazepam. Hanged

2019: Danielle A, 31 (South Devon). Diazepam. Hanged

2019: John W, 32 (Bullingdon Prison). Diazepam. Hanged

2019: Danny J, ex-soldier, 35 (West Sussex). Diazepam. Hanged

2019: John C, businessman, 63 (Lancashire). Diazepam. Drowned in pond

2019: Daniel G, 33 (Wiltshire). Diazepam. Stabbed himself

2019: James W, 82 (Hertfordshire). Diazepam. Hanged

2020: Caroline F, TV presenter, 40 (East London). Diazepam. Hanged

2020: Kane W, 33 (Stoke-on-Trent). Diazepam. Hanged

2020: Mark H, finance director, 58 (Hampshire). Diazepam. Hanged

2020: Gethin H, plumber, 39 (Swansea). Diazepam. Hanged


2010: John C, 50 (Wormwood Scrubs Prison). Clonazepam (aka Rivotril & Klonopin). Hanged

2017: Carl B, 19 (Derbyshire). Clonazepam. Struck by van

2019: Jack G, 27 (Essex). Clonazepam. Hanged


2014: William B, retired banker, 58 (West London).Xanax (aka Alprazolam). Hanged

2017: Scott F, student, 17 (Essex). Xanax. Hanged

2017: Jeremy H, 49 (Suffolk). Xanax. Hanged

2017: Raven H, student, 21 (Bristol). Xanax. Took her life

2018: [Name and link removed], schoolboy, 16 (London). Xanax. Took his life

2018: Georgia J, student, 21 (Brighton). Xanax. Hanged

2020: George B, schoolboy, 15 (Kent). Xanax. Electrocuted on railway track


2017: Mariana P, spa manager, (East London). Lorazepam (aka Ativan).  Jumped from block of flats


Drugs for ADHD:


2005: Vicky D, 15 (Hull). Unnamed meds for ADHD stopped. Hanged

2010: Will F, 18 (Wiltshire). Unnamed meds for ADHD stopped. Hanged

2012: Alanta C, schoolgirl,10 (Kent). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Hanged

2013: Ashley B, schoolboy, 14 (South Yorkshire). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Hanged

2013: Edward B, 14 (Kent). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Overdose of Methadone & Diazepam

2013: Sean E, 16 (Lancashire). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Hanged

2013: [Name & link removed], 18 (Hampshire). Unnamed meds for ADHD stopped. Struck by train

2014: Joshua M, schoolboy, 15 (West Midlands). Unnamed meds for ADHD changed. Hanged

2014: [Unnamed boy], 17 (Buckinghamshire). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Hanged

2014: Charlotte H, 24 (Lancashire). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Hanged

2015: Taylor S, schoolboy, 9 (Teesside). Unnamed meds for ADHD increased. Hanged

2016: Harley T, student, 16 (Hertfordshire). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Drove car into camper van

2016: Hannah A, student, 20 (Bournemouth). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Hanged

2016: Daniel P, student, 21 (York). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Asphyxiated

2016: Barty B, shopkeeper, 52 (South Wales). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Found in woods

2017: [Unnamed boy], 14 (London). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Found dead at home

2017: Jamie C, 19 (Lancashire). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Hanged

2017: Michael H, film locations manager, 51 (London). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Hanged

2018: Connor R, schoolboy, 12 (Birmingham). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Hanged

2019: Jamie A, 26 (Norfolk). Unnamed meds for ADHD stopped. Hanged

2019: Matthew L, bank worker, 46 (West Midlands). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Struck by train

2020: Shneur K, schoolboy, 14 (Greater Manchester). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Inhaled helium


Ritalin32004: Stephen R, schoolboy, 15 (Wirral). Ritalin (aka Methylphenidate). Hanged

2005: Scott B, schoolboy, 12 (Swansea). Ritalin. Hanged

2007: Sean E, 16 (Lancashire). Ritalin. Hanged

2008: Anthony C, schoolboy, 15 (Milton Keynes). Ritalin increased. Hanged

2008: Michael M, student, 28 (Stoke-on-Trent). Ritalin. Hanged

2009: Jamie C, 18 (Staffordshire). Ritalin. Hanged

2010: Harry H, schoolboy, 10 (Cumbria). Ritalin & Prozac. Hanged

2010: Gwen M, schoolgirl, 16 (South Wales). Ritalin. Hanged

2013: [Unnamed boy], 17 (Greater Manchester). Ritalin. Hanged

2014: Jake H, 17 (Hindley YOI). Ritalin & Equasym. Hanged

2014: Dwane H, 32 (Woodhill Prison). Ritalin. Hanged

2016: Pierre G, banker, 42 (London). Ritalin. Jumped from office balcony

2017: Christopher F, 26 (Greater Manchester). Ritalin. Alcohol poisoning


Atomoxetine2011: Ben M, 20 (Essex). Atomoxetine (aka Strattera). Hanged

2014: Alex K, 15 (Kent). Atomoxetine. Hanged

2015: Paul M, 16 (County Durham). Fluoxetine & Atomoxetine. Hanged

2015: Kelly B, 17 (Shropshire). Atomoxetine. Set fire to mattress, died in fire


Concerta2015: Matthew S, prisoner, 36 (Leeds Prison). Concerta. Hanged

2016: Sheldon W, prisoner, 24 (Winchester Prison). Concerta. Hanged

2016: Scott C, prisoner, 28 (Ranby Prison). Concerta. Hanged

2018: John K, 79 (Brighton). Concerta. Took his life

2019: [Unnamed boy], 14 (Greater Manchester). Concerta stopped. Asphyxiated


Drugs for acne:


roaccutane2004: Chris B, bouncer, kickboxer, 33 (Berkshire). Roaccutane (aka Isotretinoin). Shot himself

2004: Jon M, student, 22 (Manchester). Citalopram & Roaccutane. Hanged

2005: David R, student, 21 (Merseyside). Roaccutane. Hanged

2006: Jason S, 16 (Devon). Roaccutane. Hanged

2006: Richard D, teacher, 44 (Cambridge). Roaccutane. Drug overdose & alcohol

2007: Adam L, unemployed, 22 (Wigan). Roaccutane. Struck by train

2009: Angela L, 28 (Ilford). Roaccutane. Struck by train

2010: Samantha D, prisoner, 32 (Foston Hall Prison). Roaccutane. Hanged

2011: Elliott B, 19 (Kent). Roaccutane. Hanged

2011: Jesse J, 24 (Dorset) Roaccutane. Fell from cliff

2012: Melissa M, student, 18 (Cheltenham). Roaccutane. Hanged

2013: Robbie H, student, 16 (Hampshire). Roaccutane. Hanged

2013: Jack B, student, 16 (Cheltenham). Roaccutane. Hanged

2013: James S, businessman, 26 (Kent). Roaccutane. Asphyxiated

2014: Olly R, website designer, 32 (Worcestershire). Roaccutane. Took his life

2015: David C, photographer, 38 (Suffolk). Roaccutane. Stabbed himself

2017: Luke R, 21 (Essex). Roaccutane. Took his life

2019: George H, schoolboy, 15 (East Yorkshire). Roaccutane stopped. Hanged

2020: Annabel W, schoolgirl, 15 (North Yorkshire). Roaccutane. Took her life


Dianette2014: Jessica E, student, 17 (Hampshire). Dianette. (Hanged)


Neuropathic painkillers:


2009: Andrew W, 44 (Wandsworth Prison). Gabapentin (aka Neurontin). Hanged

2013: Michael Hr, forensic technician, 33 (Worcestershire). Gabapentin. Struck by train

2014: Joseph G, schoolboy, 15 (Gloucestershire). Gabapentin. Hanged

2014: Thomas D, 92 (Northumberland). Gabapentin. Drowned in river

2015: Julia K, 39 (Northamptonshire). Gabapentin. Took her life

2015: Philip I, plumber, 41 (Anglesey). Gabapentin. Set himself on fire


2014: Elvis W, prisoner, 33 (Portland Prison). Pregabalin (aka Lyrica). Hanged

2015 Michael C, 40 (Elmley Prison). Pregabalin. Hanged

2016: Gareth T, 37 (South Wales). Overdose of Pregabalin

2016: [Unnamed man], 43 (Cumbria). Pregabalin. Hanged

2017: Matthew B, 21 (Cheshire). Overdose of Pregabalin

2018: Lewis C, 30 (Buckinghamshire). Pregabalin (+ Propranolol & Risperidone). Struck by train

2018: Ashley A, 36 (Chelmsford Prison). Pregabalin (+ Quetiapine). Hanged

2018: Darran W, 36 (Berkshire). Pregabalin. Drove car into van

2019: Liam J, railway worker, 33 (Plymouth). Pregabalin. Hanged

2020: Scott R, prisoner, 35 (Gartree Prison). Pregabalin. Hanged




2010: Dean F, 46 (Bristol Prison). Zopiclone. Hanged

2012: Brian C, 49 (Bolton). Zopiclone. Hanged

2013: Jamie T, 32 (South London). Zopiclone. Drowned in river

2013: Graham A, 36 (Wiltshire). Zopiclone. Suffocated his two sons and hanged himself   (SCR)

2013: Mark W, 45 (Greater Manchester). Zopiclone. Shot himself

2014: Marcin S, 27 (Bullingdon Prison). Zopiclone. Hanged

2015: Leo B, 33 (Hewell Prison). Zopiclone. Hanged

2015: Wendy S, 52 (Cambridgeshire). Zopiclone. Drowned in lake

2017: Jenny S, 49 (Doncaster Prison). Zopiclone. Hanged

2018: [Name & link removed], 27 (Kent). Zopiclone. Hanged

2018: Beverley D, gardener, 49 (Wiltshire). Zopiclone. Hanged

2018: Errol F, 68 (Surrey). Zopiclone. Struck by train

2019: Lee S, 46 (Wirral). Zopiclone. Drowned in river

2019: Michael B, car salesman, 45 (Cheshire). Zopiclone. Jumped from motorway bridge

2020: Jonathan D, 32 (Liverpool). Zopiclone. Shot himself

2020: Aron C, 33 (Staffordshire). Zopiclone. Jumped from bridge

2020: Caroline F, TV presenter, 40 (East London). Zopiclone. Hanged

2020: Andrew C, 52 (Wayland Prison). Zopiclone. Hanged


2015: Francesca C, schoolgirl, 13 (South London). Melatonin. Hanged

2017: Rachel F, schoolgirl, 16 (North London). Melatonin. Hanged


2010: Oktawian S, 29 (Woodhill Prison). Promethazine (also anti-histamine). Hanged

2012: Trevor L, 18 (Bedford Prison). Promethazine. Hanged


Drugs for narcolepsy:


2011: Anthony S, student, (West London). Modafinil (aka Provigil). Drowned in lake

2016: Katie C, nursery nurse, 23 (Cambridgeshire). Modafinil. Fell from multi-storey car park

2019: Daniel O, soldier, 21 (Dorset). Modafinil. Hanged




2008: Nicholas W, 36 (Camp Hill Prison). Propranolol. Hanged

2011: James E, 20 (Glen Parva Prison). Propranolol. Hanged

2012: Lee G, 28 (Leeds Prison). Propranolol. Hanged

2014: Pasha C, student, 16 (Cambridgeshire). Overdose of Propranolol

2014: Daniel C, 22 (Dorset). Overdose of Propranolol

2014: Marlon M, 27 (Birmingham Prison). Propranolol. Hanged

2015: Cassie T, 26 Norfolk). Overdose of Propranolol

2016: Sara G, 32 (West Yorkshire). Overdose of Propranolol

2017: Chrissy L, cleaner, 37 (Southampton). Propranolol. Fell from block of flats

2017: Kate D, 36 (Nottinghamshire).Overdose of Propranolol

2018: Bethany W, 18 (Sheffield). Overdose of Propranolol

2018: Gemma G, 19 (North Wales). Overdose of Propranolol

2018: Kate M, 20 (Derbyshire). Overdose of Propranolol

2018: Jessica Cy, dental nurse, 26 (South Wales). Overdose of Propranolol

2018: Lewis C, 30 (Buckinghamshire). Propranolol (+ Pregabalin & Risperidone). Struck by train

2018: Martin F, ex-soldier, 38 (Plymouth). Overdose of Propranolol

2019: Hari D, student, 18 (Humber Bridge). Propranolol. Jumped from bridge

2020: Carl N, 23 (Liverpool Prison). Propranolol. Hanged


Atenolol12003: Thomas R, technician, 50 (Suffolk). Atenolol. Hanged


Mood-stabilising drugs:


Lithium2006: Ida W, 69 (East Sussex). Lithium increased. Struck by train

2013: Ben S, 26 (Greater Manchester). Lithium. Drove his car into a bus

2014: Huw D, vet, 58 (South Wales). Lithium. Shot himself

2014: Peter E, 64 (East Sussex). Lithium. Shot himself


Anti-Smoking drugs:


champix12008: Omer J, media executive, 39 (Bolton). Champix (aka Chantix & Varenicline). Cut his wrists

2008: Carmel M, 33 (West London). Champix. Hanged

2008: Wayne M, welder, 36 (South Yorkshire). Champix. Hanged

2009: Andrew F, waiter, 26 (Blackpool). Champix. Hanged

2009: Lilian O, classroom assistant, 44 (Manchester). Champix. Jumped from bridge

2010: Howard V, 55 (Blackpool). Champix. Set car on fire and sat in it

2011: Andrew C, 33, (Hampshire). Champix. Fatally stabbed his wife, smothered their 2 daughters, then hanged himself




Dexamethasone2007: Jay M, 16 (Hertfordshire). Dexamethasone. Struck by car

2013: Joseph T, 55 (Nottingham). Dexamethasone. Jumped from hospital window


Anti-convulsant drugs:


2007: Valerie H, 42 (Styal Prison). Carbamazepine (aka Tegretol). Hanged

2007: Christopher V, prisoner, 31 (Whitemoor Prison). Carbamazepine (+ Prozac). Hanged

2008: Gareth P, 16 (Lancashire). Carbamazepine. Hanged


2012: Kayley H, 18 (Lancashire). Depakote (aka Divalproex). Hanged


Lamictal2014: David C, 29 (Greater Manchester). Lamotrigine (aka Lamictal). Hanged

2020: Viktor S, 23 (County Durham). Lamotrigine. Hanged

2020: [Name & link removed], 23 (County Durham). Lamotrigine. Hanged


2018: Dharmesh K, software engineer, 42 (Buckinghamshire). Oxcarbazepine. Struck by train


2019: Steven M, (Greater Manchester). Sodium Valproate (aka Epilim or Depakene]; Hanged


Drugs for lowering cholesterol:


2008: Allan W, teacher, 52 (North London). Simvastatin (aka Zocor). Struck by train

2008: Edward K, 46 (Wandsworth Prison). Simvastatin. Hanged


Drugs for alcohol dependency:


2015: Carol B, 47 (Kent). Disulfiram (aka Antabuse). Drowned in river

2019: Ryan F, 37 (South Wales). Disulfiram. Hanged


Heminevrin2010: John W, ex-carer, 54 (North Devon). Heminevrin (aka Clomethiazole). Jumped from viaduct

2011: David D, 30 (Manchester). Overdose of Heminevrin


Anti-malaria drugs:


2003: Vanessa B, student, 22 (Swansea). Lariam (aka Mefloquine). Overdose of prescribed drugs


Muscle relaxants:


Baclofen2013: Anna S, PR executive, 36 (London). Baclofen. Drowned in river


Anti-biotic drugs:


2017: Charles R, 76 (Reading). Ciprofloxacin. Hanged


Drugs for Alzheimer’s disease:


2008: John S, 71 (Lincolnshire). Ebixa (aka Mementine). Struck by train


Contraceptive drugs:


2019: Lauren P, schoolgirl, 16 (Essex). Yasmin (aka Drospirenone). Hanged


Drugs for migraines:


2018: [Name and link removed], 36 (London). Sumatriptan (aka Imitrex). Hanged


Drugs for HIV:


2017: Pablo C, 45 (Beachy Head). Stribild. Jumped from cliff


Drugs for asthma:


2019: James B, student, 21 (Leeds). Montelukast (aka Singulair). Hanged


Drugs for enlarged prostate / hair loss:


Finasteride2008: Grant B, 31 (Essex). Finasteride (aka Propecia). Stabbed himself



*: inquest not completed at time of writing

In 2013, Dr David Healy published a list of “Drugs that can trigger and cause suicide or homicide


Anti-Infectives: Mefloquine [aka Lariam]; Doxycyline [Doryx]; D-cycloserine [Seromycin]; Fluoroquinolones [Levaquin, Cipro]; Oseltamivir [Tamiflu].

Contraceptives: Drospirenone [Yasmin]; Drospirenone [Yaz]; Cyproterone and ethinyl estradiol [Dianette].

Anti-Smoking: Varenicline [Chantix, Champix]; Buproprion [Zyban].

Anti-Asthma: Montelukast [Singulair]; Roflumilast [Daxas]; Zafirlukast [Accolate].

Anti-Acne: Isotretinoin [Roaccutane]; Doxycycline [Doryx].

Antihistamines: Diphenhydramine [Benadryl, Sominex]; Chlorphenamine [Chlortimeton]; Cyproheptadine [Periactin].

Urinary Drugs: Duloxetine [Yentreve]; Tamsulosin [Flomax]; Finasteride [Propecia]; Dutasteride [Avodart].

Anti-Nausea: Prochlorperazine [Stemetil, Compro]; Metoclopramide [Maxolon, Reglan].

Antihypertensives: Clonidine [Catapres]; Doxazosin [Cardura]; Guanabenz [Wytensin]; Guanfacine [Tenex]; Hydralazine [Apresoline]; Methyldopa [Aldomet, Aldoril, Dopamet]; Prazosin [Minipress].

Statins: Atorvastatin [Lipitor]; Fluvastatin [Lescol]; Lovastatin [Mevacor]; Mevastatin [Compactin]; Pravastatin [Pravachol]; Rosuvastatin [Crestor]; Simvastatin [Zocor].

Stimulants: Methylphenidate [Ritalin, Focalin, Metadate, Concerta]; Amphetamine [Dexedrine, Adderall, Vyvanse].

Benzodiazepines: Lorazepam [Ativan]; Diazepam [Valium]; Alprazolam [Xanax]; Chlordiazepoxide [Librium]; Bromazepam [Lexotan]; Oxazepam [Serenid, Serax]; Cloabazam [Frisium]; Medazepam [Nobrium]; Clorazepate [Tranxene]; Clonazepam [Klonopin].

Antidepressants: Citalopram [Cipramil, Celexa]; Escitalopram [Cipralex, Lexapro]; Duloxetine [Cymbalta]; Fluvoxamine [Luvox, Faverin]; Fluoxetine [Prozac]; Paroxetine [Paxil, Seroxat, Deroxat, Aropax]; Sertraline [Zoloft]; Venlafaxine [Effexor]; Desvenlafaxine [Pristiq]; Mirtazapine [Remeron]; Trazodone [Desyrel]; Buproprion [Wellbutrin, Zyban]; Amitriptyline [Tryptizol, Elavil]; Imipramine [Tofranil]; Nortriptyline [Allegron, Aventyl]; Desipramine [Pertrofran, Norpramin]; Clomipramine [Anafranil]; Dosulepin [Prothiaden]; Lofepramine [Gamanil]; Doxepin [Sinequan]; Trimipramine [Surmontil].

Anticonvulsants: Phenytoin [Epanutin]; Sodium Valproate [Epilim, Depakene]; Divalproex [Depakote]; Carbamazepine [Tegretol]; Oxcarbazapine [Trileptal]; Lamotrigine [Lamictal]; Gabapentin [Neurontin]; Pregabalin [Lyrica]; Leviracetam [Keppra]; Topiramate [Topamax]; Tiagabine [Gabitril]; Felbamate [Felbatol].

Antipsychotics: Chlorpromazine [Thorazine, Largactil]; Perphenazine [Fentazine]; Trifluoperazine [Stelazine]; Haloperidol [Haldol]; Flupenthixol [Fluanxol]; Pericyazine [Neulactil]; Sulpiride [Sulpitil]; Molindone [Moban]; Aripiprazole [Abilify]; Olanzapine [Zyprexa]; Risperidone [Riserpdal]; Ziprasidone [Geodon]; Quetiapine [Seroquel]; Paliperidone [Invega]; Zotepine [Zoleptil]; Iloperidone [Fanapt]; Amisulpride [Solian]; Tetrabenazine [Xenazine].