England & Wales 2020


The format of the list is as follows:

Name (with Hyperlink); Occupation; Age; Relevant Factors; Location; Antidepressant(s) Involved; Cause of Death.

Where I have established the brand name of antidepressants involved, I have named it. Otherwise, I have used the abbreviation ADs, or MfD where the report refers to “medication for depression” or similar.

I hope that I have not intruded on anybody’s private grief by collating this information. However, if you are related to one of the victims, and do not wish your relative’s name to be included, please send an email to with the details, and their name and link will be removed.


Adam Hamer, lorry driver, 34 (Lancashire). Amitriptyline increased. Overdose of prescribed medication

Alan Jones, 42 (Derbyshire). MfD. Hanged

Alan Tyers, 49 (Humber Prison). Mirtazapine. Overdose of illicit drugs

Alexander Habib-Shaheed, prisoner, 32 (Highpoint Prison). Sertraline stopped. Hanged

Alexandra Howarth-Hynes, machine operator, 29 (Greater Manchester). MfD. Hanged

Amy Teasdale, 31 (Teesside). MfD. Hanged

Andrew Goldstraw, prisoner, 43 (Winchester Prison). Fluoxetine & Mirtazapine. Hanged

Anil Carbon, ex-soldier, 30 (Hull). ADs. Took his life

Ashley Gibbons, 29 (Stoke-on-Trent). MfD. Overdose of prescription meds

Ashley McNulty, chef, 23 (Lancashire). MfD. Overdose of painkillers

Ashley Williams, prisoner, 27 (Lincoln Prison). Citalopram. Combination of drugs

Billy Jenkins, 31 (South London). ADs. Hanged

Bradley Whittle, 19 (Greater Manchester). Sertraline. Struck by train

Brenda Wignall, 58 (Lancashire). MfD. Drowned in river

* Caroline Flack, TV presenter, 40 (East London). ADs. Hanged

Chloe McDaid, pub worker, 24 (Wirral). MfD. Hanged

Christopher McLeod, 40 (Surrey). ADs. Carbon monoxide poisoning

Colette Hartigan-Burns, nurse, 44 (Lancashire). ADs. Combination of meds

Damion Mellor, prisoner, 33 (Leicester Prison). Mirtazapine. Hanged

Daniel Moran, 32 (Bolton). ADs. Hanged

Daniel Pask, 43 (South Devon). MfD. Hanged

Daniel Walton, 35 (Sheffield). ADs. Hanged

Danny Holt-Scapens, groundworker, 23 (Greater Manchester). MfD. Hanged

David Dunnings, prisoner, 35 (Coldingley Prison). Sertraline. Hanged

David Porter, 65 (South Wales). ADs. Hanged

* Dean George, prisoner, 40 (Swansea Prison). ADs. Hanged

Dean Murphy, 40 (Teesside). MfD stopped. Hanged

Dominic Hingston, 59 (Somerset). ADs. Set himself on fire

Dominic Phoenix, prisoner, 44 (Isle of Wight Prison). Overdose of Amitriptyline

Ean Smith, prisoner, 61 (Lincoln Prison). ADs. Hanged

Edward Fordham, 42 (Isle of Wight). Overdose of ADs & painkillers

Ellie Green, call centre worker, 27 (Lancashire). Overdose of Amitriptyline

Emma Lewis, caterer, 44 (Cheshire). ADs. Hanged

Eric Sparrow, 80 (Hull). MfD. Hanged

Ford Elliston, 23 (Suffolk). MfD. Overdose of drugs

Gary Jones, 54 (South Wales). MfD. Hypothermia

George Collins, 38 (Suffolk). MfD. Jumped from bridge

Graham Saffery, driver, 48 (Bedfordshire). Overdose of Amitriptyline

Gregory Coombe, businessman, 43 (Cornwall). ADs. Jumped from viaduct

Hannah Danch, 33 (Kent). MfD. Hanged

Hannah Harris, 23 (South Devon). MfD. Hanged

Heather French, psychotherapist, 58 (Brighton). Venlafaxine. Hanged

Hayden Smith, 19 (South Devon). ADs. Hanged

Helene Beauchamp, TV executive, 46 (Hampshire). MfD. Overdose of medication

Hennie Coetzee, 37 (Merseyside). MfD. Took his life

Ian Seddon, teacher, 51 (Greater Manchester). MfD. Hanged

Ian Weeks, 34 (Cardiff Prison). ADs stopped. Hanged

Isabella Goddard, 22 (Kent). MfD. Drowned in bath

Jack Murray, 32 (Coldingley Prison). MfD. Hanged

Jade Pask, 24 (Lancashire). MfD stopped. Overdose of Dothiepin

Jamie Bray, 31 (West Sussex). MfD. Overdose of heroin

Jamie Osborne, prisoner, 19 (Lewes Prison). MfD stopped. Hanged

Jane Armstrong, 53 (Buckinghamshire). MfD. Took her life

Jason Dobson, scaffolder, 45 (East Yorkshire). MfD. Took his life

Jawad Ahmed, student, 22 (Greater Manchester). MfD changed. Struck by train

Jeff Drury, 61 (Liverpool). 61. MfD. Took his life

Jennifer Lowndes, 38 (East Sussex). Amitriptyline. Combination of drugs & alcohol

Joe Black, 21 (Cheshire). ADs. Hanged

Josef Duncan-Williamson, 23 (Staffordshire). MfD stopped. Hanged

Joseph Heaney, 57 (Stoke-on-Trent). MfD. Hanged

Kathleen Green, 61 (Lancashire). Mirtazapine. Overdose of heroin

Kim Holden, nurse, 56 (South Wales). MfD. Jumped from bridge

Lee Carpenter, (Essex). MfD. Took his life

* Lee Hall, 45 (Greater Manchester). ADs. Found dead

Leslie Carroll, 40 (Greater Manchester). ADs. Struck by car

Levi Edwards, 20 (South Wales). ADs. Hanged

Lewis Isaac, student, 24 (Cardiff). ADs. Hanged

Lewis Scobling, 38 (South Devon). MfD. Combination of drugs

Liam Reynolds, 19 (South Wales). ADs. Hanged

Lisa Davis, 42 (Norfolk). MfD. Combination of drugs

Luca Roberts, 25 (South Devon). ADs. Hanged

Lugh Shelley, student, 22 (Staffordshire). MfD. Overdose of medication

Malgorzata Szwed, market trader, 35 (Norfolk). MfD. Hanged

Marcel Vogelsberger, 50 (North Wales). ADs. Overdose of drugs

Mark Hall, railway worker, 32 (Derbyshire). ADs. Hanged

Mark Smith, 42 (Durham Prison). ADs. Hanged

Marlon Watson, prisoner, 32 (Dovegate Prison). Amitriptyline. Hanged

Martin Barrow, scaffolder, 34 (Cheshire). ADs. Hanged

Matthew Harrison, 36 (Staffordshire). MfD. Took his life

Max Cresham, barber, 25 (Cheshire). MfD. Hanged

Max Leefe, 47 (Humber Bridge). MfD. Fell from bridge

Megan Johnson, carer, 20 (Suffolk). ADs. Overdose of painkillers

Michael Ellis, 26 (Hampshire). ADs. Hanged

Michael Hudson, 62 (Lincolnshire). MfD. Drowned in lake

Muhammed Wajid, 30 (West Yorkshire). MfD. Fell from motorway bridge

Natasha White, university worker, 34 (Manchester). ADs. Hanged

Nick Sadler, student, 25 (Norwich). ADs. Drowned in lake

Nigel Round, carpenter, 49 (Cheshire). MfD. Hanged

Oliver Jones, 26 (Swansea Prison). Mirtazapine. Hanged

Paul Kane, 62 (West Yorkshire). ADs. Took his life

Peter Watkinson, 47 (Hertfordshire). MfD. Struck by train

Philip Adams, chef, 32 (Suffolk). MfD. Struck by lorry

Philip Hudson, 37 (Stoke-on-Trent). ADs. Overdose of drugs & alcohol

Phillippa Wakeling, 55 (Essex). ADs. Struck by train

Rachel Collins, student, 17 (Lancashire). ADs. Fell from bridge

* Reanna Pearson, dental nurse, 32 (West Midlands). ADs. Hanged

Rebecca Ford, 31 (Lancashire). ADs. Overdose of morphine

Rebecca Naumann, 25 (Essex). MfD. Overdose of medication

Richard Shaw,49 (Derbyshire). MfD stopped. Hanged

Robert Kaye, deli owner, 43 (Greater Manchester). ADs. Hanged

Robert Plant, quarry worker, 32 (Derbyshire). MfD. Hanged

Roy Thompson, project manager, 60 (Derbyshire). ADs stopped. Hanged

Russell Cordes, 49 (Kent). ADs stopped. Overdose of prescription drugs

Ryan Davies, (South Wales). Mirtazapine. Fell from a height

Sabrina Goacher, college worker, 30 (Kent). Citalopram. Overdose of Propranolol

Sally Newton, 65 (East Yorkshire). Combination of Citalopram and alcohol

Sam Jackson, 26 (Lancashire). ADs increased. Asphyxiated

Samuel Birkby, 24 (Cumbria). ADs. Hanged

Sara Robert, 40 (South Wales). ADs. Combination of drugs

Sharon Hilton, 39 (Hull). ADs. Overdose of methadone

Shaun McDonald, 54 (Exeter Prison). MfD. Hanged

Shaune Riding, courier, 43 (Lancashire). ADs. Inhaled gas

Stacie Anderson, 37 (Essex). MfD. Combination of drugs

Stephen Fisher, gardener, 39 (South Devon). ADs. Stabbed himself

Stephen Morilly, abattoir worker, 34 (Cheshire). ADs. Hanged

Stuart Dugdale, (Lancashire). Amitriptyline & Mirtazapine. Overdose of prescribed meds

Tim Walsh, sound engineer, 51 (Cheshire). MfD. Hanged

Tom Hollands, laboratory technician, 23 (Brighton). Fluoxetine. Jumped from cliff

Tom Hudson, 25 (Oxfordshire). MfD. Combination of drugs

Tommy Thwaites, 25 (Kent). MfD. Took his life

Tracy Wilkinson, 43 (Cumbria). Overdose of ADs

Wayne Jones, 52 (South Yorkshire). MfD stopped. Struck by train

Will Mathews, student, 22 (Manchester). MfD. Struck by train

William Firth, 34 (Brighton). ADs. Fell from building site

Yvonne Millis, 47 (Lancashire). ADs. Overdose of medication

Zoe Mowlam, 29 (Isle of Wight). MfD. Combination of drugs

Zoey Ward, 43 (Hampshire). ADs. Overdose of drugs

[Name & link removed], 16 (Greater Manchester). Citalopram. Struck by train

[Name & link removed], 26 (Kent). Sertraline. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 34 (Dorset). ADs. Hanged

* [Name & link removed], 53 (Norfolk). ADs. Hanged

[Name & link removed], 58 (Norfolk). MfD. Cut herself


Other deaths linked to antidepressants:

Beverley Love, 53 (Hull). ADs. Accidental overdose of prescribed medication

Charlotte Nokes, prisoner, 38 (Peterborough Prison). Mirtazapine. SADS

Kathryn Carbone, 57 (Berkshire). ADs. Post-ECT seizure

Kelly Quilt, 39 (Eastwood Park Prison). Amitriptyline & Mirtazapine. Drug withdrawal

Mary Nelson, 75 (Cumbria). Prescribed excessive amount of Fluoxetine

Michael Murphy, prisoner, 45 (Brixton Prison). Citalopram. Unascertained


Total so far: 139

* inquest pending, adjourned or in progress


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