Other prescription drugs linked to suicide


Antidepressants are not the only drugs which can induce suicide. Anti-psychotics, tranquilIisers, and drugs for ADHD, acne and many other conditions have been linked to many self-inflicted deaths.

I hope that I have not intruded on anybody’s private grief by collating this information. However, if you are related to one of the victims, and do not wish your relative’s name to be included, please send an email to brian@antidepaware.co.uk with the details, and their name and link will be removed.

(nb: the year given is the year of the inquest)


Anti-psychotic drugs:

2010: Alexander B, photographer, 30 (Norfolk). Unnamed anti-psychotic stopped. Struck by car

2010: Mario M, 21 (Norfolk). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Hanged

2011: Debbie G, 38 (North Yorkshire). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Struck by car

2012: Rachel J, 43 (Bedfordshire). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Set herself on fire

2013: Karen A, 52 (Wiltshire). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Set herself on fire

2013: Roy T, 53 (Derbyshire). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Jumped from bridge

2014: Matthew B, 36 (Oxfordshire). Overdose of unnamed anti-psychotic

2014: Jason C, 42 (Bedfordshire). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Jumped from multi-storey car park

2015: Christa G, 19 (Lancashire). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Hanged

2015: Dwayne H, 32 (Woodhill Prison). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Hanged

2016: Doris C, 69 (Hampshire). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Drowned in river

2017: David K, 29 (Cornwall). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Struck by train

2017: Gavin B, 39 (North Yorkshire). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Hanged

2017: Peter S, ex-builder, 67 (Essex). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Set himself on fire

2018: Catherine H, 49 (South London). Unnamed anti-psychotic increased. Self-inflicted injuries

2018: Frances P, 49 (Essex). Unnamed anti-psychotic changed. Struck by train

2019: [Name & link removed], 23 (Hampshire). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Hanged

2019: Leah S, 27 (North Wales). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Hanged

2019: Luke N, 28 (Somerset). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Hanged

2019: Vincent S, web designer, 33 (Bristol). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Cut his throat

2019: Robert H, 35 (Somerset). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Hanged

2019: Craig M, 46 (South Yorkshire). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Drowned in canal

2019: Carol Ann B, 48 (Bolton). Unnamed anti-psychotics (x2). Hanged

2019: Kevin L, 55 (South Wales). Clozapine changed to unnamed anti-psychotic. Drowned in pond

2020: Teresa Fullalove, 42 (Derbyshire). Unnamed anti-psychotic stopped. Cut her neck


2009: Caesar G, 21 (Brixton Prison). Risperidone. Hanged

2010: Stewart D, 36 (West Yorkshire). Risperidone. Jumped from bridge

2010: Craig H, ex-lawyer, 35 (Greater Manchester). Risperidone. Hanged

2011: Benn J, 17 (Cambridgeshire). Risperidone. Hanged

2011: Binay B, 22 (Wormwood Scrubs Prison). Risperidone. Asphyxiated

2012: Stanley W, 92 (Cumbria). Risperidone. Fatally stabbed his wife, then himself

2014: Tim C, 41 (Reading). Risperidone. Struck by train

2015: Charlotte B, 30 (Bristol). Risperidone stopped. Jumped from cliff with her baby

2016: Marion M, retired nurse, 74 (Southampton). Risperidone stopped. Jumped from motorway bridge

2017: Polly R, 32 (Hull). Risperidone. Struck by train

2017: Songul B, 36 (North London). Risperidone increased. Jumped from block of flats

2017: Derek W, 78 (Oxfordshire). Risperidone increased. Drowned in river

2017: Ryan V, (Nottinghamshire). Risperidone stopped. Stabbed himself

2018: Billie L, 26 (Milton Keynes). Risperidone. Struck by train

2018: Lewis C, 30 (Buckinghamshire). Risperidone (+ Propranolol & Pregabalin). Struck by train

2018: Scott L, 61 (Somerset). Risperidone stopped. Stabbed himself

2019: Patricia C, 51 (West London). Risperidone stopped. Fell from block of flats


2003: Liam B, 24 (London). Olanzapine (+ Amisulpride & Seroxat). Struck by train

2007: John J, 21 (Channings Wood Prison). Olanzapine. Hanged

2009: James S, 23 (Chelmsford Prison). Olanzapine. Hanged

2009: Anthony M, 43 (Belmarsh Prison). Olanzapine increased. Hanged

2010: Gary D, 27 (Lincoln Prison). Olanzapine. Hanged

2012: Kenneth B, 31 (Gartree Prison). Olanzapine. Cut his throat

2013: Johnny R, student, 20 (Cheshire). Olanzapine. Drowned in bath

2013: Christopher W, 25 (Hampshire). Olanzapine. Struck by train

2014: Nicholas W, chef, 28 (Oxford). Olanzapine. Hanged

2014; Martin L, 51 (Lancashire). Olanzapine. Drowned in sea

2015: David B, 30 (Lancashire). Olanzapine. Stabbed himself

2016: Dominic T, 18 (Greater Manchester). Olanzapine. Fell from building

2016: Liam S, 26 (Southampton). Olanzapine reduced. Hanged

2016: Sean J, prisoner, 26 (Elmley Prison). Olanzapine. Hanged

2017: Lee H, 28 (Wirral). Olanzapine. Hanged

2017: Pippa M, schoolgirl, 15 (Manchester). Olanzapine. Struck by train

2017: Nicholas W, 23 (West Sussex). Olanzapine. Fell from hospital roof

2017: Benjamin F, 33 (Brighton). Olanzapine. Asphyxiated

2017: Marlon D, decorator, 50 (Birmingham). Olanzapine increased. Jumped from block of flats

2017: Michael D, 30 (Wirral). Olanzapine. Jumped from motorway bridge

2018: [Unnamed girl], 17 (North London). Olanzapine. Struck by train

2018: Thomas R, student, 19 (Sheffield). Olanzapine. Fell from building

2019: Tomasz N, 32 (Manchester Prison). Olanzapine. Hanged

2019: Jamal H, 32 (Manchester Prison). Olanzapine. Hanged

2020: Gavin Caddick, prisoner, 33 (Haverigg Prison). Olanzapine. Hanged

2020: Samantha Savage-Green, (Manchester). Olanzapine. Jumped from motorway bridge

2020: Tom Piggott, prisoner, 29 (High Down Prison). Olanzapine stopped. Hanged


2010: Michael W, graphic designer,46 (East Sussex). Overdose of Clozapine.

2012: Anthony J, 33 (South Wales). Clozapine. Hanged

2013: Peter S, 40 (Lancashire). Overdose of Clozapine

2013: Daniel C, 38 (Hampshire). Clozapine reduced. Struck by train

2015: Simon L, 38 (Stoke-on-Trent). Clozapine. Stabbed himself

2015: Dafydd P, 40 (North Wales).Overdose of Clozapine

2018: Gareth B, care assistant, 30 (Wiltshire). Overdose of Clozapine

2019: Georgia N, 21 (West London). Clozapine. Struck by tube train

2019: John A, 57 (West Sussex). Clozapine. Took his life


2008: Melodie H, 61 (Berkshire). Quetiapine. Struck by train

2012: Grzegorz G, 34 (Gloucester Prison). Quetiapine. Hanged

2013: Nicholas C, ex-teacher, 59 (Reading). Quetiapine. Fell from multi-storey car park

2013: Colin S, 50 (Northumberland). Quetiapine. Drove car into bridge

2014: Dean C, 21 (West Yorkshire). Overdose of Quetiapine

2015: Zacki M, prisoner, 47 (Norwich Prison). Quetiapine. Hanged

2015: Diane W, 40 (Peterborough Prison). Quetiapine. Asphyxiated

2018: Heather C, 31 (Greater Manchester). Quetiapine stopped. Hanged

2018: Ashley A, 36 (Chelmsford Prison). Quetiapine (+ Pregabalin). Hanged

2019: Anthony H, 27 (Cheshire). Quetiapine. Drove car into wall

2019: Michael T, 31 (Bedford Prison). Quetiapine. Hanged

2019: Craig H, 42 (Birmingham Prison). Quetiapine. Hanged

2019: Karen C, 49 (Essex). Quetiapine. Fell from multi-storey car park

2020: Andrew Jones, 37 (Garth Prison). Quetiapine stopped. Took his life


2010: Daniel C, 21 (Long Lartin Prison). Aripiprazole (aka Abilify). Hanged

2016: Michael E, prisoner, 25 (Bullingdon Prison). Aripiprazole. Hanged

2017: Margaret A, prisoner, 47 (Low Newton Prison). Aripiprazole. Hanged

2019: Rocky S, prisoner, 26 (Low Newton Prison). Aripiprazole. Hanged


2010: Lawrence C, 24 (Surrey). Pipotiazine (aka Piportil). Stabbed himself


2009: Shane B, 29 (Leicester Prison). Chlorpromazine (aka Largactil). Hanged

2011: Duane T, 36 (Cardiff Prison). Chlorpromazine. Hanged

2015: Ian P, 56 (Long Lartin Prison). Chlorpromazine increased. Hanged


2019: Kirsty W, 26 (Bronzefield Prison). Depixol (aka Flupentixol). Hanged


2014: John C, engineer (Blackpool). Clopixol (aka Zuclopenthixol). Hanged


Benzodiazepine tranquillisers:


2004 Paige T, 23 (Send Prison). Librium (aka Chlordiazepoxide & Largactil). Hanged

2008: Stephen H, 42 (Exeter Prison). Librium . Hanged

2009: Jane O, teacher, 38 (Lincolnshire). Librium . Hanged

2009: Christopher R, 32 (Wigan). Librium. Hanged

2012: Karl S, 43 (Holme House Prison). Librium. Hanged

2013: Christopher N, 19 (Glen Parva Prison). Librium. Hanged

2016: Michael C, prisoner, 45 (Woodhill Prison). Librium. Hanged

2016: Ireneusz P, 58 (Woodhill Prison). Librium. Hanged

2017: Daniel D, prisoner, 34 (Woodhill Prison). Librium. Hanged

2017: Sarah (Maria) B, 48 (Drake Hall). Librium. Hanged

2018: Terence C, prisoner, 53 (Exeter Prison). Librium. Hanged

2020: Lee Mulligan, 34 (Lancashire). Librium. Hanged


2006: Joanna S, dentist, 50 (Gloucestershire). Temazepam. Hanged

2007: Shaun K, 40 (West Yorkshire). Temazepam. Hanged

2011: Derek M, retired lecturer, 57 (Derbyshire). Temazepam. Drowned in reservoir

2012: Alan H, ex-HGV driver, 65 (Buckinghamshire). Temazepam. Hanged

2014: June A, doctor, 53 (Warwickshire).Temazepam. Drowned in bath

2017: Aidan D, 21 (Tyneside). Temazepam. Drowned in river

2017: Rowland H, 82 (Merseyside). Temazepam. Asphyxiated


Valium2008: Duncan E, 37 (Pentonville Prison). Diazepam (aka Valium). Hanged

2011: Richard V, 53 (Wiltshire). Diazepam. Hanged

2011: Michael R, 24 (Swansea Prison). Diazepam. Hanged

2011: Leslie S, 52 (Birmingham Prison). Diazepam. Hanged

2011: David B, 62 (Bullingdon Prison). Diazepam. Hanged

2013: Sheila L, racehorse trainer, 64 (Gloucestershire). Overdose of Diazepam

2015: Jack D, 19 (Norwich Prison). Diazepam. Hanged

2017: Rafael O, student, 23 (Oxfordshire). Diazepam. Struck by train

2017: Ryan W, 25 (Greater Manchester). Diazepam. Took his life

2017: Richard H, 27 (Essex). Diazepam. Took his life

2017: [Unnamed boy], 17 (Merseyside). Diazepam. Took his life

2018: Ryan T, 30 (Kent). Diazepam. Hanged

2018: Karl O, 45 (Derbyshire). Diazepam. Struck by train

2018: Stefano B, prisoner, 50 (Belmarsh Prison). Diazepam. Hanged

2019: Danielle A, 31 (South Devon). Diazepam. Hanged

2019: John W, 32 (Bullingdon Prison). Diazepam. Hanged

2019: Danny J, ex-soldier, 35 (West Sussex). Diazepam. Hanged

2019: John C, businessman, 63 (Lancashire). Diazepam. Drowned in pond

2019: Daniel G, 33 (Wiltshire). Diazepam. Stabbed himself

2019: James W, 82 (Hertfordshire). Diazepam. Hanged

2020: Caroline Flack, TV presenter, 40 (East London). Diazepam. Hanged

2020: Kane Watkins, 33 (Stoke-on-Trent). Diazepam. Hanged

2020: Mark Hone, finance director, 58 (Hampshire). Diazepam. Hanged


2010: John C, 50 (Wormwood Scrubs Prison). Clonazepam (aka Rivotril & Klonopin). Hanged

2017: Carl B, 19 (Derbyshire). Clonazepam. Struck by van

2019: Jack G, 27 (Essex). Clonazepam. Hanged


2014: William B, retired banker, 58 (West London).Xanax (aka Alprazolam). Hanged

2017: Scott F, student, 17 (Essex). Xanax. Hanged

2017: Jeremy H, 49 (Suffolk). Xanax. Hanged

2017: Raven H, student, 21 (Bristol). Xanax. Took her life

2018: [Name and link removed], schoolboy, 16 (London). Xanax. Took his life

2018: Georgia J, student, 21 (Brighton). Xanax. Hanged

2020: George Buckley, schoolboy, 15 (Kent). Xanax. Electrocuted on railway track


2017: Mariana P, spa manager, (East London). Lorazepam (aka Ativan).  Jumped from block of flats


Drugs for ADHD:


2005: Vicky D, 15 (Hull). Unnamed meds for ADHD stopped. Hanged

2010: Will F, 18 (Wiltshire). Unnamed meds for ADHD stopped. Hanged

2012: Alanta C, schoolgirl,10 (Kent). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Hanged

2013: Ashley B, schoolboy, 14 (South Yorkshire). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Hanged

2013: Edward B, 14 (Kent). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Overdose of Methadone & Diazepam

2013: Sean E, 16 (Lancashire). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Hanged

2013: [Name & link removed], 18 (Hampshire). Unnamed meds for ADHD stopped. Struck by train

2014: Joshua M, schoolboy, 15 (West Midlands). Unnamed meds for ADHD changed. Hanged

2014: [Unnamed boy], 17 (Buckinghamshire). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Hanged

2014: Charlotte H, 24 (Lancashire). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Hanged

2015: Taylor S, schoolboy, 9 (Teesside). Unnamed meds for ADHD increased. Hanged

2016: Harley T, student, 16 (Hertfordshire). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Drove car into camper van

2016: Hannah A, student, 20 (Bournemouth). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Hanged

2016: Daniel P, student, 21 (York). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Asphyxiated

2016: Barty B, shopkeeper, 52 (South Wales). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Found in woods

2017: [Unnamed boy], 14 (London). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Found dead at home

2017: Jamie C, 19 (Lancashire). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Hanged

2017: Michael H, film locations manager, 51 (London). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Hanged

2018: Connor R, schoolboy, 12 (Birmingham). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Hanged

2019: Jamie A, 26 (Norfolk). Unnamed meds for ADHD stopped. Hanged

2019: Matthew L, bank worker, 46 (West Midlands). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Struck by train

2020: Shneur Kaye, schoolboy, 14 (Greater Manchester). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Inhaled helium


Ritalin32004: Stephen R, schoolboy, 15 (Wirral). Ritalin (aka Methylphenidate). Hanged

2005: Scott B, schoolboy, 12 (Swansea). Ritalin. Hanged

2007: Sean E, 16 (Lancashire). Ritalin. Hanged

2008: Anthony C, schoolboy, 15 (Milton Keynes). Ritalin increased. Hanged

2008: Michael M, student, 28 (Stoke-on-Trent). Ritalin. Hanged

2009: Jamie C, 18 (Staffordshire). Ritalin. Hanged

2010: Harry H, schoolboy, 10 (Cumbria). Ritalin & Prozac. Hanged

2010: Gwen M, schoolgirl, 16 (South Wales). Ritalin. Hanged

2013: [Unnamed boy], 17 (Greater Manchester). Ritalin. Hanged

2014: Jake H, 17 (Hindley YOI). Ritalin & Equasym. Hanged

2014: Dwane H, 32 (Woodhill Prison). Ritalin. Hanged

2016: Pierre G, banker, 42 (London). Ritalin. Jumped from office balcony

2017: Christopher F, 26 (Greater Manchester). Ritalin. Alcohol poisoning


Atomoxetine2011: Ben M, 20 (Essex). Atomoxetine (aka Strattera). Hanged

2014: Alex K, 15 (Kent). Atomoxetine. Hanged

2015: Paul M, 16 (County Durham). Fluoxetine & Atomoxetine. Hanged

2015: Kelly B, 17 (Shropshire). Atomoxetine. Set fire to mattress, died in fire


Concerta2015: Matthew S, prisoner, 36 (Leeds Prison). Concerta. Hanged

2016: Sheldon W, prisoner, 24 (Winchester Prison). Concerta. Hanged

2016: Scott C, prisoner, 28 (Ranby Prison). Concerta. Hanged

2018: John K, 79 (Brighton). Concerta. Took his life

2019: [Unnamed boy], 14 (Greater Manchester). Concerta stopped. Asphyxiated


Drugs for acne:


roaccutane2004: Chris B, bouncer, kickboxer, 33 (Berkshire). Roaccutane (aka Isotretinoin). Shot himself

2004: Jon M, student, 22 (Manchester). Citalopram & Roaccutane. Hanged

2005: David R, student, 21 (Merseyside). Roaccutane. Hanged

2006: Jason S, 16 (Devon). Roaccutane. Hanged

2006: Richard D, teacher, 44 (Cambridge). Roaccutane. Drug overdose & alcohol

2007: Adam L, unemployed, 22 (Wigan). Roaccutane. Struck by train

2009: Angela L, 28 (Ilford). Roaccutane. Struck by train

2010: Samantha D, prisoner, 32 (Foston Hall Prison). Roaccutane. Hanged

2011: Elliott B, 19 (Kent). Roaccutane. Hanged

2011: Jesse J, 24 (Dorset) Roaccutane. Fell from cliff

2012: Melissa M, student, 18 (Cheltenham). Roaccutane. Hanged

2013: Robbie H, student, 16 (Hampshire). Roaccutane. Hanged

2013: Jack B, student, 16 (Cheltenham). Roaccutane. Hanged

2013: James S, businessman, 26 (Kent). Roaccutane. Asphyxiated

2014: Olly R, website designer, 32 (Worcestershire). Roaccutane. Took his life

2015: David C, photographer, 38 (Suffolk). Roaccutane. Stabbed himself

2017: Luke R, 21 (Essex). Roaccutane. Took his life

2019: George H, schoolboy, 15 (East Yorkshire). Roaccutane stopped. Hanged

2020: Annabel Wright, schoolgirl, 15 (North Yorkshire). Roaccutane. Took her life


Dianette2014: Jessica E, student, 17 (Hampshire). Dianette. (Hanged)


Neuropathic painkillers:


2009: Andrew W, 44 (Wandsworth Prison). Gabapentin (aka Neurontin). Hanged

2013: Michael Hr, forensic technician, 33 (Worcestershire). Gabapentin. Struck by train

2014: Joseph G, schoolboy, 15 (Gloucestershire). Gabapentin. Hanged

2014: Thomas D, 92 (Northumberland). Gabapentin. Drowned in river

2015: Julia K, 39 (Northamptonshire). Gabapentin. Took her life

2015: Philip I, plumber, 41 (Anglesey). Gabapentin. Set himself on fire


2014: Elvis W, prisoner, 33 (Portland Prison). Pregabalin (aka Lyrica). Hanged

2015 Michael C, 40 (Elmley Prison). Pregabalin. Hanged

2016: Gareth T, 37 (South Wales). Overdose of Pregabalin

2016: [Unnamed man], 43 (Cumbria). Pregabalin. Hanged

2017: Matthew B, 21 (Cheshire). Overdose of Pregabalin

2018: Lewis C, 30 (Buckinghamshire). Pregabalin (+ Propranolol & Risperidone). Struck by train

2018: Ashley A, 36 (Chelmsford Prison). Pregabalin (+ Quetiapine). Hanged

2018: Darran W, 36 (Berkshire). Pregabalin. Drove car into van

2019: Liam J, railway worker, 33 (Plymouth). Pregabalin. Hanged

2020: Scott Riley, prisoner, 35 (Gartree Prison). Pregabalin. Hanged




2010: Dean F, 46 (Bristol Prison). Zopiclone. Hanged

2012: Brian C, 49 (Bolton). Zopiclone. Hanged

2013: Jamie T, 32 (South London). Zopiclone. Drowned in river

2013: Graham A, 36 (Wiltshire). Zopiclone. Suffocated his two sons and hanged himself   (SCR)

2013: Mark W, 45 (Greater Manchester). Zopiclone. Shot himself

2014: Marcin S, 27 (Bullingdon Prison). Zopiclone. Hanged

2015: Leo B, 33 (Hewell Prison). Zopiclone. Hanged

2015: Wendy S, 52 (Cambridgeshire). Zopiclone. Drowned in lake

2017: Jenny S, 49 (Doncaster Prison). Zopiclone. Hanged

2018: [Name & link removed], 27 (Kent). Zopiclone. Hanged

2018: Beverley D, gardener, 49 (Wiltshire). Zopiclone. Hanged

2018: Errol F, 68 (Surrey). Zopiclone. Struck by train

2019: Lee S, 46 (Wirral). Zopiclone. Drowned in river

2019: Michael B, car salesman, 45 (Cheshire). Zopiclone. Jumped from motorway bridge

2020: Jonathan Deens, 32 (Liverpool). Zopiclone. Shot himself

2020: Caroline Flack, TV presenter, 40 (East London). Zopiclone. Hanged

2020: Andrew Cross, 52 (Wayland Prison). Zopiclone. Hanged



2015: Francesca C, schoolgirl, 13 (South London). Melatonin. Hanged

2017: Rachel F, schoolgirl, 16 (North London). Melatonin. Hanged


2010: Oktawian S, 29 (Woodhill Prison). Promethazine (also anti-histamine). Hanged

2012: Trevor L, 18 (Bedford Prison). Promethazine. Hanged


Drugs for narcolepsy:


2011: Anthony S, student, (West London). Modafinil (aka Provigil). Drowned in lake

2016: Katie C, nursery nurse, 23 (Cambridgeshire). Modafinil. Fell from multi-storey car park

2019: Daniel O, soldier, 21 (Dorset). Modafinil. Hanged




2008: Nicholas W, 36 (Camp Hill Prison). Propranolol. Hanged

2011: James E, 20 (Glen Parva Prison). Propranolol. Hanged

2012: Lee G, 28 (Leeds Prison). Propranolol. Hanged

2014: Pasha C, student, 16 (Cambridgeshire). Overdose of Propranolol

2014: Daniel C, 22 (Dorset). Overdose of Propranolol

2014: Marlon M, 27 (Birmingham Prison). Propranolol. Hanged

2015: Cassie T, 26 Norfolk). Overdose of Propranolol

2016: Sara G, 32 (West Yorkshire). Overdose of Propranolol

2017: Chrissy L, cleaner, 37 (Southampton). Propranolol. Fell from block of flats

2017: Kate D, 36 (Nottinghamshire).Overdose of Propranolol

2018: Bethany W, 18 (Sheffield). Overdose of Propranolol

2018: Gemma G, 19 (North Wales). Overdose of Propranolol

2018: Kate M, 20 (Derbyshire). Overdose of Propranolol

2018: Jessica Cy, dental nurse, 26 (South Wales). Overdose of Propranolol

2018: Lewis C, 30 (Buckinghamshire). Propranolol (+ Pregabalin & Risperidone). Struck by train

2018: Martin F, ex-soldier, 38 (Plymouth). Overdose of Propranolol

2019: Hari D, student, 18 (Humber Bridge). Propranolol. Jumped from bridge

2020: Carl Newman, 23 (Liverpool Prison). Propranolol. Hanged


Atenolol12003: Thomas R, technician, 50 (Suffolk). Atenolol. Hanged


Mood-stabilising drugs:


Lithium2006: Ida W, 69 (East Sussex). Lithium increased. Struck by train

2013: Ben S, 26 (Greater Manchester). Lithium. Drove his car into a bus

2014: Huw D, vet, 58 (South Wales). Lithium. Shot himself

2014: Peter E, 64 (East Sussex). Lithium. Shot himself


Anti-Smoking drugs:


champix12008: Omer J, media executive, 39 (Bolton). Champix (aka Chantix & Varenicline). Cut his wrists

2008: Carmel M, 33 (West London). Champix. Hanged

2008: Wayne M, welder, 36 (South Yorkshire). Champix. Hanged

2009: Andrew F, waiter, 26 (Blackpool). Champix. Hanged

2009: Lilian O, classroom assistant, 44 (Manchester). Champix. Jumped from bridge

2010: Howard V, 55 (Blackpool). Champix. Set car on fire and sat in it

2011: Andrew C, 33, (Hampshire). Champix. Fatally stabbed his wife, smothered their 2 daughters, then hanged himself




Dexamethasone2007: Jay M, 16 (Hertfordshire). Dexamethasone. Struck by car

2013: Joseph T, 55 (Nottingham). Dexamethasone. Jumped from hospital window


Anti-convulsant drugs:


2007: Valerie H, 42 (Styal Prison). Carbamazepine (aka Tegretol). Hanged

2007: Christopher V, prisoner, 31 (Whitemoor Prison). Carbamazepine (+ Prozac). Hanged

2008: Gareth P, 16 (Lancashire). Carbamazepine. Hanged


2012: Kayley H, 18 (Lancashire). Depakote (aka Divalproex). Hanged


Lamictal2014: David C, 29 (Greater Manchester). Lamotrigine (aka Lamictal). Hanged

2020: [Name & link removed], 23 (County Durham). Lamotrigine. Hanged


2018: Dharmesh K, software engineer, 42 (Buckinghamshire). Oxcarbazepine. Struck by train


2019: Steven M, (Greater Manchester). Sodium Valproate (aka Epilim or Depakene]; Hanged


Drugs for lowering cholesterol:


2008: Allan W, teacher, 52 (North London). Simvastatin (aka Zocor). Struck by train

2008: Edward K, 46 (Wandsworth Prison). Simvastatin. Hanged


Drugs for alcohol dependency:


2015: Carol B, 47 (Kent). Disulfiram (aka Antabuse). Drowned in river

2019: Ryan F, 37 (South Wales). Disulfiram. Hanged


Heminevrin2010: John W, ex-carer, 54 (North Devon). Heminevrin (aka Clomethiazole). Jumped from viaduct

2011: David D, 30 (Manchester). Overdose of Heminevrin


Anti-malaria drugs:


2003: Vanessa B, student, 22 (Swansea). Lariam (aka Mefloquine). Overdose of prescribed drugs


Muscle relaxants:


Baclofen2013: Anna S, PR executive, 36 (London). Baclofen. Drowned in river


Anti-biotic drugs:


2017: Charles R, 76 (Reading). Ciprofloxacin. Hanged


Drugs for Alzheimer’s disease:


2008: John S, 71 (Lincolnshire). Ebixa (aka Mementine). Struck by train


Contraceptive drugs:


2019: Lauren P, schoolgirl, 16 (Essex). Yasmin (aka Drospirenone). Hanged


Drugs for migraines:


2018: [Name and link removed], 36 (London). Sumatriptan (aka Imitrex). Hanged


Drugs for HIV:


2017: Pablo C, 45 (Beachy Head). Stribild. Jumped from cliff


Drugs for asthma:


2019: James B, student, 21 (Leeds). Montelukast (aka Singulair). Hanged


Drugs for enlarged prostate / hair loss:


Finasteride2008: Grant B, 31 (Essex). Finasteride (aka Propecia). Stabbed himself



In 2013, Dr David Healy published a list of “Drugs that can trigger and cause suicide or homicide

Anti-Infectives: Mefloquine [aka Lariam]; Doxycyline [Doryx]; D-cycloserine [Seromycin]; Fluoroquinolones [Levaquin, Cipro]; Oseltamivir [Tamiflu].

Contraceptives: Drospirenone [Yasmin]; Drospirenone [Yaz]; Cyproterone and ethinyl estradiol [Dianette].

Anti-Smoking: Varenicline [Chantix, Champix]; Buproprion [Zyban].

Anti-Asthma: Montelukast [Singulair]; Roflumilast [Daxas]; Zafirlukast [Accolate].

Anti-Acne: Isotretinoin [Roaccutane]; Doxycycline [Doryx].

Antihistamines: Diphenhydramine [Benadryl, Sominex]; Chlorphenamine [Chlortimeton]; Cyproheptadine [Periactin].

Urinary Drugs: Duloxetine [Yentreve]; Tamsulosin [Flomax]; Finasteride [Propecia]; Dutasteride [Avodart].

Anti-Nausea: Prochlorperazine [Stemetil, Compro]; Metoclopramide [Maxolon, Reglan].

Antihypertensives: Clonidine [Catapres]; Doxazosin [Cardura]; Guanabenz [Wytensin]; Guanfacine [Tenex]; Hydralazine [Apresoline]; Methyldopa [Aldomet, Aldoril, Dopamet]; Prazosin [Minipress].

Statins: Atorvastatin [Lipitor]; Fluvastatin [Lescol]; Lovastatin [Mevacor]; Mevastatin [Compactin]; Pravastatin [Pravachol]; Rosuvastatin [Crestor]; Simvastatin [Zocor].

Stimulants: Methylphenidate [Ritalin, Focalin, Metadate, Concerta]; Amphetamine [Dexedrine, Adderall, Vyvanse].

Benzodiazepines: Lorazepam [Ativan]; Diazepam [Valium]; Alprazolam [Xanax]; Chlordiazepoxide [Librium]; Bromazepam [Lexotan]; Oxazepam [Serenid, Serax]; Cloabazam [Frisium]; Medazepam [Nobrium]; Clorazepate [Tranxene]; Clonazepam [Klonopin].

Antidepressants: Citalopram [Cipramil, Celexa]; Escitalopram [Cipralex, Lexapro]; Duloxetine [Cymbalta]; Fluvoxamine [Luvox, Faverin]; Fluoxetine [Prozac]; Paroxetine [Paxil, Seroxat, Deroxat, Aropax]; Sertraline [Zoloft]; Venlafaxine [Effexor]; Desvenlafaxine [Pristiq]; Mirtazapine [Remeron]; Trazodone [Desyrel]; Buproprion [Wellbutrin, Zyban]; Amitriptyline [Tryptizol, Elavil]; Imipramine [Tofranil]; Nortriptyline [Allegron, Aventyl]; Desipramine [Pertrofran, Norpramin]; Clomipramine [Anafranil]; Dosulepin [Prothiaden]; Lofepramine [Gamanil]; Doxepin [Sinequan]; Trimipramine [Surmontil].

Anticonvulsants: Phenytoin [Epanutin]; Sodium Valproate [Epilim, Depakene]; Divalproex [Depakote]; Carbamazepine [Tegretol]; Oxcarbazapine [Trileptal]; Lamotrigine [Lamictal]; Gabapentin [Neurontin]; Pregabalin [Lyrica]; Leviracetam [Keppra]; Topiramate [Topamax]; Tiagabine [Gabitril]; Felbamate [Felbatol].

Antipsychotics: Chlorpromazine [Thorazine, Largactil]; Perphenazine [Fentazine]; Trifluoperazine [Stelazine]; Haloperidol [Haldol]; Flupenthixol [Fluanxol]; Pericyazine [Neulactil]; Sulpiride [Sulpitil]; Molindone [Moban]; Aripiprazole [Abilify]; Olanzapine [Zyprexa]; Risperidone [Riserpdal]; Ziprasidone [Geodon]; Quetiapine [Seroquel]; Paliperidone [Invega]; Zotepine [Zoleptil]; Iloperidone [Fanapt]; Amisulpride [Solian]; Tetrabenazine [Xenazine].