Other prescription drugs linked to suicide


Antidepressants are not the only drugs which can induce suicide. Anti-psychotics, tranquilIisers, and drugs for ADHD, acne and many other conditions have been linked to many self-inflicted deaths.

I hope that I have not intruded on anybody’s private grief by collating this information. However, if you are related to one of the victims, and do not wish your relative’s name to be included, please send an email to brian@antidepaware.co.uk with the details, and their name and link will be removed.

(nb: the year given is the year of the inquest)


Anti-psychotic drugs:

2010: Alexander Bushnell, photographer, 30 (Norfolk). Unnamed anti-psychotic stopped. Struck by car

2010: Mario Macedo, 21 (Norfolk). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Hanged

2011: Debbie Goddard, 38 (North Yorkshire). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Struck by car

2012: Rachel James, 43 (Bedfordshire). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Set herself on fire

2013: Karen Archard, 52 (Wiltshire). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Set herself on fire

2013: Roy Townsend, 53 (Derbyshire). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Jumped from bridge

2014: Matthew Bonner, 36 (Oxfordshire). Overdose of unnamed anti-psychotic

2014: Jason Crisp, 42 (Bedfordshire). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Jumped from multi-storey car park

2015: Christa Goredema, 19 (Lancashire). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Hanged

2015: Dwayne Harper, 32 (Woodhill Prison). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Hanged

2016: Doris Cranmer, 69 (Hampshire). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Drowned in river

2017: David Knight, 29 (Cornwall). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Struck by train

2017: Gavin Bullock, 39 (North Yorkshire). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Hanged

2017: Peter Sherwood, ex-builder, 67 (Essex). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Set himself on fire

2018: Catherine Horton, 49 (South London). Unnamed anti-psychotic increased. Self-inflicted injuries

2018: Frances Porter, 49 (Essex). Unnamed anti-psychotic changed. Struck by train

2019: [Name & link removed], 23 (Hampshire). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Hanged

2019: Leah Smith, 27 (North Wales). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Hanged

2019: Luke Naish, 28 (Somerset). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Hanged

2019: Vincent Stephens, web designer, 33 (Bristol). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Cut his throat

2019: Robert Hathway, 35 (Somerset). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Hanged

2019: Craig Moverley, 46 (South Yorkshire). Unnamed anti-psychotic. Drowned in canal

2019: Carol Ann Brooks, 48 (Bolton). Unnamed anti-psychotics (x2). Hanged

2019: Kevin Langley, 55 (South Wales). Clozapine changed to unnamed anti-psychotic. Drowned in pond

2020: Teresa Fullalove, 42 (Derbyshire). Unnamed anti-psychotic stopped. Cut her neck


2009: Caesar Granja, 21 (Brixton Prison). Risperidone. Hanged

2010: Stewart Dawson, 36 (West Yorkshire). Risperidone. Jumped from bridge

2010: Craig Heywood, ex-lawyer, 35 (Greater Manchester). Risperidone. Hanged

2011: Benn Joyce, 17 (Cambridgeshire). Risperidone. Hanged

2011: Binay Bhanderi, 22 (Wormwood Scrubs Prison). Risperidone. Asphyxiated

2012: Stanley Wilson, 92 (Cumbria). Risperidone. Fatally stabbed his wife, then himself

2014: Tim Carter, 41 (Reading). Risperidone. Struck by train

2015: Charlotte Bevan, 30 (Bristol). Risperidone stopped. Jumped from cliff with her baby

2016: Marion Munns, retired nurse, 74 (Southampton). Risperidone stopped. Jumped from motorway bridge

2017: Polly Ross, 32 (Hull). Risperidone. Struck by train

2017: Songul Bozdag, 36 (North London). Risperidone increased. Jumped from block of flats

2017: Derek West, 78 (Oxfordshire). Risperidone increased. Drowned in river

2017: Ryan Vout, (Nottinghamshire). Risperidone stopped. Stabbed himself

2018: Billie Lord, 26 (Milton Keynes). Risperidone. Struck by train

2018: Lewis Colgan, 30 (Buckinghamshire). Risperidone (+ Propranolol & Pregabalin). Struck by train

2018: Scott Lafferty, 61 (Somerset). Risperidone stopped. Stabbed himself

2019: Patricia Chambers, 51 (West London). Risperidone stopped. Fell from block of flats


2003: Liam Brackell, 24 (London). Olanzapine (+ Amisulpride & Seroxat). Struck by train

2007: John Jackson, 21 (Channings Wood Prison). Olanzapine. Hanged

2009: James Sullivan, 23 (Chelmsford Prison). Olanzapine. Hanged

2009: Anthony Magee, 43 (Belmarsh Prison). Olanzapine increased. Hanged

2010: Gary Dexter, 27 (Lincoln Prison). Olanzapine. Hanged

2012: Kenneth Bates, 31 (Gartree Prison). Olanzapine. Cut his throat

2013: Johnny Reid, student, 20 (Cheshire). Olanzapine. Drowned in bath

2013: Christopher Wilson, 25 (Hampshire). Olanzapine. Struck by train

2014: Nicholas Wilkes, chef, 28 (Oxford). Olanzapine. Hanged

2014; Martin Lucas, 51 (Lancashire). Olanzapine. Drowned in sea

2015: David Brewer, 30 (Lancashire). Olanzapine. Stabbed himself

2016: Dominic Travis, 18 (Greater Manchester). Olanzapine. Fell from building

2016: Liam Sullivan, 26 (Southampton). Olanzapine reduced. Hanged

2016: Sean Jackson, prisoner, 26 (Elmley Prison). Olanzapine. Hanged

2017: Lee Hastings-Swain, 28 (Wirral). Olanzapine. Hanged

2017: Pippa McManus, schoolgirl, 15 (Manchester). Olanzapine. Struck by train

2017: Nicholas Weston, 23 (West Sussex). Olanzapine. Fell from hospital roof

2017: Benjamin Fields, 33 (Brighton). Olanzapine. Asphyxiated

2017: Marlon Demaine, decorator, 50 (Birmingham). Olanzapine increased. Jumped from block of flats

2017: Michael Daniel, 30 (Wirral). Olanzapine. Jumped from motorway bridge

2018: [Unnamed girl], 17 (North London). Olanzapine. Struck by train

2018: Thomas Rhodes, student, 19 (Sheffield). Olanzapine. Fell from building

2019: Tomasz Nowosad, 32 (Manchester Prison). Olanzapine. Hanged

2019: Jamal Hussein, 32 (Manchester Prison). Olanzapine. Hanged

2020: Samantha Savage-Green, (Manchester). Olanzapine. Jumped from motorway bridge

2020: Tom Piggott, prisoner, 29 (High Down Prison). Olanzapine stopped. Hanged


2010: Michael Watson, graphic designer,46 (East Sussex). Overdose of Clozapine.

2012: Anthony Jones, 33 (South Wales). Clozapine. Hanged

2013: Peter Shaw, 40 (Lancashire). Overdose of Clozapine

2013: Daniel Choonucksing, 38 (Hampshire). Clozapine reduced. Struck by train

2015: Simon Lowndes, 38 (Stoke-on-Trent). Clozapine. Stabbed himself

2015: Dafydd Parri, 40 (North Wales).Overdose of Clozapine

2018: Gareth Butler, care assistant, 30 (Wiltshire). Overdose of Clozapine

2019: Georgia Nelson, 21 (West London). Clozapine. Struck by tube train

2019: John Ashley, 57 (West Sussex). Clozapine. Took his life


2008: Melodie Hart, 61 (Berkshire). Quetiapine. Struck by train

2012: Grzegorz Gil, 34 (Gloucester Prison). Quetiapine. Hanged

2013: Nicholas Charrington, ex-teacher, 59 (Reading). Quetiapine. Fell from multi-storey car park

2013: Colin Swan, 50 (Northumberland). Quetiapine. Drove car into bridge

2014: Dean Collins, 21 (West Yorkshire). Overdose of Quetiapine

2015: Zacki Melheim, prisoner, 47 (Norwich Prison). Quetiapine. Hanged

2015: Diane Waplington, 40 (Peterborough Prison). Quetiapine. Asphyxiated

2018: Heather Carey, 31 (Greater Manchester). Quetiapine stopped. Hanged

2018: Ashley Ansell-Austin, 36 (Chelmsford Prison). Quetiapine (+ Pregabalin). Hanged

2019: Anthony Hatfield, 27 (Cheshire). Quetiapine. Drove car into wall

2019: Michael Towers, 31 (Bedford Prison). Quetiapine. Hanged

2019: Craig Hughes, 42 (Birmingham Prison). Quetiapine. Hanged

2019: Karen Coles, 49 (Essex). Quetiapine. Fell from multi-storey car park


2010: Daniel Chanwat, 21 (Long Lartin Prison). Aripiprazole (aka Abilify). Hanged

2016: Michael Edwards, prisoner, 25 (Bullingdon Prison). Aripiprazole. Hanged

2017: Margaret Atkinson, prisoner, 47 (Low Newton Prison). Aripiprazole. Hanged

2019: Rocky Stenning, prisoner, 26 (Low Newton Prison). Aripiprazole. Hanged


2010: Lawrence Crabb, 24 (Surrey). Pipotiazine (aka Piportil). Stabbed himself


2009: Shane Bruley, 29 (Leicester Prison). Chlorpromazine (aka Largactil). Hanged

2011: Duane Thomas, 36 (Cardiff Prison). Chlorpromazine. Hanged

2015: Ian Penrose, 56 (Long Lartin Prison). Chlorpromazine increased. Hanged


2019: Kirsty Walker, 26 (Bronzefield Prison). Depixol (aka Flupentixol). Hanged


2014: John Cardwell, engineer (Blackpool). Clopixol (aka Zuclopenthixol). Hanged


Benzodiazepine tranquillisers:


2004 Paige Tapp, 23 (Send Prison). Librium (aka Chlordiazepoxide & Largactil). Hanged

2008: Stephen Hellier, 42 (Exeter Prison). Librium . Hanged

2009: Jane Owen, teacher, 38 (Lincolnshire). Librium . Hanged

2009: Christopher Rathbone, 32 (Wigan). Librium. Hanged

2012: Karl Sowden, 43 (Holme House Prison). Librium. Hanged

2013: Christopher Neale, 19 (Glen Parva Prison). Librium. Hanged

2016: Michael Cameron, prisoner, 45 (Woodhill Prison). Librium. Hanged

2016: Ireneusz Polubinski, 58 (Woodhill Prison). Librium. Hanged

2017: Daniel Dunkley, prisoner, 34 (Woodhill Prison). Librium. Hanged

2017: Sarah (Maria) Burke, 48 (Drake Hall). Librium. Hanged

2018: Terence Crockett, prisoner, 53 (Exeter Prison). Librium. Hanged

2020: Lee Mulligan, 34 (Lancashire). Librium. Hanged


2006: Joanna Smith, dentist, 50 (Gloucestershire). Temazepam. Hanged

2007: Shaun Kew, 40 (West Yorkshire). Temazepam. Hanged

2011: Derek Morgan, retired lecturer, 57 (Derbyshire). Temazepam. Drowned in reservoir

2012: Alan Hayes, ex-HGV driver, 65 (Buckinghamshire). Temazepam. Hanged

2014: June Alim, doctor, 53 (Warwickshire).Temazepam. Drowned in bath

2017: Aidan Dickinson, 21 (Tyneside). Temazepam. Drowned in river

2017: Rowland Hilton, 82 (Merseyside). Temazepam. Asphyxiated


Valium2008: Duncan Edwards, 37 (Pentonville Prison). Diazepam (aka Valium). Hanged

2011: Richard Verrells, 53 (Wiltshire). Diazepam. Hanged

2011: Michael Roberts, 24 (Swansea Prison). Diazepam. Hanged

2011: Leslie Stubbs, 52 (Birmingham Prison). Diazepam. Hanged

2011: David Brooks, 62 (Bullingdon Prison). Diazepam. Hanged

2013: Sheila Lockhart, racehorse trainer, 64 (Gloucestershire). Overdose of Diazepam

2015: Jack Davies, 19 (Norwich Prison). Diazepam. Hanged

2017: Rafael Ochoa, student, 23 (Oxfordshire). Diazepam. Struck by train

2017: Ryan Whatton, 25 (Greater Manchester). Diazepam. Took his life

2017: Richard Hobart, 27 (Essex). Diazepam. Took his life

2018: Ryan Turner, 30 (Kent). Diazepam. Hanged

2018: Karl Oliver, 45 (Derbyshire). Diazepam. Struck by train

2018: Stefano Brizzi, prisoner, 50 (Belmarsh Prison). Diazepam. Hanged

2019: Danielle Allaway, 31 (South Devon). Diazepam. Hanged

2019: John Wright, 32 (Bullingdon Prison). Diazepam. Hanged

2019: Danny Johnston, ex-soldier, 35 (West Sussex). Diazepam. Hanged

2019: John Cowley, businessman, 63 (Lancashire). Diazepam. Drowned in pond

2019: Daniel Griffiths, 33 (Wiltshire). Diazepam. Stabbed himself

2019: James Walker, 82 (Hertfordshire). Diazepam. Hanged

2020: Mark Hone, finance director, 58 (Hampshire). Diazepam. Hanged


2010: John Cameron, 50 (Wormwood Scrubs Prison). Clonazepam (aka Rivotril & Klonopin). Hanged

2017: Carl Buxton, 19 (Derbyshire). Clonazepam. Struck by van

2019: Jack Gardiner, 27 (Essex). Clonazepam. Hanged


2014: William Broeksmit, retired banker, 58 (West London).Xanax (aka Alprazolam). Hanged

2017: Scott Flavill, student, 17 (Essex). Xanax. Hanged

2017: Jeremy Head, 49 (Suffolk). Xanax. Hanged

2017: Raven Hunt, student, 21 (Bristol). Xanax. Took her life

2018: [Name and link removed], schoolboy, 16 (London). Xanax. Took his life

2018: Georgia Jackson, student, 21 (Brighton). Xanax. Hanged

2020: George Buckley, schoolboy, 15 (Kent). Xanax. Electrocuted on railway track


2017: Mariana Pinto, spa manager, (East London). Lorazepam (aka Ativan).  Jumped from block of flats


Drugs for ADHD:


2005: Vicky Davis, 15 (Hull). Unnamed meds for ADHD stopped. Hanged

2010: Will Filer, 18 (Wiltshire). Unnamed meds for ADHD stopped. Hanged

2012: Alanta Collins, schoolgirl,10 (Kent). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Hanged

2013: Ashley Banks, schoolboy, 14 (South Yorkshire). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Hanged

2013: Edward Barry, 14 (Kent). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Overdose of Methadone & Diazepam

2013: Sean Edwards, 16 (Lancashire). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Hanged

2013: [Name & link removed], 18 (Hampshire). Unnamed meds for ADHD stopped. Struck by train

2014: Joshua Maddox, schoolboy, 15 (West Midlands). Unnamed meds for ADHD changed. Hanged

2014: [Unnamed boy], 17 (Buckinghamshire). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Hanged

2014: Charlotte Hosker, 24 (Lancashire). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Hanged

2015: Taylor Smith, schoolboy, 9 (Teesside). Unnamed meds for ADHD increased. Hanged

2016: Harley Tobias, student, 16 (Hertfordshire). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Drove car into camper van

2016: Hannah Armstrong, student, 20 (Bournemouth). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Hanged

2016: Daniel Pinfold, student, 21 (York). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Asphyxiated

2016: Barty Brotherton-Ratcliffe, shopkeeper, 52 (South Wales). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Found in woods

2017: [Unnamed boy], 14 (London). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Found dead at home

2017: Jamie Coulthard, 19 (Lancashire). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Hanged

2017: Michael Harm, film locations manager, 51 (London). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Hanged

2018: Connor Robertson, schoolboy, 12 (Birmingham). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Hanged

2019: Jamie Allen, 26 (Norfolk). Unnamed meds for ADHD stopped. Hanged

2019: Matthew Lyndon, bank worker, 46 (West Midlands). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Struck by train

2020: Shneur Kaye, schoolboy, 14 (Greater Manchester). Unnamed meds for ADHD. Inhaled helium


Ritalin32004: Stephen Russell, schoolboy, 15 (Wirral). Ritalin (aka Methylphenidate). Hanged

2005: Scott Buckle, schoolboy, 12 (Swansea). Ritalin. Hanged

2007: Sean Edwards, 16 (Lancashire). Ritalin. Hanged

2008: Anthony Cole, schoolboy, 15 (Milton Keynes). Ritalin increased. Hanged

2008: Michael Morrey, student, 28 (Stoke-on-Trent). Ritalin. Hanged

2009: Jamie Clark, 18 (Staffordshire). Ritalin. Hanged

2010: Harry Hucknell, schoolboy, 10 (Cumbria). Ritalin & Prozac. Hanged

2010: Gwen Morgan, schoolgirl, 16 (South Wales). Ritalin. Hanged

2013: [Unnamed boy], 17 (Greater Manchester). Ritalin. Hanged

2014: Jake Hardy, 17 (Hindley YOI). Ritalin & Equasym. Hanged

2014: Dwane Harper, 32 (Woodhill Prison). Ritalin. Hanged

2016: Pierre Gurdal, banker, 42 (London). Ritalin. Jumped from office balcony

2017: Christopher Fairhurst, 26 (Greater Manchester). Ritalin. Alcohol poisoning


Atomoxetine2011: Ben Morris, 20 (Essex). Atomoxetine (aka Strattera). Hanged

2014: Alex Kelly, 15 (Kent). Atomoxetine. Hanged

2015: Paul Mullally, 16 (County Durham). Fluoxetine & Atomoxetine. Hanged

2015: Kelly Button, 17 (Shropshire). Atomoxetine. Set fire to mattress, died in fire


Concerta2015: Matthew Stubbs, prisoner, 36 (Leeds Prison). Concerta. Hanged

2016: Sheldon Woodford, prisoner, 24 (Winchester Prison). Concerta. Hanged

2016: Scott Chilton, prisoner, 28 (Ranby Prison). Concerta. Hanged

2018: John Kirby, 79 (Brighton). Concerta. Took his life

2019: [Unnamed boy], 14 (Greater Manchester). Concerta stopped. Asphyxiated


Drugs for acne:


roaccutane2004: Chris Ballard, bouncer, kickboxer, 33 (Berkshire). Roaccutane (aka Isotretinoin). Shot himself

2004: Jon Medland, student, 22 (Manchester). Citalopram & Roaccutane. Hanged

2005: David Roberts, student, 21 (Merseyside). Roaccutane. Hanged

2006: Jason Spiller, 16 (Devon). Roaccutane. Hanged

2006: Richard Donaghy, teacher, 44 (Cambridge). Roaccutane. Drug overdose & alcohol

2007: Adam Long, unemployed, 22 (Wigan). Roaccutane. Struck by train

2009: Angela Lee, 28 (Ilford). Roaccutane. Struck by train

2010: Samantha Dainty, prisoner, 32 (Foston Hall Prison). Roaccutane. Hanged

2011: Elliott Brandon, 19 (Kent). Roaccutane. Hanged

2011: Jesse Jones, 24 (Dorset) Roaccutane. Fell from cliff

2012: Melissa Martin-Hughes, student, 18 (Cheltenham). Roaccutane. Hanged

2013: Robbie Hale, student, 16 (Hampshire). Roaccutane. Hanged

2013: Jack Bowlby, student, 16 (Cheltenham). Roaccutane. Hanged

2013: James Sillcock, businessman, 26 (Kent). Roaccutane. Asphyxiated

2014: Olly Roberts, website designer, 32 (Worcestershire). Roaccutane. Took his life

2015: David Chow, photographer, 38 (Suffolk). Roaccutane. Stabbed himself

2017: Luke Reeves, 21 (Essex). Roaccutane. Took his life

2019: George Hessay, schoolboy, 15 (East Yorkshire). Roaccutane stopped. Hanged


Dianette2014: Jessica Eales, student, 17 (Hampshire). Dianette. (Hanged)


Neuropathic painkillers:


2009: Andrew Winyard, 44 (Wandsworth Prison). Gabapentin (aka Neurontin). Hanged

2013: Michael Hatcher, forensic technician, 33 (Worcestershire). Gabapentin. Struck by train

2014: Joseph Gwilliam, schoolboy, 15 (Gloucestershire). Gabapentin. Hanged

2014: Thomas Diggle, 92 (Northumberland). Gabapentin. Drowned in river

2015: Julia Kelly, 39 (Northamptonshire). Gabapentin. Took her life

2015: Philip Ingle, plumber, 41 (Anglesey). Gabapentin. Set himself on fire


2014: Elvis Wilson, prisoner, 33 (Portland Prison). Pregabalin (aka Lyrica). Hanged

2015 Michael Cook, 40 (Elmley Prison). Pregabalin. Hanged

2016: Gareth Thomas, 37 (South Wales). Overdose of Pregabalin

2016: [Unnamed man], 43 (Cumbria). Pregabalin. Hanged

2017: Matthew Bates, 21 (Cheshire). Overdose of Pregabalin

2018: Lewis Colgan, 30 (Buckinghamshire). Pregabalin (+ Propranolol & Risperidone). Struck by train

2018: Ashley Ansell-Austin, 36 (Chelmsford Prison). Pregabalin (+ Quetiapine). Hanged

2018: Darran Walker, 36 (Berkshire). Pregabalin. Drove car into van

2019: Liam Johns, railway worker, 33 (Plymouth). Pregabalin. Hanged

2020: Scott Riley, prisoner, 35 (Gartree Prison). Pregabalin. Hanged




2010: Dean Fry, 46 (Bristol Prison). Zopiclone. Hanged

2012: Brian Charnock, 49 (Bolton). Zopiclone. Hanged

2013: Jamie Tyer, 32 (South London). Zopiclone. Drowned in river

2013: Graham Anderson, 36 (Wiltshire). Zopiclone. Suffocated his two sons and hanged himself   (SCR)

2013: Mark Whittle, 45 (Greater Manchester). Zopiclone. Shot himself

2014: Marcin Stoga, 27 (Bullingdon Prison). Zopiclone. Hanged

2015: Leo Barnes, 33 (Hewell Prison). Zopiclone. Hanged

2015: Wendy Simms, 52 (Cambridgeshire). Zopiclone. Drowned in lake

2017: Jenny Swift, 49 (Doncaster Prison). Zopiclone. Hanged

2018: [Name & link removed], 27 (Kent). Zopiclone. Hanged

2018: Beverley Dickenson, gardener, 49 (Wiltshire). Zopiclone. Hanged

2018: Errol Field, 68 (Surrey). Zopiclone. Struck by train

2019: Lee Shields, 46 (Wirral). Zopiclone. Drowned in river

2019: Michael Biggar, car salesman, 45 (Cheshire). Zopiclone. Jumped from motorway bridge

2020: Jonathan Deens, 32 (Liverpool). Zopiclone. Shot himself


2015: Francesca Candita-Simpkins, schoolgirl, 13 (South London). Melatonin. Hanged

2017: Rachel Finke, schoolgirl, 16 (North London). Melatonin. Hanged


2010: Oktawian Stepka, 29 (Woodhill Prison). Promethazine (also anti-histamine). Hanged

2012: Trevor Llambias, 18 (Bedford Prison). Promethazine. Hanged


Drugs for narcolepsy:


2011: Anthony Soh, student, (West London). Modafinil (aka Provigil). Drowned in lake

2016: Katie Clack, nursery nurse, 23 (Cambridgeshire). Modafinil. Fell from multi-storey car park

2019: Daniel O’Grady, soldier, 21 (Dorset). Modafinil. Hanged




2008: Nicholas Wheatley, 36 (Camp Hill Prison). Propranolol. Hanged

2011: James Edge, 20 (Glen Parva Prison). Propranolol. Hanged

2012: Lee Greenwood, 28 (Leeds Prison). Propranolol. Hanged

2014: Pasha Clark, student, 16 (Cambridgeshire). Overdose of Propranolol

2014: Daniel Collins, 22 (Dorset). Overdose of Propranolol

2014: Marlon McIntosh, 27 (Birmingham Prison). Propranolol. Hanged

2015: Cassie Turton, 26 Norfolk). Overdose of Propranolol

2016: Sara Gilks, 32 (West Yorkshire). Overdose of Propranolol

2017: Chrissy Langdon, cleaner, 37 (Southampton). Propranolol. Fell from block of flats

2017: Kate Dolby, 36 (Nottinghamshire).Overdose of Propranolol

2018: Bethany Wood, 18 (Sheffield). Overdose of Propranolol

2018: Gemma Griffiths, 19 (North Wales). Overdose of Propranolol

2018: Kate Moorhouse, 20 (Derbyshire). Overdose of Propranolol

2018: Jessica Cowdery, dental nurse, 26 (South Wales). Overdose of Propranolol

2018: Lewis Colgan, 30 (Buckinghamshire). Propranolol (+ Pregabalin & Risperidone). Struck by train

2018: Martin Formanek, ex-soldier, 38 (Plymouth). Overdose of Propranolol

2019: Hari Das, student, 18 (Humber Bridge). Propranolol. Jumped from bridge

2020: Carl Newman, 23 (Liverpool Prison). Propranolol. Hanged


Atenolol12003: Thomas Rayner, technician, 50 (Suffolk). Atenolol. Hanged


Mood-stabilising drugs:


Lithium2006: Ida Winbourne, 69 (East Sussex). Lithium increased. Struck by train

2013: Ben Squirrel, 26 (Greater Manchester). Lithium. Drove his car into a bus

2014: Huw Davey, vet, 58 (South Wales). Lithium. Shot himself

2014: Peter Evans, 64 (East Sussex). Lithium. Shot himself


Anti-Smoking drugs:


champix12008: Omer Jama, media executive, 39 (Bolton). Champix (aka Chantix & Varenicline). Cut his wrists

2008: Carmel Murray, 33 (West London). Champix. Hanged

2008: Wayne Marshall, welder, 36 (South Yorkshire). Champix. Hanged

2009: Andrew Freeman, waiter, 26 (Blackpool). Champix. Hanged

2009: Lilian Owens, classroom assistant, 44 (Manchester). Champix. Jumped from bridge

2010: Howard Venables, 55 (Blackpool). Champix. Set car on fire and sat in it

2011: Andrew Case, 33, (Hampshire). Champix. Fatally stabbed his wife, smothered their 2 daughters, then hanged himself




Dexamethasone2007: Jay Milne, 16 (Hertfordshire). Dexamethasone. Struck by car

2013: Joseph Tauya, 55 (Nottingham). Dexamethasone. Jumped from hospital window


Anti-convulsant drugs:


2007: Valerie Hayes, 42 (Styal Prison). Carbamazepine (aka Tegretol). Hanged

2007: Christopher Vaggers, prisoner, 31 (Whitemoor Prison). Carbamazepine (+ Prozac). Hanged

2008: Gareth Price, 16 (Lancashire). Carbamazepine. Hanged


Lamictal2014: David Chatburn, 29 (Greater Manchester). Lamotrigine (aka Lamictal). Hanged


2018: Dharmesh Khatri, software engineer, 42 (Buckinghamshire). Oxcarbazepine. Struck by train


2019: Steven Marsland, (Greater Manchester). Sodium Valproate (aka Epilim or Depakene]; Hanged


Drugs for lowering cholesterol:


2008: Allan Woolley, teacher, 52 (North London). Simvastatin (aka Zocor). Struck by train

2008: Edward Knightly, 46 (Wandsworth Prison). Simvastatin. Hanged


Drugs for alcohol dependency:


2015: Carol Barnett, 47 (Kent). Disulfiram (aka Antabuse). Drowned in river

2019: Ryan Ford, 37 (South Wales). Disulfiram. Hanged


Heminevrin2010: John Williams, ex-carer, 54 (North Devon). Heminevrin (aka Clomethiazole). Jumped from viaduct

2011: David Donohue, 30 (Manchester). Overdose of Heminevrin


Anti-malaria drugs:


2003: Vanessa Brunt, student, 22 (Swansea). Lariam (aka Mefloquine). Overdose of prescribed drugs


Muscle relaxants:


Baclofen2013: Anna Sargent, PR executive, 36 (London). Baclofen. Drowned in river


Anti-biotic drugs:


2017: Charles Rendell, 76 (Reading). Ciprofloxacin. Hanged


Drugs for Alzheimer’s disease:


2008: John Sheldon, 71 (Lincolnshire). Ebixa (aka Mementine). Struck by train


Contraceptive drugs:


2019: Lauren Pinnock, schoolgirl, 16 (Essex). Yasmin (aka Drospirenone). Hanged


Drugs for migraines:


2018: [Name and link removed], 36 (London). Sumatriptan (aka Imitrex). Hanged


Drugs for HIV:


2017: Pablo Cazorla, 45 (Beachy Head). Stribild. Jumped from cliff


Drugs for asthma:


2019: James Burke, student, 21 (Leeds). Montelukast (aka Singulair). Hanged


Drugs for enlarged prostate / hair loss:


Finasteride2008: Grant Bull, 31 (Essex). Finasteride (aka Propecia). Stabbed himself



In 2013, Dr David Healy published a list of “Drugs that can trigger and cause suicide or homicide

Anti-Infectives: Mefloquine [aka Lariam]; Doxycyline [Doryx]; D-cycloserine [Seromycin]; Fluoroquinolones [Levaquin, Cipro]; Oseltamivir [Tamiflu].

Contraceptives: Drospirenone [Yasmin]; Drospirenone [Yaz]; Cyproterone and ethinyl estradiol [Dianette].

Anti-Smoking: Varenicline [Chantix, Champix]; Buproprion [Zyban].

Anti-Asthma: Montelukast [Singulair]; Roflumilast [Daxas]; Zafirlukast [Accolate].

Anti-Acne: Isotretinoin [Roaccutane]; Doxycycline [Doryx].

Antihistamines: Diphenhydramine [Benadryl, Sominex]; Chlorphenamine [Chlortimeton]; Cyproheptadine [Periactin].

Urinary Drugs: Duloxetine [Yentreve]; Tamsulosin [Flomax]; Finasteride [Propecia]; Dutasteride [Avodart].

Anti-Nausea: Prochlorperazine [Stemetil, Compro]; Metoclopramide [Maxolon, Reglan].

Antihypertensives: Clonidine [Catapres]; Doxazosin [Cardura]; Guanabenz [Wytensin]; Guanfacine [Tenex]; Hydralazine [Apresoline]; Methyldopa [Aldomet, Aldoril, Dopamet]; Prazosin [Minipress].

Statins: Atorvastatin [Lipitor]; Fluvastatin [Lescol]; Lovastatin [Mevacor]; Mevastatin [Compactin]; Pravastatin [Pravachol]; Rosuvastatin [Crestor]; Simvastatin [Zocor].

Stimulants: Methylphenidate [Ritalin, Focalin, Metadate, Concerta]; Amphetamine [Dexedrine, Adderall, Vyvanse].

Benzodiazepines: Lorazepam [Ativan]; Diazepam [Valium]; Alprazolam [Xanax]; Chlordiazepoxide [Librium]; Bromazepam [Lexotan]; Oxazepam [Serenid, Serax]; Cloabazam [Frisium]; Medazepam [Nobrium]; Clorazepate [Tranxene]; Clonazepam [Klonopin].

Antidepressants: Citalopram [Cipramil, Celexa]; Escitalopram [Cipralex, Lexapro]; Duloxetine [Cymbalta]; Fluvoxamine [Luvox, Faverin]; Fluoxetine [Prozac]; Paroxetine [Paxil, Seroxat, Deroxat, Aropax]; Sertraline [Zoloft]; Venlafaxine [Effexor]; Desvenlafaxine [Pristiq]; Mirtazapine [Remeron]; Trazodone [Desyrel]; Buproprion [Wellbutrin, Zyban]; Amitriptyline [Tryptizol, Elavil]; Imipramine [Tofranil]; Nortriptyline [Allegron, Aventyl]; Desipramine [Pertrofran, Norpramin]; Clomipramine [Anafranil]; Dosulepin [Prothiaden]; Lofepramine [Gamanil]; Doxepin [Sinequan]; Trimipramine [Surmontil].

Anticonvulsants: Phenytoin [Epanutin]; Sodium Valproate [Epilim, Depakene]; Divalproex [Depakote]; Carbamazepine [Tegretol]; Oxcarbazapine [Trileptal]; Lamotrigine [Lamictal]; Gabapentin [Neurontin]; Pregabalin [Lyrica]; Leviracetam [Keppra]; Topiramate [Topamax]; Tiagabine [Gabitril]; Felbamate [Felbatol].

Antipsychotics: Chlorpromazine [Thorazine, Largactil]; Perphenazine [Fentazine]; Trifluoperazine [Stelazine]; Haloperidol [Haldol]; Flupenthixol [Fluanxol]; Pericyazine [Neulactil]; Sulpiride [Sulpitil]; Molindone [Moban]; Aripiprazole [Abilify]; Olanzapine [Zyprexa]; Risperidone [Riserpdal]; Ziprasidone [Geodon]; Quetiapine [Seroquel]; Paliperidone [Invega]; Zotepine [Zoleptil]; Iloperidone [Fanapt]; Amisulpride [Solian]; Tetrabenazine [Xenazine].